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									        ISSUE NO. 15                  FRONT PAGE
     AUGUST 6, 2008                                ABCD                     Communications’ Own Newsletter

INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                   These may be the lazy days of summer, but you wouldn’t know that based on
                                                     what’s been happening in Communications. One major milestone was the
Welcome                       1                      submission of the Fortune “Best Companies to Work For” application by the HR
Welcome to KPMG!            1-2                      Communications team, which totaled 200 pages and eight boxes of backup
Get To Know Your                                     material. What goes into that backup? Many of the publications, videos, and
                              2                      campaigns produced by our team! We also launched, in record time, the U.S.
10 Questions                  3
                                                     Code of Conduct and related training; a successful media push on IFRS that’s
                                                     getting us great visibility nationally and locally; the rollout of the Chairman’s
Definitely in a League of                            Award call for applications; a front page hit in The Wall Street Journal on our
                            3, 6
Their Own
                                   Global Investment Management study (great work Bill Ferguson!); and very well-received
Kudos for
                              4    senior leadership calls with partners and senior managers. If you haven’t had a chance to read
Communications                     Tim and John’s letter to partners, I urge you to do so – it gives a good overview of our progress
What’s News                 4-6    against our strategy.
HR Updates                    7         We welcome Kelly Huegel, who has joined us as associate director, Internal Communica-
Birthday Wishes &                  tions, for the MidAtlantic; Pete Settles, as associate director, External Area Communications,
                              7    Southeast; Barbara Gam, associate director, Internal Communications, Midwest; Steve Llanes,
Vacation Challenge
                                   manager, Corporate Communications, and Danielle Williams, an intern in the Southeast. Kelly
                              7    and Danielle are profiled in this issue of Front Page. Look for profiles of Pete, Barbara, and
                                   Steve in the next issue.
Riddle Me This                7
                                        As busy as we are, people are still taking time out to have fun. Our softball team is holding
                                   its own in the Montvale League. Check out the team’s progress beginning on page 3.
                                        Finally, mark your calendars for August 20 when we will be having our next
                                   team call. In the meantime, don’t forget to order your Sundae Surprise and submit
                                   your vacation photos to our own Vacation Photo Challenge.

                     One of communications’ newest additions is              In her spare time, Kelly practices Tae Kwon Do, plays
                     a martial artist of several years and a            tennis, cooks, and enjoys reading Oxygen, Fast Company,
                     certified personal trainer with a graduate         and The Washington Post whenever she can. She also
                     certificate in publishing. Kelly Huegel joined     enjoys writing and is a published author of two award-
                     the firm as associate director, Internal           winning books.
                     Communications for the MidAtlantic Area, on             Kelly, who lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with her
                     July 7. She will support the Area Managing         partner, graduated from Hood College in Maryland in 1996
                     Partners and Office Managing Partners of           with a bachelor’s degree and has a graduate certificate in
                     key offices in her Area. Kelly also will work to   publishing from the University of Denver.
  communicate important firm topics and priorities to
                                                                             Danielle Williams, an Area Communi-
  employees in the MidAtlantic, produce newsletters for the
                                                                        cations intern in Atlanta, has a pretty
  Area leaders, and leverage national topics at a local level.
                                                                        interesting résumé. In addition to a degree
        On her reasons for choosing to join the firm, Kelly said:       in communications and public relations from
  “It’s a fantastic opportunity to work in communications for a         Kennesaw State University in Georgia – she
  firm with such a strong brand and diversity of employees.”            graduated in May – she has communications
        Kelly has a strong background in internal communica-            experience at an electricity company and
  tions. For the past four years, she was a communications              even played in a women’s professional
  manager for the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the                   football league.
  Advancement of Military Medicine in Rockville, Maryland.                   While at KPMG, Danielle will work on a variety of
  She also was a writer/editor for MasiMax Resources Inc., a            projects, including writing for the Weekly Peach – a
  consultant for Zoe Communications, and an acquisi-tions               newsletter for the Atlanta office – helping with
  editor for Taylor & Francis, Inc.
                                                                                                                   Cont’d on Page 2
                                  FRONT PAGE                                                                             Page 2

