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    World- wide, tens of thous ands of groups, in busi ness , gover nment, ci vil s ociety, and c ommunities ar e i n the proc ess of experimenting wi th and rei nventi ng their fundamental agreements and discoveri ng they can g enerate higher l evels of har monic co- existence. T hey ar e demonstrati ng new ways of rel ati ng — i n wor k and i n life — whic h are more s ustainabl e and l ead to greater efficienc y, effecti venes s, and i nnovati on than has long been the accepted nor m.

    We envisi on a worl d in whic h virtuall y all indi viduals and g roups will experience s uch enhanc ed capacities by s teppi ng mor e full y and consci ousl y into their deeper potentialiti es. T he Institute for Strategic Cl arity exists to s upport thos e who, in their s trivi ng to ac hieve greater har monic vibr anc y, are leadi ng the way towar d this g oal .

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