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HR Liaisons Meeting - 20100121 by suchenfz


									Florida International University
      HR Liaisons Meeting

         January 21, 2010

• Introduction
• Miami Heat College Night
• Office of Employee Assistance (OEA) Overview
• New Policies
• Changes to Existing Policies
• 4/10 Summer Schedule 2010
• Personnel Records
• Other Updates
• Important Dates
• Wrap Up
Office of Employee Assistance
               OEA OVERVIEW

               Our Mission
• Enhance the quality of life of FIU faculty
  and staff;
• Improve personal and organizational
• Create a healthier campus community
           OEA OVERVIEW

  Confidential Services for FIU
Employees and Immediate Family
   •   Consultation
   •   Assessment
   •   Counseling or Coaching
   •   Referral Services
               OEA OVERVIEW

    Limits to Confidentiality if…
•   Danger to others
•   Danger to self
•   Child/Elder Abuse
•   Subpoena to produce records
           OEA OVERVIEW

What are some types of problems
that employees bring to the Office
    of Employee Assistance ?
Relationship Problems
   Separation   Divorce
Financial Issues
Parenting Concerns
Illness     Grief and Loss   Disability

Food/Eating Problems
Alcohol / Drug Abuse
Natural Disasters
              OEA OVERVIEW

OEA Clinical Staff can provide brief
 counseling which may include…
• Support and Encouragement
• Recommendations for coping strategies
• Opportunities to explore options and
• A safe environment to test out and
  practice new skills…
• Problem-solving and coaching
               OEA OVERVIEW

  Whatever the challenges or
concerns, OEA clinical staff will
provide professional help to …
  •   Overcome Depression & Anxiety
  •   Improve Relationships
  •   Enhance Communication Skills
  •   Increase Resilience
  •   and more!

So, if you are bringing your
 problems to work or……

if work is causing problems
   in your personal life….
           OEA OVERVIEW

 Call the professionals at the…

Office Of Employee Assistance

…Experts at Resolving Problems
           OEA OVERVIEW

   Additional services for
  Departments and Teams
• Customized Training and Workshops
• Team Building Facilitation
• Critical Incident Response
                OEA OVERVIEW

Enhancing the quality of life for faculty & staff

   Improving personal & organizational

 Creating a healthier campus community


Problem Resolution
           OEA OVERVIEW



           OEA OVERVIEW

No need to feel lost in a crowd or
   overwhelmed by problems
            OEA OVERVIEW

   For a confidential consultation
Office Hours at Modesto A. Maidique
    and Biscayne Bay Campuses
                   OEA OVERVIEW

           Our Clinical Staff

Dr. Kate Kominars, Director   Dr. Minca Brantley, Licensed
and Licensed Psychologist     Psychologist

Here to help!
                            NEW POLICIES

Domestic Violence Leave Policy
• Employee entitlement of up to three (3) days of unpaid leave in a twelve (12)
month rolling year period to deal with issues relating to domestic violence
suffered by an employee, employee’s family or household member.
     o Obtain an injunction
     o Obtain medical or mental health care
     o Seek services from a victim services organization
     o Seek legal assistance
     o Secure existing housing from the perpetrator
• Employee use accrued leave, if available
• Documentation must be provided such as –
     o Medical or professional treatment of services
     o Social or faith-based services
     o Law enforcement or legal proceedings
• Employees may seek assistance and referrals from the Office of Employee

                       NEW POLICIES

Workplace Violence Policy

• Currently, policy does not exist to address workplace violence
• In response to changing environment
• Zero tolerance communication to University community
regarding workplace violence


FMLA, Maternity/Paternity and Medical Leave Policy

• Update policy per FMLA Regulation to ensure compliance - revision
includes allowance for military leave qualifying events, such as:
     • Exigency event (prepare for military leave),
     • Care for injured service member;
• Clarify difference between FMLA maternity/paternity leave, University
maternity/paternity leave, and medical (non-FMLA) leave;
• Clarify employee eligibility and leave entitlement;
• Reformatted policy to improve readability.

