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					                                    Marriage Works of Harford County
                                            Coalition Meeting
                                            September 6, 2007


Neil Tilton                        Our Father’s Heart, Inc.
Norma Tilton                       Our Father’s Heart, Inc.
Carolyn McQuiston                  Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Allan Gorman                       Harford Community Church
Erik Sundkist                      Safe Harbor Counseling
Janice Greenwood                   Harford Co. Public Schools
Carol Taylor                       Word of Faith Fellowship
Dion Gunthrie                      Harford County Council

Introduction and Comments by Norma Tilton
    Review of our mission and goals

Opening Prayer by Allan Gorman

Introduction of Dion Gunthrie, Harford County Council

Our current priorities:
   Public Relations and Awareness of Marriage Works through billboards and media and
      through creative ideas/programs.
   Church Partnering calling on churches offering supports for pastors, i.e. premarital
      counseling, skills trainings while requesting churches to partner with us.
   Proposal in process to teach How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk/Jerkette in Harford County
      High Schools.
   Creation of new PSA’s for Harford County Cable and PSA’s to be run on Comcast.
   Prepare Community Marriage Policy to present to pastors.
   Coalition members invite/encourage more people to the table.
   Pursue Funding with foundations, corporations and churches, etc.
   Teaching relationship skills trainings through Marriage Works at Harford Community
      College starting Fall, 2007.
   Creative use of our website to post resources and articles. Much thanks to Chris Bennett
      for serving as webmaster.
Discussion re Spring Conference:
       Carol Taylor commented
                   Need to keep our name before the public
                   Conference was easy & it generated excitement and credibility
                   Emphasis should be on what we have to offer
                         o Keynote: Relationship building, dealing with differences, and help
                             for pastors to support marriages
       May be after Easter (early April), on a Saturday.
       Need to get conference team together.

Also discussion on planning another Sweetheart Dinner. Norma will talk with Cecil County
HMI to confirm a February, 2008 Sweetheart Dinner.

Billboards Update
     Current billboard is up at Rt 23 & Rt 1 sponsored by Opie & Maxine Clunie
     Sept. 10th, one will go up at Rt 40 near Rt 7 facing East sponsored by Ed Ducote of
     More sponsors are expressing interest.

Public Relations, Media and Website
    Allan reported on PSA’s. The strategy is to develop several new ones. Some will be
       oriented towards the benefits of marriage and some will advertise our upcoming events.
       Cecil Co. interested in purchasing ours, but it will be new ones that are developed,
       because their tag line is too difficult to add to current PSA’s. Comcast will run our
       PSA’s free!
    Norma is working on the internet ad campaign—Microsoft Ad’s Center -so that our ad
       will pop up when key words are searched.
    Norma and Allan met with Mr. Reilly, Clerk of the Court, on July 31st. He was very
       supportive and has given permission for us to provide handouts for the marriage license
       packets. Appx. 1500 of these packets are giving out yearly.
    Norma and Allan are meeting on 9-7-07 with Clerk of Court Reilly, Del Stifler and
       Senator Hooper about possible legislation on Covenant Marriage Law. Perhaps it could
       be modeled after Louisiana law (Couples voluntarily give up right to ―no fault‖ divorce).
       Then pastors could be asked to only marry couples who do so. It involves a tiered system
       of license costs based on participation in premarital training, signing of a covenant
       agreement, or none of the above. Also decision needs to be made about what literature
       to provide the Clerk to hand out with marriage application packet.
    Harford Co. Resource Fair is Sept. 18th. Suggestion was made to blow up a cardboard
       picture of our billboard to use as a backdrop for the display. Neil, Norma and Carolyn
       will be there to represent Marriage Works.
    Allan will speak before the County Council in Oct. This will be televised.
    In Oct. Allan is giving the speech that he gave at the political luncheon at the County
       Council meeting
    Reminder to keep trainings updated on the website.
Case Foundation-Funding
    Norma submitted the initial piece and is awaiting word as to whether we can submit the
      actual grant request.
    Carol Taylor will get information on a small business group’s grant such as what
      Baltimore City recently obtained.
    Carolyn will continue to review grant opportunities

Church Partnering
   The project is going well so far. Erik and Norma have made several calls on pastors with
      a good response. Grace Assembly of God will be partnering with us as Charter Member.
      Much appreciation to Harford Community Church for becoming a Charter Member.
      Charter Members receive significant discounts on relationship skills training and
      billboards and other benefits.
   Allan is also working on Community Marriage Policy.
   Allan and Erik plan to call on several churches over the next few months.

