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CBS Studios, Sunset & Gower, Hollywood, Ca, August 12, 1941 Columbia
H-437 Those Gone and Left Me Blues                     06531, 20154
H-438 I Won’t Stand In Your Way                        Conqueror 9868
H-439 Down In The Dumps                                06408, 20167, 37440
H-440 Don’t You Weep Anymore Darlin’                   06470, 20162, 37435
H-441 The Road Is Way Too Long                              - , - , -
H-442 Baby You’re Thru Foolin’ Me                      06408, 21067, 37440
H-443 I’m Poundin’ The Rails Again                     Conqueror 9868
H-444 A Long Lonesome Road                             unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Jimmy Wakely (g), Dick Reinhardt (b/v), Jerry Adler (hca)

same location. August 19, 1941
H-466 I’m Gonna Be Long Gone                             06407
H-467 I’ve Had Tese Blues Before                         06531,20154,37427
H-468 One More Tear                                      Conqueror 9870
H-469 Now You Care No More For Me                        unissued
H-470 Draftee Blues                                      06407
H-471 Help Me Lose The Blues                             unissued
same personnel.

Same location. December 2, 1941
H-585 You Brought Sorrow To My Heart                    06577, 20102, 37255
H-586 You Don’t Care                                    06649, 20127
H-587 After I’m Gone                                    unissued
H-588 How Low Do The Blues Wanna Go                     06577
H-589 Someday You’re Gonna Be Blue                      06649
Johnny Bond (g/v), Jimmy Wakely, Doyle Salathiel (g), Dick Reinhardt (b), Paul Sells (p),
Jerry Adler (hca), Spade Cooley (v), Spike Jones (d)

Same location. April 3, 1942
H-784 1942 Turkey In The Straw                           unissued
H-785 We’re Gonna Have To Slap                           unissued
H-786 Mussolini’s Letter to Hitler                       unissued
H-787 Hitler’s Reply To Mussolini                        unissued

Same location. July 31, 1942
H-906 I’m A Pris’ner Of War                             Okeh 6691
H-907 You Left Me Down                                  unissued
H-908 Der Fuehrer’s Face                                Okeh 6691
H-909 Love Gone Cold                                    Okeh 6732, 20127, 37400
Johnny Bond (g/v), Spade Cooley (v), Art Wenzel (acc), Hymie Gunkler (cla), unknown

Same location. June 12, 1945
H-1421 Heart and Soul                                   20523
H-1422 Gotta Make Up For Lost Time                      20006, 36876
H-1423 Sad, Sad And Blue                                unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Charlie Leighton (hca), others unknown.
Same location. July 26, 1945
H-1494 The First Rose                                    20082, 37159, LP HL7353
H-1495 I’ll Step Aside                                      - , -
H-1496 Baby You Gotta Quit That Noise                    20006, 36876
H-1497 You’ve Been Asking For It Baby                    unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Curley Williams’ Band : Joe Pope (p), Pee Wee Adams (d), Harold
Hensley (v), Curley’s brother (g), others unknown.

Same location. November 25, 1946
HCO-2161 Divorce Me C.O.D.                                  20096, 37217
HCO-2162 So Round So Firm                                   20102, 37255
HCO-2163 Rainbow At Midnight *                              20096, 37217
HCO-2164 Red River Sally                                    unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Jack Rivers (g/v *), Paul Sells (p/acc), Hymie Gunkler (cla), Andy Secrest
(t), Doc Whiting (b),Jerry Adler (hca).

Same location. March 6, 1947
HCO-2249 Don’t Look Now                                   20183, 37529
HCO-2250 Too Many Years Too Late                          20362, 37856
HCO-2251 Take It Or Leave It Baby                         20549, LP2-147
HCO-2252 Rock My Cradle Once Again                        20183, 37529, LP HL7353
Johnny Bond (g/v), Dick Reinhardt (b/v), Paul Sells (p/acc), Jerry Adler (hca), Joaquin
Murphy (st-g), Jack Rivers (g), Muddy Berry (d).

Same location. June 4, 1947
HCO-2353 The Daughter Of Jole Blon                        20190, 37566
HCO-2354 Blind Alley                                      20398, 38063
HCO-2355 It’s A Sin                                       20190, 37566
HCO-2356 What’s Been Goin’ On                             20398, 38063
Johnny Bond (g/v), Paul Sells (p, acc), Hymie Gunkler (cla), Andy Secrest (t), Bob
Armstrong (p), Noel Boggs (st-g), Muddy Berry (d).

