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                                                                         The right tool
                                                                           for the job?
                                                            As much as business would like to have software that
                                                        does more than one thing, it’s unfortunately not the case.
                                                  Software is developed for a need and the need for organisations
                                                  to have enterprise-level BC plans in place is why LDRPS exists.

                                                     So why try to automate the complex demands of BC planning
                                                   using a piece of general purpose office software? Use the right
                                                    tool for the job - LDRPS from SunGard. The BC planning tool.

                                                                               Making the everyday happen.

Keeping people and information connected                         Consulting     Recovery Services   Managed Services   BCM Software

t: 0800 143 413            United Kingdom & European Head Office
e:   12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West,
w:       Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW
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        Your guide to business continuity

                                                                                    123BCP LTD

                                                                                    Function: Plan development, risk analysis,
                                                                                    crisis messaging.

                                                                                    Launched 2006; major upgrade 2008;
        management software

                                                                                    corporate version launched 2008.

                                                                                    123BCP takes the plan manager through
                                                                                    the whole planning process. Staff can be
                                                                                    allocated to groups which have specific
                                                                                    tasks and processes to carry out before,
                                                                                    during and after an incident. The plan
                                                                                    manager can set dates that pre-disaster
                                                                                    tasks must be done by as part of a full
                                                                                    plan diary. While the plan can be made
                                                                                    available online and on a user’s intranet,
                                                                                    data is maintained by plan and group
                                                                                    administrators rather than directly by third

                                                                                    123BCP is a desktop application installed
                                                                                    on a users’ PC or a server. For larger
                                                                                    organisations the Corporate version links
                                                                                    to SQL-enabled in-house databases. Plans
  Business continuity

                                                                                    can be uploaded to the 123BCP
                                                                                    web service and can then be viewed (read-
                                                                                    only) using any recent web browser. A new
                                                                                    web-based (and intranet) system will allow
                                                                                    full web-based processing from Q4 2009.

                                                                                    Among the benefits of the 123BCP model
                                                                                    is that a plan can be downloaded from
                                                                                    the internet to a laptop, managed using
  software report

                                                                                    the 123BCP PC software (for instance
                                                                                    during a flight or a site visit) and then
                                                                                    uploaded back to the internet when

                                                     oftware for business           convenient. Plans can also be activated –
                                                     continuity planning is one     with notifications being sent to customers,
                                                     way of organising and          suppliers or employees via SMS and/or
                                                                                    email. On the 123BCP Web Service, all
                                            managing the data needed for business
                                                                                    data stored on the web server is
                                            continuity plans. These tools also      encrypted using the 256bit AES algorithm.
                                            serve to provide an audit trail of
                                            events for various purposes, some of    A new dedicated disaster recovery website
                                            which may be used as a basis for        is available so that a company can have an
                                                                                    easy to manage disaster recovery website
                                            some important capital expenditure
                                                                                    for before and during any disaster. An
                                            decisions.                              audio messaging system makes it easy to
                                                                                    record messages for during any crisis with
                                            The following product summaries were    specific messages linked to button presses.
                                            compiled using information supplied     This message system also supports
                                                                                    scheduled messages for during DR tests.
                                            by the software providers themselves.
                                                                                    123BCP is purchased via a one-off fee,
                                            This is not an exhaustive list of all   and all support is free of charge.
                                            products available in the market. If
                                            your product does not feature, and      Training can be purchased if required as
                                            you wish to be included in the next     well as a full planning service. A Wishlist
                                                                                    function allows users to request upgrades
                                            report, please contact CIR.
                                                                                    or enhancements.

42 CIR August 2009                                                                                  
                                                                  BUSINESS CONTINUITY SOFTWARE REPORT > PRODUCTS
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Upcoming enhancements include French            its process modelling. Diagrams are            information (during invocation, testing or
and Spanish language versions, which            automatically generated.                       post-incident review) available to all
will be available during 2010.                                                                 authorised users, regardless of location. It
                                                Tel: +49 (0)40 89 06 64 60                     does not aim to undertake BIA, risk or
Tel: 0845 22 55 444                                                plan writing functionality, but rather                                                                                 provides a readily available platform for
                                                                                               the output from those projects to be stored,
                                                BUSINESS PROTECTOR                             distributed and made available to support
ALIVE-IT – BC FRAMEWORK                         BUSINESS PROTECTION SYSTEMS                    time-critical decisions at the time of an
CONTROLL-IT GMBH                                INTERNATIONAL                                  incident or in testing/exercising.

