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									Invitation to Tender for
Delivery of Hackney Hosts Volunteering Brokerage Scheme

Tender released: 21 April

Submission of Tenders due:
12 noon 21st May 2010

Any queries relating to this tender document should be submitted by email to

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1.      Introduction…………………………………………………………………………3
1.1     Team Hackney…………………………………………………………………...….3
1.2     Background…………………………………………………………………………..3

2.      Specification of Requirements……………………………………………………..5

3.      Statement of Approach
3.1     Statement of Expertise and Credentials……………………………………….....8
3.2     Statement of Local Knowledge…………………………………………………....8
3.3     Design and Delivery of Scheme……………………………………………...……8
3.4     Management Arrangements……………………………………………………… 9
3.5     Pricing Schedule…………………………………………………………………… 8
3.6     Economic and Financial Capability………………………………………………..9
3.7     Health and Safety……………………………………………………………….…. 9
3.8     Equal Opportunities……………………………………………………………..…10

4.      Instruction for Tendering……………………………………………………… 11
4.1     General Tendering Information……………………………………………..        11
4.2     Issued Documents…………………………………………………………….…..11
4.3     Confidential Nature of Tender Documentation…………………………………11
4.4     Tender Response………………………………………………………………….12
4.5     Further Questions………………………………………………………………….13
4.6     Evaluation Criteria…………………………………………………………………13
4.7     Contract Award/Acceptance of Tender………………………………………….13

5.    Tender Response Documentation..............................................................14
Appendix 1 - Form of Tender…………………………………………………………...…15
Appendix 2 - Tendering Certificate……………………………………………………….16
Appendix 3 - General Information about your Organisation………………………...…17
Appendix 4 - Legal Capacity to Participate………………………………………………18

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1 Introduction

1.1    Team Hackney

Team Hackney is a partnership dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone
in the borough, whether they live, work, invest, rest or play in Hackney. It is
Hackney‟s Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), which brings the different parts of the
public, private, community and voluntary sectors together to achieve this aim.

All involved recognise that no partner can do this on their own and it is only by local
people and local organisations working together that we can really bring about lasting

Team Hackney incorporates five thematic partnership boards and further information
can be found at

The Hackney Community Empowerment Network assists the voluntary and
community sector to participate as fully as possible in local decision making and
service delivery through the Local Strategic Partnership.

The 2012 Unit provides works to ensure Hackney not only contributes to a great
Games for London but that the borough is well placed to secure the best possible
sustainable benefits for residents from being a host borough for 2012. High on the
agenda are: transport, neighbourhood regeneration, training and jobs, access to
sport, leisure and arts and culture.

1.2    Background to the specification

Team Hackney and the 2012 Unit in Hackney Council are seeking responses to this
Invitation to Tender from providers or consortia with the interest and experience to
develop a new 2012 themed volunteering brokerage scheme for Hackney, a host
borough for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The successful provider will be
required to:
     recruit, train and broker volunteering opportunities for Hackney residents
     identify suitable 2012 related volunteering opportunities
     support the development of a legacy for these volunteers, as a group of
         Hackney Host volunteers who can be called on in the run up to 2012 and
         during the Games
The target for this brokerage scheme should be Hackney residents who are not
working (although they do not have to be job seekers), although this is intended to be
engagement rather than employment support.

Volunteering in Hackney

22% of adults volunteer in Hackney at least once a month, a slighter higher
proportion than the London average of 20% (2008/9 Place Survey). The Team
Hackney partnership is seeking to build on this and maximise the positive impacts of
volunteering on individuals and communities through strategic investment in

This investment is informed by research commissioned in 2008. The research
identifies the key motivations for Hackney residents to volunteer and these include
seeking skills development and employment related opportunities. Barriers to
volunteering included negative perceptions of volunteering, a lack of awareness of

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opportunities and personal constraints (time constraints; childcare needs; financial,
expenses and not having the required skills). In 2009 a Draft Helping Out in Hackney
Volunteering Strategy was developed and is currently at consultation stage.
Both the strategy and the research documents are posted on the Team Hackney
Commissioning      Web    Page     along      with   this   invitation  to    tender:

NB: The most widely accepted definition is „an unpaid activity where someone gives
their time to help an organisation or individual they are not related to‟ (Volunteering

Volunteering and 2012
Promoting 2012 themed volunteering is seen as a way to involve local people in the
Games and to maximise the opportunities that 2012 will bring. The 2008 research
highlighted specific needs in relation to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. At
the same time, 2012 is also seen as an opportunity to create new and different
volunteering opportunities and attract people new to volunteering. The official 2012
Games Volunteer Programme will recruit 70,000 people from across the UK, so
opportunities for local people to be volunteers through this route will be restricted and
highly competitive.

