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									                       TEN PILLARS OF KILIMO KWANZA
                              (IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK)

                              PILLAR No. 1
            ACTIVITY                           TASKS                    TIME FRAME            RESPONSIBILITY

                                                                                             Lead       Key
                            1. THE KILIMO KWANZA
1.1   Adopt the Vision         RESOLUTION                                August       H.E. The       All Leaders
      of KILIMO             2. Start the implementation program          2009         President of   CEO’s
      KWANZA                   of KILIMO KWANZA                                       the United
                                                                                      Republic of
                            3. Instil political will at all levels of                 Tanzania
                               leadership and commitment by             Continuous
                               Tanzanians to the KILIMO
                               KWANZA Resolution
1.2   Modernise        and 1. Transform peasant and small
      commercialise           farmers to commercial farmers
      agriculture       for   through emphasis on productivity
      peasant,      small,    and tradability.
                                                                        2009 - 2015   MAFC           MWI; MLHS
      medium and large 2. Promote medium and large scale
                                                                                                     LGA’s; TPSF;
      scale producers.        farmers for the full realisation of
                              the vision of KILIMO KWANZA

                                      PILLAR No. 2
                                FINANCING KILIMO KWANZA
            ACTIVITY                               TASKS                          TIME      RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                 FRAME      Lead      Key
                                1. Allocate not less than 10% of National      Start      MoFEA MDA’s
                                   Budget to agriculture in 2010/11 and        December
                                   progressively increase thereafter           2009
                                2. Budget of all other Ministries to be        Start      PMO   MoFEA,
                                   oriented to supporting KILIMO KWANZA        December         MDA’S,LGA’S
      Increase Government
2.1   Budgetary allocation to
                                3. Encourage Development Partners to           Continuous MoFEA MDA’S
                                   support KILIMO KWANZA
                                4. Increase budgetary allocation to irrigate   By 2015             MAFC
                                   over 7 million hectares.                               MWI      MoFEA, DP’s

2.2   Establish the Tanzania    Fast track the establishment of TADB with      December   BOT      MoFEA
      Agricultural              initial capitalisation of US $ 500 million     2009
      Development Bank
2.3   Mobilise resources for    1. Mobilize Loans and Grants arrangements      Start      MoFEA    Ministry of
      the Tanzania                 for TADB from Multilateral and Bilateral    August              Foreign
      Agricultural                 Sources                                     2009                Affairs; DP’S
      Development Bank          2. Undertake consultations with Commercial     Start      BOT      MoFEA
                                   Banks and other stakeholders towards        August
                                   holding of TADB Bonds.                      2009

2.4   Tanzania Investment       Increase allocation to the TIB Agriculture  August       MoFEA   DP’S, IFIs
      Bank (TIB) to have a      Window for concessionary long term lending. 2009
      special window for
      concessionary lending
      for agricultural
2.5   Establish a Special       Mobilise adequate resources for the Special   Start      MoFEA   DP’S,
      Fund for KILIMO           Fund to address land survey costs,            December           TPSF
      KWANZA                    investment, capacity building and             2009
                                guarantees to complement the requirements
                                of KILIMO KWANZA
2.6   Enhance Agriculture       Broaden Development Partners’ participation   Start      MoFEA   DP’S
      Sector Development        in ASDP Basket Funding                        August
      Programme (ASDP)                                                        2009
      Basket Funding to
      implement KILIMO
2.7   Mobilize enhanced         Mobilize the private sector to increase       Start      TPSF    PMO,
      agricultural investment   investments in KILIMO KWANZA                  August             MoFEA,
      by private sector –                                                     2009               DP’S, ACT,
      small, medium and                                                                          CTI, TCCIA,
      large                                                                                      HODECT
2.8   Empower Farmers’          1. Develop national strategy for financial    Start      BOT     MoFEA,
      Cooperatives and             literacy                                   August             BANKS
      SACCOs to mobilize,                                                     2009
      manage and channel        2. Implement financial education programs     Start      MAFC    LGA’S,
      funds for agricultural       and strengthen Farmers Cooperatives        August             NGO/CBO/FB
      production to their          and SACCOs’ capacity to effectively        2009               O
      members                      manage resources for KILIMO KWANZA

