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                                                                Ionic Compounds

Fill-in the following table: Make sure you use subscripts and superscripts!!!

Element          Valence          Charge on       Ion               Element       Valence     Charge on   Ion          Formula
                 Electrons        Ion                                             Electrons   Ion
Aluminum         3                +3              Al3+              Chlorine      7           -1          Cl-          AlCl3
Magnesium                                                           Bromine

Sodium                                                              Oxygen

Lithium                                                             Oxygen

Calcium                                                             Phosphorus

Sodium                                                              Chlorine

Aluminum                                                            Oxygen

Beryllium                                                           Sulfur

Sodium                                                              Fluorine

Magnesium                                                           Chlorine

Sodium                                                              Phosphorus

Boron                                                               Oxygen

Calcium                                                             Tellurium

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