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Increase Blog Traffic


21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic....

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									21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic
 1.    Choose the Right Blog Software:
   word press, blogger, movable type and
   opensourceCMS are a very good tool to help
   you select software if you go that route.

 2. Host Your Blog Directly on Your
   Domain: A blog on your domain can attract
   links, attention, publicity, trust and search
   rankings - by keeping the blog on a separate
   domain, you shoot yourself in the foot.

 3. Write Title Tags with Two
   Audiences in Mind: you're writing a title tag
   for the people who will visit your site or have a
   subscription to your feed
4. Participate at Related Forums &
  Blogs: publish in bloggers, forums and an
  online community

5. Tag Your Content: Technorati is the first
   place that you should be tagging posts. I actually
   recommend having the tags right on your page,
   pointing to the Technorati searches that you're
   targeting. There are other good places to ping - and Flickr being the two most

6. Launch without Comments: Once you're
   upwards of 100 RSS subscribers and/or 750
   unique visitors per day, you can open up the
   comments and see light activity.

7. Don't Jump on the Bandwagon: you
   need to show people in your space that you can
  offer something unique, different and valuable -
  not just the same story from your point of view

8.    Link Intelligently: When you link out in
  your blog posts, use convention where
  applicable and creativity when warranted, but be
  aware of how the links you serve are part of the
  content you provide. Not every issue you discuss
  or site you mention needs a link, but there's a
  fine line between overlinking and underlinking

9. Invite Guest Bloggers: Asking a well
   known personality in your niche to contribute a
   short blog on their subject of expertise is a great
   way to grow the value and reach of your blog.
   You not only flatter the person by
   acknowledging their celebrity, you nearly
   guarantee yourself a link or at least an
   association with a brand that can earn you
   readers. Just be sure that you really are getting a
 quality post from someone that's as close to
 universally popular and admired as possible

10. Eschew Advertising: I always
 recommend that whether personal or
 professional, you wait until your blog has
 achieved a level of success before you start
 advertising. Ads, whether they're sponsorships,
 banners, contextual or other, tend to have a
 direct, negative impact on the number of readers
 who subscribe, add to favorites and link - you
 definitely don't want that limitation while you're
 still trying to get established.

11. Go Beyond Text in Your Posts:
 Blogs that contain nothing but line after line of
 text are more difficult to read and less
 consistently interesting than those that offer
 images, interactive elements, the occasional
 multimedia content and some clever charts &
 graphs. Even if you're having a tough time with
 non-text content, think about how you can
 format the text using blockquotes, indentation,
 bullet points, etc. to create a more visually
 appealing and digestible block of content.

12. Cover Topics that Need Attention:
 In every niche, there are certain topics and
 questions that are frequently asked or pondered,
 but rarely have definitive answers. While this
 recommendation applies to nearly every content-
 based site, it's particularly easy to leverage with
 a blog.

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