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Web Mail                      April 24, 2008
Government of Guam
Directory                     Governor Felix Camacho and Lt. Governor Michael Cruz, M.D.
Guam Veterans Affairs         announce that the Guam State Clearinghouse (GSC) will host a
Office Employment             four day course to strengthen Guam's ability to prepare federal
Opportunities                 program indirect cost proposals. Indirect costs are general
                              administrative expenses incurred by agencies in support of various
Financial Reports             federal programs.

Staffing Patterns             Mr. Charles Hester from the United States Department of
Special Funds Transfer        Agriculture's Graduate School, Pacific Islands Training Initiative,
Authority                     will facilitate this course entitled: Developing and Negotiating
Appropriations, Allotments,   Central Services Cost Allocation Plans and Indirect Cost Rate
Expenditures                  Proposals; which will be paid by the U.S. Department of Interior's
Special/Revolving Funds       Territorial Technical Assistance Program. Training sessions are
Contracts                     scheduled from April 29 thru May 02, 2008, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.,
Budget                        at the Department of Administration's training room in Hagåtña.
Prior Year Obligations
Governor's Transfer           Employees from several agencies have been invited to participate
Authority                     in this seminar including the Bureau of Budget and Management
Guam Medical Referral         Research, Department of Administration, Guam Public School
Activities & Expense          System, University of Guam, Guam Community College, and the
Reports                       Department of Public Works.
Office of Veterans Affairs
Non-Appropriated Funds        For additional information, please call Mr. Jason Tedtaotao at 475-
Reports                       9380 ext. 903 or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being
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                              Course Agenda (Word format)
                              Federal Partners Help Guam's Capital Financing Needs
                              April 18, 2008
Kids Care
                              Governor Felix P. Camacho and Lt. Governor Michael W. Cruz,
                              M.D. will host the United States Department of Agriculture
                              (USDA), Farmer's Credit Administration's Rural America Group
                              and their financial firm, Morgan Keegan, to discuss ways Guam
                              may creatively fund critical healthcare, education, infrastructure
                              and housing projects. Public and private sector representatives will
                              be present to learn and discuss innovative financing methods in
                              anticipation of Guam's growing population and military

                              "These options are important because our current fiscal condition
Lt. Governor                  makes it difficult for the local government to obtain conventional
Digital TV Initiative         financing for healthcare projects and other critical priorities," said
Guam Online Job Bank          Lt. Governor Cruz. "Guam's financial challenges should not
Official Portal for Island of prevent us from finding creative ways to meet the demands of our
Guam                          growing community."

                              USDA and Morgan Keegan advisors are also expected to meet
                              with the Guam Memorial Hospital to explore financing options for
                              capital improvement projects including the expansion of Guam's
                              only civilian hospital.

                              This forum will be held at the University of Guam's Jesus and
                              Eugenia Leon Guerrero School of Business and Public
                              Administration Building, IT&E Lecture Hall, on Wednesday, April
                              23, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

                              THE 2nd JUSTICE BONE MARROW DRIVE
                              April 18, 2008

                              As a recipient of the bone marrow test, Lieutenant Governor Mike
                              Cruz demonstrated how simple the procedure is and humbly asks
                              the island community to participate in the 2nd Justice Bone
                              Marrow Drive.

                              "The courage and life of Justice Taitague continues to give hope to
                              those suffering from a terminal illness," said Lt. Governor Cruz.
                              "By participating in this drive and registering with the National
                              Bone marrow Registry, we continue to honor the bravery of this
                              remarkable girl and possibly save a life."
The event will be held this Saturday and Sunday, April 19-20 at the
Guam Premium Outlets.

Governor Honors Legal Professionals and Encourages
Environmental Stewardship
April 17, 2008

                                                  Governor Felix P.
Camacho today welcomed Chief Justice Robert J. Torres, Jr.;
Justices; Judges; attorneys; and other legal professionals to Adelup,
where he declared May 1 as "Law Day" and April 27 – May 4 as
"Law Week."