Function: Plan development and                  Function: Business continuity lifecycle,       Within the lifecycle, Crisis CommSuite is
execution in case of disaster, emergency        notification and crisis communication.         primary a tool that supports business
plans and IT recovery plans. With                                                              continuity programme management,
Grade-It: business impact analysis (BIA)        Launched: Web-based Business Protector,        embedding culture and testing,
and risk impact analysis                        featuring a completely new code base,          maintenance and review.
                                                was released in 2000. The product is
Launched: 2001.                                 currently in version 4.5. 2008 Version 5.0     Crisis CommSuite provides a whole range
                                                integrating .NET 3.0.                          of functionality both to support multi-
alive-IT supports all aspects of the                                                           channel communications during a disaster
planning process. With its built-in             Business Protector supports all phases of      and also to create a virtual battle-box that
wizards, the software also supports             the business continuity planning lifecycle     can be accessed individually or on a
culture and awareness programmes                – from easy-to-configure frameworks,           shared basis at a command centre or
which makes the product ideally suited          intuitive content management to robust         EOC. It supports a media management
to enterprise-wide roll-outs. A BIA module      scorecard, plan testing and system             facility, the opportunity to assign and re-
is the latest addition to this software.        reporting. Access control can be granted       schedule tasks as the incident progresses,
                                                at any level of the software to supply chain   an automated means of assessing levels of
Supporting the UK’s BS 25999, alive-IT          participants, external stakeholders,           impact and the automatic notification of
is fully web-based and can be accessed          regulators and other interested parties.       the appropriate levels of contact.
from any PC with a web browser. All             These rights can be granted as read/write
software modules necessary for the              or read-only. All access is audited.           The objective of this product is to work
operation are included in alive-IT except                                                      worldwide with all other products such as
the database management system and, if          Business Protector is benchmarked against      planning tools and automated callout
needed, database clients (especially for        BS 25999 and is fully web-based.               products (regardless of vendor) to provide
Oracle and DB2).                                Additional modules include incident            a single point of access at critical times.
                                                management and automated notification.
Apache Tomcat is provided for the web           End-user and administrator training can be     In BAU conditions it also provides a
server. An integration of Apache web            provided either online or in-house.            means of introducing and monitoring plan
server and IIS (MS Internet Information         Administrative training typically takes two    governance, and helping enforce a
Server) is possible. Sun Java 5 (JDK 1.5.x)     days, usually provided in two one-hour         maintenance and testing regime in line
is assumed to be present.                       sessions. End-users are generally              with defined corporate policy.
                                                conversant with the solution after one
The access protection of alive-IT               four-hour training session                     In post-disaster and post-testing review it
contains is extensive, organised in four                                                       provides absolute proof of what happened
steps featuring authentication, encoding,       Tel: 020 8002 9029                             when, how and who made what decisions
bugging protection and rules-based                         and why. The product supports BS 25999
authorisation. alive-IT can be purchased                                                       and can provide an off-site, virtual storage
or leased. Training can also be                                                                capability for all of the key control
purchased. Alive-IT’s resource data /           CRISIS COMMSUITE                               documents required by BS 25999-2. If an
resource management function enables            CPA SOFTWARE LTD                               organisation defines its business continuity
optimisation of an enterprise’s data                                                           management policy and supporting
administration, including customisable          Function: Externally-hosted, secure,           governance structure this can be input into
definition of data and data classes.            web-based information storage and              Crisis CommSuite and a series of RAG
                                                communications.                                flags will provide management overview of
With alive-IT, resource classes can be freely                                                  status and plan currency.
defined. Users can automatically import         Launched: 2007. Beta version: 2006.
data from existing databases (batch and                                                        The product uses recognised Secure
online). An essential aspect of alive-IT is     CrisisCommsuite aims to make vital             Socket Layer (SSL) security and                                                                                                      CIR August 2009 43
                                                                                                        Sponsored by

incorporates full user ID and password           and mandated business continuity             is then responsible for the definition of
protection, and user profiles dictate which      management requirements.                     other administrative access and ongoing
areas of the system the users can obtain                                                      user profiles. Within a corporate
access to.                                       No training should be required to use        environment security access to the
                                                 this product. The DRP and BCP                product is embedded within the profiled
Tel: 01527 61926                                 Templates can be used in any enterprise.     users’ access. In an ASP environment
                                                 Templates and supporting material have       all users require user name and password
                                                 been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley,           to access their profiled areas.
                                                 HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27000
                                                 compliant. The Disaster Recovery Plan        Data security is managed through the
DRS                                              and Business Continuity Templates            system administrator who is responsible
TAMP SYSTEMS                                     predate BS 25999 and exceed its              for the establishment of access rights,
                                                 requirements.                                roles and responsibilities. Latest new
Function: Plan development,                                                                   features include a vaccination module,
management, maintenance                          Tel: +1 435 940-9300                         and exercising modile and a policy
and distribution.                                                    accountability management module.
                                                                                              NonVerba has also developed the
Launched: 2001.                                                                               integration aspects of eSecurus,
                                                 ESECURUS                                     allowing users to link with their other
TAMP Systems is a DRI Certified Business         NON-VERBA                                    software solutions.
Continuity Vendor (CBCV) that provides
planning solutions for business continuity                                                    Tel: 020 7887 4544
                                                 Function: Plan development, plan
and disaster recovery. TAMP’s web-based          maintenance, crisis communications.
business continuity planning and
management software, Disaster Recovery           Launched: 2004. Major upgrades in 2005,
System (DRS), can be provided as a               2007 and 2008.                               FRONTLINE LIVE
Software as a Service or client-hosted                                                        CONTINUITY LOGIC
model.                                           eSecurus supports all aspects of the
                                                 BS 25999 recommendations, embedding          Function: GRC, programme management,
The DRS software creates plans, keeps            business continuity management in the        plan development, maintenance, testing,
plans up-to-date and manages business            user organisation’s culture through:         crisis management.
                                                 definition of policy; understanding and
continuity management data. TAMP’s
                                                 defining the organisation and
consulting services include the                                                               Launched: 2008. Major version release
                                                 stakeholders; definition of key resources;
development of BIAs as well as plans for         definition of the risk register; BIA and     scheduled for Autumn 2009.
business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis   identification of critical processes;
management and pandemics. TAMP also              development of business continuity and       FrontLine Live supports all parts of the
offers the Essential Notification System         incident management plans; invocation        business continuity management lifecycle:
(ENS), which provides automated delivery         and exercise of plans; ongoing               understanding the organisation,
of voice messages and failover of a current      maintenance and review of business           determining business continuity
voicemail system for disaster recovery.          continuity management strategies along       management strategy; developing and
                                                 with remedial action support; internal       implementing business continuity
Tel: +1 516 623 2038                             audit (supported through NonVerba’s          management response; exercising,                              eInviso software); state of readiness        maintaining, and reviewing.
                                                 reporting and management oversight
                                                 through dashboard technology; change         All users have access to the portal
DRP & BCP TEMPLATES                              management and audit control.                including supply chain vendors (based on
JANCO ASSOCIATES                                                                              permissions). Department managers, IT
                                                 eSecurus is fully web-based and
                                                                                              managers, supply chain groups can access
                                                 accessible using IE browser. It can also
Function: Templates for creating disaster                                                     the platform to maintain and manage their
                                                 be installed in-house or from ASP server
recovery and business continuity plans in        farm over the internet. eSecurus requires    business areas, access plans, and
Word formats. Templates include forms            MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Distiller.       document business process. Integrated
and questionnaires that can be used to           It would also require Visio if Resilience    modules include: programme management,
customise the plan to fit specify needs.         On A Page process mapping and                employee management, vendor
                                                 illustrations/flow charting capabilities     management, risks and impacts
Launched 1998. Version 5 launched 2008.          are required.                                management, technology management,
                                                                                              plan management, team management,
Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and                 Central administration is initially          employee portal and reports manager.
Business Continuity (BCP) are designed           established through one defined
to create, maintain, test, audit, and            administration account. The administrator    FrontLine Live feature sets fully support BS
function in compliance with all enterprise

