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									                             Canada’s Icron a Pioneer in USB Connectivity
Icron, a Canadian company based in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, is a world leader in the rapidly emerging
field of USB extension technology. In 2009, total sales of the company’s USB extension products surpassed the
$40 million mark.

USB (universal serial bus) is a specification that supports the connection between devices and a host controller
(typically a computer). Millions of systems worldwide rely on USB to connect computers with peripherals such
as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, cameras and other data-gathering and storage devices. These
connections cannot extend beyond five metres. ExtremeUSB®, Icron’s patented extension technology, supports
true USB functionality via Cat 5, fibre-optic and wireless connections at distances of up to 10 kilometers—
significantly broadening the potential applications of USB.

The requirement for short-distance wired connections effectively limits the use of USB in applications such as
medical imaging, remote surveillance and industrial controls. With Icron’s technology solutions, more
businesses can realize the potential advantages of USB regardless of distance.

Icron’s growth in sales reflects this fact; much of the company’s market growth has come from businesses
involved in industrial automation, medical imaging and interactive digital signage. Icron’s markets have also
grown beyond North America and Europe and into Asia and South America.

Icron [www.icron.com] is another example of Canadian leadership and excellence the global business world
counts on.

Additional Facts

    Icron's patented ExtremeUSB® technology extends USB 2.0 to distances of up to 40 kilometres.

    In 2009, Deloitte ranked Icron among the 500 fastest-growing technology firms in North America.

    Icron's customers include global leaders such as Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Gefen, Philips and Honeywell.

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