CPA Firms Going Green by ProQuest


Twenty years ago, a truck would would carry several large trunks into the building. The trunks would contain work sheets, blank forms, prior years' workpapers, and several audit manuals. Today, however, the large trunk is a relic. The new auditor appears at an audit with a laptop. The modern audit is virtually appear at a public company on the first day of an audit. Tax and other accounting services are also minimizing or completely eliminating the use of paper. Some firms have already made such a transition, while other firms are reluctant to do so. Going green -- often referred to as practicing sustainability -- can be defined as the practice of monitoring, reducing, and measuring the social and environmental costs of conducting business. Going paperless is a natural transition for firms to take in this digital world. Eventually, as older generations retire and Gen Yers dominate the profession, the paper office will be a thing of the past.

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