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									Introduction to Insite Security

Please take a minute out of your busy day and have a look through some of
the variety of ways that Insite Security is helping or could help you further to
secure & protect your human & financial investment in either your Business or
your Lifestyle.

⊕	 Alarm installation

⊕	 Alarm monitoring (Locally from our Warkworth Office)

⊕	 Alarm repair & service

⊕	 Rapid Alarm Response Patrols

⊕	 Static and Mobile Guard services for Functions and Special Projects

⊕	 CCTV design and installation

⊕	 Early Warning systems for Gates and Driveways

⊕	 Video Intercom installations

⊕	 Full Audio Visual installations for Home Theatres (Surround sound, Plasma
   TV’s, etc)

⊕	 Private & Criminal Investigation

All of our Security work is carried out by Ministry of Justice licensed

As a former long serving member of the NZ Police and in more latter years
through my work for several of NZ’s larger corporates, I have had it confirmed
for me time and time again, that even the most serious
crime or security issue can generally be easily resolved
with a little bit of planning and the right sort of expertise
on hand to make it all happen.

                                  In Confidence
Who are we…….

Insite Security is a Warkworth based Company employing local expertise to
provide the full range of security services that our Customers might require for
their residence or business. We have offices situated at; Warkworth, Omaha,
Wellsford and Mangawhai – for great local service we just will not be beaten!

We take considerable pride in having been chosen as the preferred Security
Partner for over 1000 Rodney & Kaipara homes and businesses.

Our coverage area ranges from Albany & Silverdale in the South, all the way
North up to Langs Cove and of course, all of those great places in between!

⊕	 Rapid Response Patrols

            At Insite Security, we have dedicated patrols out on the streets,
            24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to any situation
            that could be a threat to our Customer ’s home, business, family or
            personal well-being.

            We are the only security company within our particular catchment
            that provides this specialist service.

When not actively responding to call-outs, our patrols are also a highly visible
deterrent around homes & businesses to potential thieves or other offenders.

Did you know that Insite Security also carries out all of the Alarm
Response & Repair work in the Rodney & Kaipara regions for
the majority of New Zealand’s national security companies?

⊕	 Alarm Monitoring

All of our Alarm Monitoring services are undertaken directly from our Warkworth
Headquaters. We strongly believe in the benefits to our customers of having
local knowledge of their site and all of its characteristics.

Insite Security can provide you with a full alarm monitoring
service at very competitive rates.

Not only do we carry out FREE daily service tests on
your alarm system to ensure that everything is working
to its peak capacity – with Insite looking after your
monitoring you will not incur any toll charges on your
phone account.

Would you like to know what dates & times your staff or
visitors are accessing your Business or Residence?

                                    In Confidence
We can supply you with a full written, monthly report on all of your monitored
alarm’s sets and un-sets, activations and any other recordable occurrences.

One example of how Businesses make use of this information is to ascertain
an accurate record of their staff ’s wage or over-time entitlements. This is
particularly useful when each of your staff members has their own personal
Access Code.

⊕	 Alarm Repair and Servicing

Please don’t go to the expense and hassle of dragging an alarm technician up
from Auckland or elsewhere if your alarm system is playing up.

If you need your alarm serviced or upgraded just give us a call – we are local
and can give you the expertise and economies that other Security Companies
just cannot match.

⊕	 Design & installation of alarm systems, CCTV and security controls

Need a new; Alarm system? CCTV system? Access Controls for your Business
or Home? Video Intercom facilities? Early Warning system for your Gate or
Driveway? Something state of the art in the Audio Visual field? Or perhaps you
just want to extend the capabilities of your existing security controls? – Why
not give Insite a call. We have Technicians who are specialist in these fields
who will assist to design and install an application that will meet all of your
requirements and more!

Please call us for a confidential and no obligation security review of your own

⊕	 Night Shift & Weekend Patrols

Often there can be parts of your business or home that are
difficult to secure outside of your normal work day, i.e. vehicles,
machinery, stock, etc.

These items can be extremely attractive to the opportunistic thief and once
stolen can cause all sorts of disruption to your life as you then have to sort out
insurance claims, Police notification, replacement materials, delays to work
flows, etc.

In our first Patrol of your property at night, known as the ‘bed-down check’ we
ensure that all building doors, windows and gates have been secured and are
locked properly.

We check all of your vehicles to make sure no keys have been left in the
ignition and are secure and we also take action if there have been valuable
goods or equipment left exposed to possible theft or damage.

                                   In Confidence
If you have a work or home environment that at times could be at risk in
this way, please come and talk to us about our Patrol checks – you will be
surprised how economical & effective they are and what great protection you
will receive by having a very visible, official looking presence at your property
out of hours.
⊕	 Away on Holiday?

            Let us know when you will be away and we can have our night shift
            patrols regularly drive past and check your property to ensure that
            everything is safe and secure?

            If you would like a more permanent arrangement of night-time
            checks, these are available from us for around the same price as
            your monthly alarm monitoring fee.

⊕	 Did I leave the stove on?

Perhaps you are not yet a permanent resident up here and having arrived back
home in Auckland you just can’t get rid of that nagging doubt that things back
up at the beach property might not be just right?

Insite Customers can simply give us a call and we can arrange for one of our
Patrols to carry out a check of the property, fix what’s needed and let’s get that
peace of mind thing happening for you!

We can also arrange temporary access for trades-people who need to enter
your property up here to undertake work on your behalf.

⊕	 No matter what………

              No matter what security or criminal issue is facing your business
              or residence, Insite will be able to provide you with an effective
              solution from our range of services.

              Alternatively, in consultation with you we can tailor make a solution
              to meet your unique personal circumstances.

We can be reached on 09-425-7113 (24 hours a day) or
fax 09-422-2327 or by e-mail at
or see us at our Website of

We look forward to the opportunity of making your Security
Project a total Success for you!


Chris Martin
General Manager

                                   In Confidence

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