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									                               AAEA Fringe Benefits
               As an employee of Ann Arbor Public Schools, a member of the Ann Arbor Education Assn.. (AAEA)
              who has qualified for Fringe Benefits, and working .40 FTE or more, you are entitled to receive Fringe
         Benefits. These Fringe Benefits become effective the 1st day of the month following your date of hire/eligibility.

                                                    ! VERY IMPORTANT !                                                      
     Completed applications must be returned to the fringe benefits office within thirty (30) days of the date of:
          1. Hire 2. Return from a leave 3. FTE change from full to part-time or vice versa 4. Status change.
  Otherwise, you will have to wait until open enrollment in May to enroll/make changes with a July effective date.
         FULL-TIME MEMBERS - Those who work 1.0 FTE, may choose from three MESSA Paks - Plan A, B or C.
               The Board of Education (BOE) will pay 100% of the premiums of these plans less co-pays mentioned below

                        PART-TIME MEMBERS (.4 - .99 FTE) may choose from selected fringe benefits shown below under "Plan D".
                   Life insurance & Long Term Disability are of no cost to you, but you must take VSP3 Vision at a cost to all employees.
               Medical, Dental insurance premiums are pro-rated according to your FTE and deducted from your paycheck
              BEFORE taxes under the Federal IRS Section 125 Act. Payroll deductions occur from September-June only.
         INSURANCE PREMIUM CO-PAYS - Are assessed to ALL members who enroll in MEDICAL insurance as follows:
         (Co-pay for full time employees on MESSA SC1,Choices II PPO, PriorityHealth or BlueCareNetwork HMO'S is the same whether you are single, 2 person or full family).
                                                        (1) Priority Health HMO/co-pay $825.44
                                                            or Blue Care Network HMO: $490.16
                                                     (2) MESSA SUPER CARE 1/co-pay $4263.44
                                        or MESSA Choices II PPO/co-pay $3462.92 co-pay are for a 12 month period

           Annual amount is spread over Sept.-June paychecks. Monies are deducted BEFORE taxes under IRS Section 125.
       The insurances available to you are listed below. You should examine policy booklets and your AAEA Master Agreement for other details
         and regulations. You may also call or visit the Fringe Benefits Office in HRS/Balas I Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm for any questions.
                     Domestic Partner coverage (Same Sex) for health, Dental and Vision is available for all employee's at AAPS.

Benefits Representative: CYNTHIA D. MAYFIELD Phone:994.1666 Fax: 994-2020 E-mail:

           FULL-TIME MEMBERS (MESSA Paks - Plans A, B & C)
          • MEDICAL                                                  • II PPO
                                  - MESSA Super Care 1 or MESSA ChoicesMEDICAL                         -Priority Health or Blue Care Network HMO'S

          • DENTAL                - Delta 100/75/50                                  • DENTAL          - Delta 100/75/50
          • LIFE                  - MESSA $45,000 *                                  • LIFE            - MESSA $45,000 *
          • LTD                   - Long Term Disability                             • LTD             - Long Term Disability
          • Vision                - MESSA VSP-3                        • Vision        - MESSA VSP-3
                                     (Please see medical insurance comparison chart on pages 3 - 5)

         MESSA PAK                        AAPS PLAN C                                - (NO Medical Insurance included)
          •$1,000 CASH             - Paid $100 (taxable $) into 2d Paycheck - Sept.-June. Prorated/part year.
          • VISION                - Vision Service Plan / VSP.3                      • DENTAL          - Delta 80/80/80
          • LIFE                  - MESSA $50,000 *                                  • LTD             - Long Term Disability

                                        PART-TIME MEMBERS (Plan D)
          • MEDICAL               - MESSA Super Care 1 - or - MESSA Choices II PPO - or- Priority Health HMO - or - Blue Care Network HMO

          • DENTAL                - Delta 100/75/50                                • VSP-3 Vision

          • LIFE                  - MESSA $45,000 *                                • Long Term Disability
  * All Life Policies are Term Policies, & they include AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) and a Disability Waiver-of-Premium Clause.

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                                AAEA Fringe Benefits Continued....
         Plan D Premiums               If you work .40-.99 FTE, with seniority date after 8/31/78, you are eligible for Plan D. The Board of Educ. will pay your FTE percentage

         (Part-Time ONLY)              of premiums for medical & dental insurances. The difference will be deducted from your pay, pre-tax, under Federal Section 125.

