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Muse News by leader6


July 2009                                                                                                            Volume 15 Issue 4

                                                          News from the Director/Curator – by Gloria Taylor

                                                               ife has been very busy around      The Annual General Meeting was
                                                               OMAH for the last two months,      held in June and three new board
                                                               with exhibits, grant writing,      members were appointed, Peter
                                                         fundraising, school programmes           Stranks, Jane Sorenson, and Anne
                                                         and summer students.                     Marie Walsh. Don Ross has moved
                                                                                                  from Vice-Chair to Chair and we look
                                                         The Three Museum Book Sale               forward to working with him more
                                                         (OMAH, Leacock House and Friends         closely. At the meeting, I outlined how
                                                         of the OPP Museum) was a great           difficult this year was financially for
                                                         success. Thank you to everyone who       the Museum. Corporate memberships
                                                         generously donated books for the sale    were way down and individual
                                                         and all the eager buyers that came to    donations were down by 50%, mostly
                                                         the Museum to purchase new treasures.    due to the economic times, which we
                                                         We made over $2,900 to share between     survived by being frugal and cutting
                                                         the three organizations.                 down on expenses.
                                                         We were successful in our Young          I do feel that we are turning a corner
                                                         Canada Works grant and received          though, with new partnerships, more
    In This Issue                                        partial funding for two summer           school programmes being booked
    News from the Director/Curator .... 1                students. Life has been joyous and       and a great line up for our summer
    Current & Upcoming Events ......... 2                noisy at OMAH with the young             day camp. We are always looking
    Exhibition Schedule and                              voices and energy of Kate and
    Upcoming Events........................... 2                                                  for funding to carry on our work and
                                                         Michelle (summer students) and           would welcome any ideas on how we
    Programs Update............................ 3
    Artifact Focus................................. 3
                                                         Angela (Katimavik). They have            can help ourselves.
    Call for Artists................................ 4   been working very hard to clean up
    The Katimivik Connection............. 4              the office and storage areas at the
                                                                                                  I Hope everyone has a great summer.
    Scholarships....................................4    Museum.
    Research Room Update.................. 5
    Our Two Cents’ Worth .................. 5            We have just completed a grant
    News From the Gallery Shop......... 6                application for a Community Museums
                                                         Operating Grant and if successful will
                                                         receive over $17,000 in funding. We
       Research Room Hours
                                                         have also completed a Trillium grant
        Tuesday – Thursday
                                                         for a sponsorship project and are
          1pm to 3:30pm
                                                         keeping our fingers crossed.
                                                         Thank you to everyone who participated
         Hours of Operation                              in the Celebrating Our Moms wall.
         Tuesday – Saturday                              We made $500, which was the
            10am to 4pm                                  exhibition cost for Memories of My
                                                         Mother, from Bruce County Museum.
  Orillia Museum of Art & History                        This was a very successful display and          “Celebrating Our Moms”
         30 Peter Street South                           brought us visitors from Sutton and
