Family owned and operated for over 40 years, West Palm Beach, FL-based Hulett Environmental Services is a full-service pest control company offering pest, rodent, termite and mosquito control, fumigation and lawn care services. Over the 17 years that he has been with the company, co-VP and general manager Frank Dowling says that Hulett has fielded a number of different vehicle makes and models. The Mitsubishi Fuso FE 145s are dearly the most reliable. Typically, Dowling reports, Hulett plans to operate its Mitsubishi Fuso trucks for an average of seven years, compared to the five-year trade cycle it uses for other makes and models. All new vehicles are purchased through Diesel Specialists of Orlando Inc, a Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc dealer. Hulett's drivers also prefer the Mitsubishi Fuso FE 145 models, according to Dowling. They're very pleased with the exceptional maneuverability visibility and comfort and convenience of this vehicle, he says.

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