2.9     Legislate for            1. Negotiate with commercial banks and         Start    MoFEA   MoCAJ;
        Commercial Banks to         other stakeholders on concessionary         August           BOT
        lend a percentage of        lending for agricultural production         2009
        their deposits on        2. Review prudential regulations to            Start    BOT     TBA
        concessionary terms to      encourage lending to agricultural           August
        agricultural production     production                                  2009
                                 3. Encourage and support banks to be           Start    BOT     TBA
                                    innovative in agricultural value chain      August
                                    financing                                   2009
 2.10 Extend the                 1. Establish community banks and financial
        establishment of            institutions in rural areas                 Start
        community banks in       2. Build the capacity of Community Banks’      August   PMO
        every region of             management and strengthen their             2009
        Tanzania.                   Association
2.11 Establish special units in Community banks and other financial             Start    BOT     TBA, BANKS
      financial institutions for institutions like Tanzania Postal Bank, NGOs   August
      mobilizing and             and microfinance institutions to establish     2009
      disbursing agricultural    special units for mobilizing and disbursing
      credit                     agricultural credit
2.12 Establish Commodity         1. Establish Commodity Exchanges               Start    CMSA    MoFEA,
      Exchanges and              2. Facilitate floatation of agricultural       August           TPSF
      facilitation of floatation    companies at the Dar es Salaam Stock        2009
      of agricultural               Exchange

2.13   Pension, empowerment        1. Negotiate with pension and other            Start      MoFEA   PSPF, NSSF,
       and other funds to agree        empowerment funds to lend on               August             PPF, LAPF,
       on mechanism and                concessionary terms to agricultural        2009               GPF
       percentage of these             production
       funds to invest in          2. Establish the Vision Tanzania Fund for      Start      MoFEA   UTT
       agricultural production        lending to agricultural production.         August
       at concessionary terms                                                     2009
2.14   Establish social security   1. Establish a specific social security fund   Start      MoFEA   PMO-RALG
       arrangements for               for farmers                                 August
       farmers                     2. Mobilize farmers to join social security    2009
2.15   Institute policy            Negotiate with insurance companies to          December   MoFEA   PMO-RALG,
       instruments to facilitate   provide insurance cover for agricultural       2009               All insurance
       insurance companies to      production.                                                       companies in
       extend cover and                                                                              Tanzania.
       lending to agriculture.

                                               PILLAR No. 3
                                             KILIMO KWANZA
              ACTIVITY                           TASK                       TIME            RESPONSIBILITY

                                                                                     Lead      Key Collaborators

                                 1. Instill good governance in all        As early   H.E. The
                                    sectors of the economy and at all     as         President of
                                    levels.                               possible   the United
                                                                                     Republic of
                                   2. Strengthen the Ministry of                     Tanzania
                                      Agriculture and streamline the
                                      functions of agricultural related
3.1   Institutional reorganization    cluster.
                                   3. Mainstream environmental factors    Continu-   Office of the   MDA’s,
                                      in all aspects of KILIMO KWANZA     ous        Vice            LGA’S,
                                                                                     President of
                                                                                     the United
                                                                                     Republic of

                                         4. Establish an autonomous             As early
                                            National Irrigation Agency (NIA)    as         H.E. The
                                            under MAFC                          possible   President of
                                                                                           the United
                                         5. Reorganize the two irrigation                  Republic of
                                            funds under the proposed                       Tanzania
                                            National Irrigation Agency (NIA)

3.2   Establish a mechanism for Establish       Ministerial     Planning As early          PMO            MoFEA,
      coordinating other        Coordination Committee to coordinate as                                   MLHS, MITM,
      Ministries                agricultural related activities of all the possible                       MLDF, MWI,

                                 1. Establish a National Agriculture and
                                    Cooperatives Commission (NACC)
                                    for public private partnership in
                                                                         July 2010         PMO            TPSF
      Establish a mechanism for     agriculture as well as monitoring
3.3   public/private partnership    and evaluating the implementation
      for KILIMO KWANZA             for KILIMO KWANZA.

