GoldenCan by niusheng11


									Merchant Name                Network       Fee Structure   Merchant Signup Date
ACLens                       ShareASale    Free            7/18/2006
AllThingsTrendy              ShareASale    Free            6/26/2006 Outdoors          CJ            Free            11/3/2005                ShareASale    Free            10/5/2006
BentGear                     ShareASale    Free            1/25/2006
Betty Mills                  Betty Mills   Free            2/7/2006
CatsPlay                     ShareASale    Free            9/21/2005
Cellars Wine Club            ShareASale    Free            2/24/2006                 ShareASale    Free            11/22/2005
CrazyForBargains             ShareASale    Free            7/24/2006
eBags                        CJ            Free            5/13/2005
Engravable Gift Collection   ShareASale    Free            10/31/2006
Everything Furniture         ShareASale    Free            7/27/2005
Fantasy Jewelry Box          ShareASale    Free            3/29/2006
GoToBaby                     ShareASale    Free            9/20/2006
InstrumentPro                CJ            Free            11/4/2005
MagazinesQuick               ShareASale    Free            8/19/2005
OnlineShoes                  Linkshare     Free            5/30/2006                Linkshare     Free            6/1/2005
Personalization Mall         Linkshare     Free            7/18/2005
Playful Plush Toys           ShareASale    Free            12/9/2005
ReStockIt                    CJ            Free            6/13/2005
ReStockIt                    ShareASale    Free            6/26/2006
Russian Legacy               ShareASale    Free            5/2/2006
SecondAct                    CJ            Free            8/11/2005
Sierra Trading Post          Linkshare     Free            5/27/2005
Simple Shoes                 CJ            Free            6/5/2006
Skirt Spot                   ShareASale    Free            7/14/2006
Taylor Gifts                 CJ            Free            4/21/2006
Teva Footwear                CJ            Free            1/27/2006
The Village Hat Shop         ShareASale    Free            9/6/2006
Tool King                    CJ            Free            5/10/2006
UGG Australia                CJ            Free            6/1/2006
United Shades                ShareASale    Free            6/7/2006
1-800 CONTACTS               CJ            4th Click       8/3/2006
4AllMemory                   Linkshare     4th Click       6/13/2006
4Checks                      ShareASale    4th Click       9/24/2007
ACLens                       CJ            4th Click       7/18/2006
Adambha Jewelry              ShareASale    4th Click       12/6/2006                   Amazon        4th Click       5/8/2005
Ambience Linens              ShareASale    4th Click       12/12/2006
American Blinds              CJ            4th Click       6/1/2005
Apple                        CJ            4th Click       6/5/2007                  CJ            4th Click       12/15/2006
BabyUniverse                 Linkshare     4th Click       10/23/2007
BackCountry                  CJ            4th Click       5/4/2006                  CJ            4th Click       11/2/2006
BareNecessities              Linkshare     4th Click       6/13/2006
Bass Pro Shops               CJ            4th Click       6/7/2006
Beyond Blossoms              CJ            4th Click       11/30/2005                   Linkshare     4th Click       10/5/2006
Blair                        Performics   4th Click   12/12/2005
Blair                        CJ           4th Click   10/10/2006
Boaters World                CJ           4th Click   3/22/2006
Boscovs                      CJ           4th Click   9/13/2005
Brooks Brothers              CJ           4th Click   2/23/2006
BrookStone                   CJ           4th Click   6/6/2005
Buying Bar Stools            ShareASale   4th Click   10/5/2005
CameraWorld                  CJ           4th Click   3/22/2006
Carol Wright Gifts           CJ           4th Click   8/31/2006
CHEFS Catalog                Performics   4th Click   7/25/2006
Chinaberry                   Performics   4th Click   7/15/2006
CircuitCity                  Performics   4th Click   2/13/2007
ClickInks                    ShareASale   4th Click   8/2/2006
CoffeeForLess                CJ           4th Click   9/14/2006
CollectiblesToday            CJ           4th Click   2/13/2006
CollegeJersey                ShareASale   4th Click   8/31/2005
Crucial Technology           CJ           4th Click   11/2/2006                 ShareASale   4th Click   10/5/2005
Designer Linens Outlet       CJ           4th Click   5/25/2005
Designer Shoes               CJ           4th Click   8/10/2007
DicksSportingGoods           Linkshare    4th Click   5/22/2006
Directly Home                CJ           4th Click   11/2/2005
DirectlyHome                 ShareASale   4th Click   1/30/2007
DiscountWatchStore           ShareASale   4th Click   10/29/2007
Discovery Channel Store      CJ           4th Click   10/3/2006
Dr. Leonard's Healthcare     CJ           4th Click   7/28/2006
DunCraft                     Performics   4th Click   8/1/2006
Dunhams Sports               Linkshare    4th Click   9/27/2006
Eastern Mountain Sports      Performics   4th Click   2/14/2006
Eddie Bauer                  Performics   4th Click   3/7/2006
Emitations                   ShareASale   4th Click   9/9/2005
Family Christian Stores      CJ           4th Click   7/1/2005
FansEdge                     CJ           4th Click   5/12/2006
FastFloors                   Linkshare    4th Click   8/31/2006                Linkshare    4th Click   12/12/2006