CBS Vine St. Theater, Hollywood, Ca., July 22, 1947
HCO-2472 Smoke, Smoke, Smoke                              20361, 37831, LP HL7308
HCO-2473 Fat Gal                                          20362, 37856,           -
HCO-2474 Wasted Tears                                     20361, 37831
HCO-2475 I Like My Chicken Fryin’ Size                    20380, 37949
Johnny Bond (g/v), Jerry Adler (hca), Bill Wardle (p), Hymie Gunkler (cla), Paul Sells (acc),
Jack Rivers & Eddie Kirk (g), Doc Whiting (b), Muddy Berry (d).

Same location. August 30, 1947
HCO-2592 I Dreamed That You Belonged To Me                 unissued
HCO-2593 Put Me To Bed                                     20380, 37949
HCO-2594 Sad, Sad And Blue                                 20442
HCO-2595 Women Make A Fool Out Of Me                       20609, LP 2-319
Same personnel. First use of echo chamber on harmonica.

Same location. December 7, 1947
HCO-2894 What Would You Do                                 20502
HCO-2895 Read It And Weep                                  20592
HCO-2896 Bartender’s Blues                                 20467, LP HL7353
HCO-2897 Drowning My Sorrows                               20609, LP 2-319, HL7353
Same personnel.

Same location (CBS Studios). December 10, 1947
HCO-2924 New Wabash Cannonball                           unissued
HCO-2925 Rose Of El Paso                                 unissued
HCO-2926 That’s Right                                    20442
HCO-2927 Cimarron *                                      20502, LP HL7308
HCO-2928 John’s Other Wife                               20419, 38160
HCO-2929 Who’ll Take My Place                            unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Joaquin Murphy (st-g), Jerry Adler (hca), Bill Wardle (p), Hymie Gunkler
(cla), Dick Reinhardt (b/-v *), Muddy Berry (d).

Same location. December 14, 1947
HCO-2965 I Won’t Stand In Your Way                     20523
HCO-2966 I Can’t Hide The Tears                        20467
HCO-2967 Oklahoma Waltz *                              20419, 38160, LP HL7308
HCO-2968 A Petal From A Faded Rose                     20465, LP HL7308
HCO-2969 I’m Comin’ Home                               unissued
Johnny Bond(g/v), Jack Rivers, Doye O’Dell (g), Dick Reinhardt (mand/v *), Joaquin
Murphy (st-g),       Bob Armstrong (p), Muddy Berry (d).

Same location. December 29, 1948
HCO-3494 Tennessee Saturday Night                         20545
HCO-3495 A Heart Full Of Love                             20495
HCO-3496 ‘Till The End Of The World                       20549
Johnny Bond (g/v), Jack Rivers, Merle Travis (g), Jerry Adler (hca), Noel Boggs (st-g), Bill
Wardle (p), Doc Whiting (b), Muddy Berry (d).

Same location. March 18, 1949
HCO-3655 I Wish I Had A Nickel                            20578
HCO-3656 I’m Bitin’ My Fingernails                        20578
HCO-3657 Somebody Loves You                               20592
HCO-3658 Purt Me To Bed # 2                               20645
Johnny Bond (g/v), Bert Dodson (b), Bill Wardle (p), Jerry Adler (hca), Jack Rivers (g), Noel
Boggs (st-g), Muddy Berry (d).

Same location. December 30, 1949
RHCO-3982 Cherokee Waltz                                   20704
RHCO-3983 Love Song in 32 Bars                             20671
RHCO-3894 Tennessee, Kentucky And Alabam’                    -
Replace Rivers by Jerry Scoggins. First time to record on Ampex tape, 15 ips mono, full

Same location. January 4, 1950
RHCO-3985 I’m Kickin’ The Bucket Over You *                20675
RHCO-3986 Cream Of Kentucky                                20738
RHCO-3987 I Offer You My Second Hand Heart *               20675
RHCO-3988 Mean Mama Boogie                                 20704
              Tennessee Blues *                             unissued
              Roses In The Snow*                            unissued
* as HANK & FRANK.
Johnny Bond (g/v), Paul Sells (p), Jerry Scoggoins (g), Jerry Adler (hca), Bert Dodson(b),
Noel Boggs (st-g), Muddy Berry (d).

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Ca. June 8, 1950
RHCO-4085 Star Spangled Waltz                             20726
RHCO-4086 Under The Red, White And Blue                      -
RHCO-4087 Barrell House Bessie                            20734, LP HL7308
RHCO-4088 It Ain’t Gonna Happen To Me                        -
Same personnel. Male chorus on first two tracks.