miscellaneous projects for the Southeast Area, and collaborating with Bill Ferguson on a variety of Area media pieces.
Her performance manager is Amy Page.
    Danielle chose to intern with KPMG because of its reputation and thinks that it is a great place to start a career. She
believes working at KPMG “will be a great opportunity to get some additional communications experience and learn more
about the firm’s culture.”
    While earning her degree, Danielle served as the PR chair for the Kennesaw Communications Association, and writes
her own newsletter, “Friends and Family.” Past work experience includes an internship at Southern Company in Atlanta –
one of America's largest generators of electricity – where she did a lot of writing and editing, including for its IT newsletter.
    In her spare time, Danielle likes to watch and play sports. Her nephews play basketball and football and she fre-
quents their games as a spectator. She played basketball in high school, along with intramural basketball and flag football
in college. And as mentioned, she played cornerback for the Tennessee Heat in the Women’s Football League from
    Welcome to Kelly and Danielle!
                   Next issue, read about newcomers Barbara Gam, Pete Settles, and Steve Llanes.

      The Audit Communications team – made up of Ray              the practice; helps Ray turn out the Audit Insight Newsletter;
Zardetto, Matt Gallagher, and part-time pinch-hitter Sam          develops communications strategy in support of product and
Azzouni – never knows what to expect. Operating as a              technology rollouts by the Global Services Centre; and
small communications group whose client is the firm’s larg- helps manage whatever the practice throws at the team on
est business unit, they typically receive a wide range of re- a day-to-day basis.
quests on any given day and handle a myriad of responsi-               Matt joined KPMG in 2003, working with HR Communi-
bilities.                                                         cations for four years before joining Audit Communications
      “They certainly keep us                                                                     in early 2007. Prior to joining
hopping,” says Ray Zardetto,                                                                      the firm, Matt worked in public
senior director, commenting                                                                       relations. Prior to that he was
on the nature of his team’s                                                                       a financial journalist for Dow
daily responsibilities. In sup-                                                                   Jones Newswires, covering
port of the Audit practice, Ray                                                                   the global oil industry, so feel
provides both internal and                                                                        free to talk to Matt about the
external communications sup-                                                                      reasons behind the rising gas
port to Audit leadership, over-                                                                   prices. During his time at
sees a monthly newsletter,                                                                        Dow Jones he was a frequent
writes KPMG Today and Liv-                                                                        contributor to the Wall Street
ing the Strategy stories, and                                                                     Journal, and won several in-
communicates to partners                                                                          ternal awards for breaking
and leaders.                                                                                      news, features, and market
      Prior to joining KPMG in                                                                    analysis.
February 2007, Ray spent 19                                                                           Samantha Azzouni, asso-
years with AT&T and Lucent                                                                        ciate director, Corporate
Technologies, holding various           From left: Sam Azzouni, Ray Zardetto, Matt Gallagher      Communications, is a new
communications and market-                                                                        addition to the Audit commu-
ing positions. He is a published author and a contributor to nications team. Sam has been part of the Area team for five
the “Staying Sane” book series. His first book, The Five          years and was recently given the opportunity to broaden her
Jerks You Meet on Earth, was published in 2006 and re-            role with the firm and saw supporting the Audit team as a
mains a strong seller. His second book, “30: Year of The          great challenge and opportunity for growth.
Batter,” about the 1930 baseball season, will be published
in September after a bit of a delay that Ray graciously re-            She now devotes 50 percent of her time to the practice
fuses to blame on the publisher. He also has written numer- and the remainder of her time to providing continued sup-
ous articles on baseball that have been published in periodi- port to the Southeast Area, including the Energy and Natu-
cals and on sports Web sites.                                     ral Resources practice. On her new work with the Audit
                                                                  team, Sam remarks: “My goal is to help develop external
      Matt Gallagher, associate director, focuses on provid-
                                                                  communications programs that can be rolled out at national,
ing communications support to the members of the Audit
                                                                  Area, and industry levels – where it makes sense.” Sam
leadership team; coordinates leadership announcements to
                                                                  joined the Audit team on July 1.
                                   FRONT PAGE                                                                                Page 3

