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					Sport Unlimited Case Study
Young People Handed an Opportunity
                                                        CHESHIRE & WARRINGTON SPORTS



                                                        CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS

                                                        APRIL 2009


In September 2007, Warrington School Sports Partnership (WASSP) introduced the Olympic Sport of handball
into its sports delivery programme. The WASSP Handball Strategy targeted four areas;

•     Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for staff through the England Handball Association (EHA)
      introduction to handball
•     Volunteering and leadership via the EHA
•     Competition at Key Stage 2 to 5
•     Placing handball on the school curriculum.

After a period of consultation and planning with the EHA, WASSP was awarded EHA Flagship Partnership
Status. This recognised the WASSP Handball Development Strategy as a model of good practice which was to
be rolled out nationally as the EHA World Class Schools Initiative. As the strategy progressed, it was further
enhanced by developing links between Warrington Wolves Foundation (WWF) and Liverpool Handball Club
(LHC), one of the country’s leading 1st Division National League teams.

      ‘We’re keen to develop
      handball in Warrington
                                    The evolving relationship between the four partners (WASSP, WWF,
      and, at the moment, it’s      EHA and LHC) led to a more clearly defined objective of developing
      growing at a good pace’       eight community handball clubs. The WWF have pledged to recruit
                                    volunteer co-ordinators to form support committees for each club. These
      -Mick Hegarty (former
      England      handball         committees will be tasked with addressing funding and sustainability
      international     and         issues. In the future, the clubs will feed a WWF Handball Academy
      Culcheth School Sports
                                    system and eventually National League Men’s and Women’s teams.


Term 1 objectives included targeting young people from KS3, and following consultation creating four new ‘Out
of School Hours Learning’ (OSHL) clubs around four High School clusters. The clubs aimed to recruit and retain
a minimum of eight male and eight female players from KS3, and at the end of the term hold a Warrington
Handball KS3 Winter Cup.
                                                                        COACHING,                 VOLUNTEERING                AND

                                                                        The handball coaching has been delivered
                                                                        by qualified handball coaches. Some of the
                                                                        coaching posts were advertised, but for most
                                                                        positions individuals were recruited via CPD
                                                                        of existing staff, volunteers within the
                                                                        WASSP network and through partnership
                                                                        with the England Handball Association.

                                                                        Coaches have been provided with further
                                                                        support and assistance in the form of Junior
                                                                        Sports Leaders (JSL’s) who have completed
                                                                        their Junior Handball Leaders Award (JHLA)
                                                                        during 2007-2008.

These young individuals will also use the time towards building their
hours for Step Into Sport (SIS). The JSL’s have had a huge role to play
                                                                                                  ‘The Winter Cup was very
as they also officiated at all the competitions, including the Winter Cup.
                                                                                                  successful and it was
                                                                                                  great to see young people
                                                                                                  getting     involved   in
COMPETITION                                                                                       handball’

The Warrington Handball KS3 Winter Cup in December was held at                                    - Mick Hegarty
Bridgewater High School. There was 100% participation by the four High
School clusters involving four boys and four girls teams, eighty players,
six coaches, four leaders and five volunteers. To help commemorate the
occasion, at the end of the competition the trophies were presented by
one of the Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club 1st team players.

                                          THE FUTURE
     Making it work
                                          The objective in terms 2 and 3 is to target groups KS4/KS5 and
     •Partnership working                 then KS2 respectively, and to reinforce the OSHL clubs. A further
                                          four EHA Junior Handball Leaders and referees award courses
     •Strategic objectives for            will be delivered to KS4/5 pupils, followed by end of term
     long term development                Warrington Handball competitions. The Warrington Handball KS2
                                          Summer Cup will be a highlight and will help to synchronise
     •Training junior leaders
      and    involving   SIS
                                          competition across Warrington.

     •Competition                                   Please email Sharon Trubshaw at sharont@sportcheshire.org
                                                    for more information about Sport Unlimited.

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