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					                                              November 14, 2010
Page two                            Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

  MASSES FOR THE WEEK                                     Please pray for the sick of our Parish
Monday,    November 15, 2010                                  and those who care for them:
7:00 am    Loretta Cotty                                Michael Glose         Frances Vindigni       Ray & Marion Gattus
 9:00 am   Mary Frank DeSantis                          Joseph& Adele Manso   Julianna Buttner       Baby Carmine Luongo
Tuesday,   November 16, 2010                            Richard Strejlau      Jessica Buttner        Robert Marriello
 7:00 am   John DiGiacomo                               Bonnie Kmiotek        William Ford           John/Connie Cardallo
 9:00 am   Living and Deceased Members of the           Danny Davino          Christine Lisle        Teresa Grange
           Logan and Darcy Families                     Andrew Bartolozzi     Tony Gentile           Philip Crepeau
                                                        Colleen Clark         David Golpanian        Jimmy Keegan
Wednesday, November 17, 2010                            Nicole O’Neill        Mae Bonano             Maxine McDonald
 7:00 am   Anthony Zuzio                                Joan Nauss            Rosalie Licata         Mike Brassil
 9:00 am   Edward Reinhardt                             Frank Kennedy         Joe Dunn               Baby Sophia Maglione
Thursday,  November 18, 2010                            Emily Brophy          Edward Weinschreider   Dr. John Sheehan
                                                        Rose Vroman           Matthew Egan           June Bellofatto
7:00 am    William Hansen                               Sally Waskewich       Linda Farese           Carol Wilson
 9:00 am   Gregory DePalma                              Terence Sullivan      John Mc Keon           Palma Ricken
                                                        Theresa Gorozdi       Alan Meyer             Donald Vita
Friday,    November 19, 2010                            John Dominic Morea    Robert Cazer           Mary Ann Kotoucek
 7:00 am   Thomas Bartley-55th Wedding Anniv.           Alejandro Montilla    Laureen-Quinn Sturge   Jane/Raymond Huber
 9:00 am   Jack Shea                                    Annette Pavone        Baby R. Sznurkowski    Edward Zoccola
                                                        Bill Wiebke           Andrew Gamard          Edward Krupp
Saturday,  November 20, 2010                            Dolores Caine         Florence Bianco        Brianne Patton
 9:00 am   Mary Hudecek-Living - Birthday               John Dick             Leonard Toscano        Assunta Arceri
           Mary Gordon - 1st Anniversary Rem.           Domenick Burdi        Michael Korwan         Florence Beaver
           Edward Vodvarka                              Frank Kubicki         John Mysliwiec         Richard Sens
                                                        Dorothy Vella         Dorothy Montuori       Sal Portelli
           Art Neuhedel                                 Teresa Grange         Florence Zoccola       Robert Goelz, Jr.
 4:00 pm   Elizabeth and Eugene Conway, Sr. .
 5:30 pm   Members of Purgatorial Society
Sunday,    November 21, 2010                                            Anointing of the Sick
 7:30 am   Adrian Lopez-Silvero                         The Mass of Anointing is celebrated four times a year
 9:00 am   Tom O’Brien and                              as scheduled. The Priests of the parish are always
           Kathryn and Herbert O’Brien                  available for the Anointing of the Sick.
10:30 am   Living and Deceased Parishioners
12:00 pm   Al Carey                                     Arrangements can be made for someone to bring Holy
5:00 pm    Ron Fodrowski                                Communion to a sick or homebound person.

