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									                                               FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006


                    BMO HARRIS
                    Connecting Employees at BMO Financial Group

Yes You Can!                 ,
Deliver on the Business Plan every day. Four Top Performers show us all how BY RUTH HATCH
                             CATHY PIN,
                                                          MARTY FREIL,
                                                                                              LAURA COWARD,
  We are currently rolling      Performance Tracker          Tony’s and Karen’s               GLOBAL PAYMENTS, T&S
out the Sales & Service      “
                             gives me the tools to        “
                                                          message came through                   Follow-up meetings remind
Delivery Model strategy;     help our team achieve our    loud and clear: the No. 1           “
                                                                                              everyone the enterprise goals
Tony’s comments could not    goals and, in turn, those    priority for 2006 is                are the result of everyone
have come at a better time   of the organization          growing revenue                     contributing the right way
                        ”                     ”                             ”                                           ”

                                                                                                                                  PHOTOGRAPHY: JIM PANOU, CURTIS TRENT, ANDREW CAMPBELL, FRANÇOIS LECLAIR

                                                                 magine the power of 33,850 people working together every day
                                                                 — everyone contributing to a common goal. BMO Financial
                                                                 Group’s Business Plan is the road map to our success.
                                                                    Understanding the Business Plan helps everyone know how
                                                                 they can make their biggest contribution. Top Performers make
                                                          it their business to know where to pinpoint their efforts.
                                                              Peter Elder, Branch Manager, Main Office, Edmonton, takes this to
                                                          heart. He went into the Business Plan rollout continued on page 12
                                                              BMO HARRIS

                                                                                             “          The most effective way
                                                                                                  for all of us to accelerate
                                                                                                  revenue growth and deliver
                                                                                                  strong returns to our shareholders
                                                                                                  is to deliver, first and foremost,
                                                                                                  truly exceptional service

                                                                                                  to our customers
                                                                                                  TONY COMPER
                                                                                                  PRESIDENT AND CEO
                                                                                                  Videotaped at the Edmonton
                                                                                                  Business Plan meeting

                                    Full speed ahead
                                         With an unwavering focus on BMO’s strategic priorities
                                                                  BY TONY COMPER

               ay by day, it is wonderfully energizing to see more and              ing the cost discipline that we have worked so hard to develop over
               more colleagues get it. More and more of us get that BMO             the past few years, we are focusing as never before on accelerating
               Financial Group must reach for the top in order to pre-              revenue growth.
               vail in an industry replete with strong performers.
                  We get that success is dependent not only on “what”               Drive revenue growth
we do but also on “how” and “how well” we do it — meaning that we                   by providing a superior client experience
all need to take up the challenge to deliver higher levels of perform-              and earning a larger share of customers’ business
ance in order to achieve BMO’s vision to be the best.
    And we get that BMO’s strategic priorities will keep us all on course           The surest way to drive revenue growth is to keep customers at the
and pulling together effectively as we go about our daily jobs across               centre of everything we do. Whether on the front lines or behind the
this vast and complex enterprise. Let’s review the strategic priorities             scenes, let’s remember that we all come to work each day to help our
that Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Karen Maidment and                  customers achieve their financial hopes and dreams. The most effec-
I set out in December during our 2006 Business Plan rollout meetings                tive way for all of us to accelerate revenue growth and deliver strong
with colleagues.                                                                             returns to our shareholders is to deliver, first and foremost,
                                                                                             truly exceptional service to our customers — exceeding their
Achieve financial targets,                                                                   expectations and meeting more of their needs. We’ll earn a
with a particular focus on revenue growth                                                    larger share of our customers’ business through disciplined
to improve productivity                                                                      execution of every task by every colleague every day.

First, we are all accountable for the financial targets we have                              Continue to improve U.S. performance
set. It is not enough to come close to our targets. In order to      FOR MORE
be successful, we must at least meet, and preferably exceed,       INFORMATION               We’ve made terrific progress in improving the performance
all of the targets. Investors won’t tolerate anything less. One                              of our U.S. businesses in recent years. The successful con-
                                                                   on BMO’s Business
of the four main standards of behaviour in the Our Way                                       solidation of the Harris Bank charters in 2005 was the latest
                                                                   Plan presentation,
model for higher performance is “deliver results.” It’s up to      visit Strategic Initia-   in a series of investments to create an efficient back office
us to deliver.                                                     tives/Corporate           while maintaining the best of the Harris community bank-
    Learning from companies that are ahead of us on the            Communications @          ing heritage. These investments, plus our acquisition expe-
journey towards top performance, we have taken heed of             http://corporate          rience, position us well to increase revenue while managing
the fact that revenue growth is the primary driver of value                                  costs to deliver the improved U.S. performance investors
creation for top-performing organizations. While maintain-                                   expect from us.


              “           The prospects for BMO
                       have never been better;
                        we have terrific people,
                    we have wonderful clients
                    and a clear view of where
                  we’re going and how we’re

                      going to get there
                                     KAREN MAIDMENT
                                  CHIEF FINANCIAL AND
                                ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER

                                                                                   growth in high-opportunity areas in which we are already strong, such
Accelerate growth in the U.S.,                                                     as Commercial Banking and Wealth Management, and by acting on
both organically and through acquisitions                                          the axiom that “innovation generates growth.”

Our well-established and fully integrated U.S. operations are a very                   Build a high-performance organization
significant differentiating strength for BMO. Including our acquisi-                   by developing our people, living our values
tion of Harris in 1984, we have invested C$2.4 billion in U.S. retail                  and being an employer of choice
acquisitions, transforming a handful of private Chicago banks into a
community banking network of almost 200 branches in the Greater                        Top-performing companies create a work environment that nurtures
Chicago Area, including northwest-                                                                                          and rewards higher-performance
ern Indiana.                                                     2006 EXTERNAL TARGETS                                      attitudes and actions. And that’s
    We are now aiming to double our                            “Our ’06 targets are harder than they look, as we are        what we are in the process of creat-
U.S. distribution network to 350                               coming into a much tougher period in the credit cycle        ing, with the higher-performance
to 400 branches over the next five                             in which losses will continue to rise. I believe we          work that is under way all across
years through new branch con-                                  have had a lot to be proud of over the past few years,       BMO. As an organization, we are
struction and acquisitions. We con-                            and with our winning attitude we will continue to            dedicated to developing our people,
tinue our hunt for personal and                                realize our full potential”           — Karen Maidment       living our values and being an
commercial acquisitions that will                                                                                           employer of choice. As individuals,
accelerate progress towards our            Performance Measure                       2005 Actual      2006 Target           we are guided by the Our Way model
goal to transform Harris into a            Cash productivity improvement             120 bps          100-150 bps           to create a collaborative environ-
“super-regional” player as the lead-       Earnings per share growth                 9.0%             5%-10%                ment, make things happen, deliver
ing personal and commercial bank           Specific provision for credit losses      $219MM           $400MM or less        results and lead BMO higher. And as
in the U.S. Midwest.                       Return on equity                          18.8%            17%-19%               an organization blessed with excep-
    What will it take to get there? We     Tier 1 capital                            10.25%           Minimum 8%            tional people, we put customers at
need to grow faster, from a core                                                                                            the centre of everything we do.
business perspective, than our competitors, lead the market in cus-
tomer service scores, continue to improve productivity and prof-                       Maintain our world-class foundation
itability, and acquire suitable properties as they become available. We                of leading governance, sound risk management,
want to be acknowledged as being No. 1 in the markets in which we                      productive systems and excellent after-sales service
have chosen to compete. And we want to be seen for what we are: the
most successful Canadian bank in the U.S.                                              In addition to our immense people strength, we have a number of foun-
                                                                                       dational strengths that set us apart from our competitors and can form
Grow net income in Canada                                                              the basis of business growth for many years to come, including our lead-
through operational efficiency and improved market share, accelerating                 ing-edge corporate governance, leadership in risk management, pro-
our growth in Commercial Banking and Wealth Management                                 ductive systems and excellence in after-sales service. These deeply
                                                                                                                                                                   ILLUSTRATION: CYRUS DEBOO

                                                                                       ingrained competitive strengths have huge potential to fuel growth in
Competition is fierce in the Canadian marketplace, but we’re used to                   both the short and long terms across a wide array of businesses.
that. Undaunted by this “game of inches,” we are focused on operational                    These are strengths that stand out in the minds of our customers
efficiency and market-share improvement. And we are accelerating                       and investors, strengths we can and will build on.