Alongside the need for the Games Volunteers, in the run up to 2012 and during the
Games, each host borough is likely to need to call on their own volunteers to support
their own programme of 2012 themed events. Other volunteering opportunities will
include supporting the real time events running alongside the Games, and the
preparation for the Games (e.g. crowd testing), as well as a role for advocates within
the community, who are able to cascade news and information about 2012.

Hackney is already running a Volunteer Programme- Person Best- funded by The
London Development Agency and the Learning and Skills Council. 130 residents
have already completed the Personal Best Programme in Hackney –which offers
individuals the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications through taking part
in training activities and completing a short volunteering role. Those who complete
the programme are guaranteed the opportunity to apply to be a 2012 Games
volunteer. However Personal Best has strict entry requirements and time
commitments which may exclude some who may require greater flexibility in their
training and volunteering roles.

In striving to give local residents the best chance of participating in the 2012 games,
there is an opportunity to develop a specific programme for volunteers who wish to
engage in 2012 related volunteering activities. By learning more about 2012 through
participating in the programme the Hackney Hosts can also become advocates for
2012 within their own community. Applicants to and participants in the Hackney
Hosts programme should be clear that this will not necessarily lead to a role as a
2012 Games Volunteer, recruited for by the London Organising Committee of the
Olympic Games.

Volunteering and work
As outlined above, skills development and employability are key reasons why people
in Hackney want to volunteer. At the same time Hackney has high levels of
unemployment and of people on out of work benefits. The Ways into Work
Programme in Hackney works with housing providers to reach residents who are not
working, and support them into training and work. In some cases, clients are not
ready to work, and there is a need for advisers to offer alternatives to clients. There is

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an opportunity to target a programme like this through Ways into Work, as well as
other employment programmes.

Languages spoken in Hackney
Evidence from a range of sources suggests that Hackney is particularly unique due
to the number of community languages spoken. More than one in ten (11%)
respondents stated that English is neither their only nor main language used at home
(Household Survey 2004) and it is estimated that around 100 languages are spoken
in the borough. There is an opportunity for the Hackney Hosts Volunteering
Brokerage Scheme to capitalise on the cultural and language skills of Hackney‟s
diverse communities, as Hackney “welcomes the world” in 2012.

2. Specification of Requirements

2.1 Overview
This invitation to tender is to develop a Hackney Hosts Volunteering Brokerage
Scheme. We are seeking to commission one organisation, or a consortium (known
from now on as the provider) who can work closely with the 2012 Unit to recruit, train
and broker volunteering opportunities for Hackney residents who are not working.
The provider will also be required to work very closely with the 2012 Unit, to identify
suitable 2012 related volunteering opportunities and to develop a legacy for Hackney
Hosts. It is likely that the provider would need to be based for some of the time within
the 2012 Unit. The budget for this Invitation to Tender is £70,000. The project will run
from late June 2010 to 31st March 2011

2.2 Developing the concept, identity and structure of Hackney Hosts
The provider will need to work closely with Team Hackney and the 2012 Unit to
develop the concept and identity of Hackney Hosts in line with Good Practice
Standards in Volunteering and will include developing:

          An identity for Hackney Hosts
          The structure of the Hackney Hosts Volunteering Brokerage Scheme, and
           the specific skills development element. The provider will need to consider
           the optimum approach to engaging 100 volunteers from the target groups
           specified over the 9 months the project is live
          Support and communication arrangements with Hackney Hosts, including
           identifying and supporting specific needs, particularly in relation to the
           target groups; people with disabilities and people from migrant and
           refugee communities.
          Recognition and celebratory events for Hackney Hosts

2.3 Targeting and recruitment
Hackney Hosts should recruit volunteers who are not currently working, from a
variety of backgrounds including those who have never previously volunteered (about
50% who are engaged should be new to volunteering).

