The Cadet. VMI Newspaper. March 30_ 1909

					                                THE C7!d)ET
VOL- II                               VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1909                                                      NO. 23

    Rules for Mono^^rams                       FISHBURNE WINS OPEIVING GAME                                            Speakers for Finals

Drawn Dp by the Committee of            Home       Team      Unable to Solve           El rid's    Curves,        Rev. J. H. H. Joyce to Deliver
  the General Athletic Asm-                                                                                           Baccalaureate   Sermon
            ciation                                             Score, 6 to 3
                                                                                                                    Rev. J. H. H. Joyce of Blacks-
     The committee has adopted the    In the opening game of the Moran knocks grounder to Gram-                   burg, Va., is to deliver the bac-
 following monograms for the season on Saturday, Fishburne mer and the latter throws to                           calaureate sermon here this year.
 different branches of athletics at defeated the 'Varsity team by a third, forcing Efrid out.                     Rev. Mr. Joyce is a minister of
 the Virginia Military Institute. score of 6 to 3. This defeat,           Beauchamp, base on balls,               the Methodist church and is said
 These must be worn as adopted. through coming from a Prep, Maclean, hit by pitcher, and gets                     to be a very fine speaker. This
     The monograms for football school, need cause no great dis- first. Young strikes out, Scott                  sermon is looked forward to
 and baseball shall be eight inches couragement. Fishburne has a knocks to pitcher, Efrid throws                  more than any other during the
  high when worn on ahighnecked good team, having two men, to third Beauchamp out, but                            year, and is sure to prove profit-
 sweater, and five inches high Fetzer and Moran, who were be- Cannon throws a wild to second                      able to all present.
 when worn on V-necked sweat- yond the college athletic stage and both Maclean and Scott                             It is also expected t h a t Hon.
 ers, coat sweaters or jerseys. several years ago. They have score. Chapman strikes out: Score                    W. A. Jones and General E. A.
 The high necked sweaters for just played Virginia and put up a 2 - 2 .                                           Garlington will make addresses
  football shall be white and for splendid game.         On the other     3. Efrid W. out on fly to               at finals. Mr. Jones is the con-
 baseball blue.      The five inch hand, Saturday's game was the second, Fetzer, base on balls,                   gressman from the First district
 mqnograms may, however, be first of the season for us, and six stole second, Talbott out on a fly                of Virginia and graduated from
 worn on either V-necked sweat- of our men were new on their to short, Brand base on balls,                       the Institute in the class of 1864.
  ers, coat sweaters or jersies of positions. Walton, who did the Cannon makes a two bagger and                   General Garlington is Inspector-
  any color.                        twirling for the first seven inn- Fetzer scores and Brand goes to             General of the United States
     The members of the basketball ings, has just returned from a third. Kirk out, pitcher to first               army. Governor Swanson will
  squad awarded monograms for furlough to have an operation base. Walton out on fly to sec-                       deliver the two Jackson-Hope
 any season shall not exceed performed, and has had very lit- ond, Gates strikes out, Grammar                     medals this year, as he did last,
  seven, including one for the tle practice.           Consequently he out, third to first base. Score:           if it is possible for him to be
  manager. The monograms to be was somewhat wild, but picked 3 - 2 .                                              here.
  wo?n on sweaters shall be six up some in the last of the game.          4. Gates takes in E f r i d ' s fly
                                                                                                                     Register for 1908-1909
  inches high and must have a Bentley pitched very good ball for to left field, Smith gets a hit
  three inch red "B'^ in block let- the last two innings. The           between third and short, but is
t e r s on each side. When worn fielded well but were exceed- 'ca'ught Tjetween first and second                    The official Register for 1908-
  on jersies and coat sweaters the ingly weak on batting. They and put out by Maclean, Moran                      1909 has just arrived and will be
  monogram is to be five inches i didn't seem to be able to fathom makes first on Grammer's fum-                  ready for issue in a few days. It
  high, and most have a two and a E f r i d ' s curves, Maclean getting ble; gets second by Moore's error,        would be difficult to e n u m e r a t e '
  half inch red " B " in block let- the only hit off of him. Fish- muffling the ball thrown by                    the various advantages which
  ters on each side.                burne played good ball all around Beauchamp, Efrid gets a sinj.;:'            this book possesses over previous
                                                                                                                  catalogues; but a few may be
     If any member on the team is and were especially good at and Moran scores, Efrid st3als
  awarded the above monogram handling the stick. V. M. I. second, Fetzer gets single and
  for two consecutive years, and took a lead in the ninth inning Efrid scores, Fetzer going to                       In the first place, the register
  has been, during that time, a and Fishburne got up in the air. second on throw to home plate.                   of this year is very much better
  member of the team which de- They made four or five errors in Tolbot out. pitcher to                   first.   printed and bound, and more
"feated V. P. I., he shall be succession and Gates came home.           Moore and Beaucamp strike out             systematically arranged than
  awarded a straight monogram to The game ended with two men on in succeiiision and Maclean out on                any others have been. The cover
  be worn only on a V-necked or bases.                                  pop-up to catcher. Score: 5—2.            design also is more appropriate.