       Orillia, Ontario L3V 5A9                          beyond. I would also like to thank
          Tel. 705-326-2159                              members of the Orillia Rug Hooking
          Fax 705-326-7828                               Guild for supporting this exhibit with
   Email:                         their time and knowledge. It was                            greatly appreciated.
                                                                 An opening reception and anniversary party will be held
Current & Upcoming Exhibitions                                   on August 13, 2009. OMAH will provide the anniversary
                                                                 cake which, members and the public are invited to attend
4th Annual ODAC &                                                this important celebratory event.
OMAH All-Ontario
                                                                 Applications are available at OMAH, Shadowbox and
Open Juried Art Show                                             Peter Street Fine Arts. For more information regarding
July 2 – August 8, 2009                                          this exhibition or for an emailed application form please
Opening Reception:                                               contact Katie Calcaterra at 705-326-2159 or
July 11, 2009, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.                        
ODAC & OMAH’s Fourth
Annual All-Ontario Open Juried                                   Exhibition Schedule and
Art Show, a partnership between                                  Upcoming Events
the Orillia District Arts Council “Easter Sunday,” by Kristy
and the Orillia Museum of Art        Gordon - Winner in the
and History, will open on July    Contemporary Category 2008”    ODAC & OMAH 4th Annual All-Ontario Open Juried
2 and run through to August 8,                                   Art Exhibition
2009 with submissions spanning from Hamilton to Elliot           July 2 – August 7, 2009
Lake that make it truly an Ontario-wide competition. By          Opening Reception: July 11, 2009, 7 – 9:00 p.m.
the exhibition entry deadline, 55 artists had submitted a        Main Gallery
total of 142 entries, of which 27 were chosen by three
jurors for the show.                                             Recent Works by Todd Sullivan
                                                                 July 14 – August 29, 2009
This year’s theme was transformation, and the jurors             Community Art Wall
agreed that choosing the winners was difficult due to the
consistently high quality of the work. Nevertheless, they        OMAH’s 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Collaboration
were confident that the works chosen are representative          & 12” x 12” Show
of the best that was submitted for consideration. A Juror’s      August 11 – August 29, 2009
Choice Award sponsored by Meridian Credit Union and              Opening Reception: August 13, 6:30-8:00 p.m
two Awards of Merit sponsored by Chartpak and Windsor            Lecture and Book Signing
Newton (as chosen by the jurors) will be presented at            “Crisis of Conscience; Conscientious Objectors in
the opening on July 11, 2009 from 7 to 9pm. Ballots for          Canada in the First World War”
a People’s Choice Award sponsored by Jack & Maddy’s              Author: Amy J. Shaw, PhD
A Kids’ Store, will be available for the duration of the         August 12, 2009, 7:30pm
exhibition, and the award winner will be announced soon after.   (Please register in advance) $10 Fee
                                                                 Orillia Classic Car Show
                                                                 A Joint Display with OMAH &
                                                                 the Orillia Heritage Centre
                                                                 August 15, 2009
                                                                 Starry Night Gallery & Studio Tour
                                                                 August 22, 2009 from 7:00-11:00 p.m.
                                                                 Downtown Orillia – Peter and Mississaga
OMAH’s 10th Anniversary: A Decade of
Collaboration                                                    Cartoon Workshop
                                                                 Cartoon Illustrator - Bob Kain
August 11 – August 29, 2009                                      August 25, 27
Opening Reception: August 13, 2009 , 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.            Ages 9 – 15
OMAH is celebrating its 10th Anniversary as an art and           New Works by Will McGarvey & Steve Austin
history museum with a 12” x 12” Art Show inspired by             September 1 – October 3, 2009
historic images from our collection.                             Opening Reception: TBA
                                                                 Main Gallery
A call for artists went out in June for submissions and
applications are due by July 31st. OMAH can accept up to         New Works by Kathy Godfrey
50 pieces on a first come first serve basis. Each piece will     September 1 – September 26, 2009
become part of an exhibition at the museum throughout            Community Art Wall