In order to ensure a diverse intake, Hackney Hosts should:
        target areas of Hackney where there are the greatest levels of economic
            inactivity, working with local employment programmes as appropriate
            including Hackney‟s Ways into Work Programme.
        target volunteers from migrant and refugee communities
        recruit from disability groups
        target bilingual communities

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Providers should advise on their proposed target numbers for each group. 100
Hackney residents should complete the programme, so a higher number may need
to be recruited.

2.4 The Skills Development Programme and Delivery
The Hackney Hosts Skills Development programme should be developed with the
2012 Unit to provide skills and knowledge relevant to 2012 related volunteering and
should cover:
        Event volunteering (including health and safety, equality and diversity)
        First Aid – this should be a recognised First Aid qualification
        Communication skills (including supporting people to use their community
           language and interpreting skills, how to be a Hackney Host to visitors and
           an advocate about 2012 in their community)
        Information about the 2012 Games in Hackney to support and enthuse
           Hackney Hosts in their 2012 community advocate role (this will be
           delivered with the 2012 Unit).

One of these elements should be accredited in order to empower those volunteers
who are seeking to gain skills/qualifications

2.5 Identifying suitable 2012 related volunteering opportunities
The provider will be required to work closely with the 2012 team to:
        Identify and compile information about suitable volunteering opportunities,
           with a focus (although not exclusively) on event volunteering and 2012
           themed opportunities
        To vet suitable opportunities and ensure they are appropriate for Hackney
           Hosts, and that risk assessments have been undertaken by the
           organisation offering the opportunities. A check list should be designed by
           the provider in order to vet the organisation. This should ensure for
           example that the organisation has a volunteering policy, provides a
           named contact, contact details, that health and safety checks have been
           carried out, that there is an expenses policy
        To ensure that this information is available to be used by the 2012 team
           after 31st March 2011

2.6 Brokerage of volunteering opportunities and volunteer co-ordination
The provider will be required to ensure that all Hackney Hosts have to opportunity to
take part in volunteering opportunities:
        Maintaining a bank of Hackney Hosts volunteers and suitable volunteering
        Brokering Hackney Hosts into the suitable opportunities identified as part
            of activity conducted under 2.5.
        Ensuring that each organisation is equipped to take on volunteers by
            developing a checklist of requirements that all organisations that take on
            Hackney Hosts should adhere to.

2.7 Supporting progression and developing a legacy
The provider will be required to ensure that Hackney Hosts are signposted to other
opportunities for employment support and formal volunteering. They should also work
with the 2012 Unit to ensure that the Hackney Hosts Bank is maintained after the life
of the programme. The provider will need to:
     Offer signposting to employment programmes or formal volunteering
        programmes, including signposting to the Ways into Work Programme, the

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       Volunteering Centre, 2012 related job and training opportunities and
       opportunities in the statutory sector
      Offer signposting and advice about other 2012 related volunteering
       opportunities including Games Volunteering, Host City Volunteering,
       Changing Places and Cultural Olympiad
      Work with the 2012 Unit to develop a legacy plan for Hackney Hosts which
       explores sustainability and future funding options for the brokerage scheme,
       and ensures that they are maintained as a bank of potential volunteers
       beyond the life of the programme and as community advocates* for 2012 in
       their own communities
      Work with the Hackney Council‟s 2012 Unit to identify and develop potential
       volunteering opportunities for local events in Hackney in the run up to and
       during the 2012 Games.

*The community advocates‟ role is an important element to the programme. All
Hackney Hosts will have the optional opportunity to become a Hackney 2012
Advocate. The advocates will help to disseminate information about the 2012 Games
in their community and across the borough, working closely with the 2012 Unit
through attending events and giving presentations. Advocates will also cascade
information informally to friends, family and neighbours. Advocates will also have the
opportunity to feed back issues about 2012 raised by their communities to the 2012

2.8 Outcomes

Progress towards achieving these outcomes will be monitored on a quarterly basis as
part of the claims process set out in the Service Level Agreement.

