; Primal Wear Donates 1000 Custom Trips for Kids - Trips for Kids
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Primal Wear Donates 1000 Custom Trips for Kids - Trips for Kids


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									                            Primal Wear Donates 1,000 Custom Trips for Kids Jerseys

                                $70,000 worth of donated custom jerseys to be allocated to local
                                         chapters as incentive and fundraising items

Trips for Kids
138 Sunnyside
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Board of Directors
Carsten Andersen
Chauncey DiLaura
Gary Fisher
                            Denver, Colo. - August 30, 2010 - Primal Wear, a leading designer and
Patricia Gallery
Tim Harrington              manufacturer of branded and custom technical cycling apparel, recently
Richard Idell               donated 1,000 custom Trips for Kids jerseys to Trips for Kids
Alan Kay                    International. Trips for Kids International plans to distribute the jerseys
Lovester Law                among its 69 chapters in the United States, Canada and Israel to be used
Chuck Lesem                 as incentives for children and volunteers, or as fundraiser items.
Marilyn Price
Shaugn Stanley              "Each TFK chapter will have the flexibility to use their allotted jerseys in
Julia Sze                   whatever way best fits their needs," said Marilyn Price, Trips for Kids
                            executive director. "Here at the Marin Chapter, we will add the jerseys to
                            the items kids can work towards earning as part of our Earn-A-Bike
Honorary Board              program. Donated items like these jerseys helps us fulfill our mission to
Peter Coyote                teach and reward kids for personal responsibility and achievement.
Mickey Hart                 $70,000 worth of jerseys is a very large donation and we a very thankful
Phil Lesh                   to Primal Wear for their support."
Huey Lewis
Bonnie Raitt                Over the years, Primal Wear has regularly donated overstock items to the
Carlos Santana              Trips for Kids Re-Cyclery for resale and has been involved with the
Pete Townshend              nonprofit's Denver chapter. However, this is the company's first donation
Bob Weir                    of brand new, custom Trips for Kids jerseys.
Thomas Weisel
Robin Williams              "Primal Wear is thrilled at the opportunity to take our involvement with
                            Trips for Kids to a new level," said Dave Edwards, Primal Wear founder
                            and CEO. "Our hope is that the custom jerseys are an inspiration to the
                            kids who receive them and a banner for promoting the Trips for Kids

                            In addition to its support for Trips for Kids, Primal Wear is a proud
                            supporter of Bikes Belong, peopleforbikes.org, The Children's Hospital
                            (Downtown Denver) and American Diabetes Association.
For more information about Primal Wear, go to primalwear.com.

In Photo (left to Right): TFK Earn-a-Bike Program Instructor Raylan Willis, Earn-a-Bike kids Kevin Yocupicio,
Uriel Salas, and Agustine Briceno, TFK Director/Founder Marilyn Price, and TFK's Re-Cyclery Shop manager
Andy Phelps.
Photo credit: Trips for Kids

About Trips for Kids International
Trips for Kids International (www.tripsforkids.org) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization
based in Marin County, California. With 69 chapters operating in the United States,
Canada and Israel, Trips for Kids has opened the world of cycling to more than 65,000
at-risk youth through mountain bike rides and Earn-A-Bike programs. Trips for Kids
started in 1988 as a grass roots effort by avid mountain biker, environmentalist and
Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Marilyn Price to provide inner-city youth a way to
enjoy the outdoors and gain much-needed life skills.

Fueled by success in the San Francisco Bay Area, the international organization was
launched in 1999 with the expanded mission to open as many chapters as possible in
order to provide kids with lessons in personal responsibility, achievement and
environmental awareness through the development of practical skills and the simple
act of having fun through mountain biking.

About Primal Wear
Primal Wear, founded in 1992 by avid cyclists, manufactures highly technical and
authentic cycling apparel and some of the most recognizable jerseys in the world.
Primal Wear (www.primalwear.com) has stayed true to its grassroots culture while
steadily growing its customer base by providing branded and custom clothing to
hundreds of thousands of cyclists every year from around the globe. As a company of
die-hard cyclists committed to improving the sport, and designers dedicated to
innovation and creativity, Primal Wear keeps in touch with the soul of the sport and its

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Media Contact:
Chip Smith, SOAR Communications, 801.656.0472 x1/801.597.7515 (cell),
Marilyn Price, Trips for Kids, 415.458.2986, national@tripsforkids.org


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