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					            YNPN Advisory Board Recruitment Guidelines
Recruitment will occur on a rolling basis as openings occur, with new board members invited to
begin service at the semi-annual retreats in September and March. Review and election of
candidates will therefore take place at the August meeting for September start dates and
February meetings for March start dates.

Position announcements will be posted on the YNPN website and mailing list throughout the
year by the Nominations Chair in consultation with the co-chairs and with regard to any AB
messaging that goes out. Auxiliary web postings on BoardNetUSA and similar sites should be
kept current. Other websites or mailing lists should be sought according to skill sets needed.
Current Advisory Board members will be asked to refer names of suitable contacts.

The Nominations Chair, in consultation with the Co-Chairs, will keep a list of skill sets to ensure
that board candidates possess those traits most needed to complement the current skill sets on
the board. See Attachment A for desirable skill sets.

Interested parties must submit an AB application and a current resume to the Nominations Chair
to be considered for candidacy. Upon review of candidate’s materials, the Nominations Chair
will send out a copy of the job description, organizational chart, and bylaws. Interested
candidates will be asked to interview. In July and January, Nominations Chair will coordinate
time slots with current Advisory Board members and candidates. AB members will then meet
with candidates to assess their suitability as a candidate, including potential role on the board,
personality “fit”, previous YNPN experience, other non-profit experience, etc. See Attachment B
for interview guidelines.

An orientation session will be held for new board members in conjunction with the board
retreats, planned by the Nominations Chair and Co-chairs. A board manual will be distributed
with basic organizational information. Each new board member will be assigned to a “board

Probationary period:
Pursuant to the bylaws, new board members are considered probationary for the first 3 months
of their tenure; during that time they are required to attend the retreat and all board meetings.
Absence from any board meetings during this time is cause for dismissal from the board. This is
also a chance for new board members to get to know the rest of the YNPN board and for the
board to get to know them. At the end of the 3 months, either side may decide to terminate the
relationship without fear of repercussions.
                                         Attachment A
Desired Skill Sets of AB members:

Not all candidates will meet all requested skills; the goal of the board should be that all skill sets
are well-represented amongst current AB membership.

Non-profit experience:       current or former NPO employee, volunteer, committee, or board

Fund-raising:                grant-writing, corporate or foundation contacts, mail or e-mail
                             solicitations, personal solicitation

Communications:              writing web content, PR materials, newsletters, marketing for
                             membership orgs.

Programs:                    volunteer management, program management, etc. especially
                             career/job seekers, mentoring, training experience

Technical skills:            website design, list management, database management,
                             membership software

Finance/legal:               501(c )(3) incorporation process, non-profit accounting, budgeting

Subjective factors:          enthusiastic commitment to YNPN and all that it represents;
                             motivation to grow and learn with the organization; potential for future
                             leadership, etc.

Other factors to consider:
YNPN experience
                                     Attachment B
Interview Guidelines

Please keep notes from your interview and type up a summary, including your recommendation,
of each interviewee. Forward summary to Nominations Chair and courtesy copy YNPN co-

Sample Interview Questions:

What is your connection to the nonprofit sector?
How long do you plan to continue to work/volunteer in the sector?
What kind of organization do you work with?
What kind of position do you hold now?
What motivates you, professionally?
What traits in a leader get the best results from you?
Have you ever served on a board before? (if yes) In what capacity?
       What did you like & dislike about your service there?
How did you hear about YNPN?
How long have you been on the YNPN list?
Have you attended any YNPN events?
What areas or programs do you think YNPN should expand in and/or create?
What areas or programs do you think you would like to be involved in with YNPN?
How does YNPN fit into your longer-term professional goals?
What do you think you can contribute to YNPN and it's growth?
Have you read the Job Description?
Do you have questions about the amount of time YNPN requires each month?
Do you have time for YNPN in your current schedule?
Do you anticipate changing jobs or going to school in the near future? (if yes) How       would
YNPN figure into these plans?
We have board meetings coming up on September 15, October 20, November 17, and retreat
on September 27th. You will be required to attend all of these. Are you     able to commit to
attending all of these meetings?
YNPN requests an annual donation each year of a minimum of $100 from each board
       member. Are you able to give or get this amount?
Do you have any questions about YNPN?

If the candidate is recommended for board service, they should be invited to the next regular
meeting of the AB to meet current members and field questions. (Typically August and

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