                           Keep reading          honest, experiencing the place               is doing very well. It takes guts and
                           to learn more         through the eyes of my kids seeing           an unwavering belief in your own
                           about Rich            it for the first time made it exciting       abilities to take a chance like that
                           Cirillo, from         all over again.                              and succeed.
                           the HR Com- ♦         As a child, what did you imagine ♦           What is the best part of your
                           munications           you’d be when you grew up?                   job?
                           team, who
                           has been with         A dentist. Seriously. I remember             I like that my job is all about trying
KPMG for five and a half years. Before           being a little kid and sitting next to       to make other people like their jobs.
coming to KPMG, he was a print                   my mom while she looked at a           ♦     What CD are you listening to
journalist for 10 years, working in both         picture of our neighbor’s cousin’s           now at home or in your car?
newspapers and magazines. Rich first             mansion. It had an enormous in-
                                                 ground pool in the backyard. The             It depends on the car I’m in. My 4-
joined the KPMG team in November                                                              year-old, Tory, is extremely vocal
2002 as a senior writer on the Proposal          neighbor told her it was a dentist’s
                                                 house, so she turned to me and               when it comes to song choice, and
Edge team – part of Marketing. He left                                                        for the last several months she’s
briefly to work with a competitor, but           said, “You should be a dentist.” It
                                                 stuck with me for years. Or at least         been on a major Bruce Springsteen
returned to join HR Communications in                                                         kick – more specifically the song
October 2006.                                    until I was old enough to decide
                                                 what I REALLY wanted to be: a                “Girls In Their Summer Clothes.”
♦   What gadget could you not live               pro BMX racer.                               Fortunately it’s a good song, but I’m
    without?                                                                                  not exaggerating when I say we
                                             ♦   What other occupation would                  listen to it several times a car trip.
    My satellite radio. I have an hour-          you like to try?
    long commute each way and used                                                        ♦   What is the last book you read?
    to go crazy trying to find decent            Pop culture critic on VH-1’s “Best
                                                 Week Ever.”                                  Jon Stewart’s Naked Pictures of
    music to listen to on terrestrial                                                         Famous People.
    radio.                                   ♦   Who in the business world do
                                                 you admire?                       ♦          What was the best business
♦   Where is your favorite place to                                                           advice you ever received?
    go on vacation?                              My brother-in-law. Several years
                                                 ago he left a high-paying C-level            It’s okay to strive for perfection, but
    Now that we’ve got little ones we                                                         don’t let it get in the way of making
    don’t fly as much, so we’ve been             position to go out on his own
                                                 because he wasn’t satisfied with             progress.
    renting a house in Ocean City, N.J.,
                                                 the thought of working for        ♦          What advice would you offer to
    the last few summers. Earlier this
                                                 somebody else. He made it through            others on the Communications
    year we did the Disney World thing
                                                 two failed ventures and a near               team?
    for the first time as a family. I was
    leery at first because I wasn’t sure I       bankruptcy; but he never gave up,            Manage expectations – early and
    was ready for the chaos. But to be           and today the company he founded             as frequently as possible.