Same location. August 2, 1950
RHCO-4193 Steppin’ Out                                    20738
RHCO-4194 Set ‘em Up Joe                                  20787
RHCO-4195 Will You Let Me Call You Honey                  unissued
RHCO-4196 Losers Weepers                                  unissued
Same personnel.

Same location. September 12, 1950
RHCO-4254 I Wanna Do Something For Santa Claus * 20756
RHCO-4255 Jingle Bells Boogie *                               -
RHCO-4257 Glad Rags**                                      20787, 4-21369
Johnny Bond (g/v), Paul Sells (p), Bert Dodson (b), Jerry Adler (hca), Muddy Berry (d),
unknown (tuba/bjo **), mixed chorus *

Same location. March 13, 1951
RHCO-4446 Sick, Sober And Sorry                         20808, LP HL7308
RHCO-4447 Tennessee Walking Horse                          -
RHCO-4448 Keep Your Cotton Pickin’ Hands Off My Gal 20844
RHCO-4449 The Son Of Old Casey                          unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Tex Atchison (v), Jimmy Bryant (g), Speedy West (st-g), Paul Sells(p),
Eddie Forrest (d), Bert Dodson (b).

Same location. June 12, 1951
RHCO-4511 I Found You Out                                 20902
RHCO-4513 Ten Trips To The Altar                          20844
              possibly two unissued tracks
Same personnel.

Same location. August, 1951
RHCO-10004 In Old New Mexico                              20876
RHCO-10005 title unknown                                  unissued
RHCO-10006 Broke, Disgusted And Sad                       20876
RHCO-10007 Alabama Boogie Boy                             20902
Same personnel.

Same location . March, 1952
RHCO-10157 Man Behind The Throttle                      20948
RHCO-10158 Louisiana Lucy                                  -
RHCO-10159 Tears                                        unissued
Same personnel.

Tulane Hotel Studios, Nashville, Tn. August 8 & 9, 1952
CO-48295      Anybody’s Baby                             21082
CO-48296      Our Love Isn’t Legal                       21041
CO-48297      Old Man Blues                              LP HL7353
CO-48298      Number Nine Blues                          21042
CO-48304      Born To Be Bad                                -
CO-48305      The Hills Of Kentucky                      21082
CO-48306      title unknown                              unissued
CO-48307      I Went To Your Wedding *                   21007
CO-48308      Back Street Affair                         21041
Johnny Bond (g/v), Helen Carter (v *), Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (g), Tommy
Jackson(v), Ernie Newton (b).

Burbank, Ca. Johnny Bond’s studio. 1952
CO-48670      Peace, Be Still                     21113
CO-48672      The Ninety And Nine                           -
CO-48644      Wildcat Boogie                             21160
CO-48674      Old Man Blues                              21243
CO-49564      I Wonder Where You Are Tonight             21150
CO-49565      Live And Let Live                             -
CO-50314      I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You        21187
There Is A Fountain/There Is A Mansion/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere/The HavenOf
Rest/Precious Memories/Farther Along/Whispering Hope/Wabash Blues/Rockin’ Chair
Johnny Bond (g/v), Bert Dodson (b). Multiples recordings using two Magnecord portable tape
Bond does all voices and guitars.

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Ca., 1952
             Corina                                     unissued
             Valley Of The Shadow                           -
             The Church In The Wildwood                     -
no details.

Jim Beck’s studio, Dallas, Tx.,August 1953
CO-49765      Let Me Go, Devil                           21160
CO-49766      title unknown                              unissued
CO-49767      Everybody Knew The Truth                   21335
Johnny Bond (g/v), Bobby Williamson’s Band : no details.

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Ca., December 1953
RHCO-10616 Thanks                               21187
RHCO-10617 Sweet Mama Tree Top Tall                     21186
RHCO-10618 Put A Little Sweetnin’ In Your Love -
Johnny Bond (g/v), Joe Maphis (g) and the Town Hall Party Band : details unknown.
Burbank, Ca. Johnny Bond’s studio, 1954
CO-50767      Ten Little Bottles                          21222, LP HL7308
CO-50768      They Got Me                                    - , LP HL7353
JZSP-37609 Loaded for Bear                                21494,        -
Johnny Bond (g/v).