 coat sweater, of any color.                                                5. Kirk lifts out a pretty two           In the second place the con-
                                           THE GAME BY INNINGS                                                    tents have been improved and
    Any regular member of the                                             bagger, otherwise the inning
 team, who has been awarded a           ' 1. Smith lines a grounder to was without interest.                      enlarged upon. A calendar of
 B. B. monogram for any season        Walton who throws wild to first,           Smith out, Grammer to            the school year, a list of Alumni
                                      letting Smith reach second. Maclean, Moran out, pitcher to                  Associations and a brief descrip-
 in which the team defeated V. P.
                                      Moran places a two-bagger in first.         Efrid gets a single and         tion of all the buildings recently
 I. in a game wherein he was
                                                                                                                  erected, have been added, while
 physicially unable to participate,   center, Smith scores and Moran steals second, Fetzer lines out a
                                                                                                                  the historical sketch, which here-
 he shall be given the same credit    makes third on Scott's throw to three base hit and Efrid W.
                                                                                                                  tofore has always ended at the
 as those who played in the game.     home plate. Efrid, W. bunted scores, Talbot strikes out, Wal-
                                                                                                                  Civil war, has been finished to
    An accurate list of the members   and made first; stole second. ton strikes out, Gates out, foul to           date. The most important addi-
 of a team which has defeated V.      Moran tagged out. at third and catcher, Grammer out, third to               tion to the catalogue is embodied
 P. I. shall be kept as an official   Efrid caught trying to steal to first. Score: (>-2.                         in the Reciuirements for Admis-
 record for reference in awai'ding    third. Fetzer got base on balls,      7. Brand base on bulls, Can-          sion, which have never before
 the above monograms.                 and Talbott chopped ozone thrice non sacrifices third to first, and         been published. The or<lar of
    In case of a victory over V. P.   (as Pat would say,) Gates and Brand makes second, Kirlc out,                the Board of Visitors, whic4i goes
 1., the manager for that season      Grammer strike out in succes- fly to Gates, Brand caught out                into effect next year, requires
 shall be given a straight mono-      sion. Moore gets base on balls on second, Moore first on error,             ten units of previous preparation
 gram, otherwise he shall i-eceive    and is tagged out attempting to' tagged out. pitcher to catcher,            at some preparatory school,
 a B . B. monogram.                   steal second. Score: Fishburne, Beauchamp strikes out, Maclean              thereby making the require-
    If at any time the basketball     1.                                  places pretty hit in left field;        ments for admission to the In-
 team wins the state champion-            2. Brand out. pitcher to first; g^^als second. Young strikes out.       stitute approach        nearer the
 ship, each member shall be           base. Cannon lands out a clean ! g          Bentley takes Walton's          standard.
                                      three base hit over l^ft fielder's place, Moran gets a single. Noth-        otner college or university.
 awarded a straight monogram.                                                                                        The committee which is re-
    The captain of the gymnasium      head. Kirk places a single but ing doing for either side.
                                                                            9. Jenkms takes         Young's       sponsible for this excellent book,
 team shall each year receive a       is caught out at second. Cannon                                             is composed of Colonel Francis
 four inch monogram, to be worn                                           position.   Fetzer and     Brand
                                      scores, Efrid J. P. gets to first                                           Mallory and Captain St. Julian
          Continued on page 3         on hit, Smith base on balls,                Continued on page               Marshall.
                                               money by means of the sale of
                                               these cots was discussed at the
                                               last meeting of the General Ath-
                                                                                              has no place in this day and age
                                                                                              and is foolish; that so far from                STRAIN &
                                               letic Committee, and was the                   being an indication of bravery or
   Published by the Cadets of the Vir                                                         manliness it is the opportunity
                                               cause of a resolution as follows :
srinia Military Institute.
                                                                                              for the bully, the small tyrant
                                                                                              and the coward who delights to
                                                                        "The General Athletic Asso
    Official Publication o f t h e G e n e r a l
                Athletic Association.
                                                                     ciation heartily approves of the
                                                                                              take advantage of numbers to in-
                                                                     plan to raise money for athletics
                                                                                              flict on others pain, annoyance
                                                                     by the sale of donated cots and
Sobscription Price $1.50 a Year in Advance bedding."                                          and humiliation.—Richmond