44 CIR August 2009                                                                                           
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25999. The platform includes project plans      ImpactAware has been designed to allow          Programmable workflow means users
and templates based on BS 25999                 business continuity planning to be devolved     can post professional results immediately
implementation. It also supports other          to non-practitioners if required and to allow   online and to MS Office. Continuous
areas of governance, risk, and compliance       any organisation to quickly and easily          updating simplifies maintenance and
including enterprise risk management,           compile a robust business continuity plan in    provides real-time decision data. Snapshot
recall management, vendor management,           line with the requirements of BS 25999.         archiving means user data grows,
technology management, employee skills                                                          supporting trend analysis and creating a
                                                ImpactAware’s appeal lies in the ability of
and talent tracking which can be used for                                                       strategic information asset with real value.
                                                department heads to compile business
pandemic planning and testing.                  continuity models that not only represent
                                                their department, but that also contain all     Tel: 0845 045 1171
Tel: +1 973 845 4004                            the necessary information required to                          produce a robust plan for that department.
                                                ImpactAware will then combine all the
                                                departmental models and automatically           LINUS REVIVE
IMCD BUSINESS BACKUP                            produce a business continuity plan for the      LINUS INTERNATIONAL
CONTINGENZ CORPORATION                          entire organisation.
                                                                                                Function: Corporate structure,
Function: Operational information back-up       Tel: 0131 448 0202                              geographic spread, business
and business continuity and disaster                               requirements (including BIA and
recovery plans.                                                                                 resource dependency mapping), risk
                                                                                                management, costed strategy
Launched: 2003. Version 3.0: 2008.              INONI                                           development, emergency response,
                                                INONI LTD                                       incident management, procedures
IMCD supports planning and maintenance                                                          development, exercising, programme
and is BS 25999-compliant. Users require a      Function: Business continuity                   management, maintenance, audit, and
Windows PC workstation. Reports can be          management and risk governance.                 user permissions.
posted on websites using PDF or HTML
generated outputs. Training is not usually      Launched 2004, upgraded quarterly.              Launched: 2002. Annual upgrades.
required for this product.                                                                      Version 8.1 to be released in September
                                                INONI delivers standards-aligned business       2009.
Tel: +1 310 306 0166                            continuity management and risk                         governance solutions. The system is quick       Written by accredited practitioners for use
                                                and easy to use, providing multi-location       by novices, Revive delivers an ‘all hazards’
                                                BCMS, BIA, risk assessment, strategy            planning approach. The user moves from
IMPACT AWARE                                    framework, incident management and              module to module as they work through
TEXONET LTD                                     continuity plans as standard. It offers         the business continuity management
                                                flexible governance functionality including     lifecycle. Revive tracks progress and
Function: Plan development                      benchmarking, outsource risk                    determines who is falling behind the
and maintenance.                                management, education and self-                 scheduled review windows. Emails can
                                                assessment. It is fully scalable, has global    then be issued to assist in getting back
Launched: 2007.                                 reach and supports many concurrent users.       on track.

ImpactAware supports each step in the           INONI Adaptive Technology helps users to        Revive integrates with MS-Word procedure
business continuity management lifecycle,       create bespoke solutions that converge on       templates enabling simple integration of
through the following modules: understand       your organisation’s specific requirements       pre-existing plans with database reference
the organisation through dependency
                                                both within and beyond business continuity      information. If authorised by the user, the
modelling; determine the business
                                                management. Users may change its                external supply chain may gain network
continuity management strategy by
                                                structure, flow, appearance, use of             access to the software for planning and
interpreting and analysing the dependency
model; develop and implement a business         language, behaviour, delivery and               maintenance purposes. The software
continuity management response through          reporting.                                      supports BS 25999, with the latest version
plan generation and maintenance; exercise,                                                      including incident management
maintain and review your business               INONI has many features and capabilities        capabilities. Training can be arranged for
continuity management through reporting         including powerful analytics, delivering        a fee.
and automated reviewing functions. If           graphical metrics and descriptive content
required, clients can provide access to third   for online review or inclusion in reports. It   Tel: +61 412 557798
parties via a number of different access        supports time-lapse event simulation and
routes.                                         contains an expert system educates, drives
                                                accountability and reduces workload.

