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The Metrology Crisis for Nano Manufacturing


									Manufacture of High Aspect Ratio Carbon Nanotube Atomic Force Microscopy
Y.N. Emirov, J.D. Schumacher, M. M. Beerbom, B. Lagel, B.B. Rossie, and R. Schlaf,
University of South Florida

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are promising candidates for high aspect ratio atomic force
microscopy (AFM) probes due to their exceptional mechanical properties. Applications
in sub 100 nm critical dimension metrology are among the envisioned uses for such
probes. The challenge for the preparation of CNT AFM probes lies in the precise
placement of one well-defined CNT at the end of a regular Si cantilever tip fitting
commercially available AFM equipment. This CNT needs to have a well-defined
diameter, length and orientation, tailored for the structures to be characterized. We report
about our recent progress in developing a manufacturing process for such CNT probes.
Our process is based on CNT growth by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
(PECVD), which uses a catalyst to induce CNT growth. The need for a catalyst enables
the specified placement and the definition of the diameter of the grown CNTs. Our
method uses the focused ion beam (FIB) and electron beam lithography (EBL) techniques
in combination with thin film catalyst deposition techniques to define the catalyst

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