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Summer Water Polo 2010


Water polo is a new sport, a ball carried in the water activities. It originated in 19th century England. First pass people swimming in the water throwing a football entertainment, it is "water soccer," said the two gradually form a competitive water polo between. Appeared in 1869 with British flags and calibration edge of the water polo goal. Burton England Club in 1877 hired Wilson to develop the world's first a water polo competition rules. 1879 there have been a water polo goal.

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									The following water polo activities are open to anyone who wants to play. For liability reasons
you must be registered in the water polo class or have current USWP membership to participate
in the training or tournaments. Registration for both will be available at the first training meet-
ing on June 22 or register on-line.

Water Polo Training

Meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:00-9:15 pm.
Starts Tuesday, June 22- August 12
Register for the Mesa College water polo class;
CRN # 44773

Summer Scrimmages - TBA

USWP tournaments

Tournaments are 1-day, hosted at Mesa College.
Dates: June 27 and July 24
Cost: $10.00

Questions or conflicts please contact Coach Fegan at 858.775-7670 or

Other event information:

June 28-July 3, 2010           Super Final FINA Women's World League 2010
                               Coggan Family Aquatic Center, La Jolla, CA

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