UPS Battery by OzZeldom


									Remember those days when men were prided with their fancy watches,
expensive suites and fashionable jewelry. The value of these possessions in
society has been replaced by technological gadgets as men endure a sense of
superbia over their mechanical companions, the list of which is topped by
none other than personal computers, from watching our favorite movies to
checking your email they facilitate and pamper our daily needs. Considering
these facts it’s only fair that we protect our P.Cs from hardware damage as
unpredictable power cuts can wreak havoc on our hard drives damaging
priceless data, personal records and your collection of songs that took forever
to gather up. The solution to this menacing problem is getting your computer
rigged with a UPS battery or an unlimited power supply, this device in event
of a power cut from the main supply instantaneously replaces your electricity
supply with its own source without the P.C having to shut down or restart.

A UPS can assure your PC’s protection from the following electrical problems:

    A Power failure from the main supply resulting in complete loss of
      electricity rendering your computer unaffected by the situation
    Power Surge a momentarily increasing voltage that randomly occurs in
      the power supply destabilizing your CPU.
    A Power Sag which a loss of the stable voltage from the main supply and
       a reduced voltage is provided to your computer your UPS can stabilize
    A Spiking or brief high voltage excursion.
    Noise, defined as a high frequency transient or oscillation, usually
       injected into the line by nearby equipment.
    Frequency instability: defined as temporary changes in the mains
    Harmonic distortion: defined as a departure from the ideal sinusoidal
       waveform expected on the line.

A UPS is connected to a SLA or a Sealed Lead Acid battery which is a more
advanced technology than our conventional FLA or Flooded Lead Acid
Batteries as it tends to last longer and is known to be environmentally
friendlier and in many ways performs better than FLA batteries and if well
taken care of these batteries deliver a remarkable battery life.

  i.   Batteries come in ampere hours or (AH) thus they can deliver a specific
       amount of current in a given time if they are misused and applied to
       power than it’s AH rating it will result in decreased battery life.
 ii.   After the battery has fully discharged it’s recommended to instantly
       recharge them and never allow batteries to stay unused in a fully
         charged position or manually discharge them to have a sufficient
         battery life.
iii.     In an event the battery feels hot to the touch make sure you let it cool
         down before using it again.
iv.      Normally it isn’t observed that the battery reaches a temperature in
         which it is unable to maintain its optimal functioning you should quickly
         shift it to place a place with normal temperatures
 v.      Keep battery connectors and cabling in good condition. When
         disconnecting the battery connector from the equipment, pull on the
         connector - not the cable. Damage to the connectors and/or cables will
         result in poor battery performance.

      While the UPS Battery is not only limited to protecting personal
      computers it can also be applied to other electrical devices such as
      electrical lighting televisions and other household gadgets. It is no less than
      a life saving innovation as billions of dollars worth of data are backed up by
      larger scales of these devices and where a power disruption can result in
      fatalities such as hospitals and surgical equipment or a major business
      disruption may occur. In today’s world of unpredictability these devices,
      without a doubt are necessities!

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