Page 2
 Programs Update! – by Katie Calcaterra                          Artifact Focus              – by Michelle Smith

O                                                              O
       n June 26th I celebrated my second year in Orillia              MAH recently
       at the Orillia Museum of Art & History as the                   acquired a
       Program Director. I have had the pleasure of                    collection
meeting and working with some amazing people in this           of 21 Minnitoys and
community who I look forward to continuing to work with.       other toys built by
Thanks for making my time here so darn interesting.            Otaco with the help
                                                               of Marcel Rousseau. “OTACO Minnitoy, Fuel Truck, 1956”
As part of my job and as part of OMAH’s partnership with       OMAH also received
the Festival of Banners I was lucky enough this year to        approximately 4000
work on the Festival of Banners/Streets Alive committee.       film negatives of Otaco toys, products and events
Talk about a group of hardworking, dedicated people.           from the 1940s to the 1960s. The toys and film negative
The hard work paid off and the Festival of Banners and         collection was graciously donated by Nancy Brown-Ryan.
its new event, Streets Alive was a great success. It was       Nancy Brown-Ryan is a relative of the Phelps family who
wonderful to be present on the weekend and see so many
                                                               previously owned Otaco Limited.
people come out and enjoy art and each other. Next year
can only get better.                                           The newly acquired collection includes several
                                                               transport trucks, bulldozers and more domestic toys
As the Festival of Banners/Streets Alive comes to a            such as iron mangles and a Little Miss Mixer. These
close, preparations have now begun for the Starry Night        toys are widely sought after by collectors around the
Gallery & Studio Tour on August 22 from 7:00 – 11:00           world. The museum is thrilled to have these unique and
p.m. Starry Night is going to celebrate its 5th Anniversary
                                                               homemade items in our expanding collection.
with more venues involved then in any previous year.
Current venues include:                                        Otaco of Orillia built these toys during the 1940s to
                                                               early 1960s. The Minnitoy collection was made up of
The Orillia Museum of Art & History, Richard Vandermeer        several large trucks. Otaco also produced a construction
Studio, Shadows Salon/Ron Hill Photography, Zephyr Art         equipment collection and domestic toy collection. Sadly,
Gallery, Shadowbox, Tiffin’s Creative Centre, Peter Street     Otaco stopped producing these great toys with the growing
Fine Arts, Rocky’s, Custom Frameworks, Todd Sullivan           popularity of plastic toys in the 1960s. However, the toys
Studio, Magpie Art Space, Flywheel Studio, Filou Bistro,       have a cult following especially with the advent of ebay. There
Apple Annie’s, La Mezzaluna, Sixteen Front.                    are numerous passionate collectors of these toys throughout
Please come and check out this star studded night!             North America from coast to coast.

Not only is Starry Night celebrating an anniversary but        OMAH has several proposed projects for the Minnitoy
OMAH is celebrating its 10th Anniversary as an art and         collection including a traveling exhibit, a virtual museum exhibit
history museum. In honour of this occasion we have put         and integration into everyday displays. In the near future, a few
out a call for artists to submit a piece of work inspired by   Minnitoys may be on display during the Classic Car Show on
one of fifty specially selected historic images from our       August15th .
collection. Works will be displayed in OMAH’s upcoming
12” x 12” exhibit “A Decade of Collaboration.” Please
see our call for artists on page 4 for specific rules and                          Call for Artists
deadlines.                                                     OMAH’s 10 Anniversary: A Decade of Collaboration

                                                               This exhibition will be on display from August 11 – August 29, 2009
Summer Day Camp season has begun and OMAH                       which includes the evening of the Starry Night downtown Gallery
                                                                                          & Studio Tour.
has six fun filled weeks planned for kids ages 6-13. In
July we will be exploring outer space in, “The Final              The Orillia Museum of Art & History is celebrating its 10th
Frontier,” and going outdoor art crazy with, “Outdoor Art       Anniversary as an art and history museum with a 12” x 12” Art
Extravaganza.” In August we are creating super-sized                 Show inspired by historic images from our collection.
art in, “From Everyday to Super-Sized,” and going Van            OMAH invites artists from around Orillia and area to submit
Gogh with, “Starry Night Fever.” We are also welcoming           pieces to be a part of this unique exhibit on a first come first
special guest Cartoonist/Illustrator Bob Kain, who will be          serve basis. OMAH can accept up to 50 pieces in total.
teaching a two day cartoon workshop.                           This show is an exhibition as well as a fundraiser for OMAH who
                                                               has been supporting Art and History in Orillia for the last ten years.
For more information or to register for one of our day             Applications are available at OMAH, Peter St. Fine Arts &
camps please contact Katie Calcaterra 705-326-2159 or                                      Shadowbox.                                                    Orillia Museum of Art & History
                                                                         30 Peter St. South, Orillia, Ontario, L3V 5A9
                                                                For further information please contact OMAH at 705-326-2159
                                                                                                                            Page 3
 Call for Artists – 10th Anniversary                                            The Katimavik Connection
                                                                               – by Angela Gilbert