                                         2. To carryout planned monitoring and Immediat    PMO            MAFC
                                            evaluation activities.             e

3.4   Strengthen farmers’                Support capacity building of farmers   Start      MAFC           ACT/NGO/CB
      organizations for full
                                         and farmers’ organizations in the      August                    O/FBO
      partnership with Government in
      agricultural policy and strategy   implementation of KILIMO KWANZA        2009
      formulation, implementation        programmes.
      and evaluation

                         PILLAR No. 4
                      KILIMO KWANZA
               ACTIVITY                             TASK                     TIME       RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                        Lead   Collaborators

4.1   Identify priority areas for   1. Put in place arrangements for         Start      MAFC   MITM
      strategic food                   production of strategic commodities   August            MLDF
      commodities for the              such as maize, cassava, rice,         2009              PMO-RALG
      country’s food self              legumes, fish, meat and dairy                           MWI, MLHS,
      sufficiency                      products, wheat, bananas,                               TPSF
                                       potatoes, sorghum, millet.
                                    2. Introduce cassava blending in both    December   MAFC   MITM,
                                       maize and wheat milling               2009              PMO-RALG,
4.2   Identify priority areas and Put in place arrangements to finance       Start      MAFC   PMO-RALG,
      modalities for production   the production of cotton, sunflower,       August            MLHS, TPSF
      of crops that can           safflower, sesame, palm oil.               2009
      transform agriculture
      quickly with minimal
      financial and technological
      requirements, growing
      domestic/external market
      demand and employment
      creation potential.

4.3   Identify priority areas and   Put in place arrangements for the          Start      MAFC     PMO-RALG
      modalities for production     production of high labour intensive        August              TPSF, TIB
      of horticultural crops        crops requiring limited investment with    2009
                                    potential for significant foreign
                                    exchange earnings and contribution to
                                    national economic growth such as
                                    onions, mangoes, bananas, grapes,
                                    avocados, pineapples, tomatoes,
                                    vegetables and spices
4.4   Identify priority areas and   Put in place arrangements for              Start      MAFC     PMO-RALG,
      modalities for production     increased production of sisal,             August              TPSF
      of crops with high value-     sugarcane, oilseeds and sweet              2009
      addition potential such as    sorghum for energy and other value
      fibers, bio-energy etc        added products.
4.5   Establish a Strategic         Set up a Strategic Advisory Team           December   MAFC   MITM,
       Advisory Team on             incorporating private sector to advise     2009              MLDF,
       Paradigm Shift               on areas where various activities in the                     PMO-RALG,
                                    Paradigm Shift will be undertaken.                           MWI, MLHS,
4.6   Undertake value chain      Undertake value chain analysis with           Start      POPC   MAFC,
      analysis on the priority   holistic approach which looks at the          August            MITM,
      commodities                priority areas including suitable models      2009              MLDF,
                                 for integrating agricultural producers                          PMO-RALG
                                 and processors                                                  MWI, MLHS.
4.7   Legislate Contract Farming 1. Fast- track Contract Farming System
      System.                       Legislation                                Start
                                 2. Carry out capacity building measures       August     MAFC
                                    for the parties involved in Contract       2009
                                    Farming and their organizations.

                                PILLAR No. 5
                          LAND FOR KILIMO KWANZA
                                                                             TIME     RESPONSIBILITY
            ACTIVITY                          TASK                          FRAME
                                                                                     Lead   Collaborators
                          1. Amend the Village Land Act No. 5 of
                              1999 to facilitate equitable access to
      Amend the Village       village land for KILIMO KWANZA
5.1                                                                        By 2010   MLHS
      Land Act No. 5 of       investments.                                                  PMO-RALG
      1999.               2. Strengthen capacity of District Land
                              Officers and empower District Councils
                              to execute their land related tasks
                          1. Enforce laws on rural land use planning       By 2010   MLHS   PMO-RALG
                             and town planning to include processes
                             leading to issuance of title deeds;
                          2. Demarcate separate land for crops and         Start     MLHS   PMO-RALG
                             livestock and gazette such land               August
                             demarcation                                   2009
5.2   Fast track land     3. Allocate enough resources to
      delivery system        District/Town Councils to be able to
                             implement planned activities in relation to
                          4. Build capacity of Land Offices in Local       By 2010   MLHS   PMO-RALG
                             Government Authorities to efficiently and
                             effectively administer land matters and
                             strengthen supervision by District
                             Executive Directors

