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          Ian Fleming’s
        James Bond, 007


    Of The End.
 Daniel Cooper
1. The Man In The Dark Linen Suit.
Southern Spain.

    The Aston drove smoothly over the rough terrain whipping up a trail
of frenzied dust in its wake. A car couldn‟t have looked more out of
place. It stood out in unforgiving silver against the bleak mountainous
landscape and the cars body sparkled inconspicuously in the harsh mid
morning sun but James Bond didn‟t care. He loved this car. He loved
everything about it. The engine purr, the finish, the way it said style in the
most outcast of situations. The optional extras such as target seeking
machine guns and an ejector seat were an added bonus.
    Bond still noticed how it handled corners with perfect ease. There had
been a time back in the local town where Bond had stopped at a filling
station and pressed the button for the fuel cap to swing open but instead
pushed an equally similar button that brought up the two target seeking
machine guns. The station owner fell off his chair and it took a little
explaining to the local police to which Bond told them that it was for
hunting only. After all it wasn‟t a lie.
    Since then the drive had been uneventful and now Bond weaved
through the various mountains. This was a light assignment for James
Bond who was used to more harsher conditions than the heat of southern
Spain and it was a kind of relief from the normal „courier‟ assignments.
The car tore along. A map of the area was displayed through a projector
onto the windscreen using a GPS tracking system along with the cars
display which according to Q optimised driving performance.
    Bond brought the car to a stop in a lay by on the side of a hill. He
swung open the drivers door and stepped outside into the heat which
reflected off the side of the Aston Martin Vanquish. Bond glanced out
into the distance. The view was amazing and even though Bond didn‟t
like to participate in this kind of tourist behaviour he stood for a moment
to admire the scene. He looked at his watch. It was just after midday and
the sun blazed furiously using all its strength to burn the earth. It was the
time for siesta when all of Spain comes to standstill till two o‟clock to
avoid the sun but Bond had a feeling not all were at rest and more to the
point neither could he be. 007 remembered something Moneypenny had
once told him, “ Mad dogs and Englishman only go out in the midday
sun”. Bond was the Englishman but who were the mad dogs. It was the
time of day when the predators hunt their prey. Bond just hoped he
wasn‟t the prey and certainly hoped he wouldn‟t run into the mad dogs.
    The mission was simple for a double 0 and Bond had the briefing
playing over in his head. A group of known terrorists had entered Spain
through the „backdoor‟ and had been traced to this area and a strange
compound. 007‟s job was to get in, kill the terrorists, blow the place to
hell and escape. The blowing the place to hell part was an occupational
must for anyone in the 00-section and a common event for 007 as he had
become some what of an expert thus it had become part of his reputation
among MI6 and criminals in the know.
    Bond went to the back of the car and swiped his finger along the
finger print recognition scanner and the boot lifted up. He took out a
rucksack and replaced his white linen suit and blue shirt for black special
services attire. 007 then pulled out a pair of binoculars and began
searching the area of foliage directly below the mountain side. There in
the midst of it all was a small bleached, stone facility surrounded by a
perimeter fence. At the back there was small clearing where a helicopter
lay in waiting surrounded by several jeeps, cars and all protected by
patrolling guards who paced the perimeter fence. Bond had seen the
satellite images and knew this place like the bottom of his martini glass.
Small, plenty of places to hide but heavily guarded. Bond would have to
be on his guard.
    Bond opened the rucksack he had removed from the boot and pulled
out a coil of rope and a safety harness. He took the key fob for the Aston
Martin and pressed a small grey button. The Vanquish vanished into its
surroundings, invisible to the naked eye. Amused, Bond tied the rope to
his waist and went to the edge of the road. He peered down the sheer edge
below and without any warning flung himself down the side. He flew by
the jagged rock and within half a minute landed carefully on the ground
below. Straightening his tie, Bond had his safety harness off in a flash.
    Immediately he rushed into the tree coverings and was welcomed
with a pleasant coolness. He threw his rucksack down on the ground and
knelt down beside it. Bond pulled open the top and started pulling out a
variety of his „essential‟ field items. A pistol, silencer and magazines, a
pair of Q branch sunglasses that could take pictures by pressing the sides,
and sticks of C4 and detonators all were in the bag. Bond went over to the
perimeter fence and pulled out a little hand held computer. He took the
tiny computer and plugged it into a box that controlled the perimeter
fence. A map of the compound flashed up on the screen. 007 had hacked
into the main system security controls. He used the computer to switch of
the section of electric and alarmed fence in front of him and then
activated a security alarm on the other side of the compound to act as a
distraction. Bond heard the security guards shouting and running to where
the alarm was sounding. This was his chance and he wasn‟t going to
waste it.
     As swift as a lion he pulled back his cuffs to reveal his silver Omega
watch and aimed it at the fence. He pushed a raised button on the side of
the device and a red laser beam flashed out and hit the fence. Bond
started cutting through the fence and made a circular hole. Bond pushed
the cut out section to the floor, displacing the leaves. Carefully he stepped
through the hole and into the inner compound. Quickly he made his way
over to the side of the building.
     It was a large pillar box design, more reminiscent of the second
world war than of twenty first century design. The harsh heat radiated off
the bleached walls and beads of sweat began to run down James Bond‟s
face. Bond looked up and saw a barred up vent in the wall. He again
pulled out his watch and began to cut through the metal bars.
    Bond pulled himself through the whole and carefully hurled his body
into a small room. It was dark except for several shafts of light that
dispersed though the open hole. The room was empty although there was
several crates in the far corner of the room. Bond went over to them and
pulled up one of the lids. Inside there was dozens of sticks of explosives
similar to the ones Bond was carrying. He took a detonator out of the
pocket of his overalls and slipped it inside the crate. He then slid off his
overalls revealing his normal cloths again. He slipped on the Q branch
sunglasses, went over to the big iron door in the opposite corner of the
room and slid out into the main corridor.
    Bond scanned the area. There was no one and he casually walked
along the corridor. Around the corner guards were talking. Bond decided
to chance it and walked around the corner and to his surprise the guards
called over to him.