                                                                                        y name is Angela
                                                                                        Gilbert and I am
                                                                                        from Vancouver,
                                                                              British Columbia. I have
                                                                              been in the Katimavik
                                                                              programme for almost 9
                                                                              months and I am now
                                                                              preparing to go home. My
                                                                              group was not supposed to
                                                                              come to Orillia for our third
                                                                              placement, but because Katimavik closed a community, we
     “Grand Trunk Railway Station, Front Street circa 1914”                   ended up here. And, I am so happy that we did come to Orillia.
Entry Rules:                                                                  When I found out that the Orillia Museum of Art and
•    The exhibition is open to all artists of any medium as                   History was one of our work partners I immediately knew
     long as it falls within the 12” x 12” criteria.                          that I wanted to work here. In my first placement I worked
•    50 historic images have been made available on our                       in a day care and in my second I worked in an elementary
     website under current                              school; I enjoyed working with kids but I wanted to do
     exhibitions and at OMAH by slideshow for artists to                      something different. I have always liked history and
     gain inspiration from.                                                   museums and I knew that I would enjoy working here, and I
•    Pieces will be accepted on a first come first serve                      have. Everyone at the museum has been so welcoming and
     basis. OMAH can only take up to 50 pieces in total.                      helpful; they have also made my time at the museum fun.
•    An application and a fee of $10 (canvas provided                         When I started working at OMAH I was impressed by the
     upon request) which goes towards the hanging of                          banner painting that was taking place in the basement. I
     the exhibition must be submitted to OMAH by July                         enjoyed seeing so many local artists coming together to do
     31, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. Once the application has been                      something to make the community more beautiful. Seeing
     received by OMAH your entry will be put on a list                        all the hard work that the artists and the people working
     and it will be considered part of the exhibition.                        with the Festival of Banners put in showed me that the
•    Any applications that are received after July 31 or                      citizens of Orillia really care about their city. And now that
     after we have reached our maximum capacity of 50                         the banners are all hung, and the Streets Alive festival is
     pieces will not be accepted.                                             over everyone who contributed to the Festival of Banners
•    All accepted pieces must be dropped off by Aug                           can be proud of how great the city looks.
     7, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. ready to hang with the artist’s                     Since coming to Orillia I have felt so welcomed by everyone
     name, the work’s title and medium, and a contact                         here. When walking around the town and going into stores
     number affixed to the artwork.                                           everyone is always so friendly; I have also noticed that so
•    All pieces will be for sale for $200 and split 50/50                     many people here are interested in Katimavik and they all
     between the artist and OMAH. The artist will also                        seem very happy to have us here.
     receive a $100 donation receipt if the piece sells                       Now that I am finishing Katimavik I realize that the
     within the duration of the exhibition.                                   memories I have made during the past 9 months will stay
•    Pieces must remain on display throughout the duration                    with me forever. When I go back home and talk about what
     of the exhibition from August 11 to August 29, 2009.                     I have done I will have so many wonderful stories from
     All pieces must be picked up by August 31, 2009.                         Orillia. I hope that I will be able to come back for the many
For more Information please contact Katie Calcaterra                          summer festivals. I want to thank everyone in Orillia for
705-326-2159 or E-mail:                            making my time here so enjoyable.

OMAH is pleased to once again present the Georgia McLennan                    Second place was awarded to Keltie Town of O.D.C.V.I., and third
Visual Arts Scholarship, and the Allan Ironside History Scholarship           place to Jenna Green of Park Street Collegiate Institute.
to local high school students in their graduating year.                       The Allan Ironside History Scholarship honours the memory of
The Georgia McLennan Scholarship is awarded each year in honour               Allan Ironside, a deeply involved member of the Orillia Historical
of Georgia McLennan, an artist and teacher of the visual arts who             Society. The award is presented to each of the four Orillia high
believed strongly in the value of education in the arts. This award goes to   schools to outstanding students of history. This year, the award will
students who are accomplished in visual arts, and intend to further their     be given to Ricky Blackmore of ODCVI, Jay Fallis of Park Street
education in a post-secondary art program. This year’s first place award      Collegiate, and Samantha Gregson of Patrick Fogarty.
winner was Sedona Parnham of Twin Lakes Secondary School.                     Congratulations and best of luck to all of OMAH’s scholarship recipients!
Page 4
                                                                 be sorely missed and not forgotten. Dr. Luke Irwin, who
 Research Room Update                                            died in April 2009, was a past President of the Historical
  – by Marcel Rousseau                                           Society, and had historical connections himself – an
                                                                 ancestor of his, Samuel Lount, was a popular leader in
Postcard Memories from the Orillia Museum                        the Upper Canada rebellion of 1837, and was executed by
of Art & History                                                 the authorities for his part in the uprising. Luke himself,

