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Travelers are often found to have no or less information about Pakistan
due to the country not having a strong presence on the global tourism map
so far. However, the country is slowly catching up with the global
travellers and each year attracts higher number of tourists to its
shores. The following article attempts to highlight certain factors that
will go a long way in helping travellers plan their holidays to Pakistan.


While booking flights remember that London Heathrow offers a better
choice of airlines operating Pakistan flights than other British
airports. The competition spells as higher availability of cheap tickets
to Pakistan.

Passengers can choose from many direct and indirect flights from Heathrow
to Pakistan. London to Islamabad flights are operated by Emirates, Qatar
Airways and Etihad which also connect London to Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) conveniently connects London to
Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore as well as Peshawar and is usually booked for
high baggage allowance it offers.

London to Karachi flights are preferred by tourists due to Karachi
airport being Pakistan’s main airport which is also the hub for PIA.

Emirates offers cheaper fares and taxes from London Gatwick airport and
has good connection to Lahore and Peshawar.


Travelers are recommended to get a comprehensive travel and medical
insurance before catching flights to cover various activities on tour to
Pakistan. Your travel insurance policy should cover:
Medical and health cover for illness or injury
Lost and stolen possessions cover
Round the clock emergency assistance and service
Travel insurance buying tips
It is best to research and shop around to get a good deal.
Cheaper policies usually have less cover, so complete insurance coverage
is recommended.
Frequent Flyers can also consider buying an annual multi-trip insurance

Pakistan has first-rate accommodation and great hospitality culture.
There are numerous luxurious five star hotels, as well as budget
accommodation in Pakistan that offer quality services and amenities at
affordable rates.

Tips to choose affordable yet quality accommodation in Pakistan
Budget hotels in Pakistan are conveniently affordable with some of them
offering world class services and amenities. It is not a bad option to
check out such places.
Choose a hotel where you can easily find transfers by bus, taxi or train.
This way you can move around the country without many hassles.
Social Conventions While in Pakistan
Most Pakistanis are Muslims and you are well advised to respect their
customs and beliefs.
Women visitors should avoid skimpy and tight clothes and make sure that
their arms and legs are covered.
Homosexuality is prohibited in the country as well the co-habitation by
an unmarried couple.

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