                                                                                          BMO HARRIS

                                       FRONT LINES
                            Is it Time to Retire
                            the Word “Retirement”?                                                                                                            Branching
                                                                                                                                                             Out with a
                            In the most comprehensive survey ever on Canadian retirement,
                            conducted for BMO Financial Group by Ipsos-Reid Corp., 87% of                                                                    Makeover
                            Canadians aged 45 or older say retirement should be redefined as “just
                            another rewarding stage of life.” • “We need to recognize that baby                                                          Thanks to the rebranding and
                            boomers don’t see retirement the way their parents did,” says Caro-                                                          renovation initiatives from the
                            line Dabu, Vice-President and Head of Marketing & Client Strategy,                 Next-Generation
                                                                                                                                                         Personal & Commercial Client
                            Private Client Group. • BMO is promoting a “new retirement” initia-                ATMs Roll Out
                            tive in March with an ad campaign (TV, online and print). “We’re                                                             Group and Corporate Real
                            taking a fresh approach,” says Brenda Truant, Managing Director,                   In technology terms, eight to 10 years    Estate, branches such as Burn-
                            Advertising, PCG. “Instead of speaking to clients, we’re listening to              is several generations. That’s the age
                                                                                                                                                         hamthorpe & Saturn in Etobi-
                            them, letting them tell us what they want in retirement.”                          of the ATMs that BMO is replacing —
                            For useful resources, check                         the entire fleet — by September 2006.     coke, Ont., are getting a much
                                                                                                               What does that mean for customers?        needed makeover. Among the
                                                                                                               • A screen redesign — brighter and
                                                                                                                                                         improvements to enhance their
                                                                                                               clearer screens, improved layout and
                                                                                                               a simplified transaction flow — adds      competitiveness: better signage
                                                                                                               to customer convenience.                  and visibility; a greeter station;
                                                                                                               • The Windows-based technology
                                                                                                                                                         more effective merchandising;
                                                                                                               over an IP network means much faster
                                                                                                               software changes and enhancements.        a clearer layout; and more pro-
                                                                                                               • The new machines and infrastructure     fessional-looking and private
                                                                                                               position the Bank to introduce func-
                                                                                                                                                         offices. The impact on cus-
                                                                                                               tions such as text-to-speech for sight-
                                                                                                               impaired customers. The ATMs come         tomers? “An image of a bank
                                                                                                               with built-in jacks for earphones.        that is modern, professional
                                                                                                               • The card readers are already set up
                                                                                                                                                         and truly wants your business,”
                                                                                                               for CHIP cards, making their eventual
                                                                                                               introduction seamless. These cards        says Gerry Kurtz, Personal
                                                                                                               have computer chips embedded in           Banking Area Manager.
                                                                                                               them that add to security around the
                                                                                                               PIN and allow for future additional
                                                                                                               applications on the card, such as
                                                                                                               AIR MILES collector IDs.

                                                                  colourful and easy to read.                 RICHMOND HILL, ONT.

                                                                  Looking forward to my next issue!          Learning opportunity
                                                                  ANNABELLA XU, PORTFOLIO MANAGER,           As a recent full-time employee,

                              MAILBAG                             PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT GROUP,
                                                                  TORONTO MAIN OFFICE

                                                                                                             I have been learning a lot about
                                                                                                             the business of branch banking.
                                                                                                             So I especially appreciated
                                                                                                             having the opportunity to hear

                                                                  Business Plan rollout                      Tony Comper speak about
                                                                  I really appreciated Tony Comper           some of the new programs
                                                                  and Karen Maidment taking                  and initiatives in Personal
                                                                  the time to meet with employees            & Commercial Client Group.
                                                                  to give us their take on where             The video at the start of
                                                                  BMO is headed. It was good to              the meeting was very
                                                                  hear them acknowledge that                 motivating. I also enjoyed
                                                                  although cutting costs is important,       learning about BMO’s

                                                                  the organization is now focusing           approach to credit from
                                TORONTO                           on revenue growth.                         Karen Maidment.
                              @work ’s new design                 JOE CORRADO, COMMERCIAL                    ALICIA ABBALLE, ASSISTANT
                              The new design is terrific.         RELATIONSHIP MANAGER,                      BRANCH MANAGER, HILLCREST MALL
                              I like the layout; it’s vibrant,    VANCOUVER MAIN OFFICE                      BRANCH, RICHMOND HILL , ONT.


A20 1922                                                                                                    AWARDS & OUTSIDE RECOGNITION
From our History             lberta                                                                       Three BMO executives —                   250 corporate bosses.

Building Business, Building A                                                                             Sherry Cooper, Karen Maidment
                                                                                                          and Rose Patten — made the
                                                                                                                                                   In its January 2006 issue,
                                                                                                                                                   Euromoney magazine
                                                                                                          annual list of Canada’s 100 Most         named BMO Harris Private
                                                                                                          Powerful Women, as compiled by           Banking as the best
                                                                                                          the Women’s Executive Network.           private bank in Canada. In a survey
                                                                                                          The list was published in the Globe      of its global peers, BMO Harris
                                                                                                          & Mail on November 25, 2005.             Private Banking came out on top
                                                                                                          Cooper is Executive Vice-President,      in 14 of 34 categories, winning
                                                                                                          BMO Financial Group; Chief               the honour in the Euromoney
                                                                                                          Economist, BMO Nesbitt Burns;            poll for the third year in a row.
                                                                                                          and Global Economic Strategist,          Harris Telephone Banking
                                                                                                          Harris Bank. Maidment is Chief           earned recognition as a Purdue
                                                                                                          Financial and Administrative             University Certified Center of
                                                                                                          Officer, BMO Financial Group.            Excellence for the efficiency and
                                                                                                          And Patten is Senior Executive           effectiveness of its call center.
                                                                                                          Vice-President, Human Resources          That places the call center among
                                                                                                          and Strategic Management,                the top of all the industries
                                                                                                          BMO Financial Group.                     Purdue surveys. The university’s
                                                                                                          The Globe and Mail reports               Center for Customer-Driven
                                                                                                          that BMO President and CEO               Quality, which benchmarks the
                                                                                                          Tony Comper has been named               performance of thousands of
                                                                                                          among the Most Respected                 call centers in 43 industries, cited
                                                                                                          CEOs for 2005. The rankings              Harris’ optimal use of people,
                                                 in Carstairs, Alta                                       are the result of a survey of            processes and technology.
                               0th anniversary
     This  year marks our 10                  ere in the Prairie railway town
                         ing the way we w                       n celebrating
     This picture, show                      rical presentatio
                         , is part of a histo                         presen-
     (pop. 150!) in 1922                         . You can see this
                       clos  e ties to Albertans                        lgary,
     BMO’s long and                                 ral Meeting in Ca
                                 ar’s Annual Gene
      tation, shown at this ye                the Corporat  e Communica-
                          ature” section of            
      on the “Special Fe                    ommunications.b
       tions website @ http://
                                                                                                               Sherry Cooper              Karen Maidment              Rose Patten