„Hey you!‟ one of the men shouted to Bond.

    Bond froze .How could they know. Bond stopped and had his hand in
his shirt pocket ready to pull out his Walther P99. Slowly Bond turned to
the guards. This could be it. His cover was blown, surely. The mission
was compromised.

„Hey mister where do you think you‟re going‟ the guard questioned.
„Me?‟ Bond answered edging his index finger around the trigger of his
„Sir, this way. The proceedings will start momentarily.‟
„Arr, sorry my mistake.‟ Bond replied removing his fingers off the trigger
of the Walther.

    Bond went through the big metal doors the two men guarded and into
the room it lead to. The room was large and filled with people. People of
all nationalities. Koreans, Germans, French, American to name but a few,
each huddled in their own group. Bond felt indiscrete standing by the
door and heard a group of familiar English accents to his left. He headed
over to the group who were busy discussing the best way to dispose of a
what they called a non committer. Bond scanned the room. There must
have been at least forty people there. Each man held a booklet in one
hand and many, a cigar in the other. Some of the men were on portable
phones, others carefully surveyed the booklets a small, quaint Spanish
man was giving out. Confused was certainly what 007 was feeling. What
had he walked into and would he be walking out? No one had seen him
go in after all and MI6 weren‟t the best people to talk when an agent was
captured, something he had learned in North Korea.
    007 began to get confused. Why were some of the worlds most
notorious terrorists gathered and having a social meeting in the no
where‟s of Southern Spain. One thing remained prominent in his mind
however, they wouldn‟t be walking out alive. This was a dream for any
agent of the West. People have spent years trying to hunt down these
terrorists and now Bond was being handed it all on a platter. There was
one thing Bond was un-easy at. It was too easy.
    The photography device on Bond‟s sun glasses was busy processing
the photos Bond had taken of the terrorists when the big metal doors
swung open again. Two men, minders Bond thought held open the door
as a smartly dressed man entered followed by a smaller flustered looking
man desperately trying to keep up with the first mans stride.
     The men strode into the corner in the opposite side of the room. Bond
turned on the magnifying mode on his glasses and zoomed in on the men
taking photos as he did. He focused in on the centre man. He wore a dark
linen suit. His face was gaunt, aged and bony with short cropped hair
with peering eyes. Tall and dark the man was familiar to Bond although
he had no idea how but Bond didn‟t like the man. It was a feeling he got
about many people in the business and unfortunately he was often right.
Somehow Bond thought he would be seeing this man again.
     Just then the big metal doors swung open again and a small man in a
dark old fashioned suit walked in. His thinning grey hair was lost in the
midst of the crowd and then he suddenly appeared on a small podium in
the centre of the room. The quaint looking man pulled a pocket watch out
of his jacket, observed the time and cleared his throat to get the crowds
attention. The room fell silent and turned towards the man in the centre.
He spoke in true English, his British accent biting off his tongue.

