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					Job Description
TITLE                                                      HIRING SUPERVISOR

Construction Project Manager - Jaguar                      Regional General Manager, Guatemala; Sr. Director, Operations,
DEPARTMENT                                                 DEPARTMENT HEAD

Jaguar Energy Guatemala LLC ( Jaguar)                      EVP, Central America & Caribbean; EVP Risk, AEI Services LLC
WORK LOCATION                                              TARGET START DATE

Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala                                   ASAP
Overall responsibility for the technical management of the construction and delivery of a 300 MW coal-fired power
generation project (40 month project) in Guatemala along with 17.5 km transmission line.
 Oversee site construction activities; serve as primary focal point with Owner’s Engineer for coordination
    between regional management and AEI operations staff with project engineers/consultants/contractors
    (CMNC and IEGSA) to ensure project is delivered safely, on-time and on-budget, and in accordance with all
    contractual terms, standards, and criteria as established by AEI.
 Provide day to day management of the overall construction function and team of engineering, procurement,
    construction (EPC) contractor (CMNC), staff, and technical consultants to ensure contractual schedules and
    financial commitments are met.
 Represent AEI on technical and contractual issues and provide relevant expertise to support overall project
    execution, construction management, and contract administration.
 Support coordination of interfaces between design groups and ensure design supports construction.
 Implement processes to oversee and monitor site schedule to identify issues and take proactive measures to
    maintain progress of construction contractor.
 Troubleshoot and resolve complex problems between all project constituents.
 Provide for audits and status reviews to ensure milestones are met in terms of contractual performance.
 Maintain clear lines of communication and provide regular project updates and reporting on construction
    contractor activities to regional and headquarters’ operations and executive sponsors, including immediate
    reporting of urgent issues.
 Foster harmonious working relationships and professionalism between and among all site engaged activities.
 Ensure site QA/QC program is being followed by construction contractors and subcontractors.
 Ensure overall adherence to AEI’s health, safety, and environmental standards.
 Ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures.
Essential Job Requirements
 Bachelors degree in civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering
 Minimum 15 years coal power generation/energy infrastructure facility construction experience
 Minimum of 10 years experience leading, managing, and supervising large teams of engineers, technical
    specialists, operations personnel, and contractors
 Excellent oral and written communication skills to effectively function as the company’s primary contact with
    the construction contractor, local regional management, AEI’s headquarters operations team as well as the
    local project team
 Ability to work effectively and diplomatically with all levels of management and employees
 Strong problem solving skills and sound business judgment to effectively address the requirements of regional
    and headquarters management
 Proven track record in safety excellence
 Demonstrated high level of integrity and ethical behavior
Preferred Skills                                    Special Job Characteristics
   International construction and project              Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
       management experience including prior            Ability to work with diverse personalities and cultures in a
       experience working in Asia or Latin                  team environment
       America                                          Well organized and detail oriented
   Multilingual preferred, especially Spanish          Strong computer skills
       or Mandarin Chinese
                                                                                   Posted Internally, Externally or Both?
Paid Relocation              X    Yes                   Partial        No          Both
Contact: Pam Butler, Senior Director, Human Resources                              Posting Location(s):

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