46 CIR August 2009                                                                                             
                                                                 BUSINESS CONTINUITY SOFTWARE REPORT > PRODUCTS
                                                                                                    Sponsored by

MERRYCON                                       Function: All phases of the business           can be customised to fit the needs of
MERRYCON LTD                                   continuity management process: project         any organisation.
                                               initiation, BIA/risk, planning, awareness,
Function: Plan development                     testing, maintenance, and incident             The design and functionality of the
and maintenance.                               command.                                       OpsPlanner solution allows the client to
                                                                                              incorporate any number of standards into
                                               Launched: 2002. Version 6.0 2008,              the planning process as needed within
Launched: 2002. Annual upgrades.               features upgrades quarterly.                   the unique environment of each client.
                                                                                              Specifically, the solution contains
Merrycon assists users in developing           myCOOP is a simple and fast business           specialised templates and checklists
and maintaining a business continuity          continuity management software                 which enable the client to plan
management response through the                supporting the global enterprise. The          consistently with NFPA 1600, NIST 800-
development, production and maintenance        full lifecycle of the professional practices   34, FFIEC guidelines, and DRII/DRJ
of plans. The software is consistent with      is managed in a tightly integrated, web-       GAP. OpsPlanner is offered on a client-
the relevant parts of BS 25999 and             based, easy-to-use package supported           hosted basis and as well, as an ASP
supports other standards that require          24/7 internationally.                          solution which requires minimal to no
the development and maintenance of                                                            overhead for server or software
contingency plans in response to an            System and feature customisation is            administration and support. The product
incident.                                      carried out quickly and easily by clients      requires little training.
                                               without customised coding, systems
The product is a standalone application        modeling, or expensive on-site consulting.     Tel: +1 814 943 4007
requiring only MS Windows                                                           
to run. The system is easy to use, and a       Initial deployment for initial use takes
short training course is provided to           only a few hours, with high-level functions
users as part of an overall package.           including flexible BIA/risk survey             PARAD
                                               collection and graphical analysis;             DEVOTEAM
Tel: 01539 730908                              quick and easy plan creation and                               management; program management                 Function: Plan development,
                                               tools (such as maintenance tasking,            maintenance, incident management,
                                               testing and training); integrated one-         crisis communications.
MSTA                                           click notification; and incident command
MSTA – MICHAEL BEWS                            for exercises and real events.                 Launched: 1992.
                                               Advanced new capabilities include              PARAD integrates a unique structuring
Function: Plan development,                    pandemic planning, structured workflow         and methodological approach to
maintenance, exercising and audit.             and graphical dependency modelling.            build and maintain plans. The models
                                                                                              contained in the software simplify the
Launched: 1989, Version 5.0: 1992.             Tel: 01442 262432                              update of business continuity procedures
Version 7.35: 1997. Version 7.36: 2008.                           and data. Suppliers can also access
Version 8.0 (on-line): in development.                                                        plans, which fully comply with BS 25999.
                                                                                              To use the advanced features, Internet
MSTA software is designed to support           OPSPLANNER                                     Explorer, MS Word and Excel are all
initial BIA, plan development, distribution,   PARADIGM SOLUTIONS                             required. PARAD features rights
periodic maintenance, exercising and staff     INTERNATIONAL INC                              management, secure connections and
training. At the discretion of the plan                                                       password encryption. Training, available
owner, supply chain participants may also      Function: OpsPlanner is a fully                at a fee, usually takes between one to
access plans. MSTA v7.36 is standalone.        integrated business continuity planning,       four days.
MSTA v8.0 will be standalone or web-           BIA, incident/recovery management and
hosted. MSTA shares the MS Windows             automated notification solution.               Tel: +33.1 41 49 41 87
security environment. Training for the
product is provided free of charge.            Launched: 2003. The current version of
                                               OpsPlanner is 4.0.1; Version 4.1 will be
Tel: 020 7723 7676                             released in Q4 2009.                           RPX                                                                                RECOVERYPLANNER
                                               The OpsPlanner solution provides a
                                               series of methodology tasks, plan              Function: Business continuity
MYCOOP                                         templates, and risk assessment and             management lifecycle: risk, BIA, planning
                                               business impact analysis surveys that          development/maintenance, incident
                                                                                              management, automatic notification.                                                                                                    CIR August 2009 47
                                                                                                       Sponsored by