„Good evening gentlemen.‟ The small man addressed the waiting crowd.
„Our first specimen this afternoon is this fine young fellow.‟
     He prompted towards the door and again the doors pulled back again.
In walked a tall, extremely thin man who walked into a slightly taller
podium next to the old man. The man who reminded Bond of an old
British scientist began again.

„His enemies call him Stinger, height six, two. Korean, speaks some
„So is my aunt!‟ a small Japanese man remarked from the crowd, meeting
amused chuckles from the men.
„Arr, such a joker but can your aunt do this?‟ he replied motioning at the
huge man on the podium.

     Stinger jumped off the podium automatically and approached the
Japanese man, his smirk now slowly receding into a worried frown.
Stinger lifelessly picked up the man under his arms and with one
effortless heave swung the squirming man into a pile of broken wood in
the far corner off the room. The man slumped down against the wall,
unconscious. The crowd was in awe. Bond watched tensely.

„Maybe we can now continue without interruptions men. A little
order…now, lets start the bidding.‟

     Immediately it hit Bond what was going on. A human auction. A
gathering of the worlds biggest criminals to buy henchmen and assassins.
Bond had heard of theses occurring during the Cold War days in Russia
but there hadn‟t been an MI6 case in years. It was a secret agents dream.
All of the worlds most wanted men under one roof and he had the
opportunity to kill them all. On the other hand he was surrounded by the
most dangerous people known.

„Men, you have had a demonstration of this fine specimen of a man. Lets
start the bidding at…lets say one hundred thousand dollars.‟

     Hands went up all around the room. One-fifty, two hundred, three,
four- fifty. The one man sold for five hundred thousand dollars. Stinger,
emotionless stood off the podium and went over to the winning bidder, an
Italian group who systematically probed and prodded him, checking his
resistance like a piece of meat. The Italian wrote a check and handed it to
the Englishman on the podium and he continued.

„Lot number two gentlemen will commence momentarily.‟ the small man
     The crowd began whispering excitedly. Bond still noticed the man in
the dark linen suit and his group who were in the opposite corner to
Bond. There was something about him that 007 felt. He seemed familiar.
Just at that moment the metal doors opened yet again. A young women
came through them. Late twenties, early thirties Bond thought. She had
long black hair that ran down her purple dress. English Bond thought. She
hurried towards the man in the corner, turning the heads of the men in the
room. Bond slotted in a ear piece that allowed him to pick up sounds.

„I‟m sorry I am late but the guards insisted on frisking me.‟ she said to the
man and giving the guards at the door the „evil‟ eye who replied by
smirking back..
„I‟m sure they didn‟t find anything Miss Rose.‟
„Is our man up next?‟
„Yes, make sure we get him.‟
„Don‟t worry, he‟ll be ours soon enough.‟ she said with an air of

     Bond was suddenly very interested in Miss Rose and the man in the
dark linen suit. The small English auctioneer signalled that he was ready
to continue and the room fell silent again as he took again to his box.

„Right Gentlemen… and women,‟ he said peering down at Miss Rose,
„Lets continue with lot two, names Harmer.‟

     As the man spoke a huge man burst through the doors without
prompt. Tall, young with the biggest muscles Bond had ever seen bulging
out of his skin. His tainted expression and peering, pointed eyes focused
directly ahead. He wore combat trousers and a tight green vest drowned
in sweat. The room gasped as he walked past at the sheer hulk of him, his
tight cut hair adding to his fearsome image. Bond was taken back by his
size as he walked up to the podium.
     The auctioneer read out the huge mans vital statistics but no person
in the room listened anymore, their eyes fixed on the man. There was a
hurried rush of whispers. This is what the people had been waiting for all
afternoon and people were eager to start the bidding.

