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					 VINCENT PERATA                                                                                          PERATA@GMAIL.COM     | 206.605.5206

Talented, passionate, and highly successful Digital Product Strategy, Experience Design, and Usability Consultant with 12+ years experience
creating and employing user-centered design and usability research methodologies to guide and inform all stages of product discovery,
design, and development. 10+ years of direct client services and consulting experience as the Director of Logical Pathways, and 7+ as a
Subject Matter Expert providing process, methodology, and production support to other digital design and web development agencies.

                                                        Principal Skills and Capabilities
      User-Centered Design, Digital and Physical User Experience and Interaction Design, Interface Design, Information Architecture, Process
       Simplification, Path Optimization, User Needs Identification, Persona Development, Feature Identification, Concept Modeling, Rapid
       Prototyping, Wireframes, Interaction Diagrams, Interaction Flow Diagrams, Information Visualizations, and Industrial Design.

      User Research, Usability Engineering, Heuristic Analysis, Expert Reviews, Contextual Inquiry, Experimental Design and Lab Research,
       Data Analysis (Q&Q), Descriptive & Inferential Statistics, Surveys, Questionnaires, Decision and Expectation Modeling, Ergonomics.

      Business Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Product Strategy Guidance, Program Management, Customer and Business Goal Alignment,
       Brainstorming, Feature Prioritization, Organizational Change, Thought and Process Leadership, Consensus Building.

      Proven ability to assume leadership and guide projects "in crisis", with a track record of consistently leading and managing
       interdisciplinary teams and leveraging resources to transform late-deployments into successful project engagements.

      Adept at developing highly usable nomenclatures and information taxonomy structures for both unique & diverse target audiences, as
       well as creating new interaction and interface design ‘Best Practice’ guidelines for new and novel paradigms.

      Skilled at rapid User Interface, Information Architecture, Mental / Conceptual Models, Pathway and Process Flows, and Interaction
       Design Prototyping with Visio, Axure, Balsamiq Mockups, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Whiteboards, or Pencil and Paper.

      Creative, Curious, Innovative. Wicked Analysis and Problem Solving Skills. Strong Presentation, Mentoring, and Communication Skills.
       Tremendous and Inherent User Empathy. Keen ability to focus on details that support and cultivate The Big Picture. Prone to laughter.

                                                             Professional Experience

  Director of Product Experience Design and Usability, Logical Pathways LLC (Founder)                                        2000 - Present
  Provide comprehensive Business Strategy and Interactive Product Design & Usability consulting services to high-tech startups, global
  philanthropies, and Fortune 500 corporations. Services include digital strategy, user-centered design and methodology, audience needs
  identification, task analysis, feature prioritization, information architecture, interface and interaction design, user and usability research for
  hardware, software, and web applications (HTML, Flash, AJAX, Silverlight, CMS, etc), iPhone and mobile device applications, touch-screens,
  interactive kiosks, digital games, online gaming systems, and a multitude of social, financial, entertainment and retail sites and resources.

  Recent Clients & Projects:
   Internet / Intranet: The Gates Foundation, Boeing Employee Credit Union,, Digeo, Ice, Moxi, GlobalScholar, Hard Rock
  Hotel & Casino, Hasbro, Helio, Jobster, John L. Scott, Noble House Hotels, Microsoft (Live, Partner Program, Visual Studio, others) Qwest,
  Sony, Sony Learning Center, Standard Insurance, Starbucks, Stockamp, T-Mobile, Weyerhaeuser, Wizards of the Coast, Wong Doody, Zaaz.
  Devices / Hardware / Software: Alaska Airlines, Avogadro, Openwave Systems, Microsoft Game Studios, Starbucks Entertainment +
  Hear Music, Numerous Web Projects & Software Prototypes for Microsoft, Sony Entertainment and Sony Mylo.

  Zaaz Inc.                                                                                                                  2003 - Present
  Provide Zaaz with digital product strategy, user experience design, interaction and interface design, information architecture, user
  research, expert reviews / heuristic evaluations, and other user-centered design process and UX methodology support services.
      Create product interaction models and flow-diagrams, web site content taxonomies, navigation menu systems, and information
       hierarchies. Design web application prototypes, wireframes, page templates, and user interface elements, mental / conceptual
       models. Write strategy documents, interactive specifications, CMS, IA, and Usability Primers and Best-Practice Guidelines for clients.
      Identify customer needs and business goals and create blended agenda matrices to synthesize goals and identify symbiotic features
       and usage scenarios. Analyze usability and website traffic data to identify usage trends and architectural / interface weaknesses.
Vince Perata – Product Design and Usability Consultant & User Experience Architect                      

    Plan and conduct User and Usability Research, including lab studies, focus groups, field research, card sorts, online and offline surveys,
     and Heuristic Evaluations (Expert Reviews). Provide descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. Present findings and design change
     recommendations to clients and show them how to achieve immediate and long-term usability improvements.
    Lead collaborative product and feature brainstorming sessions. Managed client relationships. Mentored IAs and Usability Engineers.

Microsoft Game Studios                                                                                                   2002 - 2003
Conducted User, Game, and Game Platform Research to create a series of "Xbox Live User Experience Guidelines", a best-practices
document detailing key online-gaming use-case scenarios providing game and system feature design and strategy recommendations.
    Researched user goals, online usage scenarios, game interaction paradigms, and the Xbox Live technical specifications (requirements,
     limitations, APIs) to generate universal and genre-specific feature & design recommendations.
    Created detailed task-flows, architecture models, and interface designs, prescribing default pathways for known and anticipated
     interaction scenarios. Presented guidelines to MGS development teams, along with execution plans and design priorities.
    Evaluated games via traditional usability studies and Playtest analyses. Directed User Testing Specialists in acquiring data to evaluate
     specific scenarios, new features, prototypes, and interaction models. Discovered and documented technical limitations of Xbox Live v1
     that prevented the development of desired game features; evangelized solutions for v2.

