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					                                      Unit: Clothing
                               Level: Senior High- 9th/10th

Communication Modes:

Interpretative: Read an article from a fashion magazine to find out what is fashionable.

Interpersonal: A phone conversation over what they are going to wear to a party.

Presentational: A fashion show on clothing for the four seasons (in Chile)

                                  Unit: Let’s Take a Trip:
                         What do you do? When you get there?
                                     What do you pack?
                    Level: 9th/10th graders- second year- first semester

Communication Modes:

Interpretive: Read a short article (teacher provided) about XXXX speaking country or
city. A variety of articles will be provided about a variety of locations.

Interpersonal: Interview a classmate (who chose a different place) Ask and answer
questions about what there is to do, and what I need to pack as well as any cultural
nuances (can I wear my belly button ring and my tank top?).
Discuss the pros and cons of both locations and agree upon a final destination.

Presentational: You and a partner (or group) are to create a commercial for your chosen
destination. Convince us all to go there.

               Unit: My family is driving me crazy! Can I live with yours?
                              Level: High School Novice

Communication Modes:

Interpersonal: Compatibility Interview. Two students have been chosen to exchange
places (homes) for one semester. They interview one another to see if they will be
compatible in the other’s home.

Interpretive: Description of host family candidates.
Students will read descriptions of several possible host families in order to determine
which family the student would be most compatible with.

Presentational: Video Application.
Students will make a video of their homes and families. This video will be submitted to
help place them with an appropriate family.

                         Unit: What will you do in the future?
                             What classes will you take?
           What are advantages and disadvantages of your chosen profession?
                               Level: Low Intermediate

Communication Modes:

Interpersonal: Discuss with another student what classes they will take and why and how
they relate to their future plans.

Interpretive: Read an article on what careers will be important in the next years.

Presentational: Write an essay discussing the pros and cons of your chosen career.

                                      Unit: Clothing
                                      Level: Novice

Communication Modes:

Interpretive: Adopt a child in need. Paired activity: one on web and one with a catalog
selecting clothing items for a donation.

Interpersonal: Given a budget, students discuss what items are needed and appropriate for
climate and seasons.

Presentational: Public service announcement: Plea for clothing donations.

                                      Unit: Fashion
                          Level: French II- Novice- High School

Communication Modes:

Interpersonal: Two students discuss what they will wear to different events.

Interpretive: Fashion show. Students are randomly placed in a line and describe the
student model ahead of them. The model indicates the item described.

Presentational: Pack your bags!
Students will present and tell what they will pack/wear to two/three regions of France,
Make little clothes and use shoebox for suitcase.
                                 Unit: Trip of a Lifetime
                                      Where do I go?
                                     What do I take?
                                   How do I get there?
                               Level: Grade 10-second year

Communication Modes:

Presentational: Prepare brochure. Country, attractions, currency, accommodations. Phone
for reservations

Interpersonal: Compare the contents of suitcase.

Interpretive: Read newspaper article.

                            Unit: Study Abroad Opportunities
                              Level: Level III- 11th graders

Communication Modes:

Interpretive: You will read information from a study abroad program to determine
necessary qualifications/ requirements and responsibilities for traveling in another

Interpersonal: With a classmate, give reasons why you would make a good student/be
the best choice for the exchange program and to represent your school. Discuss personal
benefits, cultural benefits and lifelong benefits of being an exchange student.

Presentational: Make an oral presentation featuring the country you would travel to.
Include tourist attractions, cuisine and culture you would take advantage of and try to
avoid when you had spare time to get out and about.