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					                                                                      UC San Diego
                    Reimbursement Request to the UCSD Travel Card for Meeting, Entertainment, or Programmatic Activity
         Yes I've read the personal notification statement posted on the Forms page of the Travel tab in Blink.
Preparer's Name:                                                                                       Date:
Preparer's Phone:                                                                                Mail Code:
Payee's ID :                                                     (UCSD Financial ID Number/ FID, or UCSD employee ID number)
Payee's Name
 and Address

Last 4 digits of Travel Card number:
Amount of Payment:             $                                 (Attach receipts only if $75.00 or more)

Nature of event (Check 1):             Meeting                                      Extending, Providing, Sponsoring       (Programmatic Activity)
                                       Hosting guests (donor, visitor, other guest, recruitment)                (Standard Entertainment)
                                       Celebrating (employee appreciation/ morale)               (Special Entertainment)
                       Attending (ticket/ table for a community or charitable event, sporting, concert, or similar         (Special Entertainment)
Purpose (enter text describing the official business purpose served):

Item Served (Check 1):                 Breakfast             Lunch              Dinner                  Light Refreshment
Check to confirm for an employee only event:             Frequency limit not exceeded            (see policy)
For any alcoholic beverage expense, ensure you follow fund-source                restrictions.   And for an on-campus event, follow
       policy for consumption of alcoholic beverages on university property. Attach a copy of the form.

Number of participants:                                          Cost per person:
 a. If cost per person exceeds maximum, approval for special entertainment is required.
 b. Attach a guest list (see page 2 of this form) for events other than Extending, Providing, Sponsoring (programmatic activities).
Date of Event:

Did a guest's or host's spouse/ partner attend?               No              Yes                If yes, special approval required.
                If yes, enter business purpose served by spouse/partner attendance:

HOST, or Meeting Coordinator, CERTIFICATION (required for events other than Programmatic Activities.)
I hereby certify that the above is a true statement of expenses incurred by me within the regulations of the University of California
and that its purpose served official University business.

Host's Signature                                                                 Print Name and Department

APPROVAL FOR PAYMENT                               (See "Signature Authority" in Blink)

Authorizing Signature                                                            Print Name

ENTERTAINMENT APPROVAL                             (See Approval Guidelines in Blink)

Signature of employee delegated authority by Vice Chancellor/ designee                           Print Name

SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT APPROVAL (Celebrating/ Attending events, expenses exceed maximum, spouse/ partner included)

Signature of Chancellor/ Vice Chancellor:                                        Print Name
               Index                           Fund                               Account                                     Amount

UC San Diego - F02115 Retention: 5 years subject to federal contract or grant requirements                                            Modified 11/2009
                                                            UC San Diego
                    Reimbursement Request to the UCSD Travel Card for Meeting, Entertainment, or Programmatic Activity

                        GUEST LIST (required for events other than Programmatic Activities)
A guest list containing the name, title, and occupation must be attached in order to establish the business relationship to UCSD
of the participants being entertained. For routine or standing meetings with an established participant list you can provide
a template list of those normally in attendance.

NAME                                         TITLE                                                   OCCUPATION/GROUP

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