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									                                       Connecting GTA Teachers
                           Regional Planning Team Meeting
                                      Monday, June 9, 2008
                                      12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                              Humber ITAL, Seventh Semester (KB111)

                                     MEETING NOTES
Lawrence Alvarez, George Brown                         Steve Bodsworth, Humber
Vince Burzotta, Toronto CDSB                           Mary Camuti, Toronto DSB
Tina Cotrupi, Toronto CDSB                             Chris Coleman, Coordinator
Ron Dorcas, York CDSB                                  Cesare DiDonato, Halton CDSB
Ken Harrison, Humber (Chair)                           Rosa Duran, George Brown
John Lavelle, Peel DSB                                 Jane Jenner, Sheridan
Susan McPhedran, Upper Grand DSB                       Janis McCaskill, Toronto DSB
Greg Murray, Halton IEC                                Catherine Moynihan, Toronto CDSB
Michelle Rao, Georgian                                 Art Niezen, York Region DSB
Kim Taylor-Reed, York Region DSB                       Carol Ray, Humber
Mary Vesia, Humber                                     Dale Thorington, Centennial

1. Welcome and Introductions
    Ken Harrison welcomed participants, and a round of introductions was made.
    Copies of the updated CGTAT folder/brochure was distributed, along with copies of the annual SCWI
     Newsletter. Extra copies are available.

2. Check
      A check of the Agenda was made and a couple of items added under New Business.
      CGTAT Meeting Notes for April 14 were distributed.
      In lieu of a meeting in May for CGTAT, Reps were invited to attend SCWI‟s Provincial Symposium,
       May 13th.
      The web statistics for May 2008 show that traffic to was again up about 45% over the
       same time in 2007. Please check the website regularly and often to be sure you have the latest

3. SCWI Provincial Symposium – Review and Feedback
      Suggestion there be a plenary Q&A session with a panel from the Ministry.
      Workshops were interesting.
      Report on the College Math Project provided useful information.
      The Symposium seems to be a repeat of what we do in the Technical Briefing. Consideration should
       be given as to the best use of people‟s time.
      Attendance at the symposium was down from previous years.
      More lead time is required for planning, preparation, marketing and promotion.

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      However, lower overall attendance did facilitate more/better interactivity in the workshops.
      Good opportunities to network with others across the province. Perhaps there could be a get-together
       the evening before (e.g. wine and cheese).
      Symposium seemed to generate lots of ideas for new projects.

4. Phase 12 Activities and Dual-Credit Program Commitments
      The following projects have been dropped, mainly due to insufficient funding:

          A16              Curriculum Review of Dual Credits                   Seneca
          A19 / A22        Learning Partnership                                George Brown
          P13              Advanced Tech Credit - AMAT                         Centennial
          P14              Advanced Tech Credit - ICET                         Centennial
          P17              Pathways to Business                                Seneca
          P34              Transportation - Online                             Centennial

      Project A21, Humber‟s Camp Choice will continue but will not be expanded.
      Project P25 Transition to College is having difficulties finding space at Sheridan.
      All other projects are expected to go ahead with the funding allocated, making whatever adjustments
       seem reasonable.
      SCWI will probably want an update in the fall.

      Question: Are there guidelines for shifting any Phase 11 surpluses. Can surpluses be shifted to
       projects that ran successfully but were under-funded? If they could, it would give a more accurate
       picture of costs.
      Invoicing is based on actual costs per project. If the funding were grant funding, it would be easier to
      For the time being, CGTAT will move any surplus into the same project area for the coming phase.
      Money may be moved from a college allocation to a board, and vice versa, within a project.
      The Ministry is reticent to give guidelines because they don‟t want the money back; it‟s a “major
       hassle” for them.

      Various questions were raised about staffing and the Grant for Student Needs. This is still a “murky”

5. SCWI Phase 11 Final Report
      All the documentation needed, including detailed guidelines, is available at in the
       “SCWI, Reports to” section.
      If you filed a mid-year report, you are encouraged to build upon that; don‟t start a new report.
      The reporting process works best if the Lead (or designate) for a project takes responsibility for
       assembling all the data/information for that project and for submitting the completed report to Chris
      The deadline for submissions to Chris is Friday, June 27.
      On the website, there is a Form for a Student's Perspective, Release & Consent. Please try to get as
       many as possible of these completed and faxed to Mary Vesia (416-675-3141). Please do not send
       forms by email as signatures are required.

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6. Phase 11 Budget Review
      Ken thanked everyone for providing as much detail on invoices as possible.
      CGTAT will receive the second half of the Phase 11 funding as soon as the Final Report is filed.
      It is critical that the RPT‟s Final Report be submitted on time.
      We would like to receive invoices as soon as possible so they can be added to the Budget section of
       the Final Report.
      If you are unable to submit actual invoices, please submit estimates.

7. Dual-Credit Course Codes
      The most recent list of Course Codes is always available at in both the “SCWI,
       Reports to” and the “Dual-Credit Programs” section.
      Without a code, a course can not appear on a student‟s transcript.
      The Form to Generate a New Course Code is available on the website.
      Completed forms will be forwarded to Phil Hedges at the Ministry.
      Boards would like codes before the end of September.

      Question: How are the colleges recognizing DCPs for admissions? Are „T‟ courses considered as „C‟
      Question: Who at the college is looking at this? Registrar‟s office?
      Question: Historically, the College Presidents have stated that they will recognize each others‟ Dual
       Credits. How has that translated in reality?
      Suggestion that these questions be posed to the provincial college registrars (CRAYLO) to be dealt
       with at the provincial level.

9. Other Business
      A draft of the Important Dates document is available at in the “Open Meetings”
      Ken will be away for two weeks in July.
      Chris will be away the second and third weeks in August.

10. Next Meeting
       Monday, September 15, 2008
       Humber ITAL, North Campus (maps and floor plans)
       Room: TBA
       12:00 – 2:00 Main Meeting
       2:00 – 4:00 Room available for pre-arranged board/college partnership meetings

       For parking, go to Main Parking Information Kiosk (Lot 10) and say you are attending the CGTAT
       meeting. They will give you a parking pass and further instructions. Parking is free.

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