 „Gentlemen, gentlemen, please serious bidders only. Lets start at one
million dollars.‟ The room erupted at the enormous amount.
„Five million.‟ a new bidder shouted.
    Everybody turned amazed at this immediate high figure. It was the
man in the dark linen suit. He stood deadly still and focused surrounded
by peering eyes.

„Five fifty.‟ an unsure Russian answered.
„Six million.‟ the man answered back with no hesitation.

     The room went quiet as the bids were becoming so high. It seemed
the man with Miss Rose was going to win the bid. Men all around the
room were astounded at the extortionate amount of money, more than
five times its estimate price. Just then a new bidder called out a bid.

„Severn million.‟

     The whole room turned frantically to face James Bond who stood set
upon his bid and waiting for the man in the corners response. The man in
the dark linen suit looked annoyed and glanced over at Bond.
The man simply sighed and replied, „eight million.‟
„Nine.‟ Bond fired back.
„Thirteen.‟ The bid rested with Bond.

    Bond could see the man grating his teeth. Miss Rose looked horrified
and was frantically trying to stop him but the man was enraged and
merely glanced at Bond and sneered. The crowd were widely excited and
poised for the next bid.

„Fourteen.‟ the man replied as Bond fell silent.
„Anymore advances on fourteen million dollars men?.‟ the auctioneer
„Fifteen.‟ Bond replied gazing over at the man who was now consumed
with anger.
„Sixteen.‟ the man shouted back enraged, now seething.
„Anymore, sir?‟ the auctioneer asked turning to Bond.

     Bond hesitated for a moment. He looked over at the man who was
now clenching his fists and had heavy beads of sweat amounting on his
fore head. Bond had done enough. He had got the mans attention. He
turned to the auctioneer and shook his head.

„Right, if you are sure…sold to you sir.‟
     The man in the dark linen suit regained his composure and stood
again with an air of confidence. Harmer got down off the podium
effortlessly and walked over to the man who he now dwarfed. The man
surveyed him up and down as Miss Rose scribbled down notes in a black
file and got the man in the suit to sign a check for the auctioneer.
     There was not the next lot for a while and the room descended into a
relaxed gathering with drinks and light snacks served from a table almost
disguising why all theses people were actually there. Bond glanced over
to Miss Rose and the men. She was making her way over to the drinks
table. Bond followed.

„That was a high bid,‟ Bond said to her. She turned around to see him.
„The names Bond…James Bond.‟ He held out his hand to her but she
ignored it bluntly refusing his gesture. „And you are?‟

„Rose, Miss Summer Rose,‟ she replied coldly. „Tell me mister Bond, do
you value your life?‟
„Now that depends on the price to pay Miss Rose.‟ Bond returned.
„It is extremely foolish to play with Mr Millner, especially with money
Mr Bond, you‟ll soon find that out.‟
„We purely share a mutual interest.‟
„Not any more Mr Bond, you lost. Mr Millner never loses.‟
„And he pays sixteen million dollars for that pleasure, does he?‟
„You have paid a higher price Mr Bond.‟

    The man in the dark linen suit came beside Bond and Miss Rose and
turned to speak to them, eyeing up Bond, his guards in the background
watching from a distance.

„Miss Rose, who‟s your new friend?‟ Millner interrupted.
„Augustus this is…‟ 007 finished the sentence. „Bond…James Bond.‟
„Arr the man who tried to out bid me, how interesting.‟ Millner acted like
he hadn‟t noticed but he had seen Bond approach Miss Rose and was on
the offensive. „Please, let me introduce myself, Augustus Millner, head of
the Millner Corporation. What job do you do Mr. Bond?‟
„Oh I travel a lot, stock broking.‟
„Stock broking?‟ Millner sounded surprised, almost mocking Bond in his
light tone.
„Yes amongst other things.‟
„And you needed Mr. Harmer for what, clearing the floor?‟
„Something like that.‟ Bond replied un-easily.
„That‟s a lovely watch Mr. Bond, mind if I take a look?‟
      Bond was suspicious. Surely Millner hadn‟t taken Bond‟s stock
broker story. It was something Miss Rose had said about Bond paying a
higher price that made him aware of Millner. Uneasy Bond slid the
Omega Seamaster off his wrist and handed it across to Millner who took
it, intrigued.