Relationship Skills Trainings

      We are waiting to see if courses are a ―go‖. Enrollment must be at a certain number for
       HCC to run the classes. Need to submit to Norma what we want to teach in the spring. If
       resubmitting the same thing for spring as fall, this can be done by 9-17. Unfortunately,
       the college did not present courses under the sponsorship of Marriage Works of Harford
       County, as we expected.
      Janice reported on Jerk/Jerkette training in schools. She now has the materials and is
       studying. The next step is to present the program to the School Board. We need to pray
       for this approval, although Janice is hopeful. Janice is also willing to do this program in
       churches – as more ―dating‖ related and this would be great for youth groups.
      Janice also reported on presentation to Kiwanis where she asked for 10 full scholarships
       for the How To Avoid Marrying a Jerk/Jerkette training. We hope to hear something
       soon. While there, she learned about an opportunity to fill a Longenberger basket at a
       bingo for further name recognition. The group decided to do this by each bringing an
       item for the basket for the next meeting. Also, she learned that a group can earn $2000
       for helping with parking for one day at the Darlington Apple Festival. No decision yet.
      See Skills Training List or website for upcoming relationship skills trainings

Recap of Action Items

              Bring items for basket bingo to next meeting
              Add training to website
              Encourage people to come to coalition meetings and get involved
              Pray for Janice for September Board meeting.
              Submit training for Harford Community College

       Carol and Robin
           Ideas and content for marriage license packets for the Court House
           Work on ideas for Spring Conference
             Get stuff for Resource Fair
             Some clerical support as needed

             Price getting blow-up of billboard for Resource Fair
             Help man booth at the Resource Fair

             Work with Allan to call pastors to visit re. Partnering with Marriage Works
             Appreciation to Erik for providing packets for churches. This is a big help.

             Meet with pastors re. partnering with churches
             Call Barbara O’Connor to set up County Council presentation
             Work on Community Marriage Policy for churches
             Meet with Reilly, Stifler and Hooper on Sept. 7th
             Work on PSA project
             Follow-up on Sept. 7th meeting re proposed legislation

          Call Sandy re PSA’s and Sweetheart Dinner
          Work on Microsoft ads
          Work on list of brochures for license packets
          Get Marriage Works brochures to Erik
          Follow-up on billboards
          Visit several churches with Erik for partnering
          Follow-up with PSA project
          Follow-up with Case Foundation if necessary
          Relationship Skills Trainings at HCC
          Preparation for Resource Fair and attend
          Plan and coordinate Oct. 4th Coalition Meeting

          Do coalition minutes
          Review possible grant opportunities
          Help Norma at Resource Fair Sept. 18th

          Present No Jerks Training to Board of Education for approval
          Prepare to teach Jerk/Jerkette training
          Advise us of decision of Kiwanis Club on scholarships

Next Coalition Meeting-Thurs., October 4th 3:00 p.m.
   Relationship Skills Training Resource List
   Current Priorities for Marriage Works
   Marriage and Relationship Trainings at HCC, Fall 2007
   How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk/Jerkette Flyer
   Article: Group Hopes to Reduce Divorce in Virginia & Local Ad Campaign Promotes
     Marriage, by Phil Johnson, the Daily Graham and Smart Marriages.

Respectfully submitted:

Carolyn McQuiston
Corresponding Secretary
                            MARRIAGE WORKS
                           OF HARFORD COUNTY

   THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES at Harford Community College three consecutive
    Wednesdays 9/12/07 – 9/26/07, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Taught by Bill and Carolyn
    McQuiston with Marriage Works of Harford County and Worldwide Marriage
    Encounter. To register email or call 410-836-4176.

   FAIR FIGHTING IN RELATIONSHIPS at Harford Community College Oct. 2,
    2007, 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Taught by Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and
    President, Marriage Works of Harford County. To register email or call 410-836-4176.

   THE EMPTY NEST AND MARRIAGE at Harford Community College Thurs.,
    Oct. 11, 2007, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Taught by Bill and Carolyn McQuiston with
    Marriage Works of Harford County and Worldwide Marriage Encounter. To
    register email or call 410-836-4176.

    INTIMACY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP at Harford Community College Oct. 30,
    2007, 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Taught by Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and
    President, Marriage Works of Harford County. To register email or call 410-836-4176.

   PREMARITAL WORKSHOP October 27, 2007 sponsored by Safe Harbor
    Christian Counseling at Trinity Lutheran in Joppa, MD. For more info or to
    register, check the website,

    College, four consecutive Tuesday starting Nov. 6th – Nov. 27th, 2007, 6:30 p.m. –
    9:00 p.m. Taught by Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and President, Marriage
    Works of Harford County. To register email or call 410-836-

   PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING available through Word of Faith Ministry,
    Aberdeen, MD. For an appointment or information, contact Pastor Carol Taylor,

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