   Address ftll business mattor to the Unsiness
dressed to the Editor-in-Chief.
                                                                        We assume that such an ap-
Manager and all other niattt>rs should he ad- peal as that which the financial

                                                                     condition of our athletics silent-
                                                                                                               ALUMNI NOTES.
   fintered at the postolHce at Lexington, Vii., us ly voices can be answered only                                                                             AND
second cliiss matter.
                                                                     by acquiescence in any scheme New York, March 24.—Henry
                                                                     for improvement. It only re- A. Wise, who has been nominat-
              THE CADET

G . M . A l e x a n d e r , '09,

                                           E d i t o r in C h i e f
                                                                     mains to decide on the details so ed by President Taft for the
T . S . P a t t i s o n , ' 1 0 , A s s t . E d i t o r in C h i e f important to the success of the position of United States Attor-
                                                                     work.                              ney for the Southern District of

W . M. R h e t t
J . M. M a g r u d e r
                                             A. M. Owaley
                                            B. D. Mayo
                                                                        After much thought it seems New York, owes his appoint-
                                                                     that the best way to secure the ment to ex-President Roosevelt.
R. Gant                                      R . F . W a g n e r co-operation of the whole corps
                        L. N. Britton
                                                                                                        The latter informed Mr. Taft
                                                                     is to have each class either elect that it "had been my intention Directly Opp, Lexington H del
                                                                     or allow its president to choose, to appoint him if the vacancy
R. Saunders
E. Hodge
                                          C. B . C o u l b o u r n
                                           J. B. B e n t l e y
                                                                     a member of a committee of four had occured in my term.'' County
                                                                     to attend to the matter. The Chairman, Herbert Parsons (Re- Ready made Clothing and
T. M. Scott                           Business Manager                                                                                                            to order.
                                                                     duty of the committee would be publican) and other local leaders, Clothing made Shoes, Hats, Suit
                                                                                                                                                Full line of
            Rockl)ridKe Countv N e w s P r i m
                                                                     to receive at Finals the cots and United States Senator Root and Cases and Hand Bags.
                                                                     bedding of all first classmen and Vice-President Sherman were Agents for Eclipse and Cluett
                                                                     others not intending to return. among those who urged the ap- Shirts and Arrow Brand Collars
                 Rooting Again                                       These can be stored in a room in pointment, together with a for- and Cuffs.
                                                                                                                                                Full line of
                                                                     barracks awaiting further dispo- midable list of members of the Jerseys and Underwear.special-
                                                                                                                                                                Sweaters a
     This is an old subject but one sition. Such arrangements could bar.                                                                    ty. All kinds of Pennants and
which it is extremely import- be made with t^e Institute au- The new United States Attor- Pillow Tops. Full line of Tennis
ant not to forget. Naturally thorities that their representa- ney is married and lives with his and Gum Shoes. solicited.                       Your patronage
during the winter we have got- tive could be on hand on Final wife and three children, at 60
ten out of practice but now that day to arrive at a proper valua- West Seventy-sixth street. Mrs.
there is again opportunity and tion and sign a receipt for prop- Wise is a daughter of Dr. Edwin
need for it why let everyone erty to the amount of that val- G. Booth, of Virginia, who serv-
 take a brace and do some. The uation. This receipt would be ed as a shipmate with Lieutenant
 rooting Saturday was good only. redeemed by the Institute for Bullock, an uncle of Colonel
 When things are going the its face value.
 wrong way and the team is At first glance this committee navy during the Civil War. Mr.
                                                                                                        Roosevelt, in the Confederate                   Military
 getting the worst of it then would appear to be overworked Wise is a graduate of the Virginia
 is the time to root with just at a time when everyone is Military Institute, veteran of
 our utmost energy.                                       Noth- resting from the labors of a long the Spanish-American war, 35                                    Institute
