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					       Applications Division                                         Project Proposal 2009-10

PROJECT NAME                 Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
BIAS                          IT Services (ITS)
Programme                     Corporate Infrastructure
Project Sponsor               David Smyth
Author ( Business )           David Smyth
Author ( IS )                 Andrew Stewart
Date                          27 January 2009
 Authors (both Business and IS) should use the guidance document when completing this form
1.1 Executive Summary

This proposal is for the project to review DR/BC requirements and processes, update the procedures and
ensure facilities are in place to allow the plans to be tested against the relevant business area systems. Note
this project will not undertake a full DR test for the priority systems; it’s goal is to ensure a testing strategy
(and facility/process) is in place. Undertaking the actual DR tests will need to be factored into the plans for
the various business area programmes if this is a requirement of their business continuity plans.

In 2008/09, a project (INF058) will have been completed to assess the Unix and Windows DR facilities in the
new infrastructure and organisational structure, and set in place updated service levels and DR plan. There
will have been a number of recommendations for further actions based on the results of the testing process.
This proposal will assess the status of those recommendations to ensure they have delivered the necessary
changes and also to ensure the core DR plan is still accurate and relevant.

This project will have three main objectives:

    1. Review the service level for all Unix and Windows services to ensure any change from last exercise
       are reflected
    2. Review the service level with our business partners in relation to their applications making sure it is
       appropriate for their needs and establishing their priorities
    3. Ensure there is an adequate DR testing strategy with the necessary facilities/processes in place to
       allow the recovery process to demonstrate delivery of the service level for each business area

Results from the review may again identify corrective actions and associated additional work necessary to
improve and streamline the DR process. These corrective actions will be delivered through project proposals
for 2010/11 or in-year projects for 2009/10 as required.
1.2 Business Objectives
Number        Objective Description
1             To review and update the current service levels for all Unix and Windows services in the event
              of a disaster.
2             To establish with our major service partners that the service level meets their business
              continuity needs and report on the outcome.
3             To confirm the recovery priorities of each application (priority, other) in the event of a disaster.
4             To confirm whether the DR plan meets the required service level.
5             Recommend corrective actions from review of core processes
6             To produce a clear and transparent DR plan that can be easily revised as and when the
              corporate infrastructure changes.
7             To ensure the necessary facilities are in place to allow DR testing on an application by
              application basis.

1.3 Project Deliverables (including any scope limits)
Number        Deliverable (and description of any limits to the scope)
1             Updated DR plan with procedures, which reflects the current infrastructure, to be followed in
              the event of a disaster by IS Apps and IS IT Infrastructure (Unix + Windows).
2             Updated portfolio of corporate applications that must be addressed during DR including
              statuses and priorities.
3             Appropriate training for staff who will constitute the recovery team
4             Updated documentation for DR test strategy.
5             Confirmation of facilities/processes to allow DR testing for business areas (with appropriate
              levels of testing to ratify process)

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         Applications Division                                        Project Proposal 2009-10
6               Final report of update to DR process and status of previous recommendations.

1.4 Project Timescales - Hard Milestones and Multi Year Projects
Milestone       Reason for Milestone Date being Hard
Oct 2009        Updated plans and portfolio
Jan 2010        Production of final report and confirmation including confirmation of DR testing facilities.

Financial       Breakdown of Project Stages/Deliverables by Year
2009-10         Project delivered in this period
2010-11         N/A
2011-12         N/A
1.5 Project Stakeholder(s)
Stakeholder     Description of stakeholder and role in project
ITI             IS ITI teams – provision of infrastructure
Business        System owners within business areas to confirm application priority

1.6 Project Risks
Number          Description
1               Failure and delays in the pre-requisite projects for corrective actions from 2007/08 tests (under
                INF058 recommendations).
2               Staff resources being re-assigned to other high priority projects.
3               Problems with database and or application failover technology.

