Talking Points MALARIA FACTS by mikeholy


									       One in thirty children in Togo die from malaria - from a mosquito bite!


Togo is a country in West Africa with a population of 6,031,808. The largest and capital city of Togo is Lome with
more than 1.5 million residents in the metropolitan area. 41% of the population is under the age of 14.


   Malaria is a life-threatening disease, spread through the bites of mosquitoes.
   About half of the world’s population (3.3 billion people) is at risk of malaria.
   In 2008, there were 247 million cases of malaria.
   Malaria kills nearly one million people a year. 85% of people dying from malaria are children under five years of
   Most of these deaths are in sub-Saharan Africa, where malaria is a leading cause of death of children. In Africa,
    one child dies from malaria every 45 seconds.
   In Togo, 25% of childhood deaths are due to malaria.
   In Togo, one of every 30 children dies from malaria.
   Malaria is preventable and curable.
   Long-lasting insecticidal nets are an effective way to prevent illness and death from malaria. Sleeping under
    insecticide-treated nets reduces childhood deaths from malaria by 20%. The nets also prevent malaria during
    pregnancy and reduce the number of low birth weight babies.
    Community health evangelists (CHEs) can help save lives by distributing long-lasting insecticidal nets and by
    teaching about malaria.
   While distributing nets and teaching about malaria, CHEs and churches can also share the message of new life
    in Christ.


A coalition of Christian ministries are working together under the umbrella of the Global CHE Network with
Evangelical churches in Togo. The coalition is raising funds to enable the distribution of bed nets in the city of
Lome. GCN is also providing trainers in Togo with materials to equip the church members who will distribute the
bed nets and monitor their use. They will be trained to do health education and to share Christ as they visit

GCN will also provide you, the donor, with opportunity to learn more about malaria and to engage with us as
champions of this cause. This campaign is just the beginning of a long term sustainable Community Health
Evangelism ministry in Togo aimed at bringing individuals to faith in Christ and lifting whole communities out of
cycles of poverty and disease.

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