                                                                  PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE
              Altar Bread and Wine Donations                         IN OUR MILITARY
             Our Altar Bread and Wine for the week of           Chris Caiozzi              Christopher Manzalillo
              November 14, 2010 are in memory of                Joseph Carroll             Evan Marcy
                          Art Neuhedel                          Anthony Cavalieri          Drew Masone
                     donated by Claire Weigel                   Michael Dundon             Robert Michelotti
                                                                Christopher Eckert         Marc MItchell
                                                                James Fenton               Gregory Nordquist
                   Altar Candle Donations                       Michael Geller             Peter Rommel
                 Our Altar Candles for the week of              Murray Griffin             Adam Ropelewski
               November 14, 2010 are in memory of               James Harris               Erin Ropelewski
                Raymond Lipay - Anniversary Rem.                John Heckle                Joshua Rotondo
               donated by his loving wife Marguerite            Timothy Hirten             Michael Sanchez
                                                                Ryan Hodgetts              Alfred Simeone
                                                                Gregory Holownia           Michael Simeone
                                                                Michael Jackvony           Jason Spinella
           Please pray for the deceased of                      Timothy Judge              John M. Tarpey
                our parish: James Keegan,                       Daniel Klein               Chad Thornton
       Dolores G. DelMonte, John F. Scuteri,                    James Lisle                Nathan White
      John Haas, Sr. and Rosalia Graffagnino                    Thomas Lisle               John Zimmerman
                                                                                           Kevin Zwijcaz
                                               November 14, 2010
Page three                           Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                      Baptisms                                                         “REVIVE’’ SCC
 We welcome to our parish and Christian community                                      at Maria Regina
  the following babies who were baptized at Maria                             “Share your faith through the Sun-
                        Regina last week:                                     day Readings and Share the Word
                        John Bruce McGrory                                    in your Home.” Here is a question
                      Joseph Matthew Guercio               to get you started. For the week of November 21st:
                     Benedict Robert Lombardo              What does being “reconciled to God” meant o you?

                 Annual Winter Coat Drive                                   Banns of Marriage
            We will be collecting gently used                                  Third Time
            children's and adults winter coats/                      Angela Palumbo and Brian Goodovitch
            jackets after all Masses the weekend                               First Time
            of Nov. 20/21st. These coats/jackets                   Mark Zatopp & Stephanie Mathiesen
            will be donated to the Mary Brennan                     Michael Hampton & Lisa Impieri
            Inn. Please drop them off at the                          David Stapleton & Kerri Breen
Main Entrance of the school.                                        David Ianniello & Tara Donohue
                                                                   Daniel Young & Cassandra Donaudy

                             Special Needs Mass
                         There will be a meeting on                                       The Adult Choir
                         Tuesday, November 16th at                                  The Christmas Season is fast
                         6:30 p.m. in the Chapel.                                   approaching. The Adult
Fr. Stephen planning to have a Mass for our friends                                 Choir would like to invite ex-
with Special Needs and we need your input. Please                                   tra voices to join us for the
come with your ideas and support.                          Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Any interested pa-
                                                           rishioners from high school age through adult who
                                                           would like to join us, please come to our rehearsals on
                     .We will take up the collection for   Thursday evenings, beginning on November 18th.
                     the Catholic Campaign for Human       We will work on Christmas music for the first 30 min-
                     Development next week. CCHD           utes of rehearsal.
                     was founded 40 years ago by the
bishops of the U.S. when they realized that the lives of   For more information, please contact Mr. Watson at
those in need would not improve until the systems and      the Rectory.
policies that keep people in poverty were changed.                             Thank you!
CCHD has funded community groups that seek justice
and create lasting change. Fight poverty in America,
give to the CCHD Collection.                                              .Parish Advent Mission
                                                           What is a Mission? A Mission is a special parish
THANK YOU - Words are totally inadequate to ex-
                                                           event, a time to set aside other things. It is like a re-
press to all of our fellow parishioners our warm grati-
                                                           treat brought to our own parish. It is a time to renew
tude for your outpouring of love for our husband and
                                                           and strengthen our personal faith, a time to grow and
father, Joe Cifarelli. We were overwhelmed by your
                                                           learn, a time to celebrate our spirituality and belief. It
kindness and generosity at both the wake and the
                                                           is a time of great blessings! Fathers Patrick Woods
                                                           and John McGowan, Redemptorist missionaries, will
Joe was a very special person as was evidenced by the
                                                           have messages for each and everyone of you. Our
number of his friends who attended and the tears shed
                                                           Parish Mission begins Sunday, November 28th at all
for our loss. May God Bless you all as we know he is
                                                           the parish Masses with a special opening ceremony at
blessing Joe in Heaven. Very sincerely,
                                                           7:30 p.m. on Sunday evening.
 Mary, Paul, Mark, Stephen and Christopher Cifarelli
                                               November 14, 2010
Page four                            Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

  Please join the Maria Regina
  parish community
  for one very special hour

  Wednesday November 17 at 7:30 p.m.

