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Apple iPad At A Glance


These documents are about Computer and technology, as well as the developments about it. Hope you will enjoy it!

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									                                  Apple iPad At A Glance
The Apple iPad is what everybody has been waiting for. When it comes to computing, Apple has always
been one step forward. We can see that Apple has come with some stuff like; the iPhone, the iMac, the
MacBook, the iPod, and now the iPad.

It’s always been a massive success when they launch something in the market. Now, consumers can
enjoy the features of the iPad by Apple and also experience with it.

So, what does the iPad have comparing with the iPhone? Apple certainly concern about making it better
than the previous products as well as their competitions. Apple wanted to design a product that was
more user friendly.

You can do a lot of things with the larger screen it has. But just don’t look too long periods of times at
the screen since it will be harmful to the eyes. The other reason is the more stunning computer
experience you can get. It will be suitable for those who don’t like to strain their eyes for long periods of
time and those who mobile compute so much. Besides the larger screen, it also has controls that are
easier to manage. And it makes the users more comfortable.

iPad also has a different operating system from the Mac computers have. The iPad can play the iPhone’s
applications and that’s what makes iPad is better, even with the iPod. The iPad can play the application
like iWork better than the iPhone can. Within the first week of its launch, it can even play more than a
thousand applications. Its 9.7” front LCD screen totally dominates the front side of it.

In all around the screen with a pretty black border, we can see the LED light display. Nevertheless, the
iPad would have been better without the borders that take up some space. Pretty much similar as the
iPhone, we can still see the Apple logo in back side of the iPad. And to the right, there are the volume
and the silence buttons. It also has 9.6” height and 7.47” width, the same icons, the slide to unlock, and
even the software though it’s just better.

What we can see differently is, there are new apps and the modification of the previous apps. As a
laptop does, the iPad also comes with the accessories like iPad cases and the iPad bags that will make a
full use of it.

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