100 Hackney residents trained as Hackney Hosts, developing specific and generic
skills and participating in at least two 2012 related volunteering opportunities
between July 2010 and March 2011
Measured by: management information about enrolments, attendance and
volunteering opportunities accessed

80% of Hackney Hosts state that they have developed a thorough knowledge and
understanding about the 2012 Games as a result of participation on the programme
Measured by: Distance travelled surveys – before, during and after the programme.

30% of Hackney Hosts sign up to                      be    Hackney   2012   community
advocates/champions until the 2012 Games.
Measured by: Number of people signed up.

90% of Hackney Hosts gain an accreditation as a result of participation in the
Measured by: test/coursework on one of the training elements

A Hackney Host Bank of Volunteers and a database of volunteering opportunities are
developed for use in the run up, and during the Games
Measured by: The handover of the bank and database to the 2012 Unit

50 people are engaged in volunteering for the first time
Measured by: specific question on enrolment form

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3. Statement of Approach

Having reference to the information set out in Section 2, your formal offer should
address the following headings. Please be aware that these headings will form the
assessment criteria against which bids will be assessed.

The scoring system is that each of the qualitative criteria (3.1 to 3.4 inclusive) is
worth a maximum score of 3 unless a weighting is indicated. The maximum score
available for the qualitative criteria is 60. The pricing schedule (3.5) is worth a
maximum of 15. The maximum total score is therefore 75.

Sections 3.6 to 3.8 are not scored, but must be assessed as being met to an
acceptable standard for your bid to be considered eligible.

3.1     Statement of Expertise and Credentials (18 points)
For this section, please provide examples of previous work. For consortia, you
can provide the suitable experience of the relevant consortium member.
3.1.1   Your experience of delivering volunteering brokerage and /or programmes
        (double weighting- 6 points) and two relevant referees
3.1.2   Your experience of delivering skills development, including accredited training
3.1.3   Your experience of supporting the target groups for this tender (double
3.1.4   CVs for all staff working on Hackney Hosts

3.2     Statement of Local Knowledge (12 points)
Organisations should provide the following information in support of their proposal:

3.2.1   Your understanding of local, regional and national initiatives promoting
3.2.2   Your understanding of the needs of Hackney‟s communities and of the
        specific target groups for this tender
3.2.3   Your understanding of volunteering in Hackney: in terms of opportunities, key
        agencies and strategies
3.2.4   Your understanding of Hackney‟s role as a 2012 host borough, of the
        Council‟s role and plans for before, during and after the games

3.3     Design and delivery of scheme (21 points)
Organisations should provide a detailed plan of how they will meet all the points in
the specification outlined in 2. This should cover:

3.3.1   Describe how you will meet all the points described in the specification
        outlined in section 2 including the outcomes. You should refer to all the
        sections systematically from 2.2 to 2.8 (15 points)
3.3.2   A project plan setting out key milestones and actions to meet all the
        requirements of the specification set out in section 2 and the outcomes
3.3.3   Describe the premises from where you will deliver Hackney Hosts. We will be
        seeking providers to deliver the programme in accessible, Hackney based fit
        for purpose venues

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3.4     Management Arrangements (9 points)

Organisations should provide the following information about how they will manage
the project:

3.4.1   Proposed project management arrangements, including allocation of staff to
        specified roles (where known) or proposed recruitment. For consortia, you
        should provide details of members and of their specific roles, as well as
        providing details for the individuals involved.
3.4.2   Role / job descriptions and person specifications for specified roles if
3.4.3   A risk management plan identifying key risks, and how they will be managed

3.5     Pricing Schedule (15 points)

3.5.1   Bidders are required to submit a full schedule of costs specifying relevant cost
        headings in relation to the deliverables specified in section 2. This should
        include a detailed breakdown of staff costs and time allocated to each phases
        of the project, and any expenses.

3.5.2   The schedule of costs must clearly show the split between direct project costs
        and management, administration and overheads. For consortia, the schedule
        should breakdown costs per member.