What is Taizé Prayer?
Taiz (pronounced “tay-zay”) is the name of a tiny village hidden away in the
hills of Burgundy, France where seventy years ago, on August 20,1940, Brother
Roger Schulz, at age 25, arrived alone and founded a community to comfort
those ravaged by World War II.

Today, the Taiz Community is made up of over a hundred brothers,
              é                                                                    Taizé Chants
and Taiz prayer groups meet regularly on every continent and
                                                                                   Bless the Lord
continue to comfort those broken in body, mind, and spirit over life’s
                                                                                   Bless the Lord, my soul
challenges. Young adults in particular are drawn to Taiz and every                 And bless God's holy name
year countless youth groups make pilgrimages to Taiz to stay for                   Bless the Lord, my soul
a few days or a week.                                                              who leads me into life.
Prayer around the Cross is a way of expressing an invisible communion              The Lord is My Song
not only with Jesus but with all who love Him and know what it is                  The Lord is my song,
to suffer with Him and know the power of His resurrection.                         the Lord is my praise.

                                                                                   All my hope comes from God
     aiz Prayer is simple, quiet, and meditative. It does not demand,
                                                                                   The Lord is my song,
     but invites. it is a time to just “be”with our Lord amidst                    the Lord is my praise
the candlelight. Meditative sung chants followed by periods of silence. There      God, the well spring of life.
is a scripture reading, intercessory prayer, and then, while the singing contin-
ues, those who wish can come to the cross to pray as they are entrusting si-       O Lord Hear My Prayer
lently to Jesus.                                                                   O Lord hear my prayer.
                                                                                   O Lord hear my prayer.
"All you who are heavy-ladened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon         When I call answer me.
you and learn from me, for I am meek and gentle of heart." This prayer re-         O Lord hear my prayer.
minds us that now, risen from the dead, Jesus accompanies all who call upon        O Lord hear my prayer.
Him, even when His presence is not recognized.                                     Come and listen to me.

You are cordially invited to join us on Wednesday, November 17                     Stay With Me
at 7:30 p.m. as the parish community of Maria Regina experiences                   Stay with me,
                                                                                   remain here with me;
Taiz Prayer together.                                                              watch and pray, watch and pray.
You may virtually visit Taiz at www.taize
                                                                                   Adoramus Te Domine
                                                                                   (We adore you, O Lord)
                                                                                   Adoramus te, Domine
                                               November 14, 2010
Page five                            Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                    Pauca Verba - Gospel Quiz
                                     Father Stephen P. Morris
 A new poll indicates that those who claim no religion more often know more about Christianity than Chris-
 tians do? YIKES! Want to prove them wrong? Take this gospel quiz. Maybe each member of the family
 could take it. I’ll give the answers next week. This is level one: next week - harder questions.

 1) How was Mary told that she was going to be the mother Jesus?
    a) a shepherd told her; b) her mother told her; c) Joseph told her; d) an angel told her

 2) Jesus, the Holy Infant, was born at:
    a) Jerusalem; b) Bethlehem; c) Cana; d) Bethany

 3) Who informed the shepherds in the hills of Jesus’ birth?
    a) Joseph; b) neighboring shepherds; c) angels; d) kings

 4) What message were the shepherds given on the night of Jesus’ birth?
    a) He is not here, he is risen!; b) Glory to “God; peace on earth!
     c) Take the baby to Egypt; d) Take the baby to Jerusalem

 5) How did the astrologers find their way to the place of Jesus’ birth?
    a) a map was given by an angel; shepherds met them on the way;
     c) a traveling star; d) Herod knew the baby well

 6. As an infant, Jesus was taken to the temple in:
    a) Jerusalem; b) Nazareth; c) Galilee; d) Rome

 7. Jesus was baptized in:
    a) The Red Sea; The Sea of Galilee; c) The Jordan River; d) The Dead Sea

 8. When Jesus changed water into wine he’d been invited to:
    a) a funeral; b) a baptism; c) a meeting with Jewish priests; d) a wedding

 9. What did Jesus do for Lazarus?
    a) he gave him money for the poor; b) he made him an apostle
     c) he married him to Mary Magdalen; d) he raised him from the dead