     In just their second game of the season, the Communications team held perennial softball powerhouse and former
corporate league champion to a very respectable 6-6 tie. What happened to the first game, you might ask? The External
team members have asked us not to comment on that...
     Chuck Berry and Michael Greenhouse split first base duties. Chuck made some great plays and Michael was part of
the first collision of the season. Luckily, he was fine and his dedication gave the other team just one more reason to take it
easy on us.
     Manny Goncalves turned in a solid performance in center field, catching anything near him, including a few gnats.
Bill Ferguson pitched a few stellar innings and then made his presence known in the infield just in time to avoid a few
shots fired at our replacement pitcher – a free agent picked up in the off-season.
     Other staples in the outfield included John Heenehan, who might wear a helmet to future games; Sam Azzouni;
Rama Musa, who asked the ump to hold her shades while she batted; and Elizabeth Svokos. Georgia Mitchell,
Cassandra Osei, and Kevin Zimmerman took turns behind the plate and made sure the ump’s calls went our way.
     In the battle between the black and blue teams, a number of our players did get bruised and battered, but the team
stayed focused and finished the night on a high note.
                                                                                                                   Cont’d on Page 6
                                  FRONT PAGE                                                                           Page 4

♦   The Corporate Media team                   Ginsburg for his help and said he           briefing books, various talking
    recently scored an impressive hit          “thought the article was very               points, pre- and post-production of
    in The Wall Street Journal. The            good.”                                      onsite Emerging Markets video of
    article – “Careers: China Beckons                                                      Rob Arning interviewing Russ
                                         ♦     Stephanie Doyle and Helen                   Parera (CEO, India) and
    for M.B.A. Trips” – referenced
                                               Mulhern received Standing                   simultaneously via Web cast
    KPMG’s leadership development
                                               Ovation awards for their                    Carlson Tong (Chairman, China)
    program held in Beijing. Brian
                                               communications support of the NE            which was shown at the NYO
    Ambrose, global vice chair of
                                               Area Leadership Team’s visit to             Partners Meeting and Retired
    KPMG International, was quoted
                                               India. Rob Arning was asked by              Partners Meeting. Rob Arning
    on the importance the firm places
                                               Tim Flynn to give a presentation            wrote: “Your long hours and
    on exposing its people to China.
                                               on leadership at the C75 meeting            dedication to detail enabled me to
    “These global programs help set
                                               in Mumbai and Stephanie and                 give a thorough presentation to
    us apart when it comes to
                                               Helen worked on all facets of the           KPMG employees and to establish
    attracting and retaining top talent,
                                               trip. Highlights included the               a very good working relationship
    so the placement was much
                                               development of the C75                      with our clients in India.”
    appreciated.” Brian thanked Dan
                                               presentation, client meeting

FORTUNE TIME AGAIN                                                NABA COVERAGE
     Rich Cirillo,                                                     The 2008 NABA Convention got great coverage on
Mitch Montagna,                                                   KPMG Today thanks to Amy Page, Rama Musa, and
Doreen Hurley,                                                    Kevin Zimmerman. Amy wrote an outstanding feature
Will Lampe,                                                       article, and Rama hit a home run with her sidebar article on
Kristen Driver,                                                   KPMG's support of RBI and NABA. Kevin developed a
and Susan Smith                                                   creative layout of the NABA stories and a great photo slide
pulled out all the                                                show!
stops for this
                                                                  HOW TO KTV
year's Fortune
"100 Best                                                              KTV, KPMG’s first ever employee video contest,
Companies to                                                      launched in June thanks to the hard work of the KTV team
Work For"                                                         including Ray Zardetto, Marianne Carlton, Kim
application! This                                                 Matthews, Kate Reuter, Alexis Newman, Cassandra
year's application                                                Osei, and Helen Mulhern. The team received and sur-
is even heftier than                                              passed a mandate to double the number of registrants
last year's, weigh-                                               during the last week of the registration period thanks to the
ing in at more than                                               help of the Area Communications team who worked with
200 pages for the                                                 their OMPs.
detailed "Culture                                                      Special thanks to Kate who created the OMP template
Audit." Together,                                                 and graciously took on the Intern KTV communications;
                          The HR Communications team proudly
the team collected       stands alongside the Fortune “100 Best   Alexis for managing the online registration and logging the
inter-views,               Companies to Work For” application.    received videos; Cassandra who created registrant
stories, events,                                                  communications; Kim for helping manage the project and
activities, and collateral from local offices and teams           collaborating with NDPPS to create the KTV posters and
throughout the firm to ensure the application would convey        other collateral; Helen who helped facilitate Area communi-
the many reasons why KPMG continues to be a great place           cations; and Ray and Marianne for their guidance and roles
to work and build a career. While the writers were writing,       as the voices of reason.
Will and Susan were collecting and organizing pages upon
pages of national and local communications, posters, and          KNOW THE CODE
collateral, as well as numerous CDs and DVDs of demos,                 Kate Reuter did a phenomenal job managing the
Web sites, and video clips, all of which they packaged into       production and distribution of the firm’s new Code of
seven beautifully designed boxes featuring images of              Conduct under tremendous time pressure. The Code itself
KPMG partners and employees, and pull-quotes from                 is a large, complex document that had to be designed
various issues of KPMGLife.                                       quickly and scrubbed clean of errors. Then, Kate had to
     Congratulations to the team for their tremendous effort,     coordinate the electronic distribution of the Code with
which we're sure will help us move up the list!                   numerous other communications on Code training and