Launched: 1999. Enhanced regularly.            international standards, through its           continuity management. It is aimed at
                                               operational use and measurement using          both the public sector and private
RPX includes all the components to             its compliance feature.                        sectors. SunGard’s business continuity
support the entire business continuity                                                        management Software Suite is a
management lifecycle in one, web-based         Shadow-Planner is accessed through a           comprehensive solution designed to
application. An organisation may start the     web browser (primarily tested on Internet      manage all phases of the business
planning process with risk assessment          Explorer) so most types of PC are              continuity management lifecycle. As such
and/or BIA, which RPX has simplified with      suitable. For self-hosting customers, the      it encompasses BIA Professional, LDRPS,
surveys/wizards, or dive right into the        Shadow-Planner servers use open source         Incident Manager and also
planning process. RPX promotes                 software (Linux Ubuntu or RedHat               comprehensive crisis communications.
collaborative, automated planning and          Enterprise) and MySQL DBMS.
maintenance and since the entire business                                                     Launched: 1988, continuous development
continuity management lifecycle is in one      Shadow-Planner incorporates various            since. Additional modules will be
tightly integrated application, the            forms of security. Users are authenticated     released in coming months covering risk
information entered under risk assessment      through user name/password credentials         assessment, workforce assessment, supply
and/or BIA is used in building and             and optionally with an additional security     chain assessment, exercise and test
maintaining plans and teams.                   token key. Privilege levels are assigned       management, and compliance
                                               through customisable security profiles         assessment.
A virtual command centre is an interactive     and access to data can also be controlled
event management tool which                    according to a user’s position within the      The most important feature of SunGard’s
automatically records and manages all          corporate hierarchy (perspectives).            BCM Software Suite is the way in which
incidents, events, disasters and tests. The    Communication between web-browser              the customer is placed at the centre of
RPX product can be opened up to a              and server is encrypted and the                the philosophy of the solution. This is
company’s extended network – including         servers are located in highly secure           made evident with features such as drag
the complete supply chain and such access      data centres.                                  and drop call lists which allow users to
is controlled through RPX extensive                                                           develop call lists as easily as they can
permission capability.                         Tel: 01293 863214                              open, and move files, and dependency
                                                               mapping which allows users to see what
RPX incorporates the pertinent business                                                       processes and applications are
continuity management best practices,                                                         dependant on others in time of crisis.
standards and regulations such as: BS          STRATEGY
25999, DRII, NFPA 1600, HB 221:2004,           STRATEGY PLANNING ASSOCIATES                   SunGard’s planning tools are designed
NIMS, ITIL, FFIEC guidelines (US                                                              with key regulations in mind to enable
financial institutions), Sarbanes-Oxley, and   Function: All tools for the full business      users to build comprehensive, compliant,
HIPAA (US healthcare industry). ISO            continuity management lifecycle.               and complete business continuity
27000 is followed for security assurance.                                                     management programmes. The licensing
                                               Launched: 1999. Three major upgrades           model for the product is equally as
Tel: +1 203 455 9990                           since.                                         flexible, customers can choose to host the                                                                       software themselves, or have SunGard
                                               Strategy is commonly used by SMEs,             host it for them.
                                               large corporates, government agencies
SHADOW PLANNER                                 and local government. Requiring only MS        SunGard’s BCM Software Suite supports
OFFICE SHADOW LTD                              Windows to run, Strategy is simple to use      the entire BS 25999 business continuity
                                               with very little training typically required   management lifecycle, allowing business
Function: BIA, risk management, plan           to be able to use the software.                continuity managers to understand the
development and maintenance and                                                               organisation, develop, manage and
compliance assessment.                         Tel: 05600 430875                              implement the ideal business continuity
                                                          strategy, as well as review, maintain and
Launched: 2002. Major upgrades                                                                audit the business continuity management
annually.                                                                                     regime. A specific BS 25999 Navigator is
                                               SUNGARD BCM SOFTWARE                           now available in LDRPS and will allow
Third party user access can be arranged        SUITE                                          organisations to more easily craft their
according to user authorisation. With          SUNGARD AVAILABILITY SERVICES                  business continuity management regime in
Shadow-Planner, users can be assured                                                          terms of the standard.
that they are able to support the              Function: SunGard’s BCM Software Suite
requirements of BS 25999. Shadow-              is typically aimed at any organisation         SunGard’s BCM Software Suite is
Planner also provides support to               looking to improve its business resilience,    accessible using a web browser from any
businesses required to comply with             by using software to automate its business     location. Access control in the Suite