                                                                  ‘        Total value on
           BY THE NUMBERS                                    hing          Oct. 31, 2005

                                                          a-c                                                                                      in Ice Land
                                                                           $290,621                                   Total value on

    If you had invested $500 per quarter*               ‘k                     Dividend reinvestment:
                                                                               $119,680 ($118,556 from
                                                                                                                      Oct. 31, 2005
                                                                                                                                                   They may not have been twirling on the
    in Bank of Montreal shares 20 years                                        employee contributions                                              ice, but more than 125 BMO volunteers
    ago, your holdings would be worth                                          + $1,124 from BMO)                        Dividend reinvestment:    contributed to the success of the 2006
    $279,969 as of Q4, 2005.                                                                                             $118,556
                                                                                                                                                   BMO Financial Group Canadian Champi-
                                                                              Capital gains:                                                       onships in Ottawa in January. The employ-
    AND THAT’S NOT ALL. If you had                                            $124,441 ($121,413
    also contributed to the Employee Share                                    from employee                                                        ees and pensioners staffed the BMO Fan
                                                                              contributions +                            Capital gains:            Centre, coordinated draws for prizes and
    Ownership Plan when it was launched                                       $3,028 from BMO)                           $121,413                  gave BMO clappers to the figure skating
    in 1999, your return would have been
    $290,621. Why? Because for every                                          BMO contributions: $6,500                                            fans. Among the volunteers, flanking the
    dollar you contribute (up to 6% of your                                   Employee contributions:                    Employee contributions:   BMO the Bear mascot, were Samantha
    salary), BMO puts in 50¢. Here’s what                                     $40,000                                    $40,000                   Kendrick (right) and Charlotte Keith
    it looks like in dollars and cents:                                                                                                            (second from left, beside daughter-in-
                                                                                                                                                   law Monica) of Westboro Branch.
    For more information on eligibility and
    enrolment, visit HR’s intranet site. Plans
    differ at Harris; visit HR U.S. site for details.

    *Contributions are used to purchase
    shares at the closing share price each fiscal
    quarter. Dividends are used to purchase
    shares at the closing share price on the
    dividend payment date.
         These assumptions are NOT the same
    as the process currently followed by the BMO
    ESOP, which purchases shares on the 15th and
    30th of each month. Monthly contributions
    were chosen as it is a simpler calculation.         Contribution with BMO ESOP           Contribution without BMO ESOP

                                                                                     BMO HARRIS

                                                                                OUR WAY
                                                                                                       EXCEPTIONAL SALES & SERVICE

                                                                                                       The IFL’s Advanced Selling course
                                                                                                  helps frontline staff get more useful customer
                                                                                                         information BY JOSHUA SUMNER

                                                                                                          ncreasing sales and improving the customer
                                                                                                          experience are based on something simple — the
                                                                                                          conversation. That was drilled home during the
                                                                                                          Advanced Selling course I took through the Insti-
                                                                                                          tute for Learning in Chicago in November.
                                                                                                      Consider, closed-ended questions — those starting
                                                                                                  with “Do you… Can you… Will you…?” — are questions
                                                                                                  that could elicit one-word answers.
                                                                                                  But we want our customers to open
                                                                                                  up. By asking open-ended ques-
                                                                                                  tions — such as “Tell me about
                                                                                                  your… Describe for me a time
                                                                                                  when… What impact will that
                                                                                                  have? How does that fit into…?” —
                                                                                                  you can trigger detailed answers           FOR MORE
                                                                                                  and customer interaction.               INFORMATION
                                                                                                      Let’s say a customer is opening a
                                                                                                                                          on programs like
                                                                                                  chequing account. By probing their      this, contact David
                                                                                                  banking habits — “How do you nor-       Cohen, BMO-Harris
                                                                                                  mally do your banking? What does        IFL: (312) 461-7172
                                                                                                  a typical month look like? What do
                                                                                                  you value most when it comes to your banking?” — I can
                                                                                                  spark a conversation that tells me a lot about their possi-
                                                                                                  ble financial needs. Maybe, with the bills they’re paying,
                                                                                                  I can suggest a home-equity product to consolidate debt.
                                                                                                  Or if they’re writing cheques to an investment firm, I can
                                                                                                  have them meet one of our investment representatives.
                                                                                                      In any conversation, we must listen for the little
                                                                                                  clues that can lead to big business and increase our
                                                                                                  share of wallet. If a customer has recently changed jobs,
                                                                                                  maybe there’s an opportunity for a 401(k) rollover. If
                                                                                                  they’ve moved from out of state, maybe there’s a chance

                                                                                                  for a mortgage. These clues come up all the time, if
                                                                                                  we’re attuned to them.
                                                          “In any conversation,                       On an elevator, if you have 30 seconds between
                                                                                                  floors to tell someone about yourself, what do you say?
                                                          we must listen for the
                                                                                                  Your workplace and title don’t reveal much. So, I would
                                                             little clues that can                say: “I like to help my clients make money or save
                                                           lead to big business”                  money.” In a short conversation, it at least indicates
                                                                                                  what I’m ultimately trying to do for them.
                                                              — JOSHUA SUMNER                     Joshua Sumner is Assistant Branch Manager, Schaum-
                                                                                                  burg Roselle Road, Harris.


                                                                                                                  BRAND BUILDERS
                              BEST PRACTICE TOOLBOX
                                                                                                                          MARVIN MENSAGHI
                                                                                                                          “Marvin has had a terrific
                                                                                                                          start this year,” says
                                                                                                                          Glen Allan, Commercial
                                   Welcome Offers                                                                         Banking Manager, South

                                                                                                                          & East Alberta, PCCG.
                                   Boost Business                                                       “He has brought in three new agriculture
   How can financial services managers                                                                  clients, with total business volumes of
   improve the customer experience                                                                      some $15 million, to BMO.” Mensaghi,
   and increase the share of wallet right                                                               Commercial Agriculture Manager in
                                                  To get comfortable with acquiring customer
   from the first encounter with a cus-                                                                 Medicine Hat, Alta., used BMO’s new
                                                  information. Instead of asking “What do
   tomer? Through Customer Welcome                                                                      Agri-ReadiLine product and teamwork to
                                                  you make?” try “Would you mind if I ask
   Offers (CWOs).                                                                                       attract the business. How does Mensaghi
                                                  some additional questions that may help
       CWOs enhance the process of                                                                      go the extra mile? “I bring in my colleagues,
                                                  us meet your needs?”

