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					CFTC Track and Field Records

                                 Outdoor Track and Field

Shot put (Open)

Name                 Age Group             Mark                 Date
Michael Pellet       18-29                 47'9"       14.55m    7/27/2010
Tristan LeClere      30-39                 41'         12.50m    7/20/2010

Nancy Olisma         18-29                 31'2.5"     9.51m      5/2/2010

Shot Put (Masters)

George Castelli      55-59                 38'7.75"    11.78m    6/12/2010
Tom Kuehl            55-59                 26'4.25"    8.03m     6/12/2010

Discus (Open)

Tristan LeClere      30-39                 137'11      42.04m    7/20/2010
Mike Pellet          18-29                 130'5"      39.75m    8/10/2010

Mia Carrol           18-29                 102'9"      31.32m     6/5/2010
Heidi Rim            18-29                 74'5"       22.69m     5/2/2010
Nancy Olisma         18-29                 74'3        22.63m    4/10/2010

Discus (Masters)

Tom Kuehl            55-59                 121'0.75"   36.90m    5/22/2010
George Castelli      55-59                 111'5.75"   33.98m    5/29/2010

Hammer Throw (Open)

Nancy Olisma         18-29                 86'8"       26.42m    4/10/2010
Heidi Rim            18-29                 64'7"       19.70m     4/2/2010
Barabara Erdei       18-29                 61'7"       18.78m    4/10/2010

Hammer Throw (Masters)

George Castelli      55-59                 104'11.75" 32m        5/22/2010
Tom Kuehl            55-59                 102'       31.09m     6/19/2010
                                 Indoor Track and Field

Shot put (Open)

Name                 Age Group              Mark                   Date

Mike Pellet          18-29                  46'1"         14.05m   12/27/2009

Nancy Olisma         18-29                  28'6.5"       8.70m     2/28/2010
Mia Carroll          18-29                  26'9.5"       8.17m     1/29/2010

Shot put (Masters)

George Castelli      55-59                  37'4.75"      11.40m    1/23/2010
Tom Kuehl            55-59                  29'11.75"     9.14m      3/6/2010

Indoor Weight Throw (Open)

Mike Pellet          18-29                  46'1"         14.05m   12/27/2010

Nancy Olisma         18-29                  30'9"         9.37m     2/20/2010

Indoor Weight Throw (Masters)

George Castelli      55-59                  46'1.5"       14.06m    1/10/2010
Tom Kuehl            55-59                  37'11.5"      11.57m     3/6/2010

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Description: Shot of the world track and field's traditional activities. In ancient times, the face of the harsh natural environment and the level of the original low productivity, people want to continue living on earth, not only run faster, or quickly jump barriers to hunt various animals, or to avoid harm to wild beasts, and Learn to use the tool to the stone, a, harpoons and other far and prospective bidders in order to hit the prey for food. Slavery, as human evolution and social progress, throwing tungsten has become an important method of warfare. In order to improve their combat effectiveness, throwing tungsten was used as an important means of training. Ancient Greece, was once popular with stone-throwing contest, and this as an important criterion for selection of Hercules. According to legend, in the year 1150 or so, Athens, Greece held a large-scale, massive boulder throwing heavy competition. According to regulations, Hercules were the boulders aloft toward the distance, to throwing distances to determine the merits of the winner. This is the predecessor of Shot.