3.5.3   The prices and rates quoted shall be the fully inclusive value of the services,
        excluding VAT charged by the provider, including all costs and expenses
        which may be required to provide complete services together with all general
        risks, liabilities and obligations set out in or implied necessary to comply with
        the conditions of tendering, the conditions of contract, the specification,
        provisional method statement, all schedules and appendices thereto and all
        other documents forming part of the Contract

3.6     Economic and Financial Capability

3.6.1 As part of evaluating the financial status of service providers, the Council will
      obtain financial status report on your organisation from the Company House.
      If however the report obtained does not provide the Council with sufficient
      information to make reasonable judgement on the suitability of your firm in
      relation to the partnership support services work, then further information will
      be requested as appropriate. If you have not submitted audited accounts to
      Companies House (e.g. if you are a sole trader) you must provide a statement
      of your turnover for the past three financial years.

3.6.2   Please provide copies of your professional indemnity insurance certificates,
        including evidence of the value of cover.

3.7     Health and Safety

3.7.1   Organisations should supply a statement confirming either:

           Your firm has less than five employees; or

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           Your firm has been approved under the Contractors' Health and Safety
            Assessment Scheme (CHAS) together with an up-to-date copy of the
            certification; or
           Your firm has been accredited to BS8800 or OHSAS 18001 together with
            an up-to-date copy of the certification; or
           a copy of your Health and Safety Policy as required by Section 2(3) of the
            Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

3.8     Equal Opportunities

3.8.1   A statement confirming either that no finding of unlawful discrimination on the
        grounds of race, gender, disability, sexuality or religion has been made
        against your firm by any court or employment tribunal in the last three years,
        or that if such a finding had been made, the details of that finding, together
        with the remedial action instated.

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4         Instruction for Tendering

4.1       General Tendering Information

These instructions are designed to ensure that all tenders are given equal and fair
consideration. All prospective Tenderers should read these instructions carefully
before completing the remaining documentation. Failure to comply with the stated
requirements for the completion and submission of the Tender may result in rejection
of the Tender as a whole on the grounds of non-compliance.              It is therefore
important that you provide all information asked for in the format and order specified.
If you have any doubt as to what is required or will have difficulty in providing the
information requested, please contact Sonia Khan, Head of Commissioning 020 8356
5148 or email

         Tenders shall be submitted in accordance with these instructions.

         Tenders that do not comply with any mandatory requirement (i.e. where the
          words “shall” or “must” are used) will be rejected.

         This Invitation to Tender does not constitute an offer and Team Hackney does
          not undertake to accept any tender. Team Hackney reserves the right to
          accept a Tender in part, rather than in full.

4.2       Issued Documents

Apart from the formal Contract Agreement between the Council on behalf of Team
Hackney and the successful supplier, arising from Team Hackney‟s written
acceptance of tender, the following documents referred to in these instructions as the
incorporated documents forming the contract will comprise:

          1)       These instructions including the specification of requirements.
          2)       The Form of Tender.
          3)       The Tendering Certificate.

4.3       Confidential Nature of Tender Documentation

4.3.1     Documentation in relation to this Invitation to Tender and any Tenders
          received by Team Hackney in response to it shall be treated as private and
          confidential save where the disclosure is required by law.

4.3.2     Tenderers shall not:

                  Discuss the Invitation or the Tender they intend to make.

                  Release any information relating to the Invitation and the Tender that
                   they intend to make, other than with professional advisers who need
                   to be consulted with regards to the preparation of the Tender.

                  Canvass for the acceptance of their Tender with any other Tenderer,
                   Member of the Council or Officer of the Council.

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4.3.3   If a Tenderer does not observe paragraphs 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 above, the
        Council will reject their tender and may decide not to invite the Tenderer to
        tender for future work.

4.4     Tender response

Section 2 of this document sets out the base information needed to understand Team
Hackney‟s requirements. Your bid must respond directly to requirements and set
out your proposal and associated assumptions and conditions.

Please be clear and unambiguous in all responses. Details should be typed and
printed in black ink.

All Tenders shall be supplied in loose leaf format with each sheet sequentially
numbered and showing the name of the Tenderer. Tenderers shall supply:
       - one full hard copy of all documentation
       - six hard copies of the Sections 3.1 – 3.5 (Statement of Approach and
          Pricing Schedule)
       - one electronic copy the Statement of Approach and Pricing
          Schedule by e-mail.

All Tenders shall be delivered in a sealed envelope or other container which does not
bear any words, mark or device which identifies the Tenderer. Where this is found,
the tender will not be considered.