 ing will keep a team encouraged year. By providing for the con- years old and a son of John S.
 more or make them feel like tingencies which will arise be- Wise, of Virginia.                                                                           70th YEAR
 playing harder than to have a forehand most of this work can
 bunch of men rooting for them be avoided. Even if it costs the Cyl. "Ben " Elliott of the class
 like it was a victory when it is men in charge an extra day here, 1851, is a retired farmer of                                                 One of the few if not the only
 really the other way. Don't ever who could make such a sacrifice Odessa, Mo. The old gentleman institution in the United States
 be discouraged and lose your in a better cause? We suggest remembers with increasing love combining the rigid military sys-
 faith in the team. As long as that the classes take prompt his '' old school'' and greatly tem of the United States Milita-
                                                                                                         treasures the visits of any of the
 they play their hardest it is up action in the matter, so that the younger generation. The writer ry Academy with collegiate and
 to everyone to root their hardest. proper arrangements can be made happened to be delayed in his technical course of instruction.
      To lose the first game does not before finals.                                                     town for a few hours recently                      E. W. NICHOLS
 go to say by any means that the                                                                         and was softly "cussing" his                                 Superintendent
 season will be unsuccessful. We Time or experience or some                                              luck for being stranded. It is
 were up agai nst a strong team strong infiuence has taught sense not known how he heard, but the                                                 The County News •
                                                                                                         old gentleman sent word for the
 with a number of new men in to the young men of the Virginia stranger to come out to his house                                                        JOB OFFICE
 the game. It will really do our Military Institute. By formal and tell him something of the V.
 team good for now they know action of the classes they have M. I., as she is today. The two O p p o s i t e P r e s b v t e g i a n L e c t u r e K o o m
 the weak points and can prac- agreed to abandon the practice —old-school cadet and the mod-                                                        Orders Filled          Promptly
 tice to eliminate them.                                              of Hazing and have bound them- ern, sprightly youngster, sat and
      Next Saturday is our game selves on honor—the supreme talked and talked, as V. M. I. J . Gassman & Son Hardware Co.
 with Hampden-Sidney. It is the law of the cadet—not only to men only can do. It was quite                                                             Guns to Rent
 duty of every man to help the avoid and discourage hazing but pathetic to hear the '-'Colonel"
 team on to victory by the best to report instances of it coming they endured to hold their own.          tell about his old mates and what Pocketknlves               and Razors
 rooting there is in him.                                             to their knowledge. We are glad After an hour "back in that                          A SPECIALTY
                                                                      to see the SoutHern educational old place," the writer arose to
     The plan for adding to the institutions take such action. It go, stronger feeling his pride L, G. Jahnke & Co
 funds of the general athletic is an assertion of Southern civili- and love for his alma mater,
 committee by the sale of cots, a zation and a powerful and valu- when the grey-headed old man                                                          LEXINdTON,              V^.
discussion of which appeared in                                       able example to other sections of also arose, straightened his gaunt       The V. M. I. Jewelers
                                                                                                          figure    its greatest height
our last issue, improves on ac the country. Nobody can ac- laid atotrembling hand on and All kinds DlCollcifi) and Krul«-niily Jewulry   the six'ciulty. ^ (ilusses iicciiniU'ly iidjusU-d to
quaintance. The athletic com- cuse the Virginia Military Insti- youthful man, "Come again, tell till' cyi'S.
mittee is facing next year a tute men of lacking courage or any of the boys to come and let
financial crisis, a crisis which strength or any quality of sturdy me wander again in that dear                                                     SAML. B. WALKER
can be tided over only by the as-                                     manhood. They have about them old place." It is such great
                                                                      no suggestion of effeminacy. spirit as this that has carried V. National Life Insurance C)o.
sistance of some such plan as
                                                                      They have come to realize that M. I. to the height of success so                     of Vermont
that proposed.
                                                                      hazing is a relic of barbarism. often—may it ever continue.
    The possibility of raising                                                                                                                          Lexington, Virginia
        THE           CADET                       Fishburne Wing Opening
                                                                                                                   Special All Wool Coat Grey Sweater^
LEXINGTON, V A . , MAR.              30,   1909