                             5. Re-examine land surveying costs for        December    MLHS
                                provisioning of Certificates of            2009
                             1. Establish systems for expeditious dispute
5.3   Fast tracking land        resolution
      Dispute Resolution     2. Allocate resources for adjudication in the
                                                                             2010      MLHS
                                Courts system (personnel funding)
                             3. Establish Ward and Village Land Councils
                                and strengthen the existing ones in
                                relation to land dispute resolutions
5.4   Institute structural   Review and streamline the existing              By        MLHS   PMO-RALG
      change in land         arrangements of granting land allocation.       2010
5.5   Include Agricultural   Urban development plans to provide for           By       MLHS
      Green Belts into       Agricultural Green Belts                         2010
      Urban Development
5.6   Allocate land to the   1. Regional Commissioners to establish           By       PMO    RC; MLHS;
      Land Bank.                Land Banks for commercial production          2009            MAFC
                                and investments.
                             2. Identify and record underutilized land for
                                agricultural investments.
                                                                              August   MLHS     PMO-
                             3. Legislate measures to enable villages and
                                                                              2009              RALG
                                  villagers to use their land as equity in
                                  joint ventures with investors.
                             4. Review Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC)       August   PMO      MAFC;
                                 Derivative Rights to facilitate Tanzanians   2009              TIC
                                 to enter into joint ventures in land based

                               5. Work out a land valuation formula to        Decem   MLHS
                                   reflect current market value for           ber
                                   investment purposes.                       2009
                               6. Enforce the provision of the law to avoid   By      MLHS
                                  land hoarding and speculation.              2010
5.7   To effectively utilize   Utilize land belonging to Government           End     PMO    MLHS,
      land currently owned     Institutions for agricultural production.      2009           PMO-RALG
      by Government and

                               PILLAR No. 6
                      INCENTIVES FOR KILIMO KWANZA
      ACTIVITY                                TASK                     TIME FRAME      RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                     Lead   Collaborators
                               Establish a Special Task Force to                            MAFC,
      Determine Fiscal and     review and recommend necessary                               MITM,
      other Incentives to      Fiscal and other Incentives to          August               MLDF,
6.1                            stimulate KILIMO KWANZA                              MoFEA
      stimulate KILIMO                                                 2009                 PMO-RALG
      KWANZA                                                                                MWI, MLHS.
                                                                                            TNBC, TIC
6.2   Assess and consider      Review the cost of doing business in    December     POPC    TNBC, TPSF
      measures to enhance      the agricultural sector to make it      2009
      the competitiveness of   more competitive.
      Tanzanian Agriculture.
                               1. Allocate more resources to the       2009/10      MITM    MoFEA,
                                  National Food Reserve Agency to                           MAFC,
                                  regulate the prices of food crops                         LGA’s,
                                  and make the Government the                               PMO-RALG,
                                  buyer of last resort                                      MoHA
      Remove market barriers
                               2. Expand the capacity of National
6.3   to agricultural
                                  Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) for
                                  larger scale procurement and
                               3. Encourage increased private          Start August MITM    MAFC
                                  sector participation in buying and   2009                 TPSF
                                  stocking of food crops.

                                4. Maintain stock of food supply for 6
                                   months to 1 year to ensure
                                   conditions of market stability         Continuous   MITM   MAFC
                                5. Regularize border trade on food
6.4   Strict adherence and      1. Enforce regulations to sell crops in
      enforcement of standard      proper weights and measures i.e.
      weights and measures.        not in lumbesa, pakacha, sado,         Start
                                   etc                                    August       MITM   MoHA
                                2. Regulatory bodies to impose            2009
                                   measures on proper grading and
                                   packaging of agricultural goods
6.5   Development body for      1. Establish a development and            December     MAFC   MoCAJ
      mixed crops                  regulatory body to oversee             2009
                                   production and marketing of mixed
6.6   Price Stabilization       1. Establish price stabilization          2010         MITM   MoFEA
                                   mechanism for agricultural