Avogadro, Inc. and Openwave Systems, Inc.                                                                                2000 - 2001
Provided User Experience, Usability Research, and Program Management services to support the development of Instant Messaging,
Unified Messaging, and “Presence-Centric” Applications for the PC and mobile consumer devices.
    Researched competitor features and emerging technologies to help define and drive product strategy. Conducted focus groups, lab
     studies, surveys, & heuristic evaluations to identify user goals and feature needs and establish usability goals. Led brainstorming
     sessions, published and tracked concepts to facilitate product evolution.
    Designed new interaction models, wireframes and UIs; remedied inherited interaction design and navigation model issues. Prioritized
     product feature requirements through user-needs analyses. Established feature and product usability goals.
    Authored UI & technical (Java, JScript, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, C++) specs, created work items, ensured new requirements were
     integrated into development channels. Led triage, resolved blocking issues, managed feature triage & post-mortem.
    Managed an application deployment to ~2500 beta users. Built the UNIX/Oracle 8i servers, established availability plans and response
     chain-of-command, served as service point-of-contact, monitored feedback, filed bugs and feature requests.
    Interviewed, hired, and managed contract graphic designers and software development engineers.

                                                             Prior Professional History

User Experience Program Manager, Microsoft Windows UX / Shell UI Team                                          May 1999 – Oct 2000
Managed the design and development of Windows (Millennium, Neptune, Whistler, XP) features, leading user experience initiatives and
serving as feature liaison throughout development. Primary areas of responsibility included Internet Connectivity, Home Networking
(ICS/NAT, bridging, firewall, port mapping), Network & Dial-up Connections, Offline Files / Client-Side Caching, MultiLAN, Keyring,
simplifying Windows resource sharing & security models, and designing IP telephony clients and other network-related prototypes.
    Compiled and analyzed Usability, Product Support, and Marketing data to identify and profile target users, user goals, and usability
     issues. Defined and designed ideal system usage and user experience scenarios, illustrating feature interface and interaction details for
     owned features, creating interface prototypes and collaborating with design and usability to test and iterate upon proposed solutions.
    Created and maintained robust feature specifications documenting technical, architectural, and interface details, internal and external
     dependencies, and crux development issues. Prioritized features and collaborated with Development and Test teams to define work
     items and establish milestones. Ensured thorough design, development, test, localization, and user assistance coverage for features.
    Led team meetings to disseminate information, brainstorm and critique designs, discuss dev progress and obstacles, and defend
     feature development as necessary. Identified action items, assigned ownership, filed bugs and tracked items to completion.
    Provided User Experience and Interaction Design guidance to partner teams (Windows Core Networking and Windows Security).

Usability Engineer, Microsoft, BackOffice Servers & Consumer Windows Divisions                                 February 1997 - May 1999
Designed and conducted user and usability research, collecting data throughout the product development cycle to help facilitate feature
design and development decisions by helping product teams understand the wants, needs, preferences, attitudes, aptitudes, limitations,
and behaviors of their target users. Utilized a variety of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, e.g. field studies, surveys,
questionnaires, contextual inquiry, focus groups, interviews (single, dyads, triads), heuristic evaluations, and traditional lab studies.
    Responsible for broad BackOffice Server and Small Business Server (v4.5 & 5.0) functional / feature areas, including Installation, Health
     and Performance Monitoring, Remote Administration, Server Clustering, Load-Balancing, Alerting, and Wizard Scripting.
    Additionally, provided usability support for SQL Server 7.0, Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, SMS, The MSDN and Site Builder
     Network websites, Windows NT Wizards and Help, NT batch-processing and many additional BackOffice features.
Vince Perata – Product Design and Usability Consultant & User Experience Architect                     

    Compiled and analyzed data (SAS, SPSS, Excel), identified usability deficiencies, presented Findings and Recommendations, established
     usability goals and provided design improvement plans and UI prototypes. Filed / prioritized bugs (RAID) & tracked issues to resolution.
    Identified user goals and created user Personas, refined user models and updated use-case scenarios as needed.
    Identified and evangelized the resolution of critical usability issues across the Windows 2000, MMC, MS installer/setup engine, and the
     BackOffice and Windows Product Teams.

Systems Administrator and Senior Helpdesk Manager, BSQUARE Corporation                                          July 1996 - February 1997
Windows NT Server, Exchange, SQL, and IIS Server administration, network configurations, server building, account creation and
management, share and security permissions, and Exchange mailbox, DL, and public folder management.
    Network hardware (cable, hub, router, NIC), telecommunication equipment, and access control system management. Implemented
     RAS (dial-up and VPN) solutions, created usage guidelines, trained employees.
    Ensured the delivery of exceptional customer support to ~180 employees, managing workflow through the helpdesk and serving as
     the top-tier solutions resource for NT, end-user applications, and mobile device issues.

                                                         Education & Additional Training

Albertson College (College of Idaho) - Bachelor of Science, Zoology and Psychology
California State University, San Francisco - Master of Arts, Psychology (Research Methodology and Statistics)
The University of Idaho - Human-Computer Interaction, Biomechanics, Human Factors and Ergonomics
University of Washington - Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Neurobiology and Behavior, Integrative Neurobiology
Microsoft Technical Education - Program Management I-IV, The Product Cycle Model, Contextual Inquiry, Windows 2000 Server
Administration, SQL 7.0 Management, Exchange and IIS 5.0, Windows Active Directory, Windows Load-Balancing (WLBS), C+, Windows
Programming in C.

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