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					                    UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY

                                   Position Description
                                 Director, Planned Giving

General Description:

The Director, Planned Giving is responsible for soliciting major and deferred gifts in
support of the United States Naval Academy, the Brigade of Midshipmen and the U.S. Naval
Academy Alumni Association/Foundation.

The position reports directly to the Director of Development at the U.S. Naval Academy

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Develop and manage a portfolio of prospective and demonstrated major and deferred
   gift donors throughout the United States.
           a. Portfolio management will include, but is not limited to:
                    i. Proactive, regular contact (phone calls, letters, personal visits, visits
                       from volunteers, events) with prospective donors to determine their
                       philanthropic priorities, gift capability and inclination to support the
                       U.S. Naval Academy.
                   ii. Match prospective donor objectives with gift opportunities at the
                       Naval Academy.
                  iii. Work with donors’ attorneys and personal financial advisors to assure
                       all planned gifts are in the known best interest of the donor and to
                       complete necessary documentation.
                  iv. Solicit gifts through written proposals and gift illustrations and
                       through face-to-face solicitations.
                            1. Prepare gift agreements, annuity contracts, and irrevocable
                               beneficiary designation pledges
                   v. Provide appropriate stewardship of donors, acknowledging their
                       contributions and encouraging future support.

2. Strategic planning and program assessment.
           a. Work with the Director of Development to develop annual operating plan
               and thirty-six month strategic plan for the planned giving program.
           b. Develop metrics for performance measurement in planned giving and assess
               performance against those metrics.
3. Gift administration.
          a. Oversee the coordination and collaboration of the AA/Foundation Treasury
              Office, Planned Giving staff, the planned giving service provider, and legal
              counsel in the review, acceptance, and administration of planned gifts.
          b. Ensure the AA/Foundation Treasury Office and planned giving service
              provider provide payments, tax information and reports in an accurate and
              timely manner.
          c. Provide oversight to ensure that the planned giving program is operating in
              compliance with federal and state regulations and adhering to best gift
              planning practices (e.g. the Model Standards of Practice for the Charitable
              Gift Planner).

4. Planned gift reporting.
          a. Prepare reports to measure success of the planned giving program.
          b. Track revocable and irrevocable gifts to provide an annual cash flow analysis.
          c. Assist with appropriate data entry into the Foundation’s central database.

5. Marketing.
          a. Create and implement a marketing plan to include planned giving messaging
              in Shipmate and other USNA AA/FDN publications, outreach to specific
              constituencies based on demographic analysis, and a meaningful presence on
              the website.
          b. Manage the relationship with vendors who provide marketing related

6. Stewardship
          a. Oversee the development of detailed, comprehensive stewardship plans for
              all leadership planned gift donors.
          b. Coordinate the development of institutional stewardship programs for all
              planned gift donors.
          c. Oversee the planning and execution of the annual planned giving recognition
              event; the Robert Means Thompson Society luncheon.

7. Recruit and train volunteers
           a. Re-engage the Planned Giving committee
                    i. Coordinate regular communication and periodic meetings.
           b. Engage volunteers in sharing their valuable expertise and in promoting the
              planned giving program.

8. Serve as the Foundation’s subject matter expert in gift planning strategies, trends in
   giving, and the regulatory environments that affect gift planning. Provide and/or
   facilitate training for the Foundation staff in these areas.

9. Work closely with the Planned Giving Coordinator to execute the Foundation’s mission,
   Development AOP, Planned Giving strategic plan and marketing plan.
          a. Provide guidance and mentoring.
          b. Provide input for annual assessment of work performance.
10. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

      Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college.
      Four or more years of fundraising or related experience, including at least two years
       of direct experience raising planned gifts in a comprehensive institutional
       development operation.
      Highly organized, detail-oriented team player with unquestionable integrity and a
       solid work ethic. He/she must work well independently and meet deadlines.
      Superior oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, especially the
       ability to listen effectively, write clearly, and speak to groups.
      Computer proficient, to include aptitude in database, word processing, spreadsheet,
       and presentation applications.
      Staff and volunteer management experience.
      Demonstrated success in managing multiple projects.
      Ability to manage and maintain a budget.
      Travel as needed to meet one-on- one with prospective and demonstrated donors.
      Service-oriented.
      A sincere and enthusiastic belief in the mission of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Preferred Qualifications:

      Five (5) or more years of planned giving experience in the college/university
      Prior military experience
      Naval Academy graduate or other service academy attendance
      Comprehensive campaign experience.

                                                       Reviewed & Approved 06/09/2010

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