                                                                                                              Cont’d on Page 5
                                 FRONT PAGE                                                                           Page 5

compliance. Look for Kate’s “Know the industry trades, such as RCR Wireless            Governance and the IFRS Institutes’
Code” posters and follow-up              News, WirelessWeek, Home Media                joint Webcast on June 16, “IFRS: Tax
communications on KPMG Today.            Magazine, and Fierce Wireless as well         Considerations when Converting from
                                         as some daily paper Web sites,                U.S. GAAP,” drove coverage in several
                                         including              national and trade publications. On
     You may ask, ‘How do we get         and                       June 30, published a story
KPMG’s volunteer activities on                                                         and on July 3 the publication ran
television?’ Maybe the message is to EXCLUSIVELY...NOT!                                another story. Both articles focused on
link them to a cemetery clean up.             The launch of the recent global          the tax implications of IFRS as
Oakland Cemetery, an Atlanta             investment management study gave              discussed in the KPMG Webcast.
landmark, was ravaged by a tornado       Bill Ferguson pause to stop and look          CCH Federal Tax Daily also published
this spring, and KPMG chipped in with at a media strategy with a new lens.             an article that focused on the Webcast.
20 volunteers, all interns, to help with For many years the global FS team             The Advisory and Audit teams have
its restoration. Upon hearing this,      offered an exclusive to the Financial         been working hard to position KPMG
Amy Page suggested that the              Times, but this year Bill felt that maybe     professionals as IFRS thought leaders.
television networks in Atlanta may be    an exclusive wasn’t in order and              Compliance Week quoted DPP-Audit
interested and she set the wheels in     maybe by offering the news under              Partner Paul Munter extensively in an
motion. She created a media alert and embargo, The Wall Street Journal and             article titled, “How to prepare for the
pitched it, and lo and behold, the       other media could get interested in the       IFRS Tsunami” that ran on July 1. The
networks showed up. Amy worked           topic. Well, Bill did manage to get the       article also featured a sidebar based
with the interns on messaging and the Journal interested and on July 1 a               on IFRS viewpoints from a KPMG
TV crews filmed the interns weeding      story appeared on the results of the          whitepaper.
paths, raking trash and leaves, and      study, quoting Jim Suglia, chair of
                                                                                            The Area team also is picking up
helping with other maintenance. “Hats KPMG’s Global Alternatives Advisory
                                                                                       steam with the IFRS by-liner, which is
off to Amy,” said Tim Connolly. “What Committee. “The exclusive didn’t
                                                                                       tailored for each market. On July 10,
she did is first recognize the oppor-    make sense to me in that we
                                                                                       the by-liner was published in both the
tunity and second, knowing we didn’t     effectively closed out other top tier
                                                                                       Puget Sound and Baltimore Business
have anyone dedicated to the             media from reporting,” Bill said. “It did
                                                                                       Journals. On July 11, the Charlotte
Southeast on the external front, she     help that we had interesting data and
                                                                                       Business Journal also published the
volunteered to give it a go. The results Jim also was very thorough in helping
                                                                                       by-liner. Other Area placements on
were amazing.” News crews from           the reporter to fully appreciate what
