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					Name: ______________________                                              SNC1D
                                                                      Gr.9 Science
                                                                        Miss Ngai
             Elements of the Periodic Table You Need to Memorize!!

You must be able to recognize the name and symbol for the following elements from
the periodic table. SPELLING IS IMPORTANT!!

Element Name                Symbol                Element Name         Symbol

Hydrogen                                          Helium

Lithium                                           Beryllium

Boron                                             Carbon

Nitrogen                                          Oxygen

Fluorine                                          Neon

Sodium                                            Magnesium

Aluminum                                          Silicon

Phosphorus                                        Sulfur

Chlorine                                          Argon

Potassium                                         Calcium

Titanium                                          Chromium

Manganese                                         Iron

Cobalt                                            Nickel

Copper                                            Zinc

Bromine                                           Krypton

Silver                                            Gold

Tin                                               Iodine

Xenon                                             Barium

Platinum                                          Mercury


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