Sick Leave Policy

• Update policy as a result of new Domestic Leave Policy and revised
FMLA, Maternity/Paternity and Medical Leave Policy to include allowance
of usage for maternity/paternity, domestic violence, and military leave
4/10 Summer Schedule 2010

Friday-Off     10-hour per day Work Week
 06/25/10          06/28/10 - 07/01/10
 07/02/10         07/05/10* - 07/08/10
 07/09/10          07/12/10 - 07/15/10
 07/16/10          07/19/10 - 07/22/10
 07/23/10          07/26/10 - 07/29/10
 07/30/10          08/02/10 - 08/05/10
                *Monday, July 5th- Holiday
                4/10 SUMMER SCHEDULE

• July 4th holiday will be observed on Monday, July 5,
  2010. The University shall provide eight (8) hours of
  leave for the holiday and employees will be required to
  use two (2) hours of vacation leave to complete the 10-
  hour workday.
• The last day of the 10-hour day schedule is August 5,
  2010. Friday, August 6, 2010 will be the first day of the
  regular 8-hour per day schedule.
                          4/10 SUMMER SCHEDULE

                                        June 2010
    Sunday       Monday          Tuesday     Wednesday Thursday                  Friday          Saturday

             Regular 8-      Regular 8-       Regular 8-     Regular 8-       Begin 4/10
             hour Day        hour Day         hour Day       hour Day         Schedule - First
                                                                              Friday Off
20           21              22              23              24               25

                                      August 2010

    Sunday       Monday          Tuesday     Wednesday Thursday                  Friday          Saturday

                  10 hour         10 hour         10 hour         10 hour   Back to Regular
                  Work Day        Work Day        Work Day        Work Day Schedule - 8 hour
                                                                           Work Week
1            2               3               4               5               6                    7
                  PERSONNEL RECORDS

• Access to Official Personnel Records Policy # 1710.005

• The only official personnel records are maintained in the Division
  of Human Resources.

• Generally, University personnel records are public records and
  under the Sunshine Law are open for public inspection. All
  requests for employee information, including both, current or
  former employees, must be submitted in writing to the Division of
  Human Resources for production.

                   OTHER UPDATES


• Eligible AFSCME employees hired before July 1, 2009
received a 1% increase effective December 23, 2009
• Increase was first reflected in the January 15, 2010


• Lists of OEA-eligible AFSCME employees were sent to the
Provost and Vice Presidents
• Forms are due to Vice President or Provost by February 8
and to Human Resources by February 15
• One-time award will be reflected in the Paycheck of
February 26, 2010
                        OTHER UPDATES

Prescription Discount Program - Rx Well Card
• Discounts on prescription drugs, lifestyle drugs, and over-the-counter
  medications at more than 58,000 participating pharmacies
• 10% – 85% Immediate Savings
• No costs to obtain a card, no obligations and no limits
Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) through John Hancock
• LTC Services: Assisted living facilities/Home care/Nursing Home
• Open Enrollment January 25 – April 2, 2010
• Simplified Issue for eligible employees (Medical Questions)
• Full Medical Underwriting for Spouse/Family
                       OTHER UPDATES

Service Delivery

• New service delivery model will mean one-stop shop in PC 224
• As of Friday, January 22, 2010, Recruitment Services reception
area will be closed
• All walk-ins, mail and sign-ons should be sent to PC 224
• Details about this exciting change to follow in the February HR
Liaisons meeting
                      IMPORTANT DATES

Event                                     Date
FIU STEPP at BBC in WUC 244               Monday, January 25
Next Liaisons Meeting will be in GC 243   Thursday, February 18
FIU Miami Heat Take Over Day              Sunday, March 14
Census Distribution                       March 2010
        WRAP UP

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