                                                               Continued from page                 1

PERSONALS                                         strike out. Talbot out on fly to
  Mrs.W. T. Davant of Roanoke,                    Gates.
and her son, Harry Davant, '06,                      Gates first on error of pitcher                                             1 These Sweaters ai-e all made good quality and
                                                  and first baseman. Grammer                                                       have pockets. At the price, $3.00, they are
were in Lexington last week.                                                                                                       interesting.
                                                  strikes out and Gates steals sec-
  Mrs. Erskine of Baltimore, is                   ond. Moore first on (error of                                                  t Spalding's Coat Sweaters, in White and Grev
at Mrs. Marshall's visiting her                                                                                                    at         are the best.
                                                  third. Beauchamp strikes out
son of the fourth class.                          Maclean first on error of first                                                1 Spalding's Coat Jerseys, Grey with Cardidal
                                                                                                                                     trimmings,             $3.00.
  Miss Elizabeth Preston is                       baseman. Gates scores, Moore
spending a few days with her                                                                                                     H Warm up and buy a Sweater at
                                                  makes third on error of third
cousin, in Abingdon, Va. She                      baseman. Maclean steals second.
will return Thursday!                             Jenkins strikes out.                                             GRAHAM'S, 5 ! t The Shoe Place
  Mrs. Joseph Lewis of St.                                                      V   M.    I.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Opposite Lexington        Hotel
Louis, who has been at Mrs.                                                              AB    R   H     0    E    No. 12 North Main                      Street
Morgan Pendleton's for several
weeks, has returned home.
                                                                                                              1                            Bhe                                  The Prettiest Line
                                                  Moore, 2nd.                             4    0    0     3   1    Chesapeake & Ohio Route
    Reunion of Class '04
                                                  Maclean,          1st.
                                                                           c.             4
                                                                                                                   MANY HOURS (iUICKEUTHAN                            ANY               of
                                                                                                                             OTHER         ROUTE         FROM
                                                  Young, Jenkins, rf.                     4
   The class of '04 is looking                                                                 0    0     4   0
                                                                                                                   Lexington, Va., to Cincinnati,
                                                  Scott,     cf.                          3    1    0     2   0
forward to a big reunion here                     Chapman,           3rd                  3    0    0     3   0      Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis
this Final, this year having been                 Walton,          B e n t l e y , p.     4    0    0     3   1       and all points West, North-
decided upon when they grad-
                                                                                         as                              west and Southwest.
uated. It has been five years                           Totals                                 3    1    27   4
                                                                                                                      Tho ClH'sapoiikt! it Ohio FJailwiiy ".St. Louis
since they last saw each other,
and during this time they have
become scattered all over the

                                                                                         A B   R   H     0    E
                                                                                                                   SpiM'iiil" iui.l "K. K. V." vcstiliiiliMl trains witli
                                                                                                                   clay coaches, Fulliiiaii slenpiiiK cars and <lininB
                                                                                                                   cars arc unsurpassed for coniforl, speed an<l
                                                                                                                      (-'hesapealvt! & Oliio .Fames Jiiver Divison iiiiiii,
                                                                                                                   leaving Lexipgton, Va., at 1.(10 daily connects
country.                                          Smith,      ss.                         5    1    1     4   1    with St. Lotus .Special" at (;lil"lon I^'orKe.
  Every graduating class should                   Moran,
                                                  Efrid, W. cf.
                                                               2nd                        5
                                                                                                                      'J'IK! train leaving Lexington, Va.. at lO.'J.'I a. ni.
                                                                                                                   lor J.ynchlMirg and Uichnion<l, connects at
                                                                                                                   J.ynchhurg for all points North and South and
                                                                                                                                                                                now awaits your
follow this example and set some                                                                                   connects at iiiclnnond with Atlantic Const Lini!
year for a class reunion. It
                                                                1st.                      5
                                                                                                                   for the .South.
                                                                                                                       Kor rates, ticliets anil otlier iuforiiiation apply
                                                                                                                   to S. O. Campbell, City Ticket Odice, Chesiipi-ake
                                                                                                                                                                                  inspection at
would not only do them good to                    Brand,      If.                         fi   0    0     4   0
                                                                                                                   it Ohio Railway, Lexington, Va., or address
                                                                                                                                .L 1). POTTS, C. p. A., itiehinond, Va.
see all the fellows again, but it                 Cannon, 2ad.                            4    1    2     2   1       ILW.yULI.KK M.l'. A. Washington !).(;.
would also keep them in touch                     Kirk, rf.                               4    0    2     3   0

with the Institute.                               E f r i d , J , p.                      3    0    1     4   0
                                                                                                                   J. ED. DEAVER Lyons Tailoring Co.
                                                        Totals                           42    6   12    27   6
  Rules for Monograms                                                                                                            TAILORS FOR COLLEGE MEN
                                                      S u m m a r y : Three-base hits:
                                                  1 ; F e t z e r , 1. T w o - b a s e h i t s :
                                                  l ; M o r a n , 1 ; K i r k 1.        Singles:        Efrid,
      C o n t i n u e d fronn p a g e 1           W . , 2; M a c l e a n , S m i t h , M o r a n . F e t z e r .
                                                  Cirk and Eprid, S.                 Struck out:              By
                                                                                                                                                                                QUISENBERRY & CO.
                                                  W a l t o n , 2 ; b y E f r i d , 1 8 ; b y B e n t l e y , 2.