                             PILLAR No.7
                 ACTIVITY                               TASK                          TIME        RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                     FRAME       Lead Collaborators
7.1     Industrialization to address   Identify and address the needs of December               MITM      TPSF
        the needs of agricultural      Tanzania’s agricultural producers. 2009
7.2     Backward linkages:             1. Enhance and improve production
                                          and quality of fertilizer from the
7.2.1   Increase Fertilizer               current Phosphates and NPK
        production and utilization        production at Minjingu to 300,000         Start
                                          tons and above per annum by               August      MITM      TPSF
                                          2010.                                     2009
                                       2. Explore large scale production of
                                          Nitrogen based fertilizers using the
                                          available natural gas deposits
                                       3. Enhance extension services to             Continuo-   MAFC      TPSF
                                          create demand and to ensure               us
                                          appropriate use of fertilizers
                                       4. Facilitate availability of fertilizers.   Annually    MAFC      MoFEA

                              1. Undertake immediate assessment of the
                                 performance of all the privatized seed
                                 companies (TANSEED) in order to meet          Start
                                 the national demand.                          August     MAFC
                              2. Enforce the Seed Act to eliminate the
                                 rampant sale of fake seeds
        Improve seeds         3. Subsidize high quality and certified
        production               seeds to small scale farmers.                 Annual
                              4. Empower and strengthen Tanzania               December   MAFC
                                 Official Seed Certification Institute         2009
                                 (TOSCI) to become a regulator.
                              5. Patent results of seed research to            December
                                 protect locally developed seed varieties.     2009
7.2.3   Establish and enhance 1. Strengthen the National Artificial
        capacity for             Insemination Centre (NAIC) in Arusha
        development of           and introduce semen storage and
        livestock industry       distribution centres in all regions.
                              2. Revive and establish livestock
                                 multiplication and heifer breeding units      December
                                                                               2010              TPSF
                                3. Ensure adequate local production of
                                   veterinary drugs and animal feeds
                                4. Rehabilitate all existing milk processing
                                   plants in the country and establish milk
                                   collection centres

7.2.4   Establish and enhance          1. Invest in facilities for the full
        capacity for development of       utilization of marine resources.
        fish industry                  2. Prepare and facilitate fish farming
                                          programme for every district
                                       3. Strengthen and expand fish            Continuo-   MLDF
                                          breeding centers for supply of        us
                                       4. Promote fish farming conservation
                                          measures and environmental
7.2.5   Increase local production of   1. Establish local agrochemical          Continuo-   MITM
        Agrochemicals                     production industries.                us
                                       2. Promote integrated pests and
                                          disease management.
                                                                                Continuo-   MAFC
                                       3. Train farmers on the requirements
                                          and proper application of
7.2.6   Supply of Agricultural         1. Privatized farm implements plants
        machinery and implements          to revert to production of            Start
                                          agricultural equipment                August      MITM
                                       2. Embark on local manufacturing of      2009
                                          agricultural machinery and farm
                                       3. Regional industry strategy to         Start       MITM
                                          address the needs of the              August
                                          agricultural sector.                  2009

7.3       Forward linkages:     1. Enforce measures to discourage          July 2010   MITM   MoFEA,
                                   export of raw primary products and                         MAFC
                                   increase tariffs on imported
7.3.1   Expansion of Agro-         competing products and conduct
        Processing Industries      regular reviews.
                                2. Institute strict measures to curb the
                                   dumping of low quality processed
                                   agro-products.                          Continuo-   MITM   PMO,
                                3. Conduct a “Buy Tanzanian”               us                 TPSF
                                   campaign starting with government
                                4. Re-posses and revive privatized
                                   agro-processing factories which
                                   have not been operational to date
                                   (cashew nuts, tanneries, textiles
                                5. Support local agro-processors by
                                   provision of incentives and other
                                                                           August      MITM
                                   support measures.
                                6. Support SIDO to promote and
                                   expand small scale agro-
                                   processing operations.
                                7. Establish high quality packaging
                                   industries to cater for increased
                                   packaging of agro-processed

