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									  Los Angeles Community College District
       Sustainable Building Program

Outreach and Training Programs for
     Diverse/Small Businesses
          (SBE & DVBE)

        California Construction Expo
               August 13, 2009
   Program Objectives

   Educational Training Opportunities

   Get Connected!

   Contact Information
   To achieve the Board of Trustees 28% outreach goal
    for small, disabled-veteran, local and, emerging
    business enterprise (SBE/DVBE/LBE/EBE) that will
    increase economic development throughout the
    greater Los Angeles region.

   Plan and facilitate “hands-on” educational classes for
    small contractors and professional services to build
    capacity and take your business to the next level =
          Contractor Boot Camp
   Training designed to provide attendees with basic tools perform
    work with LACCD on formal and informal contracts. Workshop
    covers key business concepts in the following areas:

     •   SBE/DVBE/MBE Certification
     •   Contracting and Bidding Process
     •   Labor Compliance
     •   Insurance and Bonding
     •   Contractor Invoicing
     •   Technical Assistance

   Requirements to Attend: must be licensed with CSLB and in business
    for at least one (1) year.
   Schedule: Monthly, Wednesday, 5PM – 9PM, at College Campus
   Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion
   Advocate for small projects with facilities directors
   Invitation to matchmaking events
         Building Estimating Class
   A comprehensive coarse which assist
                                            General requirements           Worker’s productivity
    professional service and contractors
    with improving their construction      costs determination              Common cost estimating

    cost estimates on various topics        Material cost development     problems and procedures
                                            Equipment Costs                Change Order and

                                            Contingency & escalation      Contract Administration
                                            Scheduling

                                            Quantity take-off

                                           Plan and Spec, General          Div. 7 Thermal Protection
                                           Construction                    Div. 8 Doors
   Schedule: Bi-annually (Spring and      Division 2: Site Construction   Div. 9 Finishes
    Fall); 10-week Mondays from            Div. 3 Concrete
    5:30PM – 8:30PM                                                        Div 10 Specialties
                                           Div. 4 Masonry                  Div 15 Mechanical,
   Nominal Tuition: $100 (includes        Div. 5 Structure and Misc.      Plumbing, and Fire Protect
    materials, and refreshments)           Div. 6 Carpentry                Div. 16. Electrical

   Graduates receive Certificate of
              Access To Capital
Class is designed to provide educational resources and
  business growth:

     •   Learn about…
     •   Credit Crunch
     •   What you Need to Know About Your Credit
     •   Alternative Financing

   Schedule: Bi-annually (Spring and Fall); 10-week Mondays
    from 5:30PM – 8:30PM

   Attendees receive Certificate of Completion
           Mock Bid Sessions
    These small group sessions
    are designed to provide
    potential bidders with
    identifying key elements to
    submitting an effective bid:

     • Review specs and plans
     • Practice Take-Off Sheet
     • Submittal Requirements

   Project Size: $50K to $1M

   Schedule: Quarterly; PM; 2


   Graduates from estimating
    and training classes are
    given preference to attend.
Matchmaking With Primes
 Platform allows the small contractor to meet large
 contractors to market their skills and project history for
 possible match on LACCD opportunities.

 Requirements to Participate:
  Completed Boot Camp and/or Estimating Classes

  OCIP Completed

  EMR below 1.24

 Schedule: Quarterly; 2-3 hours; various locations
Small Business Outreach Program
   Outreach Program Success
The dollar figures below represent the value of contracts or
subcontracts awarded to Local, Small, Emerging and Disabled-
Veteran businesses as of June 2009.

      Board Adopted L/S/E/DV Participation Goal = 28%

   • Total Contract Values (A&E and Construction) =
                                         $1.5 Billion

   • Total L/S/E/DV Contract Values                   = $965,997,720

  * There is no double counting for businesses whose classification meets multiple
                 criteria (i.e., Local AND Small, Emerging or DVBE).
             Outreach Team
   Donetta Pickett, Program Manager (213) 590-0499

   Diana Ho, Outreach Coordinator (310) 344-5556

   Eric Galeana, Outreach Coordinator (213)550-8370

   Henry Levya, Outreach Specialist (213) 703-4149

   Gilbert Buchanan, Outreach Specialist (626) 533-1186
    Thank You!
LACCD invites your participation:
      Join us as our contractors!
      Be part of our successful project team!
      Let us be your “preferred partner”

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