48 CIR August 2009                                                                                          
                                                               BUSINESS CONTINUITY SOFTWARE REPORT > PRODUCTS
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meets industry standards and has been         Further, data entered into one module          surfaced through BIA/modelling;
designed to streamline admittance             immediately becomes available in all other     response – plan development
management. Planners are able to assign       modules, reducing duplication and              utilities (enabling the creation of any
specific screens, plans, fields or record     simplifying the user experience. User          type of plan); EMR – automated plan
access to each user. Access to plan           accounts can be created for any party that     review notices and tracking, test scenario
material is determined by system              requires access to the site, and permissions   plans, status tracking, plan approval
administrators ensuring that only             can be set for each individual user – thus     workflow utility.
authorised planners can see sensitive         controlling what parts of the site each user
data.                                         can access and/or modify.                      Because Toolkit is web-based, access may
                                                                                             be granted to any participant, by making
The suite also features Password              The Planning Portal was designed to            them a member of a ‘team’ with assigned
Complexity, which provides additional         enable organisational compliance with BS       responsibilities. External access to
security to ensure your organisation’s        25999’s Part 2: Specification. It also         Toolkit is limited by any network
confidential information stays that way.      supports NFPA 1600 (US). The product is        infrastructure security imposed by the
Password length requirements are eight        completely web-based and operates inside       customer.
characters, reinforcing program security.     of Microsoft SharePoint 3 technology.
                                              Anyone with Microsoft Internet Explorer        Toolkit incorporates risk assessment, BIA
Pricing for the solution is based on a mix    (or other major browser type) can access       and plan development/maintenance is a
of concurrent users and fixed price, with     and securely work in The Planning Portal –     single, integrated package supporting
an additional maintenance charge. There       regardless of location.                        the entire business continuity management
is scope to either use an On Demand                                                          lifecycle (as recommended by BS 25999)
Service from SunGard, or to purchase          The Planning Portal is available as both a     and can support FPA1600, the DRII 10
a perpetual licence. SunGard provides         hosted and locally installed solution. An      professional practices and applicable
professional training on LDRPS (End           MS SQL Server with Reporting Services          ITIL standards).
User and Administrative), BIA                 may be required if users want to have the
Professional, Incident Manager and            product locally installed. The Planning        Toolkit is web-based and accessible via
Crystal Reports Writer.                       Portal stores client information in secure     MS Internet Explorer from any desktop. It
                                              databases, located in a SAS 70 Type II         can either be hosted internally (on
Tel: 0800 143 413                             data center, protected by passwords as well    customer’s own hardware, within their                             as database and network firewalls to           own firewalls and security infrastructure)
                                              prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of      or externally by any third party (including
                                              personal information.                          eBRP Solutions’ own SAS-70 certified
THE PLANNING PORTAL                                                                          partner, FusePoint).
AVALUTION CONSULTING                          All communications with this solution are
                                              encrypted with a GeoTrust 256bit Security      Access to Toolkit is limited to authorised
Function: BIA, recovery strategy              certificate. Training is provided for a fee    users with valid user ID and password.
definition, recovery planning, plan           and is always included in the initial          User access is limited to only those items
exercising, learning, general                 proposal.                                      to which their team(s) has been granted
management, automated notification,                                                          access. User names and passwords may
automated workflow and customisable           Tel: 0800 941 0381                             be optionally integrated with ADS or
reporting.                                                single-sign on authentication processes.

Launched: 2006. Upgraded 2007, 2008,                                                         Its modelling utilities (process,
and 2009.                                     TOOLKIT SUITE                                  technology, organisation) allow
                                              EBRP SOLUTIONS INC                             organisations of any size and any
The Planning Portal can assist with each                                                     industry to gain maximum value from
phase of the business continuity              Function: Risk assessment, BIA, plan           its use – providing a decision support
management lifecycle – from helping           development and maintenance, incident          system facilitated by ‘what if’
organisations start a business continuity     management.                                    analytical capabilities.
programme to helping them mature and
increase the efficiency of their programme.   Launched: 2003. Version 3, 2009                Training can be provided on location
                                                                                             for a fee. Toolkit is a fully-integrated
The solution uses a set of integrated         Toolkit is designed to support all aspects     business continuity management utility
modules – including BIA, Risk Assessment,     of the business continuity management          that is flexible, scalable and easy to
Planning, Exercising, Training, and           lifecycle through understanding –              use.
Notification – to support both initial data   through organisational, process and
gathering and ongoing maintenance of          technology modelling; strategy – critical      Tel: +1 905 677 0404
business continuity related information.      resources and interdependencies                                                                                                         CIR August 2009 49
                                                                                                     Sponsored by
































Plan navigator                          ●        ●         ●                      ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Dependency map                          ●        ●         ●                      ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Graphical call list                                        ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●                        ●

Location resource manager               ●        ●         ●                      ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

Reports – preformatted                  ●        ●         ●      ●               ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Reports – own build                     ●        ●         ●                      ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Process modelling capabilities                   ●         ●                                ●    ●        ●          ●

Technology modelling                             ●         ●                                ●    ●        ●          ●

‘What if’ analysis                               ●         ●                                ●    ●        ●          ●

Flowcharts                                       ●         ●      ●                    ●    ●

Graphs                                           ●         ●                      ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

Tables                                  ●        ●         ●      ●               ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Plan viewer                             ●        ●         ●      ●          ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Data collector                          ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Automatic analytics                                        ●                      ●         ●    ●        ●          ●

Simulation capability                            ●         ●                 ●              ●             ●          ●

Dynamic updating from database          ●        ●         ●                      ●         ●    ●        ●          ●

Education and training                  ●        ●         ●      ●          ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Test and exercise support                        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●                        ●

Functionality & Administration
Screen customisation/translation                 ●         ●      ●          ●    ●    ●    ●                        ●

Help                                    ●        ●         ●      ●          ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Spell check                                                 ●     ●               ●    ●    ●    ●                   ●

Calendar                                                    ●     ●               ●         ●                        ●

Charts and reports                      ●        ●         ●      ●               ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Shortcut keys                           ●        ●         ●                           ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Search and filter                       ●        ●         ●                      ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

Filters                                 ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●         ●             ●          ●

Personal filters                        ●        ●         ●                      ●         ●             ●          ●

Copy and paste                          ●        ●         ●      ●          ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Roll-forward capability                                    ●                           ●    ●

Templates available                     ●        ●         ●      ●          ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

FAQs                                    ●        ●         ●      ●               ●         ●    ●        ●          ●

Change control and tracking             ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

User roles                              ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

User groups                             ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●    ●        ●          ●

Business activity and project access             ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

Risk security                                    ●         ●                 ●         ●    ●                        ●

Security preview                        ●                  ●                 ●         ●    ●                        ●

Individual passwords                    ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

Internet security                       ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

Audit trails                            ●        ●         ●                 ●    ●    ●    ●             ●          ●