"Your service to our community is one of integrity, duty, honor
and great purpose," Governor Camacho told the legal community
gathered. "The people of Guam look to you with great respect,
because you carry on a proud tradition of justice that keeps order,
protects our citizens and preserves the rights of all our people."

Law Day and Law Week are celebrated every year to recognize the
important role of legal professionals and the legal system. This
year's theme, "The Rule of Law: Foundation for Communities of
Opportunity and Equity," encourages communities to examine the
rule of law, the role of legal professionals to sustain it and its
significance to protecting democracy.

Governor Camacho also signed a proclamation in celebration of
"Earth Week," to encourage residents to do their part in protecting
and preserving our natural resources. This year's theme, "Conserve
Our Reef Environment (CORE)," was selected in recognition of
Guam's unique marine environment and to coincide with regional
and worldwide campaigns, "Pacific Year of the Reef" and
"International Year of the Reef."

The Governor was joined by officials from the Guam
Environmental Protection Agency, businesses, partners, students,
organizations and volunteers, who have partnered together to
promote environmental stewardship. He thanked them for their
commitment to Guam's natural resources.

"This Earth Week is proclaimed in honor of how far we've come
and in recognition of the partnerships we've built to change Guam,"
Governor Camacho told the partners. "As our island enters a new
era of opportunity, I am grateful for your dedication to our
environment. The work you do leaves a lasting mark for
generations that follow ours."

Governor Felix P. Camacho today issued the following statement
after receiving news that Private Joseph Miner was wounded
yesterday in Afghanistan:

"Lt. Governor Cruz and I are praying for Private Miner's quick
recovery. Private Miner was presented the Purple Heart and
Infantryman Badge which speak to his valor and courage. We are
grateful for his brave service and I ask the people of Guam also to
keep him and his family in their prayers. "

Camacho Delivers Sixth State of the Island Address
Click here to view the State of the Island Address

April 14, 2008

Governor Felix P. Camacho tonight spoke to the people of Guam
about the transition our government and island is making toward a
season of transformation.

Governor Camacho delivered his sixth State of the Island Address
this evening, explaining the vision and direction the people of
Guam must take, the opportunities for us, the foundations we will
lay and the inheritance this generation will leave for the next.

"As servant leaders, we have taken our charge to do all we can in
the time allotted to lay a solid foundation upon which this
community will build the new Guam," Governor Camacho said.
Governor Camacho first detailed his Administration's efforts to lay
a strong foundation for the Guam Buildup that will lead to an
island "transformed by the work we do today." The Governor
called for greater transparency by the Department of Defense and a
true partnership, which will lead to a higher quality of life for the
people of Guam. He explained that the buildup of our island has
already begun, with efforts to sustain economic growth. The
Governor told the people of Guam that we are already seeing
record-breaking real estate transactions, hundreds of millions of
dollars in government and private sector investments and a
workforce that has grown by 5,800 jobs since the Governor took

The Governor also outlined the steps he is taking to make
homeownership possible for more people, reduce the island's
dependence on fossil fuels and improve Guam for future

He expressed strong concerns with the Guam Public School

"Since 1993, GPSS has spent more than $2.8 billion," Governor
Camacho said. "Yet test scores are still low, facilities are not
maintained, supplies are lacking, vendors are not paid and many
high school graduates do not have the necessary skills to qualify
and compete for gainful employment."

The Governor added that, "We can no longer afford to pour
millions of dollars into the Guam Public School System without
the necessary accountability for those funds, and tangible results in
our children's education. Much has been given to GPSS with little
to show for it. The system in place is simply not working."

Governor Camacho is calling for:

      A change in the school board composition so that some
       members are elected while others are appointed, because
       continuity is critical to the stability of the school system;
      Restoration of Executive Branch authority over GPSS to
       ensure checks and balances in budgeting, procurement and
       personnel matters;
      Reinstatement of the Governor's authority to appoint the
      Outsourcing of services where necessary; and
      The creation of charter schools within the GPSS system."
Governor Camacho also is calling on the Legislature to approve his
proposal to finance the equipment for the new schools he is
building, three of which are slated to open at the beginning of the
next school year.