                                                                                       IFRS have been secured on July 4 in
WGCL-TV (CBS), WAGA-TV (FOX),            this means to the market.” To fully
                                                                                       the Philadelphia Business Journal, and
and WSB-TV (ABC), left with footage, leverage this, Bill also is arranging a
                                                                                       on June 13 in the Atlanta Business
and KPMG’s brand was elevated in a       follow-up lunch with Jim and the
                                                                                       Chronicle. Both stories positioned
key city. Cemeteries anyone?             reporter. “It was clear to me that we
                                                                                       local partners as thought leaders – and
                                         can build a relationship here.” In
SURVEY SAYS...                                                                         many more stories are in the hopper.
                                         addition to the lunch, Bill also is putting
     Manny Goncalves continues to        the finishing touches on a face-to-face       CHAIRMAN’S AWARD
strike it rich for Partners Brian Hughes editorial board meeting at the
                                                                                           Kim Matthews and Marianne
and Packy Kelly on the venture capital American Banker with several of
                                                                                       Carlton worked with National Involve
front. Manny crafted a winning           KPMG’s top FS leaders.                        on the 2008 Chairman’s Award
message on a survey that found
                                         IFRS IS HOT                                   communications. Scott Horne created
venture capitalists eyeing investment
                                                                                       messaging from Tim and John to
in the digital entertainment sector.          IFRS continues to be on the              launch the nominations, in addition to
“We really didn’t have much content to forefront of the Communications
                                                                                       firm leadership and reminder
work with,” said Manny, about the        agenda. These days the external               communications. Marianne came up
findings from the survey conducted by teams have been securing coverage of
                                                                                       with an innovative way to promote the
AlwaysOn, a Venture Capital net-         KPMG content and thought leadership
                                                                                       awards with a poster campaign. The
working organization that KPMG           on IFRS in national and local publica-        campaign features seven 2007
collaborated with. “But I thought we     tions. Since the last Front Page report       Chairman’s Award winners – one from
might be able to play the angle with the on IFRS, the external communications
                                                                                       each area and Montvale. Kim
digital entertainment and wireless       teams have generated 23 stories on            scheduled the photo shoots, wrote the
sectors, and I’m glad it worked out for the topic.
                                                                                       copy , and worked with NDPPS to
us.” Indeed it did. The survey resulted       On the functional side, the Tax
in more than 20 placements in key        team’s media activity for the Tax
                                                                                                           Cont’d on Page 6
                                FRONT PAGE                                                                         Page 6

create the posters. An article series featuring 90-second videos also ran on KPMG Today. Elizabeth Svokos wrote two
of the four profiles, while Kim wrote the others and helped edit the videos.
    July was a big month for Rich Cirillo as it marked his recent promotion to associate
director and the birth of his third child with wife Wendy. Their daughter Lily Marie – born on
July 1 – weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Congratulations to Rich
and the Cirillo family on their newest addition!