   opening a personal deposit account.                                                                  so my clients benefit from their expertise,”
   Qualified customers are pre-approved,                                                                he says. “I always answer my phone,
   on the spot, for any or all of a Personal                                                            and am accessible to my customers.”
   Line of Credit, a Mosaik MasterCard,           Emphasize the convenience of taking                   It’s simple, explains Mensaghi: “The
   an RRSP ReadiLine or a Personal                the offer right away. “Before, we handed out          phone is my lifeline.”
   Credit Reserve. To be considered,              MasterCard applications. Now we tell them
   customers can choose to provide their          they’re approved,” says Caroline Lussier,
   income, housing costs and occupancy,           Manager of Decarie Branch in St-Laurent, Que.                             AL FERRER
   in addition to their employment status.                                                                                  “We receive many com-
   The information is entered in the                                                                                        pliments from clients
   customer profile during the account-           View the process as a chance to provide instant                           about his terrific service,”
   opening conversation.                          solutions. Laura Hetu, an FSM in London, Ont.,                            says Jessica Ma, Branch
       Many customers who’ve opened                                                                                         Manager at Bloor &

                                                  had a client who opened a new account and
   accounts since the CWOs were                   received a PLOC offer. The offer met her needs,       Church Branch in Toronto. Ferrer, a
   launched in October have qualified,            as she was heading overseas. “I got her a ‘new        Relationship Manager at the branch,
   reports Nancy Fijan, Project Manager,          account’ application, and was able to advance         wants his customers to feel like he is on
   BMO Connect. The first three months            her money right away on a line of credit,”            their side. “I listen to my clients, and
   of the CWO program saw more than               says Hetu. “She was astounded, and loves              carefully choose a product that will benefit
   $100 million in balances approved;             BMO Bank of Montreal.”                                them,” he says. Recently, while following
   on average, $10,000 in product limits                                                                up with a client who had power of attorney
   per offer were granted.                                                                              over her parents’ estate, Ferrer made it
       Some tips on making CWOs succeed:                                                                easy for her to transfer the $2.5-million
                                                                                                        estate to BMO Harris Private Banking.
                                                                                                        Ferrer uses Optimizer’s call reports:
                                                                                                        “So I can be proactive and offer the right
                                 ONLINE RESOURCES                                                       products to my clients.”

                     In November 2005, the Office of Strategic Management (OSM)
                 launched a new and more extensive intranet site to provide detailed                                      PATTI WILSON
                   information on how BMO Financial Group develops, manages and                                           Listening and appreci-
                             executes strategy and performance priorities.                                                ating the client’s specific
                                                                                                                          needs is what happened
Meet the OSM                                                                      Use the easy                            when Patti Wilson,
team and learn how                                                                self-serve research                     a Branch Manager in
they help their                                                                   databases to          Kitchener, Ont., met with a client — a
business partners                                                                 inform your group’s   referral from Tim Cant, Commercial
drive results                                                                     analysis and          Account Manager. “The customer was
                                                                                  decision-making       impressed we weren’t selling him prod-
                                                                                                        ucts,” she says. “He felt we understood
                                                                                  Access resources      what was important to him.” The cus-
Find out more about                                                               to develop the kind   tomer transferred $1.4 million in loans,
high-performance                                                                  of strategies and     mortgage, line of credit and accounts
culture and how                                                                   performance culture   to BMO, and transferred $300,000 to
BMO employees are                                                                 that will take BMO    InvestorLine, due to Financial Planner
delivering results                                                                to the top            Buket Necip’s impressive presentation.
                                                                                                        The best part? His previous bank
                                                                                                        could not match the plan put together
                                                                by Wilson and her team.

                                                                                                 BMO HARRIS

                                                                                             OUR WAY
                                                          Taking It to the Street
                                                           Business Process Improvement team in Toronto used their consulting savvy to
                                                             help the Yonge Street Mission improve the management of its food bank

                                            rganizations such as Toronto’s Yonge Street Mission                        So, let’s see if we can do more than sort food,” says Katharin Cowan,
                                            (YSM), which serves people living in poverty in the city,                  Consulting Manager, BPI.
                                            are always looking for more volunteers. Which is why the                       Cowan suggested a pro bono consulting engagement; Tom Wheat-
                                            YSM was delighted when employees from BMO’s Busi-                          ley, BPI’s Vice-President, wholeheartedly agreed. Over six months, 10
                                            ness Process Improvement (BPI) group offered to pitch                      BPI consultants, led by Vicky Carranza as the volunteer Project Man-
                             in with the YSM’s food bank during the past few Christmas seasons.                        ager, assessed how the YSM manages its food bank — everything from
                                But after seeing the YSM’s operations first-hand, the BPI staff real-                  acquisition and storage to distribution and the floor plan.
                             ized that they could offer the YSM something even more valuable than                          “They’re so strapped for resources that they’re in ‘react mode’
                             extra hands during a busy period. “They were struggling with things                       most of the time,” Cowan explains. “We had the opportunity to help
                             such as logistics, and we told them this is what we do for a living.                      them step back.”
                                                                                                                                              The result was a lengthy series of recommenda-
                                                                                                                                          tions, along with implementation and training plans.
                                                                                                                                          As one example, the YSM method of offering the var-
                                                                                                                                          ious food groups was confusing to volunteers and
                                                                                                                                          clients alike. After suggestions from BMO volunteer
                                                                                                                                          Kary Shalatski, BPI revamped the process based on
                                                                                                                                          Canada’s food guide, and YSM clients will now get
                                                                                                                                          “dollars” to simulate the shopping experience and
                                                                                                                                          raise the level of dignity in the transactions.
                                                                                                                                              The YSM wasn’t the only beneficiary, says Cowan:
                                                                                                                                          “A number of our people stretched themselves, tak-
                                                                                                                                          ing on roles that they may not have had the opportu-
                                                                                                                                          nity to do yet with our own internal clients.
                                                                                                                                              “The goal,” she adds, “was to take much of the
                                                                                                                                          ‘noise’ out of the food bank’s processes, and free up
                                                                                                                                          its volunteers’ time to get down to the business of
                                                                                                                                          helping people.”
                                                                                                                                          Missing from the photo from BMO were Vicky Car-
                                                                                Working together (from left): Edwin Noordijk, BMO;        ranza, Kathleen Quong, Nicole Van-Asten Preston,
                                                                                Kary Shalatski, BMO; Alvin Gongora, YSM; Buff Cox, YSM;
                                                                                                                                          Pam Burnside, Shelley Alton, Wayne Godward and
                                                                                Katharin Cowan, BMO; and David Adock, YSM
                                                                                                                                          Marta McIlroy; from YSM, Claire Barcik.

                               APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!
                                  OTTAWA                                 customer she was in a solid financial                             earned the cus-      Manager Kristin Barry, and he has
                                Putting clients                          position and had no reason to worry.                              tomer’s respect      never looked back. In fact, the
                                at ease in Ottawa                        “Mom expressed complete faith in                                  and trust. Bradley   client says, Harris is getting more
                                                     Soon after her      Mr. Smith,” writes the client’s grate-                            is knowledge-        business because he has been
                                                     husband’s death,    ful son. “I can see why. He offered                               able and always      transferring everything he can to
                                                     a worried elderly   both reassurance and warmth.”                                     has paperwork        Harris — all because of Barry. The
                                                                                                                        DEBBIE BRADLEY
                                                     client visited                                                                        completed so         client says Barry is the Bank’s
                                                     Ottawa’s College     BURLINGTON, ONT.                            meetings are efficient and organ-         greatest asset, and she makes it
                                                     Square Branch       Prepared Bradley                             ized. Bradley is deserving of recogni-    easy to do business with Harris.
                                    GEOFF SMITH      looking for         earns praise                                 tion, the client says, and is the kind    And he offers Barry the highest
                                Financial Planner Geoff Smith. She       “She is always prepared. She is              of employee that BMO should be                                  compliment:
                                was overwhelmed and concerned            a person of integrity. She builds            proud to call its own.                                          “She is the

                                about her financial future. Without      business for BMO.” A very satisfied                                                                          reason we use
                                an appointment, Smith took the           client wrote that about Debbie                 BARRINGTON, ILL.                                              Harris as our
                                client aside, offered his condolences    Bradley, Personal Account Manager,           Harris = Kristin Barry                                          only bank. For
                                and returned with a number of            Burlington Mall Branch, in Burlington,       Five years ago, a Harris                                        us, Harris is
                                                                                                                                                                   KRISTIN BARRY
                                banking statements that showed the       Ont. From the beginning, Bradley             Barrington client met Branch                                    Kristin Barry.”