1.7 Other Relevant Information about the Project (including disability accessibility
requirements and any dependencies)

This will be an annually recurrent project to ensure that the general DR provisions for services are in place
and allow a checkpoint for chances or improvements to the overall process.
The project should be used as an opportunity to prompt Business Areas to review their Business Continuity
processes and how they fit in to the DR plan.
There is to be ongoing work in the area of system resilience across the University IT services. Changes
brought about as part of this initiative may have an impact on this work.
Current plans are to move some services (test and/or live) to more fully utilise the AT environment previously
used as a major component in the DR testing. Implications of this will need to be assessed as part of the
objectives (no. 7).The windows virtualisations project (ITS012) is to deliver a DR strategy for the services that
will run on this infrastructure. This proposal will utlilise that information and incorporate it into the overall DR
strategy for our application portfolio.

2.1 Project Category
Category                  Reason for selecting category
Essential                 Many of our corporate systems have an obligation to provide information outwith the
(Internal)                University to meet statutory compliance. Continued availability of services through
                          disasters is critical and the University must have a coherent strategy and process to
                          deliver a DR solution.

2.2 Project Justification
Strategic Goal,           Description of how project meets the Strategic Goal, Enabler or Theme
Enabler or Theme
Quality Infrastructure            Business continuity, risk reduction, resilience – this is the major

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       Applications Division                                        Project Proposal 2009-10
                                    deliverable from the project. New business continuity services and
                                    improvement in recovery in the event of a major incident are the key
                                   Exploit the existing – the project builds on the work done from 2002-2007
                                    and exploits existing facilities and services including Appleton Tower
                                    computer room, edLAN, current IS Apps server hardware and resilience
                                    techniques available with current software used by IS Apps.
                                   Improve quality of our services to customers – through improved service
                                    availability and performance

Other Justification        Description

3.1 Benefits (over 5 years)
Tangible - Description and Value                                   Assumptions

Intangible – Description
Security in having a proven DR strategy
Confidence of Business Areas in workable solution as part of
their Business Continuity plans

Description of success criteria and monitoring required to ensure benefits are realised

3.2 Benefits and Costs Summary (over 5 years)
    5 Year Summary                IT Services    Support Groups                Colleges                    Total
              Costs                 £66,780                                                             £66,780
                                                                    Benefit/Cost Ratio =
3.3 Additional Funding / Resource Requirements
Secured? Yes/No        Description of Requirement

3.4 Procurement Requirements
Total Cost of goods    Description of Goods and Services Required to be Procured           Procurement Office
&services over 4 yrs                                                                       Informed? Yes/No
> £25k
> £100k

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        Applications Division                                                 Project Proposal 2009-10

3.5 Detailed Benefits and Costs Worksheet
5 Year Summary                                     Support       Colleges         Total
                                 IT Services       Groups                                                                                              IS Apps day rate               £265
Benefits                                                                                                                                               External day rate         £1,000
Costs                                 £66,780                                      £66,780                                                             Other IS day rate              £265
                                                         Cost/Benefit Ratio                                                                      Business Area day rate               £265

BENEFITS                               Year 1         Year 2        Year 3          Year 4        Year 5         Total
IT Services
Support Groups

COSTS                                       Year 1                       Year 2                         Year 3                         Year 4                        Year 5
IT Services                          Days            Cost         Days            Cost          Days             Cost           Days            Cost          Days             Cost
 IS Apps Total                              210       £55,650
IS Apps Project Services                     38       £10,070
IS Apps Development Team
IS Apps Development Technology                74      £19,610
IS Apps Production Management                 83      £21,995
IS Apps Service Management                    15       £3,975
Other IS                                      42      £11,130
External Consultancy
Support Groups
Year 1: Detailed Resource
                                  IT Services                                                                                              Support Groups                  Colleges
Estimate by Stage (in DAYS)
                                   Project           Dev          Dev             Prod         Services                        External     Business       Other (incl.        All
                                   Services          Team         Tech            Man           Man            Other IS        Consult.     Partner       Procurement)
Planning                                     2                            2                3               3               2
Business Analysis                            4                            2               10               5               4
System Analysis & Design                   12                            25               25               2              20
Build / Configure                          15                            30               30               2              10
Integration                                  1                            5                5
Acceptance                                   1                            3                3               2               2
Deployment                                   1                            5                5                               3
Closure                                      2                            2                2               1               1
Total Resource                             38                            74               83              15              42
Area below here can be used for any detailed benefits costings

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