 10. The gospels tell us that Jesus often went to the mountains to:
     a) to visit his dear relatives; b) to talk with the religious leaders privately
     c) to eat and sleep for the next day’s miracles; d) to pray
                                                 November 14, 2010
Page six                               Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                         The Giving Tree                                              MARIA REGINA
           The Giving Tree will be in the Narthex of the                         HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIR
           Church beginning the weekend of Nov.27th.
           In the spirit of giving, please take a tag off the                      Friday, December 3rd
tree and buy a gift certificate to local retail stores                                 6 pm to 10 pm
such as Old Navy, Kohl's, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us or
any other major department store or supermarket. You                           Sat., Dec. 4th - 10 am to 4 pm
can find most of these gift cards available through the              Maria Regina School Auditorium.
Scrip Program at the school and on Monday nights in the
Rectory. Please return the gift certificate with the amount         Many vendors with homemade crafts,
written on it to the Rectory by Dec. 15th. The gift certifi-         jewelry, toys, raffles, baked goods
cates will be given to needy families in our area. Thank                        and lots more!
you for your generosity!

        “Shopping Cents” Gift Card Program                        October 2010 Bills-To-Pay Bills Winners
        WHAT:       We will be selling gift cards
                       from King Kullen, Pathmark,              1st Prize    $100   Joseph & Maureen Sander
                       Stop & Shop, & Waldbaum’s,               2nd Prize    $30    Jean Fanning
                       as well as gift cards from other
                       retailers such as Kohl’s, Macy’s,        3rd Prize    $25    Sue & Frank Fischetti
                       Marshall’s/TJ Maxx, Payless, Star
                       bucks, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Barnes       4th Prize    $20    Eugene Saucci
                       & Noble, & AMC Theaters.                 5th Prize    $15    Marion O’Brien
                       These gift cards are available in                            Carol & Joe Dunn
                       varying denominations from $10 to
                                                                                    Gladys Henry
        WHEN:          After every Mass on Sat., Decem-
                                                                                    Kathleen & Dom Ferrello
                       ber 4th and Sun., December 5th                               Tom Ficker
        WHERE:         Outside Church                           6th Prize    $10    A. & B. O’Shea
        HOW:           You can pay by cash or check                                 Skeans Family
                       made payable to Maria Regina
                                                                                    K. Gattung
                       Scrip Program.
                                                                                    George Lyons
        WHY:           Stop by and do some of your holi-
                                                                                    Vic & Rosalie Cusumano
                       day shopping or buy a gift card to
                                                                                    John & Anna Ievolo
                       donate to the Giving Tree.
                                                                                    M. Margiano
             The Maria Regina Youth Group would                                     Mickey & Maureen Greene
             like to express their sincere thanks to                                Meghan Hennessey
             those who helped make their Halloween                                  Coleen Waldron
             Party and Raffle Fund Raiser such a
huge success! Fr. Peter, Pastoral Council, Judy
Fasano,Youth Group Team and family and friends of               Did you know: St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
the members of the Youth Group, Joe Pontieri and of             Saint Francesa Savaeria Cabrini, also called
course you, our generous and caring parishioners.               Mother Cabrini, became the first American citizen
Special thanks to all our sponsors: Law Funeral                 to be canonized when she was elevated to saint-
Home, O’Shea Funeral Home, Massapequa Funeral                   hood by Pope Pius XII in 1946. When Mother
Home, Chapey Funeral Home, James Funeral Home                   Cabrini took her religious vows in 1877, she
and the Spinelli Family.                                        added Xavier to her name to honor the Jesuit
Thanks to the following merchants who donated food              saint, Francis Xavier. St. Frances is the patroness
for our party: Sequa Deli, Phil’s Pizzeria, Princess            of immigrants. Her feast day in November 13th.
Bakery, Mario’s Italian Restaurant, Fra Amichi and to           Happy feast day!
Brian Stalter for providing our music!
                                          November 14, 2010
Page seven                      Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                                                    November 07, 2010
                                                    Donations between $1.-5.              359
                                                    Donations between $6.-10.             356
           Maria Regina                             Donations between $11.-15.             69
                                                    Donations between $16.-20.            154
         Holy Name Society                          Donations between $21.-25.             84
         New Year’s Eve Party                       Donations between $26.-30.             29
                                                    Donations $31. and above              111
     Friday, December 31, 2010
     Maria Regina Auditorium                        Total # of envelopes used:          1162

   Hot Food-Dancing-                                            Thank you for your generosity!