                   BMO HARRISnity
                        in the commu
In November, Harris
LaGrange helped
one of its customers
raise money for
children in Ghana.
The branch set out a
donation jar and sold
authentic handmade
kente cloth from Ghana. By Thanksgiving, more than US$500 was raised.
Weeks later, Harris LaGrange employees were thrilled when they received
a photo from the children — dozens of smiling faces holding a kente
banner embroidered with “Thank You, Harris.” The cloth is now on display
in the branch, and the picture is still warming hearts. “The smiling faces
made it all worthwhile,” says Branch Manager Kelly Niemiec.                         TORONTO
                                                                                   For the second year, Toronto Centre District made the Children’s Aid Founda-
                                         less advocacy group, Sleep                tion its charity of choice in 2005, selling CAF icon J.J. the Bear through its
                                         Out Saturday began with a rally           branches. This year, the district partnered with branches from Etobicoke-
                                         at the College of DuPage on               North York, East Central Ontario, Newmarket and the Account Management
                                         November 5, 2005. Many of the             Unit in Etobicoke. J.J. also got a boost from a local radio station, Z103.5,
                                         more than 1,000 people in atten-          which provided free on-air promotion and encouraged its listeners to buy
                                         dance went a step further and             a J.J. bear for the CAF. Teamwork really does pay off — sales of J.J. more
                                         slept outside, including Harris           than doubled from 2004, and the CAF was thrilled to receive a cheque for
                                         employees Margie Lawless,                 $77,000. Pictured here (from left): Marta Jones-Tromm, Personal Banking
                                         Bill Peterson, Kathy Sedivy and           Area Manager, Toronto West; Maria Quigley, Credit Officer; Shelagh Johnson,
                                         Leonard Stafford.                         CAF; and Bob Bissett, Senior Vice-President, Toronto Centre District.
                                             The night didn’t exactly              Missing: Sheri Griffiths, Branch Manager, Woodside Square Branch.
                                         turn out as planned. Heavy rain
Kathy Sedivy (left) and Margie Lawless   and lightning forced the group
prepare to “sleep out” to raise                                                                                       Camille Bouchard (standing) visits BMO and talks
awareness of homelessness
                                         indoors earlier than they                                                    to local students about his award-winning book
                                         wanted. “I wound up sleeping
  DU PAGE COUNTY, ILL.                   in my car,” says Lawless, Market
                                         President, Harris Glen Ellyn,
Sleepless in Illinois                    Addison and Wheaton. “I was
November isn’t a pleasant                fortunate to have that option.”
month to sleep outdoors. But                 The Harris foursome say a
for the homeless in Du Page              local woman’s story inspired
County in Illinois, there is little      them to sleep out: the diabetic
choice. That’s what “Sleep Out           mother lost her job and health
Saturday” is all about — raising         insurance, and soon after was              QUEBEC CITY                            Isabelle Arsenault, winner for
awareness of homelessness.               homeless. “She made us realize                                                    her illustrations in Le Coeur de
Co-sponsored by Harris and               just how desperate the need               Reading, Writing                        Monsieur Gaugin, visited Jean-
Bridge Communities, a home-              for help was,” says Lawless.              and Banking                             Talon & Langelier Branch in
                                                                                   In December, BMO Bank of                Montreal. And in Quebec City,
  VANCOUVER                                                                        Montreal branches across Canada         Camille Bouchard spoke to
In December, BMO Bank of Montreal staff from East Hastings Street Branch           played host to award-winning            Grade 8 students about his book,
in Vancouver served up a hot meal to families from Hastings/Tillicum               children’s writers and illustra-        Le ricanement de Hyenes.
Elementary Community School. And a $1,000 cheque, presented to the                 tors. Dozens of schoolchildren              The workshops, which were
school, definitely went a long way. It paid for the full-course holiday meal       were treated to readings from           enjoyed by both students and
and also provided gifts for each child at the dinner. Pictured here (from left):   recipients of the BMO Financial         Bank staff, celebrate the excel-
Customer Service Rep Rebecca Ip, Relationship Manager Sandra Leung,                Group-sponsored Governor                lence of some of Canada’s finest
Branch Manager Lily Tam, Financial Services Manager Oliver Lam, Financial          General’s Literary Awards.              writers and illustrators. “The
Planner Jason Chong and school staffers Nancy Cheff and Jennifer Scott.               In Sidney, B.C., writer Pamela       story was fascinating, and the
                                                                                            Porter read excerpts           students appreciated hearing
                                                                                                  from The Crazy           it straight from the author,”
                                                                                                     Man, and              says Jeanne LeBlanc, Branch
                                                                                                       then held a         Manager, Place Laurier. “Our
                                                                                                       workshop            branch was honoured to host
                                                                                                       about writing       Mr. Bouchard. It was a wonderful
                                                                                                         poetry.           and inspiring day.”
                                                                   BMO HARRIS

               OUR PEOPLE
Career Move                                                                           Hire Calling
During employees’                                                                     The recruiting process is a two-      Business Banking for Vancouver
careers, they will have                                                               way street. BMO Financial Group       District, “have a clear vision
the opportunity not just                                                              might see in a candidate someone      of where they’re going, and
to grow in their area but,                                                            who is a top performer with           how they want to get there,”
often, to move to other                                                               great potential. But what do          says Wirk.
areas within BMO Finan-                                                               candidates see in BMO? We asked           Like Wirk, Doherty was struck
cial Group. What do they                                                              recent hires Raj Wirk and William     by the skills of the Commercial
gain from making such                                                                 Doherty, both of whom joined          Banking team, and also by
a switch?                                                                             BMO in Vancouver as Commercial                           how staff are
    Ask Dawn Marros.                                                                  Account Managers in Mid-Market                           treated at BMO.
She has held various                                                                  Commercial Banking — both                                “There seems
positions in Harris retail                                                            having come over from Royal                              to be a strong
branches, most recently                                                               Bank of Canada.                                          commitment
as a branch manager in                                                                    “The people really matter,”                          to employees by
Palatine (an Illinois sub-                                                            says Wirk. “I had the opportunity      WILLIAM DOHERTY   the organization,
urb 30 miles north of                                                                 to meet the bankers on the BMO        in terms of education and career
Chicago) before becoming                                                              team, and was impressed by their      planning,” he says.
Manager of the Privacy                                                                knowledge base and enthusiasm.”           A benefit for any employer
Office last September. “It                                                                Wirk mulled over the move         in attracting good people is the
                                  Dawn Marros, Manager, Privacy Office, Harris
was time to spread my                                                                 for months, getting opinions          availability of mentors. Doherty
wings,” she says.                                                                                       from colleagues     was delighted to have the chance
    Although Marros isn’t working with external customers day to                                        throughout          to work with a veteran such as
day, she’s discovering that the focus on the customer is a top priority                                 the banking         Merv McCune, Senior Commercial
at all levels in the organization: “Privacy is so important to our repu-                                industry. BMO’s     Account Manager for Mid-Markets,
tation. We always need to be thinking about how to protect customer                                     selling points,     and was attracted by the fact that
information and prevent the potential for identity theft or fraud.”                                     he says, include    so many personnel have been
    The move has given Marros a broader understanding of planning                          RAJ WIRK     a “strong           with BMO for years.
at a corporate level, and a perspective on many lines of business:                    market position, exciting growth          “That resonates,” says Doherty.
“We’re touching all areas of the Bank. Whatever my next career                        strategy and great reputation.”       “It means that people have
move at Harris may be, this role is giving me new insights and an                         The Commercial Banking            been able to move in their careers,
expanded knowledge base of the banking environment.”                                  group and Bill Hogg, Director of      and to find satisfaction.”