                                                                 a gracious and knowledgeable person, was active both in
          hen the “Hostess                                       history circles and in the Field Naturalists’ excursions. Here
          House” opened                                          is Luke’s description of his experience as a History member:
          in the St. James
Church building, the ladies                                        When we first came to Orillia in 1960 we thought we would join the
of the Orillia Citizens                                            historical society to learn something of the story of the area. When
                                                                   we asked how to join someone pointed to a man & said “There he
Committee furnished a
                                                                   is”. It was Jay Cody! After a meeting with Jay & Louise Jerome
lounge and reading room,                                           they decided as my socks matched & I wore a tie they would elect
a games room, mend it                                              me president of the society in 1965 & the tenure lasted several years!
                            “Maple Leaf Club Writing Room”
corner and a canteen with                                          Great fun & a lot of laughs! . . A wonderful group of enthusiasts.
its own kitchen. The main hall was used several nights a
week for dances and sing-songs.                                  In June 2009, history lovers celebrated the memory of
                                                                 Catherine Drinkwater, the descendant of one of the
One of the most popular rooms was the writing room. On           earliest Orillia area settlers, John Drinkwater, who had
the balcony over the south east side of the hall, 16 writing     been a surgeon in the War of 1812. Catherine was known
tables were in regular use during the 39 months the Maple        for her delight in history, art, travel, cross-country skiing,
Leaf Club was open. Each desk was supplied with custom           community affairs, horses, dogs, younger relatives who
stationary with a maple leaf on the letterhead, donated by       could be set straight on the path of life, repairing her barn,
the Orillia Board of Trade. In the first year the writing        beefsteak and red wine, and a good laugh at a shared jest.
room sold over 3,500 local postcard views and mailed over
33,000 letters written by the men and women stationed in         Yes, we do lose members now and then, but we keep them
Orillia. The Maple Leaf Club published a postcard folder         too: there are at least two current History Fellows who are
with 12 pictures including this image. The folder proved         in their 90’s, but as keen as ever to learn and to share what
to be a hit among the young men and women in uniform,            they remember. And we attract new members: a recent
many of whom had never been away from home before,               arrival in Orillia is Dorothy Duncan, the retired Executive
and close to 600 were sold a few months after being              Director of the Ontario Historical Society. During her
published.                                                       years in charge, Dorothy regularly received newsletters
                                                                 from over four hundred local historical societies. She
The “Hostess House” was not the only hospitality shown           found that the one she looked forward to the most, was
to the recruits of Basic Training Camp No. 26. Around 500        our own Olive Schisler’s “My Two cents Worth”, which
had registered for hospitality in private homes and had          documented the Orillia Historical Society for twenty-five
been entertained with tea, Sunday dinners or picnic parties.     years.
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Turnbull entertained five men each
Sunday at their hospitable home, Bramshot Farms and Mr.          We are happy to report that the Fifth Annual Carmichael
and Mrs. Rumble of Fern Cottage made a point of inviting         Canadian Art Lecture, which could not be arranged
100 men a week during the season, to their summer resort         for the customary date in May this year, will take place
for dancing. In appreciation many of the men volunteered         in early October instead. As always, art and history will
many hours of work doing carpentry, painting and waxing          combine creatively! The distinguished guest speaker
floors at their home away from home.                             will be Dr. Kirk Wipper, founder of the Canadian Canoe
                                                                 Museum in Peterborough, and an eminent collector
 Our Two Cents’ Worth!                                           world-wide of watercraft of all kinds, prehistoric and
                                                                 modern. The presentation will be titled, “The View from
 – by Qennefer Browne                                            the Canoe”, and will include the unique art of Canadian
                                                                 sculptor Elizabeth Wyn Wood, whose elegiac sculptures of

