; How to improve our memory
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How to improve our memory


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									                                                     How to improve our memory

                                                               (More practice)
Lesson Analysis
I. Lesson Position
This lesson is the part of More Practice of Chapter 6 “Memory” in the Oxford English 9A.
The students should learn some ways of improving memory in this chapter.
II. Objectives:
A. Language focus:
1. To help the Ss have the ideas of improving memory by listening to some tips and reading a passage
2. To enable the Ss to use the ways of memorizing the English words by sharing the methods in group
3. To help the Ss to learn to make suggestions by helping others to solve the problems in learning English
B.Skill objectives
1. To foster the learners’ listening and reading skills by searching for the information
2. To improve their creative abilities by integrative practice
3. To cultivate the learners’ speaking by using the visual strategy
C. Moral objectives
1. To provide the ways of improving memory to arouse their interest in learning English
2. To cultivate the co-operation by group work and learn to share
III. Importance and difficulties
1. To foster the students to use the proper ways to improve memory
2. To enable the students to use the ways of memorizing the English words
3. To share some basic methods of memorizing the English words
4. To make the students learn how to make suggestions
IV. Teaching approaches:
Communicative approach, situational approach, task-based approach
V. Teaching aids:
Multi-media, answer sheet
VI. Time allotment:
One period

I.       Teaching Process
                       教案设计                                          作用                    说明
i. Warming up 2’                                                                   教师以一名学生打电话告知学英
                                                     It is a pavement to elicit today’s
1. Tell the students about one of their                topic: “how to improve your 语的烦恼来引出在座学生学习英
classmates—Mary’s problems of learning English.       memory”. It leads to the lesson
2. Let the students say their problems of learning        into the next part as well.    高记忆” 。
English.                                                                             摄像机给屏幕一个镜头。
ii. Presentation 14’                           To enable the students to know 显示一张专家照片,让学生通过听
1. Do some listening and tell what the ways of how many ways can be used to 录音和阅读文章来获取他们所需
improving memory are.                          improve memory, and what they             要的信息。
2. Do some reading                             are by doing some listening.
1) Tell true or false.                         Students      can      get     more
2) Answer the questions.                       information about improving             请镜头扫描全班。
                                               memory by reading a passage.
iii. Practice 15’                                 It is an output after they get   屏幕显示一组有记忆问题的学生
1. Show some pictures of the students who have some input. And also make the 图片,通过听及阅读来了解那些学
poor memories. Ask the students to give some students learn to help others by      生的问题,用所学方法来帮助他
advice to them by using the ways they’ve just        using their knowledge.         们,给他们一些合理的建议。
2. Ask the students to say their ways of Ask the students to introduce 教师以导入中三名学生的问题,引
memorizing English words, the teacher the ways of memorizing the 出记忆英语单词的方法。先请学生
summarizes the ways of memorizing the English English words. From that, let the 说说他们平时是怎样记忆英语单
words, and give examples.                       students share the good ways of 词的。然后老师将它们汇总,罗列
                                                memorizing the English words.      出记忆单词的方法,并举例。
iv. Summary 2’                                  It is a small summary about the 这是对刚才所学记忆英语单词方
Show the ways of memorizing the English words.  ways of memorizing the English 法的一个小结。目的是让学生在接
Ask the students to look through.               words which the students learnt 下来的一个环节中使用这些方法。
                                                just now in order to let them use
                                                in the next step.                 镜头给屏幕。
v. Production 5’                                   To encourage the students to   这是一个让学生学以致用的拓展
1. Use different ways to memorize some words.      memorize English words by      活动。让学生通过解决实际问题,
                                                    using some methods which      真正掌握记忆英语单词的方法,让
                                                        they’ve just learnt.      学生觉得这是一堂真正有用的课。
vi. Assignment 2’                                   This is a feedback to check   这是对本课的一个反馈作业,既能
1. Write some tips on how to improve memory and    whether the students can put   凸显学以致用,又能体现学生乐于
the ways of memorizing the English words to        what they’ve learnt into use.        助人的精神。
Mary. Try to use “You should …by…”.

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