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The Supply Chain Management program, for middle and senior level managers in procurement,
logistics, distribution, or project management and operations, is an online program that aims to show
participants how to evaluate a firm’s supply chain, and how to create the most effective design and
policies to maximize return on investment. This program is available online in the summer (June 16-30,
2010), and in the fall (September 15-29, 2010).

The Executive Communication and Business Writing program is an online
program for the spring (April 7-21, 2010), summer (July 14-28, 2010), and fall (October
1-13, 2010). For executives seeking to improve their business communication skills,
this program shows business leaders how to skillfully frame important written
messages in order to secure professional opportunities.

Effective Negotiations and the Power of Persuasion is a program that is available both as an online
session (March 17-31, 2010; August 18-September 2, 2010; or December 1-15, 2010), or as a two day in
person program (May 4-5, 2010; November 2-3, 2010) at the University of Southern California campus.
The focus of this course is to understand the two interrelated processes of negotiation and persuasion,
and how they work together to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.

The Management Development Program is a course for senior or mid-level managers with two to five
                years of experience, that takes place in the spring (March 6, 13, 2010), or in the fall
                (September 11, 18, 25, 2010; or October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2010) at the University of
                Southern California campus. Designed to help managers expand and update their
                business vocabulary and knowledge, you will master business basics such as
                teambuilding, finance, leadership, marketing, strategic management, consumer
                satisfaction, and operations.

                      Leadership Development for Building High Performing Teams gives leaders the
tools they need to establish guidelines, utilize talents, allocate personnel, and
build trust and high performing teams in order to enhance company
performance and execution through the use of effective teams. Hosted at
USC for executives, managers, professional leaders, and supervisors
responsible for the performance of teams, this program is available in the
summer (June 8-9, 2010) and in the fall (October 12-13, 2010).
The Executive Leadership Skills for the 21 Century program is an
interactive program that is designed for middle to senior level executives,
general managers and high potential directors who must have at least five
years of managerial experience. The program aims to raise leadership skills to new heights by increasing
the understanding of attendee’ leadership style and how it relates to others. The course is offered in the
spring (April 20-22, 2010) and fall (December 1-3, 2010).

The Food Industry Executive Program offers senior food industry managers an opportunity to step back
and examine new ideas and different styles of management, meet with other professional managers, and
learn from a faculty that knows the profession of management as well as the food industry. For senior
managers from food retailing, wholesaling, and manufacturing companies or companies that support the
food industry, this program is available in person from March 15-18, 2010 at USC.

                 Understanding Finance and Accounting is a program that is available online
                 (summer: June 2-16, 2010; August 4-18, 2010; fall: November 3-17, 2010) or in person
                 (summer: June 2-4, 2010, or fall: October 20-22, 2010) for non financial managers in
                 marketing, sales production, engineering, R&D, human resources and more who wish to
                 expand their knowledge about accounting and finance.

                 The Strategic Decision Making program presents the core areas of strategy and aims
                 to equip participants with critical thinking skills that allow them to make strategic
decisions in their ever-changing work environments. Available as an online course (spring: March 31-
April 14, 2010; summer: June 16-30, 2010; fall: October 13-26, 2010), this program is for business
professionals seeking to develop their strategic mindset, or for managers and leaders of organizations in
decision making roles.

The Strategic Marketing program shows participants how to analyze market opportunities and effectively
position your new or existing concepts, services, and products in visible markets through a firm
understanding of marketing concepts and an integrated strategic marketing
plan. Created for entrepreneurs, small business owners, directors of small
organizations looking to enter new markets or develop new products, and
middle level marketers and business professionals looking to strengthen the
marketing function of their organization, this program is available online in the
spring (May 19-June 3, 2010) and fall (September 8-22, 2010).

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