                                                                               business, and consulting.                   virtually every moment of life,”
   David Hardy: A Passion                                                          Colleague Doug Robertson,               says Robertson. “I have memo-
   for Creative Thinking                                                       a Senior Programs Manager                   ries of talking with David one
                                                                               at the IFL, says Hardy often                evening in Vancouver, over
   “Thinking outside the box”              what role he was in.                             referred to a quote            sushi and beer, just laughing
   is an overused phrase in                   Hardy worked in                               by Albert Einstein:            and imagining what the world
   business. But colleagues kept           numerous Human                                   “The problems that             could be if people could get
   returning to that line when             Resources roles,                                 exist in the world             in touch with being more
   asked to describe David Hardy,          including benefits                               today cannot be                creative and grab onto life.”
   who passed away on September            and training posi-                               solved by the level                Last summer, just before
   25, 2005, at age 59.                    tions, right through                             of thinking that               Hardy died from cancer,
       “He was very much a lateral         to his final role as                             created them.”                 he was training to become a
   thinker, always willing to chal-        Senior Manager,                                      “He used that              High-Performance Culture
                                                                       DAVID HARDY
   lenge existing assumptions,”            Team Effectiveness,                              principle in every             Champion. To Jack, it was a
   says Corey Jack, Executive Head,        Personal & Commercial Client        aspect of his life,” Robertson              fitting conclusion to Hardy’s
   Institute for Learning.                 Group. Before joining BMO           says. “It was critical for him to           career: “BMO is moving to a
       “David was passionate               Financial Group in 1980, he         take a fresh approach, not look at          higher-performance culture,
   about creative problem-solving,”        earned a BA in psychology and       problems in the same old way.”              and looking for role models.
   adds April Taggart, Senior              sociology, and had a varied             Hardy, who with wife                    Becoming an HPC Champion
   Vice-President, Talent Manage-          background in the Canadian          Margaret had two daughters,                 is a testament to how David
   ment & Diversity — no matter            Forces, government, private         had “a unique capacity to enjoy             was viewed.”