50 CIR August 2009                                                                                        
                                         BUSINESS CONTINUITY SOFTWARE REPORT > PRODUCT FEATURES
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 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                      Plan navigator
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                  Dependency map
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●         ●      ●     ●    ●            ●                  Graphical call list
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●         Location resource manager
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●             Reports – preformatted
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                Reports – own build
        ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●      Process modelling capabilities
        ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●     ●    ●      ●              Technology modelling
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●          ●      ●                   ‘What if’ analysis
                      ●              ●            ●    ●     ●      ●                           Flowcharts
 ●      ●             ●    ●         ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                              Graphs
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                               Tables
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                          Plan viewer
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●          ●      ●                      Data collector
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●          ●      ●                 Automatic analytics
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●            ●                 ●               Simulation capability
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●            ●    ●     ●      ●       Dynamic updating from database
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●         ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●             Education and training
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●         ●      ●     ●          ●      ●          Test and exercise support

                                                                            Functionality & Administration
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●    Screen customisation/translation
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                                Help
        ●             ●    ●   ●     ●            ●    ●     ●      ●                         Spell check
                      ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●          ●      ●                           Calendar
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                 Charts and reports
 ●                    ●                           ●                 ●                       Shortcut keys
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                    Search and filter
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                               Filters
 ●                    ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●          ●      ●                      Personal filters
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                     Copy and paste
                      ●    ●   ●     ●            ●                 ●             Roll-forward capability
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                Templates available
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                               FAQs
 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●          ●      ●       Change control and tracking

 ●      ●       ●     ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                              User roles
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                           User groups
 ●                    ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●     Business activity and project access
        ●             ●    ●   ●     ●            ●    ●     ●      ●                           Risk security
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●            ●     ●          ●      ●                       Security preview
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                Individual passwords
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                       Internet security
 ●      ●             ●    ●   ●     ●      ●     ●    ●     ●      ●                             Audit trails                                                                              CIR August 2009 51

                                          SunGard Availability Services
                                          Putting the Business into Continuity Management
                                          SunGard Availability Services' BCM Software - the market leading tool specifically designed for efficient BCM - helps enable you to cost-effectively
                                          automate the management of all aspects of the BCM lifecycle.

                                          Harnessing four decades of risk management expertise and 20 years of development, our software comprises LDRPS, powerful crisis
                                          communications and other modules to deliver easy to use, easy to deploy functionality, to optimise resilience and recoverability:

                                          •       LDRPS (Living Disaster Recovery Planning System) - Flexible, proven planning system for effective BCM, disaster recovery, incident
                                                  management, and more
                                          •       BIA Professional - Intuitive BIA survey tool for overall strategic planning
                                          •       Incident Manager - Virtual command centre for online communications, tracking and monitoring of incidents
                                          •       Consulting - expert implementation assistance, training & technical support.

 SunGard Availability Services            SunGard's BCM Software is one of our many award-winning* solutions that deliver strategic Information Availability - Consulting,
 12-13 Bracknell Beeches                  Recovery Services and Managed Services - to help you stay in business no matter what. You too can benefit from:
 Old Bracknell Lane West
                                          •       An unblemished 100% recovery track record
                                          •       Thousands of man-years of dedicated Information Availability expertise
 Berkshire                                •       The UK's largest recovery estate
 RG12 7BW                                 •       Fully-resilient and protected datacentre environments
                                          •       National communications network.
 Contact: Telemarketing
                                          * Business Continuity Awards: Service Provider of the Year - 2009, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2000, 1999: Finalist -2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001,
 Tel: 0800 143 413
                                          2000; BCM Software - Finalist 2009, 2008; Most Innovative Product 2004 - LDRPS; 10th Anniversary Awards for Outstanding Excellence in Business
 Email:             Continuity - 2008
 Web:                   OpRisk & Compliance: Business Continuity Strategy & Planning - 2007; Business Continuity Planning Software - 2007

                                              Making Business Continuity a priority together with you.

                                              With our expertise in Business Continuity Management we have developed the BCMS² system to provide you with a comprehensive aid to
                                              managing your BCMS.
                                              We continually improve our offering to the market having developed a system that adds real value to the ongoing management of your BCMS.
                                              Don't take our word for it, our customers in Global organisations and Government establishments continually recommend us.
 Continuity2Ltd - E232 Edinburgh House,

 Righead Gate, Glasgow, G74 1LS               •      Incident Management                                                   •   Manage Call trees
                                              •      Compliance with BS25999                                               •   Plan Management
 Telephone: 0845 0944402                      •      Distribution & Call Cascading                                         •   Exercising
 Fax: 0845 0944403                            •      Business Impact Analysis                                              •   Ease of Administration
                                              •      2 Way SMS & VOIP Messaging                                            •   Version Control
                                              BCMS² - Effective, affordable and resilient business continuity software by Continuity²


                                              COOP Systems, Inc.

                                              Function: All phases of the BCM process - - Project Initiation, BIA/Risk, Planning, Awareness, Testing, Maintenance, and Incident Command
                                              all from a simple browser interface and a unified database.

                                              Launched: 2002, Version 6.0 2008, features upgrades quarterly.
U.S. Tel: +1.703.464.8700
London Tel: +44.1442.262.432                  USP: “myCOOP is easy to use, fast, less costly BCM software supporting the global enterprise. First released in 2002 and recent winner of
                                              the Software of the Year Award, COOP Systems and its international partners empower some of the world's largest organizations by unifying
Sydney Tel: +61.2.8001.6597
                                              all the Professional Practices in one web-based instance.”
Bangalore Tel: +91.984.420.3287                          The full life cycle of the Professional Practices is managed in a tightly integrated, web-based, easy-to-use package supported 24X7
                                              internationally. Advanced new capabilities include pandemic planning, structured workflow and graphical dependency modeling.

