The Diamond Jubilee by ashrafp


									          The Diamond Jubilee
                           4x32 Jig
1 - 8   1s and 4s turn partner 1½ times by the right and cast
        into the middle of the set. 2s and 3s step out on bars 5
        and 6. First and fourth lefts and first and fourth rights
        turn once around by the left end with the 1s facing the
        2s and the 3s facing the 4s.

9 - 16 Reels of four on the sides. At the end, instead of passing
       the by the left shoulder, the 1s and the 4s dance round
       by their right in a curve into the center to finish in a
       diagonal lines with the corners forming the St. Andrew’s
       cross. 1s will be facing the 3s and the 4s will be facing
       the 2s.

17 – 24 1s and 4s set to the corners they are facing and change
        place by the right, set and change back by the left. 1s
        and 4s end facing the center. 2s and 3s end facing their

25 – 28 1s and fours dance right hands across once around,
        while the 2s and 3s set and cross by the right.

29 – 32 Take hands on the sides, all set and cross by the right.
        Ending order is now 2s, 4s, 1s and 3s.

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