The sealed envelope or container shall be marked

Team Hackney Tender for Hackney Hosts

All Tenders shall be delivered before 12 noon on 21st May 2010 and addressed to
Sonia Khan, London Borough of Hackney, Town Hall, Mare Street Hackney, E8 1EA

It is the Tenderer‟s responsibility to ensure that their Tender arrives in accordance
with the instructions above. Tenders received after the date and time for delivery will
not be considered.

Where Tenders are delivered other than by post to the address above, they must be
delivered to the Reception Desk at the above address. Tenders delivered to any
other employee or member of the Council or Team Hackney or to any other location
will be rejected.

Tenderers are advised to keep a copy of their Tender submission. Team Hackney
reserves the right to make a charge for providing a copy of Tenderers own bid.
Unless stated elsewhere in the issued documents, details of other submissions will
not be published or made available to Tenderers except as may be required by law.

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4.5    Further questions

Tenderers will have the opportunity to ask further questions by e-mail or any other
written form of communication to Sonia Khan, Head of Commissioning or Jason
Davis, LAA Programme Manager who will use their best endeavours to respond as a
matter of assistance to the Tenderer but it shall not be construed to add to modify or
take away from the meaning and intent of the proposed contract and or the
obligations and liabilities of the Tenderer.

4.6    Evaluation Criteria

Team Hackney is committed to providing high quality, value for money services to
the people who live and work in the borough. Tenderers must provide information
which demonstrates and supports their understanding of, and ability to meet, the
specification contained within this document.

The following specific criteria are those which Team Hackney will base its decision:

 1.    Ability to provide a quality service – 60 points
       This will be assessed by reference to the extent to which you demonstrate an
       understanding of, and ability to deliver on, the overall requirements as set out
       in your statement of approach outlined in Section 3.

 2.    Price – 15 points
       This will be assessed by reference to the fixed prices you quote in the Pricing
       Schedule at 3.5. Team Hackney reserves the right not to accept the lowest
       priced tender.

4.7    Contract Award/Acceptance of Tender

At the conclusion of the evaluation process and subject to the provisos contained in
these instructions, Team Hackney will decide to whom the Contract will be awarded
and the successful Tenderer will be expected to enter into a formal agreement. Team
Hackney‟s letter of acceptance together with the documents stated in Section 5 and
all other documents jointly agreed by Team Hackney and the Tenderer as being
included, will form the Contract between the successful Tenderer and the Council on
behalf of Team Hackney.

Acceptance of the Tender shall only be signified in writing under the hand of Head of
Law and no other purported method of acceptance (i.e. telephone call,
correspondence from any other officer or site possession) shall be binding on the
Council. In addition any action on the part of the successful Tenderer shall be of no
contractual effect and not binding on the Council without an acceptance letter under
the hand of the said officer being issued to the Tenderer.

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5      Tender Response Documentation

Organisations must provide all of the following information in order that they may be
considered eligible to participate in the tender process.

Failure to provide this information will result in the application being rejected.

5.1     Form of Tender
This is in effect your organisation‟s formal offer. Please see Appendix 1 for letter
template - complete and sign as instructed.

5.2    Tendering Certificate
Tenderers are required to certify their tender in the following terms (the certificate
should be signed by the same individual(s) who signed the Form of Tender):

Please see Appendix 2 for Certificate template. Complete and sign as instructed.

5.3    General Information about your Organisation
This is for general information about your organisation, including contact names,
addresses and VAT details.

Please complete Appendix 3 – Response Form – General information. This WILL
NOT be evaluated.

5.4   Legal Capacity to Participate
Tenderers are required to certify their legal capacity to tender.

Please see Appendix 4 for template. Complete and sign as instructed.

5.5     Statement of Approach and Pricing Schedule
This section should detail your approach to delivering the overall requirements set
out in Sections 3.1 to 3.11.

5.6     Contract Specifications and Terms and Conditions
It is crucial that suppliers identify all significant contract specification issues and
make alternative suggestions as appropriate. Please see our website – – where you can download a full copy of the standard Team
Hackney Service Level Agreement. This form should be used as a model for such
indications (if any).