                                                                       WEEK TWO
                                                                           In the third and fourth games of the season, the
                                                                       Communications team traded one-run victories
                                                                       with the Red team, made up of IT and Procurement
                                                                       employees: a loss of 9-8 and a win of 8-7. Both
                                                                       games included single-inning rallies by both teams
                                                                       that kept things interesting.
                                                                            The team featured Tim Connolly, Rebecca
                                                                       Scott, and Dan Ginsburg at first, second, and
                                                                       third base respectively, while Bill Ferguson took
                                                                       over at shortstop and Georgia Mitchell as catcher.
                                                                       The outfield was handled by Manny Goncalves
                                                                       and Kevin Zimmerman, as well as a few free
                                                                           The Communications team got an early lead in
 From left: Bill Ferguson, Manny Goncalves, Kevin Zimmerman, Tim       the third game, with four runs in the first inning.
  Connolly, Rebecca Scott, Dan Ginsburg, Katherine Corcoran, Mike      However, after a massive rally by their opponents a
             Kennedy, Georgia Mitchell, Robert LaMorte                 few innings later, the team came up one run short.
    The fourth game was an edge-of-your seat battle, back and forth between Communications and the Red team,
featuring a triple by Tim and crucial defensive plays by Bill, Manny, and Dan. Bats remained hot and the communica-
tions team fended off a last inning push to win the game 8-7.
     Carrying the momentum from their first victory the week before, the team captured two more victories in games 5
and 6 – and in impressive fashion. In the fifth and sixth games of the season, they steamrolled ahead with crushing
victories of 14-5 and 12-8 over the Gold team.
    The team benefited from strong defense at all positions and some lively bats, including two home runs by Manny
Goncalves. Tim, Manny, and Michael Greenhouse flashed some impressive glove work in the infield while Kevin,
Cassandra Osei, Sam Azzouni, John Heenehan, and John Vignolo handled the outfield with a little help from a few
free agents. With these latest victories, the team now had a record of 3 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses.
    In the seventh and eighth games of the season, the Communications team received two more crushing defeats from
the Navy Blue team, losing 14-5 in the seventh game and 21-6 in the eighth. The team now has a record of 3 wins, 1 tie,
and 4 losses.
                                 FRONT PAGE                                                                          Page 7

The following is an open Communications position posted on the HR Web site:
♦   Manager, Internal Communications (Montvale)
Visit for more information.
                                                                                                         “Failure is
                                                                                                     success if we
BIRTHDAY WISHES                             MILESTONES                                               learn from it.”
Doreen Hurley              August 4         Stephanie Doyle             9 Years
Marianne Carlton           August 6
                                            Helen Mulhern               9 Years
                                                                                                 — Malcolm Forbes
Mary Margaret Ioviero     August 13                                                                         Entrepreneur
Michael Greenhouse        August 15         Kathy Fitzgerald            2 Years
John Heenehan             August 19
Helen Makri               August 25
Georgia Mitchell          August 29
Danielle Williams         August 30
Manny Goncalves           August 31

       Don’t forget to submit your photos for the Vacation Photo Challenge!
       E-mail your entry to the US-NSS CSS COMM mailbox by August 31.
       Last year’s winners were:

                                                                                                     Coors Light Cozy

                           Freddie the          Skydiving Randy
    Carlos the Iguana                                                       The Sleeping Giant

       Four men were in a boat on the lake. The boat turns over, and all four men sink to the bottom of the lake,
                                         yet not a single man got wet. Why?

                              Send your guess to Patti Visaggio at

The Passwords
    A man worked for a high-security institution, and one day he went in to work only to find that he could not log in to
his computer terminal. His password wouldn't work. Then he remembered that the passwords are reset every month for
security purposes. So he went to his boss and they had this conversation:
    Man: "My password is out-of-date."
    Boss: “That's right. The password is different, but if you listen carefully you should be able to figure out the new
          one. It has the same amount of letters as your old password, but only four of the letters are the same."
    With that, he went and correctly logged into his station.
    What was the new password? What was his old password?
Answer:    The old password was “out of date;” the new one is “different.”
               Congratulations to Deborah Primiano, Amy Page, John Heenehan, and Scott Horne,
                                   all of whom submitted the correct answer.

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