firstSTREET                  CJ           4th Click   8/31/2006
FogDog                       Linkshare    4th Click   7/5/2006
Football Fanatics            CJ           4th Click   5/18/2005
FootSmart                    Performics   4th Click   2/20/2007
FractionPrice                CJ           4th Click   3/20/2006
Gemologica                   ShareASale   4th Click   7/27/2006
Gift Shopping Zone           ShareASale   4th Click   10/31/2006
H2OPlus                      Performics   4th Click   2/14/2006
HansonEllis                  CJ           4th Click   8/10/2005                CJ           4th Click   12/9/2006 On-Line Pharmacy   ShareASale   4th Click   3/19/2007
Home Decorators Collection   CJ           4th Click   6/5/2005
Home Depot                   CJ           4th Click   10/26/2006          ShareASale   4th Click   1/17/2007
HP Home & Office             CJ           4th Click   10/10/2006
HSN                          CJ           4th Click   6/14/2005
iRobot's                     Performics   4th Click   8/8/2006
Isabella Catalog              Performics   4th Click   8/8/2006
J&R                           Linkshare    4th Click   6/12/2006
JCWhitney                     Performics   4th Click   3/23/2006                   ShareASale   4th Click   9/29/2006
JOE'S                         Linkshare    4th Click   10/5/2006
Kiyonna Clothing              ShareASale   4th Click   1/31/2006
Lamps Plus                    Linkshare    4th Click   10/10/2006
Leaps and Bounds              Performics   4th Click   11/2/2006                 Linkshare    4th Click   7/25/2006
MagsForLess                   ShareASale   4th Click   4/4/2006
MCSports                      Linkshare    4th Click   7/20/2006
Mitchell & Ness               CJ           4th Click   8/25/2006
Modells                       Linkshare    4th Click   7/5/2006
Moosejaw                      CJ           4th Click   11/30/2006
Moto Leather                  ShareASale   4th Click   9/22/2005
Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear   ShareASale   4th Click   8/16/2006
Music Import                  ShareASale   4th Click   11/4/2005
NASCAR                        Linkshare    4th Click   8/31/2006                    CJ           4th Click   4/2/2007
NorthernTool                  Performics   4th Click   3/20/2006
OfficeMax                     Performics   4th Click   5/17/2006
One Step Ahead                Performics   4th Click   11/2/2006
Online Sports                 CJ           4th Click   6/1/2007
Only Natural Pet Store        CJ           4th Click   5/13/2005              Performics   4th Click   12/12/2006                    CJ           4th Click   6/29/2006
PC Connection                 Performics   4th Click   8/8/2006
PC Universe                   ShareASale   4th Click   12/12/2007
Performance Bike              CJ           4th Click   7/28/2006
Personal Creations            Linkshare    4th Click   9/25/2006
Print Country                 ShareASale   4th Click   3/19/2007
Pro Sports Memorabilia        CJ           4th Click   5/12/2006
Puritan's Pride               Linkshare    4th Click   8/28/2006
Radio Shack                   Linkshare    4th Click   8/31/2006
Rawlings                      Linkshare    4th Click   9/15/2006
Reebok                        Linkshare    4th Click   10/10/2006
RitzCamera                    CJ           4th Click   1/30/2006
Ross-Simons                   CJ           4th Click   5/13/2005
Rugman                        CJ           4th Click   7/20/2005
Sears                         Performics   4th Click   11/2/2006
ShipYouFurniture              ShareASale   4th Click   11/28/2006
ShoeBuy                       CJ           4th Click   9/20/2005                     CJ           4th Click   7/25/2006
Shop.NHL                      Linkshare    4th Click   5/8/2006
ShopNBC                       Linkshare    4th Click   9/28/2006
ShoppersChoice                CJ           4th Click   5/13/2005
SmartBargains                 Linkshare    4th Click   6/27/2006
Snapfish                      CJ           4th Click   5/31/2006
Soft Surroundings             CJ           4th Click   6/6/2005
StacksAndStacks               CJ           4th Click   8/11/2005
StrawberryNET                 CJ           4th Click   10/3/2006
StuffedAnimals                ShareASale   4th Click   12/11/2006
Stylin' Concepts            CJ           4th Click   4/20/2006
Test Country                ShareASale   4th Click   7/18/2006
The Sports Authority        Linkshare    4th Click   6/15/2006
The Wine Enthusiast         CJ           4th Click   2/21/2007
The Wright Stuff            CJ           4th Click   6/7/2006
TheNerds.Net                ShareASale   4th Click   8/23/2006
TheNerds.Net                CJ           4th Click   2/7/2007
Things From Another World   ShareASale   4th Click   9/6/2006
TigerDirect                 Linkshare    4th Click   4/3/2007
Totally Furniture           ShareASale   4th Click   10/2/2006
Transparent Language        CJ           4th Click   7/19/2006                    CJ           4th Click   11/2/2006
UnbeatableSale              CJ           4th Click   4/24/2006           ShareASale   4th Click   11/2/2006
ValueMags                   Performics   4th Click   9/12/2006
Vanns                       ShareASale   4th Click   11/7/2006
Vanns                       CJ           4th Click   11/7/2006
VitaCost                    Linkshare    4th Click   7/19/2006                 Linkshare    4th Click   5/15/2006
Wolf Camera                 CJ           4th Click   3/22/2006
Zones                       Performics   4th Click   11/14/2006

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