Comments Questions from March 17 2007 Vision Presentation Topic 1 Save Leimert Merchants Comment Suggest

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					                                     Comments Questions from March 17, 2007
                                              Vision Presentation
1 Save Leimert Merchants        Comment Suggestion: Business Incubation Model has a place in Leimert Park
                                        Village. Social Business, Cultural Collaborative to continue the process
                                        of reasonable growth and maintenance of the "village" feel

2 Stakeholder Participation     Comment Why are there not more stakeholders involved with the community.
                                        They only get involved on hot issues. As a community we must come
                                        out and dialogue with one another to have a stronger voice as a
                                        community. It may not be your issue now, but what about next time.
                                        Come and get involved with your neighborhood council.
3 Pro-Redevelopment             Comment 1) Change will create increased tax increment dollars. 2) Increased
                                        foot traffic and diversity will enable the growth of the community. 3) It is
                                        desired to have fascade improvement and more desired high end
                                        retail. 4) More upscale restaurant dining is desired. 5) The community
                                        is diverse in culture and why can't we have a mainstream
                                        redevelopment retail corridor? 6) Deverlopers can ensure that there
                                        are rent subsideies for existing and local businesses e.g. 50% of retail
                                        stales to 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%, over time to get to market rent.

4 The Vision Theatre            Comment We the tax payers own the Vision and the parking lots. Our tax dollars
                                        are paying for the theatre. We should save the Vision Theatre - that is
                                        what we own in Leimert. Get outside funding - Sylvia Jones

5 Save Leimert Park Committee   Comment The merchants must understand that more foot traffic means more
                                        income to pay the higher rents. We must move to the 21st century.
                                        When the older people are gone the younger people must be able to
                                        compete. We can keep the essence of the village but because of the
                                        population increases all over the world, we must work to find ways to
                                        do both. Merchants, ask for a period of subsidized rents until the foot
                                        traffic and business income increase. Also the land owners must be
                                        able to receive a return on their investment properties. Juanita Pinion

6 Support of Leimert Park       Comment I attended Audubon, class of '58 and retired in 2003 from teaching at
                                        Audubon. I have made an effort to support businesses on 43rd,
                                        Degnan, but find that the Leimert and View Park community does not
                                        support as they should. Students from Audubon not keeping a respect
                                        for property. The turnout today was also too small. I live in View Park
                                        but found out about this meeting through a friend.
7 Racism                        Comment Please let it be noted that there are some of us within the community
                                        that feel "the Vision for Leimert" should be inclusive of all races and
                                        cultures. It is not just an Afro-Ameican community, and it did not start
                                        out that way. We should all share in the vision to make Leimert a grat
8 Workshop                      Comment Good job
9 Handling affordable rents     Comment Lok at how rents were handled for merchants (particularly the original
                                        ones) in Olvera Street
                                     Comments Questions from March 17, 2007
                                              Vision Presentation
10 Racism                       Comment I have never heard so many racist comments as I have at these
                                        meetings. The reason there are no Black owned businesses in
                                        Koreatown is that it wouldn't be profitable for a Black-owned business
                                        to be in a Korean environment unless they are selling somthing to that
                                        particular group. A store that sold only African American geared
                                        merchandise in Beverly Hills would probably not do well becauase that
                                        is not the right marketplace. It is called captialism. If there is no money
                                        coming in, you won't survive. Why are some businesses trying to get
                                        the building owners to subsidize their rents (fix them) when their
                                        businesses are not working? Let established, upscale businesses
                                        come in with needed product (Whole Food, Trader Joes) and let the
                                        other businesses feed off of them.

11 Ideas                        Comment 1) The African Village concept, little Tokyo, Chinatown etc. are tourist
                                        attractions worldwide for the global community, 2) Suggestion - better
                                        acoustics, 3) Free Parking , 4) Crisscrossing intersections where
                                        possible, 5) Cultural and architectural designs should be eclectic. 6)
                                        Purchase and use Cebu Restruant on Vernon

12 Business & Communication     Comment Presenter mumbled through presentation and was hard to understand
                                        even after being told to speak clearly. This makes it hard to stay
                                        focused and even interested if you are newly interested. Too much on
                                        archway which would be a great cost and no options give for funding.
                                        This should be if anything the very last thing done.

13 Physical Appearance          Comment One of the presenters focused on the archway "His Design" with all
                                        that the community needs. This is the least important at this time. I
                                        believe the presenter was just trying to sell us on his design. Time is
                                        important. Why waste it otherwise the presentation was pretty good.

14 Street Cleaning & Sidewalk   Comment Consider purchasing / leasing a ride-on sidewalk cleaner together with
                                        the crenshaw mall to keep the heavily traveled sidewalks in Leimert
                                        Park Village and around the mall and along Crenshaw Blvd. clean,
                                        spotless. Clean weekly. Increased patronage means dirtier sidewalks.
                                        Regarding an underground metro station at Leimert Park? This is a
                                        BAD idea! Thre will be a stop at the mall. Having another so close and
                                        underground will weaken th earth in the area and make us more
                                        vulnerable to massive damage during earthquakes.

15 Cost / HPOZ                  Comment 1) If implemented, what is the projected fiscal impat of these
                                         improvements on Leimert Park business & home owners? 2) How
                                         does the Leimert Park vision tie into the plans for designing a historic
                                         preservation zone?
16 The Opening Film             Comment I thought the film was historically relevant to slavery and the Bible. I
                                         failed to get the message that connected the film to the Leimert Park
                                         redevelopment effort.
17 Professionals                Question What are we doing to attract the Black professionals ie doctors,
                                         lawyers, accountants etc.
18 Vision Theatre               Question Progress of the Vision Theatre, opening date? Fundraising?
19 Community involvement        Question What are you doing? What's your part of this community?
20 Trader Joes                  Question 1) To make a better improvement we need to remove Wal-Mart and
                                         replace it with a "Trader Joes" 2) Need upscale resturants and
                                         department stores
21 Jazz                         Question Is there any concrete plans to re-establish good jazz performers
                                         (traditional & modern) to return to Leimert Park?
                       Comments Questions from March 17, 2007
                                Vision Presentation
22 Coro / Stigma   Question   Why was the Coro Foundation chosen instead of the many Black
                              organizations? What is Wifi? What will be done to overcome the
                              stigma that you have to go further west or outside of LA read South
                              Central to get good service and products? I have previously suggested
                              the name.

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