        Open Bar                                                 Padre Pio Prayer Group
                                                    We will meet on Saturday, November 20th, 2010,
 Noise Makers-Hats-Etc.                             after the nine o’clock Mass, in the Saint Michael’s
     Admission: $65.00 per person                   Room of the Parish Center. All are welcome!
           All inclusive!!!
                                                                             CONDO FOR SALE!
      Call: Joe Pontieri 679-9764;                                            Senior Community - 55+
         Gene Meyer 221-7608                                                  The Hedges in Bohemia
       Robert Wahl 799-8716 and                                               Five rooms, 2 bedrooms
                                                                             2 full baths; up and down
        Dom Granite 799-5076                                                        No basement
           Start the year right!                                         Common Monthly Charges-$240.
                                                                                   Pets permitted
                                                                           If interested contact Fr. Peter

                                                               Maria Regina Men’s Group
                                                    The Maria Regina Men’s Group would like to extend
                                                    an invitation to all the men of the parish to join us for
                      Maria Regina                  our November meeting to be held on Sunday, Nov.
                                                    21st @ 6:15 pm in the St. Michael’s Room.
                   Knights of Columbus
                                                    Our featured speaker for the evening will be Msgr.
                We will get together for our an-
                                                    Joseph DeGrocco. Msgr. DeGrocco is a Professor of
                nual Memorial Mass on Sunday,       Liturgy and Director of Liturgical Formation at the
                Nov. 21st at 9 a.m. Please join     Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Hunting-
                us as we remember our brothers      ton.
                and all of the Knights who have
                gone before us.                                       CYO Girl’s Volleyball Registration
                                                                     Registration will take place on Mon.,
Deceased Members: SK Ronald Lapera, SK                               Nov. 22nd and Mon., Nov. 29th in
Danny Tobito, Chris Lapera, Michael Carlos, John                     the St. Michael’s Room from 6:30 to
Lamonica, Nick Warson, Joseph Horn, Joseph          8 pm each night. Registration will be for players from
                                                    5th-12th grades. Volunteers are necessary for each
Manez, William Pedolski, Arthur Bertolotti and
                                                    team for coaching, keeping score and judging the
John Potter.                                        lines! We hope to see you there!
                                               November 14, 2010
Page eight                           Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                            Ministry Page
       HOLY NAME SOCIETY                                                    INNKEEPERS
                                                          Teams #4 will be working Thurs., Nov. 18th @ 9:30
                                                          am in the St. Francis Room.
                The next Holy Name Mass will be on
                Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 9:00
                AM. All HNS members should try to
                                                          We can make our own unique contribution to the
                attend and join us for corporate Holy     building up of the Body of Christ by using our God
                Communion.                                given talents to continue Christ’s work on earth.
                The Holy Name Society will speak                   Invite someone back to Church!
after each Mass on Saturday, 11/13 and Sunday, 11/14
to inform the adult men of the Parish of our activities
and ask them to join us. We are celebrating 55 years            Parish Social Ministry: 795-7438
of service to Maria Regina Parish.                        Transportation Drivers Needed: Many of our elderly
The next Holy Name Society meeting will be on Mon-        parishioners need help in getting to their Doctor ap-
day, November 15, 2010 at 7:30 PM in the Music and        pointments.      Please consider joining our Parish
Art Room. All men of the Parish over the age of 18        Transportation Committee and help our seniors get to
are invited to join us.                                   their much needed doctor appointments. You will be
                                                          called only as much as you are available. Please call
To check out the HNS page on the Maria Regina web-
                                                          Parish Social Ministry (Outreach) at 516-795-7438 for
site (, click on the Ministries,
                                                          more information or to sign up.
Service Ministries, Holy Name Society tabs and learn
more about what the HNS is and does.                      Thanksgiving Turkey Donations – If you would like
                                                          to donate a turkey to our Parish Outreach to be used
              Sincere thanks to all Liturgical Minis-     by a parish family in need, please bring it directly to
              ters who attended our Day of Recollec-      the Parish Social Ministry Outreach Office, Monday
              tion and Prayer last Saturday. Thank        through Thursday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. For
              you for all your positive feedback and      more info, call the Outreach office at 795-7438.
              for all you do in your ministries.
                                                          Nine Simple Steps to Prime-Time Health:
                Also, let me add my personal and sin-
                                                          Join us for a fun time as Dr. William Sears joins us via
cere thanks to all of you for your support and hard
                                                          DVD to share his healthy aging program that will help
work in making this day a success: especially the Lit-
urgy Committee, Sr. Mary Alice Piil CSJ, Frank
                                                              Sharpen Thinking                  Boost Energy
McGrath, Carol Tannehill, Diana Kusloski, Carol
                                                              Take Charge of your life          Prevent Disease
Horn, Joe Pontieri, Kathy Ryan, Seminarian Jason
Grisafi, Fr. Stephen and Fr. Peter.                       Maria Regina St. Michael’s room, Wednesday, No-
        Thank you again - God Bless, Fr. Allan.           vember 17, 2010 10:00 am to 11:30 am. RSVP to
                                                          Kathy Ryan @ 516-795-7438