                                                                                                       Direct Banking, Montreal, after 24 years.         St. Laurent-Campey, Barbara, Customer
                           RETIRING FROM BMO                                                           Parr, Joel, Manager, Desktop Deployment,
                                                                                                       Technology & Solutions, Scarborough, Ont.,
                                                                                                                                                         Service Rep, Pointe Claire, Que.,
                                                                                                                                                         after 24 years.
                                                                                                       after 41 years.                                   Stansbury, Stephen J., Private Banker,
                      Best wishes to the following employees                                           Peach, David A., Manager, Lending                 Phoenix, after 13 years.
                           who are retiring from BMO:                                                  & Finance Training, Institute for Learning,       Steen, Darcy J., Financial Services Manager,
                                                                                                       Scarborough, Ont., after 35 years.                Norwich, Ont., after 38 years.
Alvina, Luis D., Systems Operation Analyst,       Kuk, Vivian A., Statement Clerk, North               Pettitt, Susan, B2B Sales Manager, London,        Stenson, Martha, Branch Manager,
Toronto, after 16 years.                          American Item Processing, Technology                 Ont., after 35 years.                             Cataraqui Town Centre Branch, Kingston,
Balian, Anna Marya, Senior Business               & Solutions, Lombard, Ill., after 10 years.          Provost, Richard, Senior Resource Manager,        Ont., after 25 years.
Analyst, Banking Operations, Technology           Leblanc, Ginette, Administrative Support             BMO Connect, Technology & Solutions,              Sticke, Bruce, J., District Vice-President,
& Solutions, Montreal, after 33 years.            Officer, Audit, Technology & Solutions,              Toronto, after 30 years.                          South/Eastern Ontario, Personal &
Bodfield, Beverly Ann, Customer Service           Montreal, after 27 years.                            Quarnstrom, Dianna I., Financial Services         Commercial Client Group, Kingston, Ont.,
Rep, Kincardine, Ont., after 24 years.            Le Blanc, Patricia, Account Officer,                 Manager, Nanaimo, B.C., after 22 years.           after 40 years.
Brkich, Jean Anne, Financial Services             Special Accounts Management Unit,                    Ramikie, Gemma, Scheduler Clerk,                  Szewczyk, Stanley J., Senior Manager,
Manager, Shawnessy Branch, Calgary,               Toronto, after 25 years.                             Personal & Commercial Client Group,               Payments, Technology & Solutions, Chicago,
after 27 years.                                   Locke, Michael, Divisional Manager, Credit,          Toronto, after 15 years.                          after 34 years.
Brooks, Brian W., Manager, Portfolio Quality,     Toronto, after 30 years.                             Reed, Anita A., Processor, North American         Thomas, Jean-Paul, Relationship Manager,
Belleville, Ont., after 32 years.                 Lowe, Arlene A., Statement Clerk, North              Item Processing, Technology & Solutions,          St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., after 10 years.
Buckner, Bob, R., Vice-President, Corporate       American Item Processing, Technology                 Chicago, after 28 years.                          Tycho, Ian N., Divisional Manager, Credit,
Finance, Personal & Commercial Client Group,      & Solutions, Lombard, Ill., after 10 years.          Reed, David Clinton, Consultant, Business         Kelowna, B.C., after 37 years.
Vancouver, after 32 years.                        Lue, Marlene P., Associate, Capital Markets,         Banking, Technology & Solutions, Toronto,         Verbrugge, Catherine E., Customer Service
Cairns, Wanda M., Portfolio Support               Investment Banking Group, Toronto,                   after 33 years.                                   Rep, Blenheim, Ont., after 32 years.
Representative, Fredericton, N.B.,                after 32 years.                                      Roberts, Donna Marie, Financial Services          Viau, M.G. Andrée, Processor, Non-Interest
after 20 years.                                   MacGregor, Norah E., Customer Support                Manager, Glace Bay, N.S., after 34 years.         Expense, Accounts Payable, Toronto,
Case, Tom W., Human Resources Relationship        Manager, Costs/Payments, Investment                  Rocan, Anita, Financial Services Manager,         after 26 years.
Manager, Toronto, after 39 years.                 Banking Group, Toronto, after 37 years.              Charleswood Centre Branch, Winnipeg,              Vincent, Lorraine, Customer Service Rep,
Castonguay, Joyce A., Senior Support Officer,     Maculan, Maryann, Teller Supervisor,                 after 25 years.                                   North Bay, Ont., after 15 years.
Lending, Calgary, after 25 years.                 Berwyn, Ill., after 25 years.                        Roskelley, Doreen E., Customer Service Rep,       Wachsmann, Luce, Manager, Data Audit,
Chankon, Chan Lai Yeung, Investment               McManus, Odette M., Executive Assistant,             Toronto, after 31 years.                          Cardholder Services, Toronto, after 33 years.
Specialist, University & Réné Lévesque            Toronto, after 31 years.                             Rourke, Glenn R., Senior Vice-President,          Watchman, Margaret, Analyst, Consumer
Branch, Montreal, after 34 years.                 Mendoza, Licarion A., Customer Service               Origination, Investment Banking Group,            Credit, Calgary, after 26 years.
Delossantos, Teresa A., Administrator,            Specialist, Domestic Trust Operations,               Montreal, after 35 years.                         Waters, Lucinda, Senior Manager,
Expenses, Investment Banking Group,               Technology & Solutions, Chicago,                     Rubio, Patricia, Coordinator, North American      Barrington, Ill., after 17 years.
New York, after 34 years.                         after seven years.                                   Item Processing, Technology & Solutions,          Watkins, Virginia, Customer Service Rep,
Dissanayake, Bernard P.M., Senior                 Metych, John M., Consultant, Application             Chicago, after 25 years.                          Picton, Ont., after 28 years.
Application Support Analyst, Technology           Hosting, Technology & Solutions, Chicago,            Searle, Harold R., Senior Lender, Auto            Wellauer, Monica M., HR Relationship
& Solutions, Toronto, after 14 years.             after 37 years.                                      Finance, Edmonton, after 28 years.                Manager, Scottsdale, Ariz., after 23 years.
Fontaine, Johanne, Support Officer,               Muir, Silvia H., Manager, Direct Banking,            Seaton, Philip A., Senior Vice-President,         Wenger, Dianne, Customer Service Rep,
Processing Services, Audit, Montreal,             Venture, Toronto, after 26 years.                    Cardholder Services, Toronto, after 40 years.     Heritage Lanes Branch, Edmonton,
after 27 years.                                   Myshrall, Ingrid, Financial Services Manager,        Seganfreddo, Giuseppina, Customer Service         after 21 years.
Gair, Linda, Clerk, Banking Operations,           Montgomery Safeway Branch, Calgary,                  Rep, Toronto, after 34 years.                     Wheat, Lois l., Assistant Branch Manager,
Burlington, Ont., after 11 years.                 after 17 years.                                      Seip, Richard C., Manager, Domestic Trust         St. George, Ont., after 30 years.
Gamble, Muriel C., Accounting Analyst,            Neal, Lynn, Deposit Clerk, Banking                   Operations, Chicago, after 36 years.              Wiesner, Ernest, Portfolio Quality
Technology & Solutions, Chicago,                  Operations, Technology & Solutions,                  Shackelford, Rosalie Ann, Teller, New             Management Officer, Fredericton, N.B.,
after 29 years.                                   Toronto, after 24 years.                             Lennox, Ill., after one year.                     after 42 years.
Gauthier, Viviane E., Customer Service Rep,       Neathery, Thomas H., Fiduciary                       Shepard, Dora M., Financial Services              Williams, Patricia, Transit & Reconciliation
Kitchener, Ont., after 22 years.                  Administrator, Harris Private Banking,               Manager, Cowansville, Ont., after 33 years.       Specialist, North American Item
Gentle, Florence, Senior Deposit Clerk,           West Palm Beach, Fla., after seven years.            Sichello, Margaret, Branch Manager,               Processing, Technology & Solutions,
Currency Centre, Toronto, 20 years.               Norals, Yvette, Senior Processing Technician,        Carnduff, Sask., after 20 years.                  Chicago, after 35 years.
Giesbrecht, Judith Faye, Portfolio                Payments, Technology & Solutions, Chicago,           Simmons, Nola Diane, Administrative               Wong, Julie, Customer Service Rep,
Support Officer, Fredericton, N.B.,               after 14 years.                                      Assistant, Hammond, Ind., after 21 years.         Main Office, Vancouver, after 13 years.
after 32 years.                                   Nuernberger, Peter, Commercial Account               Sing, Mary, Overdraft Administrator,              Yeager, Leslie E., Community Banking Area
Gregg, Cynthia, Supervisor, Customer              Manager, Terminal Park Branch, Nanaimo,              Toronto, after 32 years.                          Manager, Kelowna, B.C., after 28 years.
Service Officers, Fredericton, N.B.,              B.C., after 38 years.                                Skotzko, Steve, Senior Loan Consultant,           Yongkinyen, Idelma, Financial Services
after 32 years.                                   O’Brien, Linda Bridget., Internal                    Special Accounts Management Unit,                 Manager, Investments, Drummond
Holmes, Patricia, Team Leader, Quest,             Investigations Coordinator, International            Chicago, after 30 years.                          & Ste-Catherine Branch, Montreal,
Direct Banking, Toronto, after 35 years.          Payments, Montreal, after 37 years.                  Sparkes, Annie M., Customer Service Rep,          after 31 years.
King, Kenneth, Team Leader, Field Service,        Otis, Lise, Customer Service Rep, Sept-Iles,         Stephenville, Nfld., after 27 years.              Zembiak, Adeline Loretta, Clerk, Quality
Technology & Solutions, Scarborough, Ont.,        Que., after 32 years.                                St-Jean, Louise, Customer Service Rep,            Compliance Logistics Management,
after 26 years.                                   Ouellet, Michele, Team Leader, Quest,                Mont Tremblant, Que., after 19 years.             Toronto, after 20 years.

                                                                                                       Services, at First Canadian Place in Toronto      Provost, Ginette Marie, November 6, 2005.
                                  IN MEMORIAM                                                          at the time of her death.
                                                                                                       Little, Henry Norman, December 24, 2006.
                                                                                                                                                         Ms. Provost was a Customer Service Rep
                                                                                                                                                         at Cardholder Services in Montreal at the
                                                                                                       Mr. Little was Regional Vice-President,           time of her death.
                   We regretfully acknowledge the deaths of                                            Operations, U.K./Europe/Africa & Middle           Salzman, Marilyn A., November 1, 2005.
                the following employees/pensioned employees:                                           East, in London, U.K., when he retired in 1977.   Ms. Salzman was an Administrative Specialist
                                                                                                       Martin, Ken, December 31, 2005. Mr. Martin        at Oak Brook Terrace, Ill., at the time of
Bickle, Catherine Marie, October 15, 2005.        Frison, Iola, November 6, 2005. Ms. Frison           was a Regional Financial Services Officer         her death.
Ms. Bickle was Director, Technical Services,      was a Senior Processing Technician at                in Naperville, Ill., at the time of his death.    Scalf, Glen A., November 22, 2005.
mycfo, Private Client Group, in Redwood,          Harris Trust and Savings Bank in Chicago             Medina, Lily, November 24, 2005. Ms. Medina       Mr. Scalf was Senior Manager, Credit,
Calif., at the time of her death.                 at the time of her death.                            was a Financial Services Manager at Bathurst      Credit Operations, in Burlington, Ont.,
Carrière, Colette, November 24, 2005.             Gresko, Pauline, October 17, 2005.                   & Frontenac Branch in Toronto at the time         when he retired in 1988.
Ms. Carrière was Supervisor, Office Services,     Ms. Gresko was a Clerk, Banking Operations,          of her death.                                     Warner, Theo G., November 28, 2005.
in Montreal when she retired in 1992.             ABM Processing, in Montreal at the time              Murdock, Arthur W., November 16, 2005.            Ms. Warner was a Customer Service Rep
Chenard, Nancy, December 3, 2005. Ms.             of her death.                                        Mr. Murdock was Branch Manager, Main              at University Community Centre Branch in
Chenard was a Customer Service Rep in             Hall, Doris J., August 24, 2005. Ms. Hall            Branch, in Ottawa when he retired in 1984.        London, Ont., when she retired in 1982.
Huntingdon, Que., at the time of her death.       was a Liability Clerk, First Bank Tower,             Porter, Doreen, May 6, 2005. Ms. Porter           Woodiwiss, Grace Elizabeth, September 30,
Draper, Jerry C., October 22, 2005. Mr. Draper    in Vancouver when she retired in 1977.               was Assistant Branch Manager at                   2005. Ms. Woodiwiss was a Customer
was Manager, Premises, Technology &               Kristanic, Mira, September 27, 2005.                 Bloor & Windermere Branch in Toronto              Service Rep in Leamington, Ont., at the
Solutions, in Toronto at the time of his death.   Ms. Kristanic was a Supervisor, Commercial           when she retired in 1990.                         time of her death.

