Fan Clutch Savvy by ProQuest


Cooling systems on fleet vehicles get a lot of attention these days. High-tech coolants are available from a wide variety of sources, and each claims to be the solution to whatever problem your engine is facing. Coolant analysis can help fleets maintain the proper chemical composition of the coolant. But if you think you're doing your vehicles justice by checking coolant level and conditions at every PM inspection, think again. You may be neglecting an often overlooked, but critical, part of the truck's cooling system -- the fan clutch. There are a variety of issues fleets must consider with fan clutches, but the main issue they're seeing today with the later model post-'07 engines is greater cycling of the fan drives and longer run times, explains Tom Hujik, director of North American Aftermarket Field Sales, Horton Inc. Hujik says another culprit under the hood with post-'07 engines is the excessive cycling of the fan due to the air conditioning system requirements.

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