                   Human Life Committee                   Free Thanksgiving Dinner
             A Rosary for Life is held every month                  Manor East Proudly Presents
             on the third Thursday of the month at        THE FREE THANKSGIVING DINNER BUFFET
             1:15 pm in the Chapel. This month falls              Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010 @ 12 noon
             on the 18th of November. All are wel-          Full Thanksgiving Feast with all the trimmings
             come! Pray to end abortion.                                  Charity - No Cost
Our last meeting of the year will be held on Thursday,            All Welcome - any families in need
Nov. 18th @ 7:30 pm at 264 Hamilton Ave. (516-799-                      Any questions please call:
0190). Pro-life issues are discussed.                                        516-799-0666
                   All are welcome!
                                           November 14, 2010
Page nine                        Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                               Religious Education

                                   FOR THE RIDE HOME
                     We welcome all Third Graders to our Family Mass!
Today’s Gospel talks about being ready. What do you do to get ready for a big test? If you were to meet
Jesus, how would you prepare?

                                       Liturgical Colors
Liturgies celebrated during the different seasons of the liturgical year have distinctive music and
specific readings, prayers, and rituals. All of these work together to reflect the spirit of the
particular season. The colors of the vestments that the priest wears during the liturgy also help
express the character of the mysteries being celebrated.

        White, the color of joy and victory, is used for the seasons of Easter and Christmas. It is also
        used for the feasts of Our Lord, for feasts of Mary, the angels, and for saints who are not
        martyrs. Gold may also be used on solemn occasions.

        Red is used on days when we celebrate the passion of Jesus on Passion Sunday and Good
        Friday. It is also used for the birthday feasts of the apostles and evangelists and for the
        celebrations of martyrs. Red also recalls the Holy Spirit and is used on Pentecost and for the
        sacrament of Confirmation.

        Green, seen everywhere in plants and trees, symbolizes life and hope and is used during
        Ordinary Time.

        The colors deep blue, violet or purple in Advent help us to remember that we are preparing for
        the coming of Christ. Lent, the season of penance and renewal, also uses the colors violet or

        Rose may be used on the Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, and on the Fourth Sunday
        of Lent, Laetare Sunday. It expresses the joy of anticipation for Christmas and Easter,
                                    November 14, 2010
Page ten                  Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

                Parish Advent Mission
                 Let There Be Peace

                Redemptorist Parish Mission
            Conducted by the Redemptorist Fathers
                Father Patrick Woods, C.Ss.R
               Father John McGowan, C.Ss.R
   Sunday, November 28th – Thursday, December 2, 2010
                         Mission Schedule
                Sunday – Thursday evening schedule
                         Rosary @ 7 p.m.
                   Mission Service @ 7:30 p.m.
                      Daily Mass at 9:00 a.m.
             The Missionaries will speak after this Mass
                       in the Pastoral Center

           Please plan to share in this special grace-filled time.

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