                                      1. Establish District food storage       Start    PMO    PMO-
                                      facilities                               August          RALG
                                                                               2009            MAFC
                                   2. Promote             private       sector Start    MITM   TPSF
                                       investments in cold storage August
        Management of post-harvest     facilities for perishable and other 2009
7.3.2   losses                         commodities.
                                    3. Train farmers on proper storage
                                        and the management of                  Start
                                        agricultural products                  August   MAFC   TCCIA
                                    4. Promote investments in food             2009
                                        fortification to improve nutritional
7.3.3   Enhance trade integration  1. Establish market data/information
        and management                 centers to facilitate farmers
                                       understanding of market
                                   2. Improve distribution system to
                                       provide quality agricultural inputs     Start
                                       timely.                                 August          TPSF
                                   3. Address supply side constraints to 2009                  TCCIA
                                   4. Business Associations/ Chambers
                                        to mobilize their members to
                                        establish commercial farming,
                                        export production, agro-
                                        processing and input distribution.

                        PILLAR No. 8
                     KILIMO KWANZA
        ACTIVITY                              TASK                            TIME FRAME     RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                           Lead   Collaborators

8.1   Institute        1. Monitor and evaluate existing trained manpower
      mechanism           in agriculture.
      for effective    2. Support extension officers to establish             Start August           PMO-
      utilization of      demonstration farms and to provide guidance on                   MAFC
                                                                              2009                   RALG
      science,            proper farming methods to farmers.
      technology       3. Set performance targets for extension officers as
      and human           basis for their evaluation.
      resources for    4. Support Training of Farmers “Para Professionals”    December     MAFC      PMO-
      KILIMO              and deploy them in every ward.                      2009                   RALG
                       5. Intensify training for professionals in soil and    Continuous   MEVT
                          water conservation.
                       6. Institute a recruitment program for agricultural
                          specialists including irrigation engineers,
                          hydrologists, dam designers, contractors etc.       December     MAFC
                       7. Establish Registration Board for Agricultural

8. Introduce agricultural loans and provide    By 2010      MAFC   MoFEA, MLHS,
   land to entrepreneurial agricultural                            TPSF,
   graduates.                                                      Financial
9.   Provide full scholarships/loans to        By 2010      MEVT
    Agricultural undergraduates.
10. Develop incentive programs to attract,     By 2010      MAFC
    train and retain youth in Agriculture.
11. Mainstream gender in KILIMO KWANZA         Start August MAFC     MCGCA
     and develop programs to strengthen the    2009
     position of women in Agriculture.
12. Establish agricultural resource centers    2010         MAFC     TCCIA, ACT
     cum farm centers – for provision of
     Agricultural inputs and services.
13. Agricultural research and training         Continuous   MAFC     MoFEA
     institutions to effectively utilize the                         MCST
     Governments allocation of 1% of GDP to                          COSTECH
     research and development.
14. Establish weather centers at Ward level.   2010
                                                            MID      MAFC
15. Establish mechanism for Data warehouse 2010             MITM     MAFC, TCCIA
    and marketing information

                       PILLAR No. 9
       ACTIVITY                                                          TIME FRAME          RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                        Lead      Collaborators
                                 1. Build adequate irrigation          Start August   MWI        MAFC
                                    schemes targeting priority         2009
                                    crops, production volumes and
       Identify infrastructure      location requirements
9.1    development needs         2. Establish adequate storage         Continuous     MAFC       MLDF, MID,
       for KILIMO KWANZA            capacity at all levels e.g. cold                             TPSF
                                    storage, household storage,
                                    national storage for
                                    commodities etc.
                                 3. Implement the TPA Master
                                    Plan incorporating Dar es
                                    Salaam, Tanga, Mtwara,
                                                                       Start August
                                    Mwambani and Bagamoyo                             MID        TPSF
                                    and Lake Ports along with Dry
                                    Port at Kisarawe and trans-
                                    shipment at Kidatu.
                                 4. Finalize construction of           Start August   MID
                                    Mwanza Airport runway              2009
                                    extension for horticulture and
                                    fish exports to share chartered
                                    flights from KIA through
                                    Mwanza to Europe.

