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					 Erasmus Exchange in AUBG
  AUBG has been awarded a Standard Erasmus
University Charter in the framework of the Lifelong
 Learning Programme for the period from 2007 till
                The AUBG Advantage
 A private American style university
  teaching in English
 Accredited in the USA and Bulgaria
 Liberal arts curriculum based on
  choice and practical knowledge
 An excellent international faculty
 A highly talented student body that
  makes a difference
 Diverse experience to develop
  knowledge, skills, and values
              Career Development
 Business Administration
 Computer Science
 Economics
 European Studies
 History
 Journalism and
  Mass Communication
 Mathematics
 Political Sciences and
  International Relations
 Southeast European Studies
                 Career Flexibility
 Anthropology
 Computer Science
 Economics
 European Studies
 History
 Journalism and
  Mass Communication
 Mathematics
 Political Sciences and
  International Relations
 Fine Arts
 Information Systems
 Rhetoric and Writing
         A “High Tech” Campus
 Multimedia classrooms
 Fully-equipped computer labs
 High-speed Internet access for academic purposes
 Largest English-language university library in
  Southeastern Europe
 Modern on-line system for research
   Additional information for the AUBG
 AUBG has implemented the
  ECTS system - 1 AUBG credit
  = 2 ECTS credits
 All the courses that AUBG
  offers can be found at the
  following link:
 The courses for each
  semester are available at:
 The University offers courses
  in Applied music, Applied
  Theatre, Drawing etc.
 Erasmus students may join
  the AUBG Choir and several
  AUBG Theatre groups.
       Information for incoming
          Erasmus students

 The Erasmus program at AUBG is administered
  by the Office of Student Services
 Erasmus coordinator:
  Lydia Krise, Dean of Students
 Erasmus and Financial assistant:
  Mariya Handzhiyska
  e-mail: ;
 ECTS coordinator:
  Evelina Terzieva
        Student Services Department
The services and assistance provided by the following
  offices are open to all incoming Erasmus students :

   Office of the Dean of Students
   International Student Services
   Residence Life & Housing
   Athletics and Activities
   Dining Services
   Health Center
   Career Center
   Advising Center
   Counseling Center
 Office of the Dean of students
                                 Erasmus Evening
The task of the Office of Dean
  of Students is to assist
  students outside the
  classroom to achieve their
  highest potential

This office coordinates and
   provides the following
   programs and services:

 Cross-cultural and co-
  curricular programs
 Orientation for new
 Study Abroad and Exchange
                         Orientation week
 Each year the student services team             Check-in day
  welcomes new students and organizes
  numerous events during the
  orientation week

  President’s reception for
       new students

                              Community service

       International Student Services
 The office of International
  Student Services strives to
  promote international awareness
  by allowing individuals to
  experience other cultures.

 It aims to educate students to
  respect similarities and
  differences related to race,      Diversity training
  ethnicity, religion, sexual
  orientation, gender, or social
               International week
Taste Fest
                  Each year the diversity
                    team and the Phi
                    Beta Delta honor
                    society at AUBG
                    organize an
                    international week

             Dance Fest                       Customs
           Residence Life and Housing
                                          All Erasmus students are accommodated
 The residence halls are not just              in the modern AUBG facilities
  where students live, but also watch
  films, listen to lectures, participate in
  student government, study, meet new
  friends, have parties, and participate
  in many other activities.
 Residence Life focuses on Residential
  Life, Disability Awareness, Campus
  Activities, Community Service and
  Student Government and Clubs..
 Motivated and well trained students
  known as Resident Assistants are
  always available, so students can rely                 Karaoke night
  on their advice and help
                           Sports Activities
   Each Residence Hall has a well equipped aerobic
    room and fitness center
   AUBG students can choose to participate in the
    following activities and events
Aerobics (women)               Fitness training
Softball (men & women)         Basketball (men & women)
Soccer outdoor                 Soccer, indoor
Boxing (men & women)           Martial Arts (men & women)
Ski and Hiking trips Tennis (men & women)
Volleyball (men & women)       American football (flag)
Darts                          Chess
Table tennis                   Billiard
Street ball                    Swimming
Yoga                           Tae Bo
Latino Dances
Annual Tournaments
Table tennis
AUBG Olympics
             Dining Services

 AUBG has 2 cafes, a Pizza parlor and a Canteen
  where all the students can eat a variety of
  meals, including numerous vegetarian options.
                     Each December AUBG organizes a
                             Culinary show
           Part of the New Europe

Bulgaria         Southeastern Europe
Blagoevgrad      At the foot of Rila and Pirin Mountains,
                 100km south of the capital Sofia
              A University Town
  Student-friendly town

    Walking plaza,
     shops, restaurants

    Outdoor cafes,
     movie theater,

    Safe surroundings
   Thank you
      Your questions are welcome!