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									PTA Minutes – March 2, 2010

Attendance: Amy Outland, Rick Owen, Brett Van Heuveln, Dawn Hansen, Bobbie Battest, Stacie
Tschetter, Dawn Hansen, Trish Blank & Julie Erickson

Report of Officers: Treasures Report- Activity from last meeting includes: Expenses…$173.09= Read
Across America supplies, $41.25= Reflections ribbons, $388= PTA Ice Skating Party, $43.25 =Hot
Chocolate, $61.86 =Plates & plastic utensils for PTA kitchen, $39.79= Classroom Supplies, $1000=
Teacher Observation (pay for the substitutes covering the classrooms), $2000= books. Income…$120 =
bricks purchased, $100= T shirts purchases. Activities Account…$1500= Spanish Tuition collected, $20=
late basketball entrant. Student Council Account… $179.06 in school store sales. Motion to approve
budget made by Amy, Julie 2nd

Principal Report: Mr. Owen shared that April testing treats are needed, and will talk with teachers for
suggestions. Trish suggested that extra concession treats could be used. Joe the electrician visited
Pinedale to get the wireless sign ready. Installation should take place sometime in April. The Spring
Conference Dinner was appreciated by the staff.

Report of Committees: Ice-Skating Party- A successful Friday event with over 200 in attendance.
Conference Dinner- The spring Conference Dinner for Pinedale Staff which was co chaired and served by
Maria and Carrie went well. Read Across America- The weeks events are off to a great start, and will
continue with Crazy Hat and Crazy Hair Days and Nightly Reading Coupons, rewarding the top reading
classes with cookies. Bingo- Nachos with a vegetarian option will be served from 5:30-6:00. Food
servers are needed.

Upcoming Events: Variety Show- Thursday, March 4th. Bingo- Shamrock Bingo, March 12th. No School-
April 2-5th. PTA Meeting- April 6, 12:15. Turn Off TV Week- April 19-25th.

Unfinished Business: Pizza Hut Fundraiser- Trish shared that there has been some confusion at Pizza
Hut during our Tuesday Night Pinedale Fundraiser. The servers were unsure of which school should be
receiving funds, and the receipts were not marked with Pinedale’s name. A letter was sent to rectify.
Waiting for response.

New Business: Committee Chairs- Openings will be posted in the newsletter. Online PTA Minutes- PTA
is going green! The current month minutes will be posted on our website with a disclaimer until these
minutes are approved at the next meeting. The previous approved minutes, will also be posted. The
minutes will no longer be posted in the newsletter. Oldest and Only Office News- The office will be
sending information home with the oldest and only students, in an effort to conserve paper. Amy made
a motion of approval, Brett 2nd. Young Rembrandt Art Classes- Trish shared an article given by Julie,
describing this 8 week art program that would serve students at Pinedale after school. 1 Hour sessions
would be held at Pinedale, for those who enroll. Tuition would cover the cost of the supplies, and the
teachers. Dawn made a motion to proceed with this program, Brett 2nd.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dawn Hansen

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