The Governor also spoke about the government of Guam's deficit
and the need for all leaders to work collaboratively to solve this
long-standing problem. "The government's finances jeopardize the
potential of our island to grow at a time when we are preparing for
this historic buildup. The domino effect of the deficit is escalating
the problem so that it will eventually touch every aspect of our
people's lives."

Click here to download the highlights of the Governor's address.
(Word Format)
Click here to download the State of the Island Address. (Word

Governor and Lt. Governor Launch Internship Program
Deadline for 2008 Summer Term Interns is April 25, 2008

April 11, 2008

Governor Felix P. Camacho and Lt. Governor Michael W. Cruz,
M.D. are pleased to announce the launch of the Office of the
Governor and Lt. Governor Internship Program.

Full-time positions are available in eight offices of the Governor
and Lieutenant Governor during the summer and fall terms.
Selected interns will receive course credit for their participation at
the discretion of the college or university.

Students are encouraged to apply. Application deadline for the
upcoming summer term is April 25, 2008.

"This internship is a way to motivate our future leaders, who will
one day take the helm of our island," Governor Camacho said.
"The program provides an opportunity to encourage responsibility
and leadership."

"We should seize every opportunity to inspire our young people to
leadership and this internship program will do just that,"
Lieutenant Governor Cruz said.
Applicants must be:

   * At least 18 years of age on or before the first day of the
   * Enrolled in an undergraduate program at a college or
university, or graduated the previous semester; and
   * A United States citizen.

Complete application packets must include:

  * Office of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Internship Application ;
  * Current resume; and
  * Three letters of recommendation.

Application packets may be submitted by email or fax. They also
may be delivered to the Office of the Governor – Central Files

Upon selection, candidates must consent to a security investigation
prior to their start date and submit to drug screening analysis. All
security measures are confidential and intended to protect the
applicant as well as the Offices of the Governor and Lieutenant

Complete program details and application form can be
downloaded here .

Further questions and correspondence about the Internship
Program may be submitted to This e-mail address is being
protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Interested applicants also may contact the Internship Coordinator,
Charlene Concepcion at 475-8931 ext. 025.

Guam Reinstated Into National Flood Insurance Program
FEMA commends DPW's commitment and satisfactory progress

April 11, 2008

Governor Felix P. Camacho today announced that the Federal
Emergency Management Agency has reinstated Guam into the
National Flood Insurance Program after more than a decade of

Structural and procedural violations of Guam's Flood Damage
Prevention Ordinance and NFIP regulations prevented local
residents and businesses from participating in the federally-funded
insurance program since 1992. Recent efforts by DPW and other
government agencies to implement corrective actions have resulted
in NFIP reinstatement and improved opportunities to compete for
other hazardous mitigation assistance grants.

"This is a significant milestone in our mission to address the
critical areas of concern and strengthen the foundations of our
community," Governor Camacho said. "Since 1992, our residents
and businesses were not able to participate in this federally-funded
insurance program. I commend the men and women of Public
Works for the tremendous job they have done to bring us into
compliance with federal regulations to ensure the safety of our
people and Guam's eligibility for critical federal assistance."

The NFIP was established to provide federally-funded flood
insurance to property owners in communities that have
implemented and enforced floodplain control regulations to
prevent and reduce flood damages.

"Guam has now made satisfactory progress addressing the bulk of
the documented violations," FEMA Regional Director Nancy Ward
stated in a letter to Governor Camacho. "Our Region XI staff
wishes to recognize the professionalism of Mr. Lawrence Perez,
Director, DPW and his staff for their hard work in moving Guam
towards compliance."

Ward acknowledged that while there are other issues that must be
addressed, DPW and other government agencies have restored the
agency's confidence enough to lift the NFIP probation. FEMA
Region XI officials will continue providing technical assistance to
ensure proper compliance.


      Guam Receives $291,055 for HIV/AIDS Treatment

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