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									                             UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN – NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION
                                          Postgraduate Centre & Funding Office

                                Second Round NRF MASTER’S PRESTIGIOUS & EQUITY
                                   SCHOLARSHIPS (for South African Citizens only)
                                          2011 APPLICATION FORM            FORM 10G

                                      CLOSING DATE 31 OCTOBER 2010
Please Note that this 2 Round of application for the NRF Prestigious & Equity Bursaries is
intended to assist prospective Master’s students who were unable to provide the required
details on their proposed research (and supervision) at the time of the 1st closing date (10
August 2010).
       SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS ONLY. Non-South Africans and Permanent Residents are INELIGIBLE
       Support for Master’s degrees with coursework will only be considered provided the proposed study requires the
        submission of a thesis/dissertation which weighs at least 50% of the total course content and for which the research
        component is externally evaluated.
       Applications have to be submitted – ALONG WITH ALL REQUIRED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION (see shaded
        areas in body of application below) - to the POSTGRADUATE CENTRE & FUNDING OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY
        OF CAPE TOWN by no later than 31 October 2010.
        BY NO LATER THAN 20 DECEMBER 2010. Applications that are without transcripts after that date will be
       Complete in typescript or in block letters using a black pen. Give concise answers. Where applicable mark with X.
       Applicants must only complete ONE application form.
       Only students who will register for FULL TIME study are eligible
       This application form may be DOWNLOADED from the UCT website:


Section A                                                   PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT

Title                               Surname

First names

(in full)                                                                        Student Number

Maiden name                                       Date of birth
(if applicable)                                   (YYMMDD)                 1       9
Identity number (attach certified
copy of ID to verify)

Home language                       Citizenship                                              Male                    Female

African*              Coloured*                   Indian*                                           White*

Residential                                                       Postal address including
address                                                           postal code to which
(including postal                                                 correspondence is to be
code)                                                             sent

Telephone number during the day (code and
number)                                             (       )                      Cellphone Number          (   )

E-Mail Address .

WITH YOU VIA EMAIL.                                                                Fax number (if applicable)
* in order to enable the NRF to monitor redress. Each category of award has an EQUITY QUOTA REQUIREMENT

Degree for which you are currently registered
Year of study (eg. 1st, 2nd, etc)
A CERTIFIED OR ORIGINAL full academic record reflecting actual marks obtained (ie not symbols) must be attached. All the subjects taken must be
given (including those failed). The academic record should include proof that the undergraduate degree/diploma has been obtained as well as the final
marks for the degree.
DECEMBER 2010. Applications that are without transcripts after that date will be DISQUALIFIED.
Intended degree for which you will register:                                                  Department
Project Information:
Short title:                                                                    Area:
Descriptive Title:

Section C: Details of Research
Research Rationale & Motivation

Problem identification

Research Aims & Objectives


Research Activities/Plans

Research feasibility, Impact and Potential Outputs

Research Expertise:                                                               Biographic Information:

Scientific Domain:                                                                Conference Attendance:

Broad Scientific Field:                                                           Conference Outputs:

Main Research Field:                                                              Publications:

Fields of Specialisation:


Below please provide details of two academic referees whom you have requested to provide academic references for you. Your Referees must be
academics who have taught or supervised you at university only.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the required academic referee reports are submitted to the
Postgraduate Funding Office by no later than 31 October 2010.
Your application cannot be considered without the required academic referees reports.
REFERENCE 1                                                                              REFERENCE 2

Name & Surname:                                                                          Name & Surname:

Institution & Address:                                                                   Institution & Address:

Contact Numbers:                                                                         Contact Numbers:

Email Address:                                                                           Email Address:


Give details below starting with the current year of study and ending with the year qualification with the first degree

Year            Studies/employment/ other activities            Major Subjects, if applicable            Where (School/Technikon/College/University)

Section E                                                        FINANCIAL DETAILS

List all bursaries/scholarships employment/earnings awarded or applied for, for/during study towards an masters degree in the columns below:
                                                                            Status                    Period of support        Contractual obligations
Name of organisation                         Amount
                                                              Applied for            Awarded          (eg2009 - 2010)              Yes               No

Does any support received to date bind you to a service contract (yes/no)?

   Section F                                                     CHECK LIST
Since late and incomplete applications will not be considered, please ensure that your application is complete by using the following
check list before submitting this application to THE UCT POSTGRADUATE FUNDING OFFICE by no later than 30 September 2010.
Have you obtained the required minimum percentage of 60%?                                                  Yes              No
Have you attached a full academic record of your previous studies?                                                           Yes                No
Are you a South African citizen? Have you attached a certified copy of your ID book?                                         Yes                No
Have you completed Sections A, B, C, D & E?                                                                                  Yes                No
Have you attached two academic reference letters?                                                                            Yes                No
Have you attached a letter of deferment of duty if you have held or are holding a binding bursary?                           Yes                No
Have you signed your application form and have you asked a witness to sign in Section G?                                     Yes                No

Do you have a qualification on the same level or higher than the one you intend pursuing?                                    Yes                No

Will you be in permanent full-time employment in 2011?                                                                       Yes                No
Have you read and understood the Conditions of Award?                                                                        Yes                No

SECTION G                                                                    STATEMENT BY APPLICANT

I certify that the information supplied in this application is correct and that I understand and, should my application be successful, that I am
prepared to accept and be bound by the Conditions of Award as shown below. This includes No. 4 below in which the REPAYMENT CLAUSE is