on a jersey, the same to be of                    B a s e on balls: B y W a l t o n , 5; b y Efrid,
                                                  2 ; b y B e n t l e y , ' 0.        Umpire:            Capt.
                                                                                                                   Gents' Furnisher.                                              "The Store for the Boys"
any color.
                                                                      ' Suits Made to Order. ^Soda Water
                                                  Doyle.         Time of g a m e : T w o hours.
  A man who, at any official
meet, lowers a record previously               Exchanges                      Solicits your Patronage
                                                                                                                        Ice Cream
made at the Institute, shall be                                                                                             Confectioneries
                                      Duriug the past week, Va. T. J. JACKSON & SON
awarded a four inch monogram
                                    defeated Fishburne 6 to 0, and                                                               Cigarettes, etc.
for each record lowered. Said
monogram may be worn only on
                                    Miller School 10 to 1. The pros-    Hotel Barber Shop
                                    pects for a successful season are                                              Get a quick Lunch at Lexington
a jersey.
                                    very good.                                 Next to Postoffice                  Quick Lunch Counter, feT'next
              H . J . PORTBR, J R .
              R . M . GRAMMER.        Students of Michigan, who en-                                                door to Lexington Pool Parlors.
              GEORGE MACLEAN.                                                 M. MILEY & SON
                                    gage in keg parties wherever
   March 28, 1909.                  held will be disciplined by the        Carbon : Studio                                    EAT AT
                                    University authorities.             Ueduced raU'S to Student.s and Cadets-
   In 1903 while engaged in en-                                        Developing and printing ilone for amateurs ! Quisenberry's     Ideal Cafe
gineering in West Virginia, D.        The U. Va. track squad is
B. Shaver, '99, disappeared and making strenuous preparations
was never heard from until re- for the dual meet with Yale,
cently, when his mother received which is to take place April 10th.
a letter stating that her son was Yale will have 26 men entered.
                                                                                                                   The Shop of Quality
in a hospital in Indianapolis be- Virginia's football team will                      Main Street : Near Nelson
ing treated for aberration of the have next season "Johnny" Neff,
mind. Daniel Shaver was from the varsity's veteran half-back,
Pleasant Valley, Va.; he grad- for head coach. The choice gives
uated third in his class, and went universal satisfaction.
to South Africa as a mining en-
gineer, While there he was ser- A directory shows that the
                                                                                                                         V. M. I. Pins. Jewelry of all Sorts.
iously injured in a mine explo- total number of graduates of                                                             Spaulding's Jerseys and Sweaters.
sion which, it is thought, was the Yale to be 14.80(>.
cause of slight mental derange- Lieut. A. S. Campbell, 'OG, C.
ment and his strange disappear- A. C., is at home in Lexington,
                                                                                                                         V. M. I. Steins and Tankards : : :
ance later. Before his disap- on a short leave from Fort Mc-
pearance he forwarded his money Henry.                                Our NETTLETON and BILTRITE SHOES are "if"
and all his clothes to his mother,                                                                   for Cadets * feet,
telling her it wouk^ be useless       R. W, Nichols, '06| success-
for her to attempt to locate him. fully passed the recent army                                             LOOK U S III'
                                    examination, making twelfth
   C E. Cabell, '92. is practicing stand. He will enter the coast
law wt Big Stone Gap, Va.           artillery.                                                                     GRAHAM & CAMPBELL.
Kocrfeer of Virginia Military
         Institute Men        Meet                                                                        Your Friends                         at      the        Everything the Cadet Wants
                                                                                                                                                                  In         ndries, Brushes, Soaps, P e r f u m e s , Cosmetics, Floral
  In and Around                                     New               York                    Lexington Pool Go's                                                                    L o t i o n , P o m a d e , C h a m o i s , G u n Oil, e t c .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SHOE           POLISH
            (Continued from last week.)                                                               Newest               and              Nicest
   D.       F l a n a g a n , 15 W i l l i a m                    St..         New
                                                                                                                                                                    All Kinds TOBACCO and PIPES
                        Flanagan,                 15 W i l l i a m              St.,          Pool and Billiard
N e w York
 Dr. John H.
                                 French, 43 W .                       Mst           St.
                                                                                                                                                                  Stationery, V. M. 1. Paper and Tablets
                P.     Fry,
                                      119 W .          Tlst St.,                New
                                                                                                                Parlors                                                                      Our Soda Fountain      is t h e H u b .
York            city.                                                                                                                                                                        Everybody goes to McCrum's Fountain
      D.tniel M.              Garber,              558       West               11th                      Washington                        Street
St.        New York                   city.