„Marvellous, had one of these myself once…hmm what‟s this light for?‟

     Bond gasped. The watch was the control for the detonator Bond had
placed in the crate of explosives. Before Bond could react and grab the
watch from him, Millner pressed the side button, almost knowing its
function and detonated the bomb.
     The blast rocked the building tremendously and blew in one of the
side walls automatically revealing glimpses outside through the thick
smoke and dust. Almost everyone had been knocked to the floor and
there was a huge uproar of yells and shouts. The dust was everywhere and
coated everyone. Bond was dazed on the floor. He opened his eyes and
could see Millner in front of him also on the floor. Millner, dazed, too
opened his eyes and immediately shouted for Bond to be killed.
     The guards began running into the room and fired their machine guns
into the dust. The crowd went wild and started running out of the room
which was now crumbling away. Millner grabbed Miss Rose and ran out
of the room. Bond pulled his Walther P99 out of its holster and followed
     Outside the breeze was welcome and the thick dust poured out of the
building. People ran from every entrance from the building and ran to
their cars in fear of the authorities arriving to investigate. Millner, two of
his guards, Miss Rose and Harmer ran towards a helicopter on the far side
of the building, Bond followed picking off guards on his way. Bond heard
other explosions from behind where other explosives were being set off
by the rapidly spreading fire now raging fearing what would happen if the
fire reached the room of explosives.
     Millner and his group reached the helicopter with Bond in hot pursuit
and began clambering in. Miss Rose was last to get in but Millner stopped
her. “Augustus there isn‟t enough room!” Summer shouted. Millner still
blocked the door. Bond was fast approaching and the rotor blades were
near full power. “I know!” Millner shouted back. He slammed the door
shut, smirked and motioned for the pilot to take off. Bond fired up at the
helicopter now rising but failed to bring it down and it took off over the
     All around there was still chaos with people running around
aimlessly and a group off guards spotted Bond and began chase. Bond
grabbed Miss Rose who was slumped in shock, sobbing on the floor and
ran to a line off bushes near by. Millner‟s helicopter roared off overhead.

     Bond frantically pulled Miss Rose into the bushes and pulled out the
key fob for the Aston Martin Vanquish. He pushed the one of the buttons
that were on the key fob and above him Bond could hear the Vanquish‟s
engines fire up. He pushed another button and the car became visible
again. Bond pressed the accelerator button and the car roared off. The
speed now racing 007 guided the car around the precarious corners,
gaining speed all the time. Faster and faster the car ripped down the steep
slopes and towards Bond and Summer.
     The guards were now rapidly approaching the bushes and Bond
began picking them off with his Walther. Explosions were going off in
the building as more of the fire reached packs of explosives. A huge
explosion ripped through one side of the building sending people flying
everywhere. A huge cloud of dust hung in the air, choking everything.
    Suddenly the silver Aston Martin ripped through the dust and
screamed to a finish right in front of Bond and Summer. The two rushed
to the car and Bond jumped in avoiding the flying bullets. Immediately
Bond brought up two target seeking shot guns on the front of the car and
they began shooting off at the screaming guards now running for cover.
The car engine roared and screeched off gaining incredible speed. Up
ahead two daring guards began to pull across a wire mesh gate, sealing
off Bonds escape. 007 quickly pushed a button and two rockets appeared
from the front grill. Bond fired both of them and they had a perfect hit on
the metal gate clearing an exit. The car shot out of the complex and onto
the open road leaving guards firing pointlessly behind them.
      The car now tore across the baron landscape whipping up a long tail
of dust. Bond glanced into the wing mirror of the Vanquish. The huge
complex behind them erupted into a huge ball of flames reaching high
into the air engulfing the landscape. Bond smirked and pushed down
harder on the accelerator. The silver Aston Martin disappeared over the

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