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Appendix 1 - Form Of Tender

Tenderers are required to express their tender in the following terms:

“To Team Hackney / Council of the London Borough of Hackney”

Team Hackney Tender for Hackney Hosts

Having carefully examined and considered the Invitation to Tender including, without
limitation, the Specification of Requirements (Sections 2), the Instructions for
Tendering (Section 3) and the contract terms and conditions, and in consideration of
the Council considering this tender, we:

Offer to provide the services/goods or carry out the work required to meet the
Specification of Requirements and to enter an agreement with the Council in the form
of the contract terms and conditions for the price specified in the attached Contract
Price Document.
Confirm that we are able to provide the goods and services required to meet the
Specification of Requirements.
Confirm that, if our Tender is accepted, we will upon demand
        Produce evidence that the relevant insurances and compliance certificates
         with relevant legislation and policy are held and are in force and
        Execute and deliver the necessary contract documents to the Council.
Agree that this Tender shall constitute an irrevocable, unconditional offer which may
not be withdrawn for a period of four (4) months from the date of this Tender.
Agree that unless and until contract documents are executed and mutually delivered
between the Council and ourselves, this Tender, together with the Council‟s written
acceptance of it, shall constitute a binding contract between us and the Council.

We understand that the Council is not bound to accept any Tender that it receives.

Signed for the Tenderer:





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Appendix 2 - Tendering Certificate

Tenderers are required to certify their tender in the following terms (the certificate
should be signed by the same individual(s) who signed the Form of Tender):

“To the Council of the London Borough of Hackney”

Team Hackney Tender for Hackney Hosts

I/We certify that this is a bona fide tender, intended to be competitive and that I/We
have not (either personally or by anyone acting on my/our behalf):

1 Fixed the amount of the Tender (or the rate or prices quoted) by agreement with
  any other person, company or organisation.
2 Communicated to anyone, other than the Council, the amount or approximate
  amount or terms of my/our tender (other than in confidence in order to obtain
  quotations, professional advice or insurance necessary for the preparation of the
3 Entered into any agreement or arrangement with any other person, company or
  organisation that they shall refrain from tendering or as to the amount of or terms
  of any tender to be submitted by them.
4 Canvassed or solicited any member, officer, employee or agent of the Council in
  connection with the award of this or any other contract with or Tender to the
  London Borough of Hackney.
5 Offered, given or agreed to give any inducement or reward in respect of this or
  any other contract with or tender to the London Borough of Hackney.

Signed for the Tenderer:





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      Appendix 3 - General Information about Your Organisation

      This section contains practical, general and relevant contact information for your
      organisation. It will not be evaluated.

A1.    Trading Name of Company / Charity

A2.    Registered Name of Company / Charity

A3.    Address for Correspondence

A4.    Registered Office Address

A5.    Registration Numbers Company No.
       (complete those that Charity No.
       apply)                 VAT No.
A6.    Person     applying on   behalf  of

A7.    Contact Details        Number
                              Fax Number
A8.    Company Website Details

A9.    If applicable please attach details of any Attached / Not Applicable
       association your company or your
       directors or management board have
       currently or have had over the past
       three years with Team Hackney or the
       London Borough of Hackney.

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Appendix 4 - Legal Capacity to Participate

      Companies should note that the Council will only consider trading with
      organisations who meet the following criteria as legal proof of eligibility
      to participate in the tender process.

      By signing the declaration and returning this questionnaire, you are
      confirming the following:

      (i)    The Company has fulfilled its obligations relating to the payment of
             taxes and social security contributions in accordance with the legal
             provisions of the country in which the bidder is established.

      (ii)   The Company and the Directors of the Company:

             (a)    is/are not bankrupt or being wound up, its affairs are not being
                    administered by the Court, it has not entered into an
                    arrangement with creditors, it has not suspended business
                    activities or is not an any analogous situation arising from a
                    similar procedure under national laws and regulations;
             (b)    is/are not the subject of proceedings for a declaration of
                    bankruptcy, or for an order for compulsory winding up of
                    administration by the court or for an arrangement with creditors
                    or of any other similar proceedings under national laws and
             (c)    has/have not been convicted of an offence concerning his
                    professional conduct by a judgement which has the force of a
                    res judicata (i.e. a matter which has already been conclusively
                    decided by a court).

      Please tick the box to confirm you have understood these criteria.

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