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									                                   If you are looking for strength
                                   training exercise routine that will
                                   yield successful results, you need
                                   to take into account that indeed
                                   weight training programs are
essential in building muscles and strength, however, it is not the
only important factor. Diet, training and rest are the three factors
that contribute to developing muscle mass quickly. All these are
equally critical for a successful outcome.

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High intensity training is required in gaining lean muscle. This
calls for the trainer to workout up to three times a week with full
body single set routines. To be effective, workouts must be short
but very intense. Each and every workout is expected to provide
an increase in strength and endurance, this way you should be
able to perform your next workout with more reps with the same
weight or the same number of reps with a greater weight.

Strength training exercise routine entails executing it alternately;
you may perform light training for three weeks, then do a
medium training for a few weeks and then carry out heavy
training for the final cycle. This way you will be placing emphasis
on the cumulative gains after all phases rather than on achieving
gains in every workout. This approach is meant to change
intensity and volume levels in order to prevent overtraining.

Diet is one of the important factors in gaining muscle and
strength training. You need to eat healthy in order to be able to
supply the raw materials your body requires to build muscle mass
and strength. Without your diet that provides the energy you
need all the hard work you do in the gym will be wasted. The
same with adequate rest, your muscle needs enough time to
repair and rebuild.

Your hard work and perseverance will definitely have a positive
outcome once you implement these pointers on performing
strength training exercise routine.

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