                Jamea Tayloe

            S. Greene,
                      St.,       New

                                                                           H.        J.
                                                                                              T. C. CONLON & CO.
                                                                                                                                                                  McCrum Drug Co.
Co.,        147 E . 3 5 t h S t . ,                New         York            city.
St., N e w York
                      H.      Harrington,
                                                             25       W         65th
   C l a r e n c e sR.
N e w York                 City.
                                  Hatton,               21     Park            Row,
                                                                                                   CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA.
   A . W . H a w k s , 2289 F o r d h a m H e i g h t s ,
N e w York
   C. G.
                     H a r d w i c k ; 335             MaiJison                Ave.,           will he here in a few                                  days                                                       of'Quality
N e w York                 City.
   J. J. Hager,                   Bristol,             Tenn.
                                                                                               with Spring                       Goods.          :     :      :
      L. B. H a n k s ,               215 W .          125th          St,       New                                                                                                                                     Dressed Under Government Inspection
York City.
      Edward R. H e a r n e , Jr., Passaic, N. J                                                   B. H. GORRELL
   James Screven                         Henderson,                   18 J u l i a n                                                                                                               Charles Roesch & Sons Company
Place, Elizabeth,                        N.       J.                                                   Druggist                                                                                                            Philadelphia                  Atlantic          City
   J . E . H e a t h , 67                   Wall St..             New           York
                                                                                                        17 W. Nelson                         Street
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   'Roesch*' Fine Meats make Fine Soldiers
      J.    C.        Herrick,              St     Josheph's                   Semi-           Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles,
nary, Yonkers,                        N. Y.
                                                                                                  Perfumes, V. M. I. Stationery
      E . Gill H i n t o n ,
                                         218       E.    18th S t ,             New
                                                                                                                        PHONE          41                          WEINBERG'S                                                                         CharlottesvUle
      C h a r l e s J . H o l t , 11 E . 1 8 4 t h S t ,
      Fred S. Hopkins, care                                 Ellingwood

                                                                                               Myers Hardware Co.                                                  Everything                  Ready             to Wear              Woolen : Mills
 C u n n i n g h a m , 41 W a l l S t . , N . Y .                          City.                                  (INCORPOKATKD*                                                                                                                   Charlottesville,                    Va.
      J . R . H o b s o i i , 104 C o l u m b i a                      Heights,                                                                                                 PENNANTS
 Brooklyn, N.                    Y.                                                            Use 3 in 1 Oil on Your                                  Gun
      Washington                      Hull,       (Hon)           16 E.             23rd
                                                                                                           Cleans, Polishes and                                                             —and—                                             Manujacturers of High
 St.. N e w York                      City.
                                                                                                              Prevents Rust                                                                                                                   Grade Uniform Cloths,
      A r t h u r D. J o n e s . 4 3 C e d a r
 Yorfc C i t y .
                                                                      St..          New
                                                                                                                                                                   SPORTING                                     GOODS                         Sky Blues and Dark
      N a t h a n i e l R o b t . J o n e s , 101                      W.       118th                                           THE
 St.. N . Y. City.                                                                                                                                                           At Popular                         Prices                        Blues, and the largest as-
       W.        F.        Jones,           care        W         W            Jones,          Model: Barber : Shop^                                                                                                                          sortment and best qual-
 Rahway,                N.       J.
                                                                                                     A favorite resort with cadets.
                                                                                                                                                                             H E R B E R T MILEY                                              ity of CADET GRAYS
      JohnW.                 Kerr,          287        Nostrand                 Ave.,
                                                                                                     N e x t d o o r B a n k of R o c k b r i d g e .                                       High        Class                         i n c l u d i n g t h o s e used at t h e U n i t e d Statou
 Brooklyn, N.                     Y.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ^                 M i l i t a r y Atradeiny ut W e s t P(jint a n d (jth-
      C.        R.        Kearns,             830        President                   St,                          H . A. W I L L I A M S ,            Prop.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            1^1*1 ri'i'fkl*                        " I ' l i t a r y s c h o o l s of t l i e c o u n t r y .
 B r o o k l y n . N . Y . ; 199 B r o a d w a y ,                              N      Y.
                                                                                                                                                                   O t C t l / I l f i l d J                r  l l l l l / C l .        U s e d in u n i f o r m s of c a d e t s of V i r g i n i a
       Charles Kilbourne, Governor's Island,
 N e w York                  Harbor.
                                                                                               V. M.I. Pressing Shop                                                        Second       Floor Bank             Building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Military Institute.