                                                                    2008-2009 Monthly Medical/Dental/Vision Premiums
         SHADED+STILL LAST YRS RATES   (Figures are the amount AAPS pays to the companies BEFORE Premium Co-Pays or FTE percentages are figured)
                                               CARRIER                   1 PERSON                 2 PERSON            FULL FAMILY         Sponsored Dependent
                AAEA Member                Priority Health HMO                450.64                 990.42              1170.30                  549.50
                AAEA Member             Blue Care Network     HMO             497.40               1059.46               1129.09                  596.89
                AAEA Member               MESSA Choices II PPO                577.40               1297.27               1441.24                  777.46
                AAEA Member                MESSA Super Care 1                 625.09               1404.57               1560.47                  841.84
                                               Delta Dental                    86.13                  86.13                 86.13                   N/A
         MESSA VSP-3 - Per Contract                                            17.70                  17.70                 17.70                   N/A
                   Example:                                                                  MCare
                                       .50 FTE part-time employee - single with Blue Care Network: changed to BCN and Care Choices changed to Priority Health 7-1-08
         Staff BCBS PPO Cost:
         $10933.00                          $497.40+VSP $17.70 = $515.10
         1 Person $409.77              Step 1: $515.10 * 12= $6181.20                        Step 4: $6181.20 - $1263.96= $4917.24 *50% = $2458.62(employees premuim portion)
         2 Person $860.56              Step 2 : $409.77 * 12= $4917.24                       Step 5: $1263.96 + $2458.62= $3722.58 (total co-pay & 50% premuim for 12 months)
         Full Family $1024.45                                                              Step
                                       Step 3: 6181.20- 4917.24 = $1263.96 (employees co-pay) 6: $ 3722.58 / 20 checks = $186.13 per check
         Insurance                     MESSA VSP3 vision monthly premiums are payroll-deducted. Vision is a part of MESSA Plan D, with Life & LTD (you must take the visio

         Dependent                     A Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan is also available with a calendar year family maximum of $5,000
         Reimburseme                   (may vary in your particular case... please consult your tax advisor). Your anticipated dependent care

         nt                            expenses are deducted from your paycheck as PRE-tax dollars. Then you submit claim forms with receipts
                                       to be reimbursed to you as non-taxable dollars. Please call 994-1666 for information.
         Medical                       A Section 125 reimbursement plan for out-of-pocket medical expenses is available. You indicate how much
         Reimburseme                   you want withheld from your paycheck before taxes. AAPS maximum allowed is $2,500 per plan year. You

         nt                            then submit claims to be reimbursed as non-taxable dollars. Please consult your tax advisor for legal
                                       questions. Please call 994-1666 for AAPS information.
         Optional                      You may also purchase additional insurance via payroll deductions including: Life Insurance on your
         Insurances                    spouse & dependents, additional life on yourself, & survivor income insurance.
                        Payroll-Deducted LTC is available thru CNA. Packets are available at Fringe Benefits
         CNA Long Term Care
         Attendance                    For attendance balances, please call FINANCE DEPT@994-2256. SICK LEAVE: Based on years of service
         Fringes                       @ AAPS, allocated at the beginning of each school year. 1-10 Yrs: 1 Day/Mo. 11-20 Yrs: 1.5 Days/Mo.
                                       21+ Years: 2 Days/Mo. Max. accumulation is 200 Days. PERSONAL BUSINESS: 2 Days/Yr (1/Sem. if you
                                       work part-year). Unused P.B. days are automatically transferred to sick leave balance each June 30th.
         Community                     The Board will pay for 1 Community Education course per year. Call 994-2300 for information.
         E.A.P.                        LifeWorks (Ceridian) is available to all employees. Information is available in HRS.
                                       The 24 hour confidential phone number is (877)259-3785 or
         Open                          Insurance OPEN ENROLLMENT is held each year in MAY. All transactions become effective JULY 1ST.
         Summer                        If you are contractually on payroll the last day that you are scheduled to work in June, fringe benefits will
         Retiree                       continue thru Aug. 31. Otherwise, fringes are canceled the last day of the month following separation.
         Fringes                       Fringes of those who RETIRE are canceled the last day of the month the employee worked. JUNE RETIREES'
                                       Federal law requires employers to provide up to 12 weeks of paid or unpaid leave to "eligible" employees for
         Family &                      certain family & medical reasons. Employees are eligible if they have worked for AAPS for at least one year
         Medical Leave                 and for 1,250 hours over the previous 12 months. Please contact the AAEA @ 996-5858 or HRS @ 994-1667
                                       with questions about the FMLA.
                                       Upon termination or going on an unpaid leave of absence, your benefits will be canceled. However, you may
         C.O.B.R.A.                    continue to pay for health coverages for up to 18 months under the Federal C.O.B.R.A. Law. Insurances for
         Insurance                     covered spouses and dependents are also available for up to 36 months in the event of your death, divorce,
                                       ineligibility or termination of insurance.
         Returning to work returning to work, be sure to sign up for all of your Fringe Benefits within 30 days, or you will have to
         from a leave wait until open enrollment. Also, please see Sect. 6.218.3 of your Master Agreement about part-year leaves.

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