                                                                                                                 BMO HARRIS

                            Yes, You Can!              continued from cover                                                  In January, IBGPO held town hall meetings “in Chicago, Barring-
                            session thinking about his branch’s goals, to ensure                                        ton, [Ill.], Toronto, Montreal and Burlington, [Ont.], to ensure our team
                            they aligned with BMO’s. Although Elder and his col-                                        understands how T&S and IBGPO are linked to BMO’s goals,” says
                            leagues were part of the No. 1 division in terms                                            Coward. “It reminds everyone the enterprise goals are the result of
                            of revenue growth last year, they are not rest-                                             every individual contributing the right way! We want people to under-
                            ing on their laurels. “We are really focusing                                               stand their efforts are contributing to the organization as a whole.”
                            on collaborating with our Wealth Manage-                                                          The Business Plan meeting in Chicago was really useful for Marty
                            ment and Commercial Banking col-                                                              Freil in affirming how his area can best contribute to BMO’s goals.
                            leagues,” says Elder. As they have for                                                         “Tony and Karen emphasized that managing costs is still an impor-
                            a number of years, Elder, Personal                                                             tant area of focus, but the No. 1 priority for 2006 is growing revenue,”
                            Banking Area Manager Wally Jaciuk                                                              says Freil, Relationship Management
                            and Investment Sales Manager Dave                                                              Associate, eChannel Business Services,
                            Hogan got together with financial plan-                                                      at Harris in Buffalo Grove, Ill. Freil began
                            ners, commercial bankers and BMO Harris                                                     the year thinking about how he can
                                                                                      Peter Elder, Edmonton
                            Private Banking colleagues to review the previ-                                             expand existing small-business customer
                            ous year’s results, identify areas of opportunity for the upcoming year                     relationships. “This year, my group’s targets
                            and pinpoint activities that will assist in achieving their Business Plans.                 are even higher. And because I interact
                                “Customer service is always high on our radar, and there is always                      with clients over the phone, it makes
                            room for improvement,” points out Elder. “I liked Tony [Comper’s] and                       more sense for me to focus on exist-
                            Karen [Maidment]’s straightforward presentation on the impor-                                           ing relationships.”
                            tance of revenue generation and customer service; and that                                                  Freil made several pre-
                            if we Get It Right, it helps our other priorities fall into place.”                                     sentations on the Busi-
                                Elder appreciates hearing about the strengths of our peo-                                           ness Plan in December to
                            ple, and the importance of having the right people in the right                                         his team and to the Sales
                            positions. “We are currently in the throes of rolling out our                                           Council to which he
                            Sales & Service Delivery Model strategy, and Tony’s comments                                            belongs. “My colleagues
                            could not have come at a better time,” he says. “We believe                    FOR MORE                 were very interested in the
                                                                                                                                                                            Marty Freil, Chicago
                            that successful implementation could make a significant con-               INFORMATION tone Tony and Karen set
                            tribution to our Business Plan results in years to come.”                                               and, of course, where they saw the organization going,” he says.
                                                                                                        on BMO’s strategic
                                In the Business Plan rollout meeting, Maidment spoke                    priorities, go to BMO’s
                                                                                                                                        Attending the Business Plan rollout event in Toronto
                                                   of the need for reinvestment in BMO’s                Business Plan presen-       helped Cathy Pin, Managing Director, Cash Management
                                                      core business and the revitalization of           tation under Strategic      Services, IBG, think about helping her team to be higher-per-
                                                       branches. We are certainly seeing this           Initiatives/Corporate       forming. How? “By ensuring we have the right people in the
                                                                                                        Communications @
                                                        in Edmonton, with plans for the con-                                        right jobs and providing them with the tools they need to
                                                         struction of three new branches in             communications.
                                                                                                                                    achieve their goals,” Pin says.
                                                         the next year. Additionally, we are                         Pin’s team of 30 markets cash-management products for
                                                             currently renovating a number of                                       corporate clients to help them manage their working-capital
                                                              branches and upgrading the ATMs.                          requirements of their operations. This year, Pin and her team are inter-
                                                                 As with Elder, the Business Plan rollout               ested in growing IBG’s customer relationships. “We are very good at
                                                               events were an opportunity for Laura                     developing and launching products such as DirectLine for Business, a
                                                                Coward to ensure her group’s goals were                 Web-based tool that gives business customers easy access to the services
                                                                aligned with those of the enterprise.                                              they need to manage their cash flow more effi-
                                                                  “Before I attended the Business Plan                                              ciently and effectively,” Pin explains.
                                                              meeting in December, I attended planning                                                 Pin and her group are working hard to ensure
                                                          sessions with Technology & Solutions and                                                   the products they offer clients help those clients
                                                          Investment Banking Group Product Operations                                                 solve problems and make it easier for them to
                                                           [IBGPO],” explains Coward, Senior Manager                                                  do business. In February, Pin reviewed the
                               Laura Coward, Montreal
                                                           and Head, Global Payment Services, T&S,                                                       Business Plan with her team to ensure it is
                            Montreal. “So, I had a clear idea of what our area’s targets were, and it                                                     continuing to work towards its goals and,
                            was reassuring to know that our goals of supporting the business were                                                         in turn, those of BMO.
                            consistent with Tony’s and Karen’s message of growing revenue.”                                                                    The Business Plan meeting also
                                Although managing BMO’s wire payments is technically a serv-                                                                helped Pin in a subtle yet important
                            ice area, says Coward, “We deal directly with large corporate and                                                               way. “I also look to Tony and Karen for
                            institutional clients.” With daily movement of $100 billion in activ-                                                          a framework, to help me make the orga-
                            ity, Global Payment Services is a huge business. “Our goal is to                                                              nization’s goals real for my team,” she
                            ensure a high standard of customer service and to provide solutions                                                          says. “For example, the Performance
                            to enable our internal clients in all BMO’s lines of business to sell                                                       Tracker gives me the tools to help our team
                            more competitive products to their clients and, in turn, build better                                                     achieve our goals and, in turn, those of
                                                                                                                            Cathy Pin, Toronto
                            customer relationships and increase market share.”                                                                        the organization.”

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