                              5. Complete construction of          By 2010        MID
                                 Mbeya, Iringa and other
                                 Airports including cold storage
                                 facilities for horticultural
                              6. Complete national fibre optic     By 2012        MCST   MID, TRL,
                                 network and link with sub-                              TANESCO,
                                 marine cable network by 2012.                           SONGAS,
                              7. Improvement in the railways       Continuous     MID
                                 and road systems
                              8. Construct modern abattoirs        Start August   MLDF   TPSF
                                 and meat processing plants in     2009
                                 every region.
9.2   Market centers in       Establish market centers at Ward     By 2015        MITM   TCCIA
      every ward              level linked with production
9.3   Rural electrification   Allocate adequate resources to       By 2015        MEM    REA
      for agricultural        the Rural Energy Fund.

                         PILLAR No. 10
               ACTIVITY                             TASK                      TIME FRAME            RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                             Lead        Collaborators
10.1 Integration of KILIMO           Integrate KILIMO KWANZA in the           August 2009    PMO     MAFC,MITM,
     KWANZA in Government            plans of the Central and Local                                  MLDF, PMO-RALG,
     machinery                       Government                                                      MWI, MLHS.
                                     1. Produce and launch KILIMO             August 2009    PMO     TNBC
                                        KWANZA GREEN BOOK                     Nane nane
       Sensitization campaign on 2. Mobilize schools and colleges in          Continuous     MEV     PMO-RALG
       KILIMO KWANZA at                 the campaign on KILIMO                               T
       national, regional, district,    KWANZA
       ward and village levels       3. Parliamentarians, Regional and        August 2009    PMO     PMO-RALG;
                                        District leadership to disseminate                           TNBC
                                        information on KILIMO KWANZA
                                     1. Enlist effective involvement and      Start August   PMO      MICS
                                        participation of the private sector   2009                    TPSF
       Sensitize the private            in the implementation of KILIMO
10.3   sector to participate in         KWANZA
       KILIMO KWANZA                 2. Engage media in drumming up           Continuous     MOAT     TNBC
                                        support for KILIMO KWANZA.
10.4   Leaders to participate in     Mobilize leaders at all levels to be     Start August   PMO      All leaders
       agricultural production       personally involved in agricultural      2009
                                     production under KILIMO KWANZA
10.5   Monitoring and Evaluation Prepare and produce quarterly                Start          PMO      MAFC
       of the implementation of      progress reports                         December                TNBC
       KILIMO KWANZA                                                          2009

ACT               Agriculture Council of Tanzania
BOT               Bank of Tanzania
CMSA              Capital Markets and Securities Authority
MAFC              Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives
MCST              Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology.
MEM               Ministry of Energy and Minerals
MEVT              Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
MID               Ministry of Infrastructure Development
MITM              Ministry of Industries, Trade and Marketing.
MLDF              Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development
MLHS              Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements
MOAT              Media Owners’ Association of Tanzania
MoFEA             Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
MWI               Ministry of Water and Irrigation
PMO               Prime Minister’s Office
RALG              Regional Administration and Local Government
RC                Regional Commissioners
TCCIA             Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
TIC               Tanzania Investment Centre
TNBC              Tanzania National Business Council
TPSF              Tanzania Private Sector Foundation
UTT               Unit Trust of Tanzania
MoCAJ             Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs
REA               Rural Energy Agency
 MICS               Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports
 PMO – RALG         Prime Minister’s Office – Regional Administration and Constitution Affairs.
 ASLM’s       Agriculture Sector Lead Ministries
 POPC               President’s Office Planning Commission
 LGA’s              Local Government Authorities
 NGO’s              Non-Governmental Organisations
CBO                 Community Based Organisations
FBO                  Finance Based organisations
PSPF                Parastatal Sector Pension Fund
NSSF                National Social Security Fund
PPF                 Parastatal Pension Fund
LAPF                Local Authority Provident Fund
GPF                 Government Provident Fund
DP’s                Development Partners
MDA’s               Governmental Ministries, Departments and Agencies
MLEY                Ministry of Labour, Employment and Youth Development
IFI                 International Financial Institutions


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