                                              System and feature customization is done quickly and easily by clients without customized coding, systems modeling, or expensive on-site

                                              Initial deployment for initial use takes only a few hours, with high-level functions are as follows:

                                              •     Flexible BIA/Risk survey collection and graphical analysis
                                              •     Quick and easy plan creation and management
                                              •     Program management tools, e.g. maintenance tasking, testing, training, etc.
                                              •     Integrated one-click notification
                                              •     Incident command for exercises and real events

                                              COOP Systems and our partners support clients anywhere in the world, no matter their industry, language, geography or scale of business.

                                          INONI provides BCM and risk governance solutions to organisations worldwide. We offer a unique blend of software and services that satisfy each
                                          customer's individual and changing needs, providing an enduring solution.

                                          INONI® is fully supported online software with a range of delivery and hosting options. It provides end-to-end coverage of the BCM Lifecycle with the
                                          following important features:
                                          •       Easy to use and maintain                                             •   Standards-aligned, including BS25999
                                          •       Intuitive and real-time                                              •   Reports and plans online and to MS Office
                                          •       Automated data collection and programmable workflow                  •   Quantitative analysis for better decisions
INONI LIMITED                             •       Replaces unmanageable spreadsheets                                   •   INONI® Adaptive Technology™ that fits your organisation
UK: 0845 045 1171
                                          INONI® gives you access to powerful BCM and risk-related capabilities
INT: +44 (0) 1189 629 757
                                          •       BIA and Risk Assessment for one or many locations                    •   Time-lapse scenario simulation and testing
                                          •       Modular Continuity Plans                                             •   Self-assessment benchmarking
WEB: WWW.INONI.CO.UK                      •       Pandemic Planning and Risk Management                                •   Real-time incident management
                                          •       Awareness-raising and education                                      •   Supplier risk management

                                          INONI has been used since 2005 by the UK Financial Authorities and the BCI. Secure, reliable, flexible and proven, it is the software of choice for
                                          many organisations.

                                       Paradigm Solutions International (PSI) is an emerging leader providing Business Continuity Management software and certified consulting
                                       services to commercial and government organizations.

          OPSPLANNER™                  The OpsPlanner™ BCM tool delivers web-based, fully integrated BCP/COOP/DR planning, incident management, and automated notification
                                       along with the most advanced Business Impact Analysis module available. PSI's easy-to-use, yet powerful tool is very affordable and can
Paradigm Solutions International       provide a scalable and reliable Business Continuity Management solution for any organization. Our cost-effective OpsPlanner BCM solution,
                                       and the expertise of our certified consulting team, provides a highly competitive offering that has been chosen by a wide range of large and
6701 Democracy Boulevard, Suite 300
                                       small organizations.
Bethesda, Maryland, USA 20817
1-814-943-4007 - Phone                 PSI assists our clients in the development and maintenance of effective Business Continuity Management programs. Let us help your                   organization prepare for, manage, and recover from, any unexpected business disruption. We are "In Business to Keep You in Business". - Corporate         To learn more or arrange for a free demonstration, call us at 800-558-9568 or visit us at or - Product

                                       BCM Enterprise Solutions
                                       RecoveryPlanner provides a complete BCM solution -from plan development to implementation, our services address continuity
                                       compliance and governance requirements. Our BCM software, developed by our certified and experienced business continuity planners, will
                                       assist you with all aspects of the BCM process.

                                       All-in-One, Web-based BCM Software
                                       RecoveryPlanner's web-based software, RPX, encompasses all components of BCP, DR, Risk Assessment, BIA, incident response, testing,
RecoveryPlanner                        and automatic notification in ONE application.
+1 203-455-9990                           •   Easy to use, minimal end-user training                   •   Many features promoting collaboration and communications, including unlimited licensing           •   Customer centric, comprehensive support
                                          •   Migration from Word or other applications made easy with RecoveryPlanner proprietary tools
                                          •   Hosted (SaaS) and customer hosted versions available

                                       Since 1999 RecoveryPlanner has been delivering innovative BCM solutions for customers across the globe. Contact us today to see why
                                       companies of all sizes and industries rely on RecoveryPlanner's BCP planners and software for all aspects of the BCM lifecycle.

                                       TexoNet ImpactAware is a revolutionary software application that is used to model organisational dependencies and carry out
                                       comprehensive impact analysis and continuity planning.
                                       ImpactAware has been designed to allow any organisation to develop and embed a comprehensive business continuity process.
                                       The software automates the management of coordinating distributed tasks and compiles a comprehensive set of robust business
                                       continuity plans in line with the requirements of business continuity and risk management standards.
                                       • Intuitive Web based user interface
TexoNet Ltd
                                       • Easy to learn and easy to use
Technopole Centre
Edinburgh, EH26 0PJ                    • Business Continuity Process Management and Analytics
Telephone: 0131 448 0202               • Comprehensive Dependency Modelling

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                                                               You wouldn’t try to bang a screw in with a hammer.
                                                   LDRPS BCM software exists to deliver against the BC planning
                                                       requirements of organisations. So why try to automate the
                                                       complex demands of BC planning using a piece of general
                                                   purpose office software? Use the right tool for the job - LDRPS
                                                                             from SunGard. The BC planning tool.

                                                                              Making the everyday happen.

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