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Ca., February 1954
RHCO-10763 Firewater                                       21243
RHCO-10764 Stealin’                                        21294
RHCO-10765 My Darlin’ Lola Lee                                -
RHCO-10766 I Lose Again                                    21335
Johnny Bond (g/v), Joe Maphis, Merle Travis, Wesley Tuttle (g), Dick Stubbs (st-g), Jimmie
Pruett (p), Jerry Adler (hca), Margie Warren (v), Bert Dodson (b), Pee Wee Adams d) (Town
Hall Party Band)

Same location. February 22, 1955
RZSP-33350 Louisiana Swing                                21383
RZSP-33351 Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other 21494
RZSP-33352 Lover By Appointment                           unissued
RZSP-33353 Jim, Johnny And Jonas                          21383
Johnny Bond (g/v), Wesley Tuttle (g/v), Joe Maphis (g), Marian Hall (st-g), Bill Woods(p),
Margie Warren (v), Jerry Adler (hca), Bert Dodson (b/v), Pee Wee Adams (d), vocal group :
Rose Lee Maphis, Mary Lou, Marilyn Tuttle, Arnold Myles.

Same location. July 1955
JRZSP-33476 Livin’ It Up                                  21448
RZSP-33477 Carolina Waltz *                               21424
JRZSP-33478 Remember The Alamo *                          21448
RZSP-33479 Somebody’s Pushin’                             21424
Same personnel. Add Manny Klein and unknown (t)*

Same location. February 1956
JRZSP-33723 The Little Rock And Roll *                   21521
JRZSP-33724 The Man From Texas                           unissued
JRZSP-33725 I’ll Be There                                21521
JRZSP-33726 Blues In Nothing Flat *                      unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Joe Maphis, Wesley Tuttle (g), Marian Hall (st-g), Jerry Adler (hca), Bill
Wardle (p), Bert Dodson (b), Eddie Forrest (d), uknown (bs)*

Same location.August 28, 1956
JRZSP-33957 Lonesome Train *                              21565
JRZSP-33958 Don’t Take It Away                            unissued
JRZSP-33959 Look Behind You                               unissued
JRZSP-33960 Laughing Back The Heartaches                  21565
Same personnel. Add Skeets Mc Donald (v) *

Bradley Studio,Nashville, Tn. January 8 & 9 1957
JZSP-39729 Honky Tonk Fever                               40842
JZSP-39730 Lay It On The Line                                -
             Look Behind You                            unissued
             Wildcat Baby                                   -
             Fast Women and Slow Gin                        -
Johnny Bond (g/v), Grady Martin (g/p), HaroldBradley (g), Ernie Newton (b), Buddy Harmon

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Ca., May 1957
JRZSP-40152 Sick, Sober And Sorry                          40934
JRZSP-40154 Lover By Appointment                              -
             two unknown titles (not duets)                unissued
Johnny Bond (g/v), Lefty Frizzell (v), Joe Maphis (g), Jerry Adler (hca), Jimmy Pruett (p),
Bert Dodson (b), Pee Wee Adams (d).

Bradley Studio, Nashville, Tn., June 18, 1957
JZSP-41855 Sale Of Broken Hearts                         40973
JZSP-41856 That’s Just What I’ll Do                      41034
JZSP-41857 Broken Doll                                   41043
JZSP-41858 All I Can Do Is Cry                           40973
Johnny Bond (g/v), Grady Martin (g/p), Harold Bradley (g), Ernie Newton (b), Buddy
Harmon (d).
Radio Recorders, Hollywood, Ca., August 20 & 26 1957
XLP-42097 Oklahoma Waltz *                               LP CL-1072
XLP-42098 Wait For The Light To Shine                       -
Johnny Bond (v/g), Bobby Charles (v *), Joe Maphis (g), Town Hall Party Band : unknown
Columbia albums. :
Harmony HL7308 (1965) « Johnny Bond’s Best » : Cimarron/Smoke, Smoke, Smoke/Fat
Gal/Put Me To Bed/ Oklahoma Waltz/A Petal From A Faded Rose/Barrel House Bessie/Set
‘em Up Joe/Sick Sober And Sorry /Ten Little Bottles.
Harmony HL7353 (1967) « Bottled In Bond » : Bartender’s Blues/Drowning My
Sorrows/Six Of One Half A Dozen Of The Other/Loaded For Bear/They Got Me/The First
Rose/Rock My Cradle Once Again/What Would You Do If You Were Me/Put A Little
Sweetnin’ In Your Love/Old Man Blues.

Discographie tirée des propres notes de Johnny Bond, publiées en 1976 par la JEMF, Los
Angeles (« Reflections : The Autobiography Of Johnny Bond »)

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