Signature of applicant                                                                         Date

Signature of witness                                                                           Date

                                                                CONDITIONS OF AWARD
1. Students who are South African citizens and who intend registering as full-time students for the Master’s degree at the University of Cape Town may
apply for this scholarship.
2. These scholarships do not bind successful candidates to enter the NRF's service after completion of their studies.
3. Successful applicants are, however, expected to complete the degree for which the bursary was awarded in the minimum period. If not, the bursary
will have to be refunded to the NRF by the student recipient. (Minimum period: White students – 2 Year, Black Coloured & Indian Students – 2 years
plus 1 extra year. Please note, however, that funding is limited to the first year of registration and that renewal for a second year only will be considered)
4. IMPORTANT NOTICE - REPAYMENT CLAUSE: (i)If a student who receives an NRF award discontinues his/her studies in the same year as having
received the NRF award, the award is repayable to the University of Cape Town.(ii) if a student fails to achieve the degree in the minimum period, the
award is repayable to the University of Cape Town. In such cases, the full value of the award will be reversed from the student’s fee account and once
so recovered, repaid by the University to the NRF. The student will then be liable for the resultant outstanding balance on her/his fee account.
5. The value of the Master’s Prestigious & Equity scholarship is R40,000.
5. The above awards are tenable for ONE year only. Renewal for the second year of registration will be considered. No renewals for a 3rd or beyond
year of Master’s study can be considered.
6. The requirements given below must be met by all applicants:
         Applicants should have achieved a minimum of 60% for the 4th year/Honour’s degree and not have failed any subjects/courses taken during
          the 4th year/Honours study.
         Applicants must have obtained the previous degree in the minimum time stipulated by the institution. (NB: Applicants from previously
          disadvantaged backgrounds who have taken an additional year to complete their undergraduate degrees will be considered.)
         The NRF Free-Standing Bursaries may not be held concurrently with bursaries, grants or emoluments which bind the recipient to enter into
          the service of the contract holder on completion of his/her studies. These awards may not be held together, nor concurrently with any other
          NRF bursary. These awards may not be held together nor concurrently with the (URS) University Research Scholarship. However,
          successful candidates will be allowed to undertake a maximum of 12 hours per week of teaching, tutorials, assistance or demonstrating
          duties provided the gross remuneration for this part-time employment together with other non-binding bursaries/grants do not exceed the

              University’s maximum allowable supplementation.
             Candidates who are salaried employees during the tenure of the bursaries applied for, are not eligible for NRF support.
             An applicant who already has a qualification on the same level or higher than a Master’s degree will not be considered for a bursary.

It must be emphasised that only a limited number of bursaries are available. These awards
will be awarded on a competitive basis and in strict accordance with the NRF’s prescribed
equity and discipline quotas. Submission of an application and meeting the criteria do not
guarantee that an award will be made.
Please note that incomplete and late applications will not be accepted. The University will not accept any responsibility for ensuring that
applications are properly and correctly completed nor for any outstanding documentation. It is important to note that if the required supporting
documentation is not received by the Postgraduate Funding Office by the Closing Date of 31 October 2010 the application will be disqualified
as “incomplete” and will NOT go forward for consideration.
Please note that students who have graduated from universities other than UCT must submit their applications forms by 31 October 2010 but
may submit copies of their academic marks/ transcripts BY NO LATER THAN 20 DECEMBER 2010.
Completion of the form

Please do not complete more than one form. All applicants will be considered for the award for
which they are eligible.
All Sections of the Application Form must be completed. Please Note that:

The identity number supplied must be verified by attaching a copy of the relevant page of the ID document. If the ID document is not available, proof of
citizenship should be attached.
 A complete certified (if not UCT) academic record giving percentages (ie not symbols) of all subjects taken must be attached. Outstanding academic
results must be submitted by no later than 20 December 2009. All the subjects must be given (including those failed). The academic record should
include proof that the undergraduate degree and/or Honour’s has been obtained as well as the final marks for the degree.
Where applicants hold degrees from institutions abroad, their study records should be equated to South African norms when submitting the application.
Equated record should indicate what the South African equivalent of the qualification is, as well as the level at which it was obtained (ie percentages
Applicants must ensure that hard copies of the academic reference letters are submitted to the Postgraduate Funding Office by the closing date.
Should applicants have held bursaries for their undergraduate studies which bind them to enter into the service of the contract holder on completion of
their studies, a statement from the contract holder will be required in which it is stated:
a) that deferment of assumption of duty has been granted so that the candidate can study full-time towards a higher degree;
b) that the applicant will not be receiving any support from the contract holder during the period for which the NRF bursary is requested that will bind
   him/her for an additional period;
c)    that the contract holder has no objection to the applicant receiving the requested NRF bursary.
The application form must be signed by all applicants and co-signed by a witness.
The completed form and required supporting documents must be forwarded to THE POSTGRADUATE CENTRE & FUNDING OFFICE OF THE
UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN by no later than 31 October 2010

ENQUIRIES: email: Bongiwe.Ndamane@uct.ac.za                                                      Telephone: 021 650 3926

                                               CLOSING DATE – 31 October 2010

Students who graduate from universities other than UCT must submit certified copies of their
academic transcripts by NO LATER THAN 20 December 2010.


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