      John            E.        Kraft,             (Hon.)             Kingston,
                                                                                                                                                                                JAMES                   JACKSON                        Wade Masters & Co.
 N-        Y.                                                                                  Room C                            Y. M. I. Barracks
       Buen           Von        Moll L a R u e , 430 W .                           14th
                                                                                                            REDUCED RATES
 St. N e w York
       T. A . L a m b ,
                                       37        Libeoty           St.,             New                                                                                 General Lee's Old Barber.
 York            city.
                                                                                               Billiard                and Pool Parlors                                 Nelson Street, Lexington.
       A l f r e d L u d w i c k , 79-86 Wall St.,                                  New                                                                                        V . M . 1. t r a d e s o l i c i t e d                                 TOBACCOS
 York            city.
                                                                                                           and RESTAURANT
                      Lynch,            Times            Building,                  New
                                                                                                                                                                   Shiiidan's Livery                                                      Pickles            and Canned                      Meats
       G. B           M a r r o w . 609 W                137th St..                 New           A f u l l l i n e of C i g a r s a n d C i g a r e t t e s —
                                                                                                mi)()rted a n d domestic;.                                                      LOWER          MAIN         STREET
  York           city.
       Edward Dennis                          McConnell.                Matiison,
                                                                                                  Kish a n d O y s t e r s in s e a s o n .
                                                                                                                    W. E. GRANGECJ, Prep.                          The Best and Cheapest in Town                                              F. L. YOUNG
  N        J.
       Henry McCance, care                                  American                  To-                                                                               SPECIAL             RATES TO               CADETS
  b a c c o C o . , I l l FMfth A v e . ,                        N.        Y        city.       Visit the Sutler's Store                                           T e l e p h o n e 2U4                     Jeilerson Street          Merchant - Tailor
       Charles McDerniott,                              Jr..       Havemever
  Building. N e w York                             city.                                              Everything Delectable
       Walter              G.          Marsh,                Chattaraugus,
                                                                                                                                                                             The City                        Livery
  N.       Y.                                                                                                 H.                KRAUSE                                       JOHN W. MILEY,                     Prop'tor.                        W. C. STUART
       Dr.        E.        H.         Marsteller, Shore Rd. &                                                                                                                       Lexington,                 Va.
 Jamaica Ave..                         Brooklyn, N.                   Y.                                                 Proprietor
                                                                                                                                                                    Srvi.isn        L>ITIVIN(i HOIIKKS a Specialty,                                Bookseller
       Gilbert             Marshall,                C.       A            C.,         Ft.                                                                                                Up-to-date         Rigs                                                —      and
  Schuyler, N                     Y                                                             KOONES                          &            HARRISON
       S. Blount Mason.                            P r e s i d e n t ' s Office,
                                                                                                                                                                                   H. O. DOLD                                                             Stationer.
 ErieR.               R . N. Y.;                 50 C h u r c h S t             N         Y.    ( S n c c e s K o r n t^j C .     M.    Koonen             Hrof)
       Dabney Maury,                          P e o r i a , 111.                                                        D B A I . K U S IN                                               HIS STORE                                     Holiday                Books a                      Specialty
       Richard F                 M a u r y , 150              E.       37th           St.,
 New            York         city
                                                                                                Furniture, Rugs, Mattresses, Shades                                 T h e goods he sells cadets needs n o ad-

       H e n r y W. Mayo,Corporation                                   Counsel's                                                 etc.
                                                                                                                                                                    vertising.        Past, present and future cus-
                                                                                                                                                                    t o m e r s a l w a y s will  receive a conlial                    The Lexington Hotel
 Office, Hall of Records. N. Y. city.                                                                                                                                                      welcome.
      J . C. M e e m , S M O c e a n A v e ,                                   Brook-
                                                                                                     OI      AZ
                                                                                                DR. L US K. W L                                                                        J.    L.      McCOWN                                          LEXINGTON, VA.
 lyn, N.             Y.
                                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHER                                        Special Rates to Cadets. Solic
                                                                                                Mail Street                                    E I GO . V
                                                                                                                                              L XN T N V
                                                                                                                                                                        (>l>i>osiUj (;»>unli<>ii!>t;.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Uttteb l o Cudelo.          Aiiui
                           (To be           Continued)                                               Hoiu-k—a a . m .           vo I p m :    •i to i.m It. lu         iwur wui'd lioim with l ure                                     itinj? patronage of their pat; ona