        ur Museum of Art and History is far more than            Canadian landscape were inspired by her canoe-camping
        a heritage building where professional managers          journeys in the Northern Ontario wilderness.
        create exhibitions and activities! It is a community
of several hundred individuals, whose affinity and affection     Watch for more information soon about this event: Thursday
for art and history have brought them together as fellow         October 1st, at the Leacock Museum’s Swanmore Hall, at
members. These people, visit, shop, listen, look, admire,        7:30 pm.
critique, collect, organize, create, lecture, participate, and   We are even happier to report that the forthcoming book
volunteer in many active ways in the day-to-day work of          of Orillia stories, to be published by the Museum and
the Museum.                                                      based on years of anecdotes by Isabel Brillinger, is in a
During the past season, the History Committee has said           state of active preparation! It is hoped that the next issue
farewell to some respected old-time members, who will            of MuseNews in early September, will include advance
                                                                 ordering information for you.
                                                                                                                     Page 5
  News From the Gallery Shop

            ith summer
            f i n a l l y
            around the                                                                     Wish List
corner, the gallery shop                                                          • Clean, gently used baskets
committee and OMAH                                                                      • Clean ribbons
volunteers have been                                                                     • Cellophane
working tirelessly to make
room for new stock by
holding a Giant Summer                                                               Classic Car Show
Sale. Stop by to peruse                                                                 August 15, 2009
our $5 & under and $10
& under tables before all                                         OMAH and the Orillia Heritage Centre are joining forces
                                                                  again this year to present a display in front of OMAH at
the great deals are gone!
                                                                  the Classic Car Show. The theme this year is, “By Land
You also don’t want to                                             and Lake: Getting Around in Orillia.” The display will
miss two new fun and                                                include historic cars and car accessories from around
fanciful additions to the                                         Orillia, a slideshow inside OMAH on Orillia’s waterfront
shop: Whimsical Fairies                                               and boat manufacturing industry and much more.
and Wee Folk by Linda                                                For transportation lovers of all kinds don’t miss this
Goodall, and hand-                                                                     historic exhibit.
made, one-of-a-kind Teddy Bears and Monsters!
The gallery shop committee is also pleased to announce
that we will soon be creating themed gift baskets.                               News from the Annual
                                                                                  General Meeting
                                                                  The Orillia Museum of Art & History is pleased to
            Mosaik Mastercard Fundraiser                          announce that on Thursday, June 11 at the Annual General
   Mastercard and BMO Bank of Montreal have partnered to          Meeting, three new directors were appointed to OMAH’s
    create a new, unique way of supporting Canadian art and       board. Lakehead professor of social work theory Anne-
   the Orillia Museum of Art & History without digging into       Marie Walsh, well-known non-profit fundraiser Jane Sorensen,
    your own pocket – the Canadian Art Mosaik Mastercard.         and local artist Peter Stranks each bring a diverse set of skills
   How it Works: For every newly approved and activated           and knowledge to the table during their three year terms.
   Mastercard, BMO will donate $50 to OMAH. In return,            Local businessman Don Ross has been elected to succeed
   you will receive a world class, no fee credit card loaded      Will Davis and serve as the board chairman.
   with included features that give you access to emergency       OMAH would like to thank Will Davis, Gord Michener,
        funds, extended warranty insurance, worldwide             and Liz Cragg for their hard work and dedication for the
                 acceptance, and much more!
                                                                  last three years.
     The Details: This offer only applies to all Mastercard
      applications submitted from June 10, 2009 through
     August 1, 2009. Applications must be dropped off or
    mailed to BMO Bank of Montreal at 1 Mississaga St. E.
                                                                                   Attention All Artists
    Orillia, to the attention of Lindsay Brabant to qualify for                   The Orillia Museum of Art
   the $50 donation. For further details or questions, contact                      & History is accepting
   Lindsay Brabant, Financial Services Manager at (705)                              exhibition proposals.
   326-6542, or stop in at OMAH for an information booklet                    Please go to our website for details
                        and application form.                           

 OMAH’s goal for its 2008 – 2009 sustaining fund campaign is $60,000. This allows OMAH to increase the number of
 programs offered and better preserve local history. If you have not yet made a donation to this cause please do so.
 Your support makes OMAH possible.

    Muse News is published by the Orillia Museum of Art & History six times a year. Muse News is available free
    of charge with a current membership. The museum gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of its
    members and supporters. The museum is a registered charitable organization No. 13723 0587 RR0001.

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